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Julie Davis,

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Sing 'Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain'


Greetings. In view of the upcoming rainy season, I have penned a lyric that I believe many Pilot readers may relate to.

It can be sung to the tune of "Let It Snow," and can also be viewed on YouTube at

"Let It Rain:"

Oh, the Oregon weather's dowdy, 'cause the sky is mostly cloudy; you can't stop it if you complain, so let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.

It doesn't show signs of slowing, and it's rarely right for snowing; though it's driving some folks insane, let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.

When it finally turns out dry, we'll be putting away our rain gear; it will probably be July, but I'll surely miss the rain dear, 'cuz the sound of the falling rain pitter pattering down the drain makes music inside my brain.

So, let it rain, let it rain, let it rain

Kevin Ahern


Divide over young and the elderly


There is, and has been, a divide in this community over the young and the elderly.

When it comes down to the community and how it progresses, it always ends in the argument of, "Benefit youth, or elderly?" The proposed aquatic center has a goal to accommodate and benefit the entire community of all ages. It has the potential to be a uniting force that could help close the great divide of ages in this community. The argument of elderly vs. youth should be set aside on this matter. All ages have the potential to benefit, and until that nodule of fact is acknowledged by all parties concerned, I don't think a resolution will be found.

I remember when we had few to no street lamps through downtown, many of the shopping centers and street-side shops were ragged and run down, and Azalea Park was more brambles and shrubs than park. The list goes on.

Progress has been made. Health care! Having lived in a metropolitan area, with the "greatest health care advances of our age," it sometimes takes a half hour to get to health-care providers; 30 minutes north or south on 101 gets us to health care. I understand that I'm not in the same bracket of health care as the elderly, but seems to me like there are plenty of options, including the recent Sea-view establishment, and the construction of a medical facility going on behind the police station.

Brianna Rose


We need kidney dialysis services


In the Pilot's Wednesday Oct. 13, edition, Mr. Lloyd Costa called for kidney dialysis services to be provided at one of the local medical facilities.

I just want to second the motion. I am not on dialysis yet. My story: Back in 1999, I had cancer (non-Hodgkins lymphoma).

Through chemotherapy and radiation, I'm a survivor. However, between the cancer itself and the radiation, some of my internal organs were damaged. They try to narrow the target area for radiation, but they can only narrow it so much, and radiation can't tell the difference between a cancerous or healthy organ.

I now have but one functional kidney, and that one is severely impaired. My greatest fear is one day having to undergo dialysis. I'm told that this usually calls for three treatments a week. I, like Mr. Costa, have lived in wonderful Brookings for more than 20 years. I own my home here. If I have to undergo dialysis, I'll be forced to move. Driving to Medford three times a week is just a little too much.

We are basically a retirement community, and I'm afraid that the secret of Brookings is out of the bag. More and more retirees are moving here. I would like to see the Pilot, or someone, sponsor a survey to find out how many in the Brookings-Harbor and Gold Beach areas are in need of dialysis services, now or possibly in the future

Kaywood Rodgers


Thanks to a nice guy named Jerry


One day not long ago, I received a phone call from a nice guy named Jerry.

On a regular basis, he explained, he goes through his closet and cleans up, and cleans out, clothing he's not wearing. He gives it away. This year, he wanted to give it to men who are homeless. Was I interested? Indeed, I was.

Jerry came over, we talked, and he ran back to his car and began marching up and down our walkway with armload, after armload, after armload of clothing: pants, shirts, sweaters, jackets, rainwear, shoes, hats, caps, underclothing. We filled five large bins (donated by Fred Meyer for just such an occasion)! Every item was hardly worn, sparkling clean, freshly ironed, lovingly folded and perfectly stacked, or proudly buttoned onto crisp white hangers.

Thanks to a nice guy named Jerry, some needy men in our community, down on their luck right now, will be cleanly and warmly dressed this winter - and proud to walk down the street. And just in time!

Thanks. to a nice guy named Jerry.

Jan Krick, for South Coast Friends, Brookings

Replace DeFazio with Robinson


I hope that everyone will vote for Dr. Arthur Robinson to replace Peter De Fazio.

Dr. Robinson is an impressive gentleman, but he is much more than that. He is a man of intellectual courage. After researching "human-caused global warming" for 12 years, he concluded that if global warming is occurring at all, it is due exclusively to the same old climatic processes that killed the dinosaurs and woolly mammoths. So, he wrote a petition denouncing the idea that global warming results from human action. Thirty-one thousand fellow scientists signed it. I have watched Dr. Robinson speak in person and on television. I have concluded that if elected to our House of Representatives, Dr. Robinson won't vote for a bill that lacks a grant of power from our U. S. Constitution. Please take a moment to think about that. If I am right, when his party's House leaders ask him to vote for any bill he deems un-Constitutional, he will say, "No."

I never thought that I would recommend a candidate partly because he will commit insubordination, but I must. Machine politics is the bane of our nation. Dr. Robinson, to borrow an idea from Madison Avenue, is an "un-politician." Un-politicians are just what our country needs. Please vote for Dr. Arthur Robinson.

Gordon F. Corbett

Port Orford

Itzen an advocate for change

David Itzen is a businessman in Curry County of 25 years experience in the fields of agriculture, housing, and land development.

He is a financial conservative. He has been a director on the Boards of Coos Curry Electric Cooperative and the Brookings-Harbor School District during times of successful reorganization. He is a proven advocate of change that gets the job done.

We are at a cross road when successful business experience is what will be useful in meeting the challenges facing Curry County government. We need a businessman for county business. I'm voting for David Itzen for the position of Curry County Commissioner No. 1, and I encourage you to do so also.

Walt Thompson


Facts support 'No' vote on law levy


A week ago, the Pilot published a letter to the editor from Tom Huxley.

In his letter, Mr. Huxley asked us to vote "No" on the proposed Curry County law enforcement levy. The facts that he cited certainly support a "No" vote. The numbers are outrageous: An average county payroll of $71,000 per person, plus the Oregon PERS with an 8 percent annual return guarantee, another guarantee against any investment loss on top of paid health care insurance. He also provides pages of actual data from government files, saying "for further information on this financial debacle and the inevitable train wreck go to" I did, and Mr. Huxley is not blowing smoke.

As I browsed through the numbers, the thought occurred to me: How did the county manage to move 21,500 citizens to the point where the commissioners are asking permission to raise property taxes somewhere around 25 to 30 percent? We cannot hold them accountable for the PERS guarantees that started years ago. But I can find little justification for increasing county employment 14 percent in the last three years, paying an average of $71,000 per employee and then asking us for more money. Will our next representative to the U.S. House or Senate vote to increase taxes? Will the next Curry County Commissioner conduct business as usual? It's way past time to hold the politicians accountable and to vote for people who have the guts to clean up the financial mess in Washington and Gold Beach.

Leora K. O'Hara


DeFazio is partof the problem


Just say no to Defazio!

First of all, we need to be informed voters.

Check your facts before you vote.

Think people. The liberals got voted back into control in 2006. They have had four years to get us where we are today. The biggest question to ask yourself is, was I better off in 2006 or now in 2010?

DeFazio is part of the problem. He says he's for cutting the big spending in Washington, yet he votes for it. Check his voting record at He has been in office too long.

Check the facts about Art Robinson:

Read it for yourself and be an informed voter.

Just say "no" to Defazio!

Naoma Fick


Itzen will make wise decisions


I have known both David Itzen and Lucie La Bontandeacute; for a long time.

I worked with Lucie for four years as (Curry) County Commissioner. I urge everyone to vote for David Itzen. Recent letters to the editor have supported Lucie La Bontandeacute; because she attends all the meetings she can find, and, according to more than one writer, she "works well with others."

I agree that she attends every meeting she can find, but she certainly doesn't work well with others. She is noted for her temper tantrums. Attending every meeting one can find is not a qualifier for county commissioner. Having a good understanding of the financial and contractual arrangements of the county is. Ask Lucie about county financial arrangements and contracts. She probably can't answer. She didn't pay much attention to these kinds of things. She was too busy running off to meetings. The county doesn't need a commissioner to go to every meeting around. The county needs a commissioner that learns and understands the financial workings and contracts with employees, and knows how to work with employees in a respectful manner. The county needs a commissioner that knows how to make wise decisions.

These are the skills that Dave Itzen has shown throughout his life. His time on the Brookings-Harbor School Board, and the Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative Board, as well as owning and running his own small business, has given him these necessary skills. Again, I urge everyone to vote for David Itzen for Curry County Commissioner.

Ralph Brown


Concerned for self or for others?


When one of my grandchildren, or anyone, asks me to explain the difference between Democrats and Republicans, I simply quote a letter to the editor I read years ago.

The writer had observed the difference between her father and his brother. One was concerned about other people's troubles whether he knew the individuals or not. The other was concerned only about the troubles that affected him. The first was a Democrat, the other a Republican.

Betty Crooks


Big unions backing DeFazio's campaign


Hey DeFazio, why don't you tell about the big unions backing your campaign - and you're with them all the way!

Sure, you didn't vote for only one of the stimulus bills, but voted for all the rest of them, including all the bail-outs. Oh yes, you fought with all your fellow Progressives, Pelosi, Reid, Obama, etc., until you "gave in" and voted with them, as usual.

Why would you vote for a bill that included giving free Viagra to child molesters and rapists? Don't you read any bills before you vote on them? If you're so proud of yourself for voting for the Health Care ripoff, why isn't it in you ads? Are you afraid that the seniors now know that it cuts $500 billion out of Medicare? Yes, you're really looking out for the people. I hope all the lies and half truths you've told us over all these years are finally coming back to haunt you as you run off to New Zealand to get away from this country that you knowingly had a hand in destroying.

Sherie Smith


Put Itzen's skills to work for county


David Itzen is a well-respected businessman in Curry County.

He has years of experience in education, administration, agriculture, housing and land development. He has served on the Coos Curry Electric Board, and the Brookings-Harbor School District Board during times of successful reorganization. He has served on a local farm co-op board, and a local bank board. He is a fiscal conservative whose experiences and background will serve him well.

The challenges Curry County continues to face require a team effort. We need a commissioner who can work with all elected officials and department heads to provide the best service to all the citizens of the county with its ever-dwindling resources. Let's put David's experience to work for all of us as our next Curry County Commissioner.

Terry Hanscam,

former Curry County Commissioner


Waste and fraud will be astronomical


Which party do you identify with?

You must remember last month when Nancy Pelosi called an emergency session of the house together after all house members were already home. That emergency was to pass another stimulus - $27 billion - for the teachers unions so that teachers wouldn't get laid off. On Friday, Oct. 1, it was disclosed that 19,000 teachers are going to lose their jobs anyway. As usual, no explanation as to what happened to the stimulus money just passed by Pelosi with the help of De Fazio. Seventy-two percent of our population now understands the Tea Party and its goals; they agree with them completely.

You Democrats who have stuck by the president's belief that continued spending is the answer must feel put upon by your own representatives - De Fazio and Wyden. Mr. De Fazio has released a commercial claiming he is independent, and Wyden has a commercial claiming that he and Greg Walden, an Oregon Republican House member, are on the same page in their thinking. The Democratic candidates across America have left your party. If I were you, I'd get even and not vote for any of them. I learned from the number-one news station on cable that 17,000 convicts and 72,000 dead people recently received stimulus checks.

I ask you Democrats, how can you believe our government can write billions of dollars in healthcare checks and get it right year after year? Excuse me, but the waste and fraud will be astronomical, and each party will blame the other. Just ask Barney Frank and Chris Dodd - not to mention Barack Obama.

Teri Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Dudley: Take from poor, give to rich


Republican Chris Dudley, a former basketball player, is running for governor of Oregon.

Dudley says the minimum wage is too high. Dudley, a "wealth manager" for millionaires like himself, has no idea that it is not possible to live on the current minimum wage. Yet, Dudley does want to decrease the capital gains taxes which, of course, will benefit the very wealthy. Dudley's platform is: take from the poor and give to the rich. Sweet. And Dudley does know how to avoid those pesky income taxes. When playing basketball with the Trail Blazers (earning over $7 million one year, and over $39 million during his career with the NBA), Dudley lived in Camas, Wash., to avoid paying Oregon income taxes. Sweeter! Then he purchased a home in Lake Oswego, donated it to the fire department to burn down, and took a $350,000 tax deduction. Sweetest!

Remember that it was the Republicans that drove the economy into the ditch. With no political experience, Republican Chris Dudley thinks he can govern the state of Oregon. I think not. Vote instead for Democrat John Kitzhaber.

Paula Cracas

Port Orford

Questions on taxes, emergency room


Events of the past three weeks have raised some questions in my mind.

Can anyone answer them? The events:

One sister was taken, by ambulance, to Sutter Coast ER (emergency room) with a cardiac condition She was admitted to ICU (intensive care unit).

My eldest sister was taken to an urgent care in Grants Pass, they said to take her to Three Rivers Hospital ER. She was admitted for several days.

We received our property tax bill - again property value is down but taxes are up! I've read several articles about the Curry Health District's new facility. This facility is being billed as a standalone ER (if the State of Oregon changes the law). I believe an ER has doctors, technicians, and ER Nurses available 24/7 to evaluate, treat and admit patients. Will this facility have this staffing and capability?

If a patient is delivered via ambulance and requires admittance to a hospital, will it require another ambulance trip and bill? If the facility does not have the staffing available 24/7, does that mean they are building a new urgent care facility?

It was mentioned months ago that we, in Brookings, would probably be asked to join the health district, which is a nice way of saying they want to raise our property taxes to pay for the new facility. Why should we volunteer to raise our taxes for a new bigger building? Wasn't there a quote in the Pilot that said traffic was down at the existing urgent care?

Mary Coston


DeFazio and Wyden need your vote


Before you vote, consider: only 2 percent of the people in the U.S. have incomes of more than $200,000 yearly.

The rich are getting richer and the middle class is in major decline. Ironically, it is the very wealthy and large corporations who stand to benefit from defeating the Democrats. (Examples include abolishing minimum wage, eliminating unemployment benefits, phasing out Social Security, and eliminating public schools - all part of the Tea Party and Art Robinson's platform.)

They are bankrolling those who are calling for less government, which actually translates to maintaining their power and wealth while reducing individual and corporate taxes for themselves and negatively affecting the vast majority of the population. They manipulate and prey on people's fears and sense of powerlessness and disenfranchisement.

We are all concerned about the uncertainties of the future and the lack of congressional action to move us out of this economic crisis.

The Republican filibusters in the Senate keep proposed legislative bills from getting to the floor of Congress so they can be debated, amended and voted on. There have been more Republican fillibusters this year than at any other time in U.S. history.

Another example of "the party of no" is their blocking the appointment of an economist from MIT to the Federal Reserve because of "inexperience." And he was just awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics.

Please, don't "throw the baby out with the bath water." Peter DeFazio and Ron Wyden have fought for Oregon for years and will continue to do so if given the opportunity. They need your vote.

Judy Kaplan


Time to replace DeFazio and Wyden


Shame on Wyden and De Fazio. You voted for bills that you never even took the time to read.

You gave yourselves raises while folks on fixed incomes and Social Security struggle to make ends meet. With direction from your puppet masters, Pelosi and Reid, telling you to first pass Obamacare and then you will see what's in it, you jumped on board and you got the Obamacare debacle passed.

We are seeing what's in it at my house as our basic catastrophic health care policy with a $10,000 combined deductible went up one third in cost due to the Obamacare bill.

We haven't seen an increase in income as you have. Since you haven't properly represented us, you need to be replaced. You had my support in the past, but your decisions since November 2008 have been against the wishes of the people of Oregon, and have been disgraceful.

Sandy Griffith


Heartless smarties are on the rise


I'm an ex-pat Australian. I love Brookings, and I love our United States of America.

We have always been a tumultuous melting pot. The folks who harken back for the "good old days" are often selective with their recollections. We have been the most dynamic and creative experiment in "democracy" ever - tough on our indigenous people, slaves,women, emancipated slaves and homosexuals. I've heard our indigenous people referred to as our "original homeland security folk," but they lost the war!

Add to that, the "collateral damage" in our preemptive strikes. Iraq, Vietnam, etc., to mention a couple. Has there ever been a year with tranquility?

I mention the Terri Schiavo case as a testament to our sad level of common sense. It seems that the dumbing down of America might have been engineered by the "smarties"over the years. Try to make time to read the "Shock Doctrine," it has helped me understand our current state of affairs.

I've always given credence to "the strong take from the weak and the smart take from the strong." It's axiomatic, but it sure fits our situation; the heartless smarties are on the rise.

Men and women of our country: don't let disappointment with change not moving fast enough keep you from voting for experience and caring over the years. Our representative De Fazio is a man for the people, with a big heart. His adversary is a clever, unprincipled, plausible, empty shell. Our beleaguered and beloved country is in great peril. Vote for De Fazio!

Jim Hyslop


Pay a little moreto keep us safe


We support strong law enforcement.

We all need sheriff deputies to arrive when we dial 911 in an emergency. We all need a district attorney's office that has the resources to investigate crimes and prosecute criminals. We all need a jail that is safe, solid and staffed full time with dedicated and well trained corrections officers. We all need a dedicated and productive juvenile staff to support, guide and take corrective action with our youth that need attention before they end up in jail or on drugs and alcohol. I may not be the person in need when that call is made, but my neighbor will need this help. Senate Bill 77, passed and made law by the Oregon Legislative Assembly in their 2009 regular session, allows the State of Oregon to take over law enforcement in Curry County, determine minimum safety standards and implement steps to force us to pay for it when the county declares a fiscal emergency. This is exactly what is going to happen in two years if we don't pass a temporary five-year levy to support local law enforcement. Do you really want to let our local control of law enforcement fail and be taken over by the politicians in Salem?

This November election will be your only chance to support the five-year temporary local law enforcement levy and prevent that from happening. I urge you to go online or go to the library and read SB 77 for yourself. It is the law that will determine our fate as a county if we do not successfully fund public safety locally this November.

Our family will strongly support and vote to pay a little more in taxes to maintain our local control of government and strong law enforcement in Curry County. My friends and neighbors, I ask you to join my family in supporting the law enforcement tax levy on the November 2010 ballot. We can live with the law enforcement tax levy because the alternatives are much worse. Our future growth and prosperity in Curry County depends on it, and it is the right thing to do for our neighbors.

Your neighbors,

Dave and Cindy Sanders

Gold Beach