The Curry Coastal Pilot

Sick of taxes and nothing in return


As per my P.C., those of us on Social Security will not get a cost of living raise again this year. Well, I think any person up for reelection needs to be replaced and any person who has served the public before not be elected.

I want to know how many of our leaders have gone three years without a raise in pay. As far as our sheriff wanting a new tax, forget it.

Go back to the '60s and see how many people you had working in law enforcement, and see how many we have now in Curry county.

The people holding public office need to wake up. Some of us are sick and tired of tax tax tax tax, and getting nothing in return.

Not one public employee gets a raise for three years and see how they like it.

Matter of fact, lets do it this way-nothing except Social Security gets a raise for the next three years. Also, people not owning property need not vote on any tax increase.

Carl C. Roten

Gold Beach

Need donations of sports equipment


Curry County Special Olympics athletes really enjoy their sports. Many of the athletes live in group homes and have little or no money. Since much of their sports gear is almost worn out or just non-existent, I have organized my Eagle Scout project as a gear drive to help remedy this problem. They need donations of new or used sports equipment-especially softball and basketball equipment. Other items we could really use are: shot putts, relay batons, portable softball bases, carry bags or duffel bags, and cash to purchase uniforms and a parade banner. There will be manned collection boxes at Fred Meyer and McKay's Market, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. this Saturday, Oct. 16.

Thank you for your support!

Daniel Fletcher


White elephant on the highway


It is extremely gratifying to me that Mr. Scott Graves investigated the function of the weigh station on Highway 101 (Pilot, Oct. 9).

However, I'm still not convinced by Mr. Latham's answer. Mr. Latham states, "Would it be worth the cost to staff the weigh stations just to catch that 2 percent?"

Yes, I agree that looking at the big picture, that some drivers might get through. But 2 percent out of 100 percent? To me, it's not worth the expenditure at all. Especially when it's the taxpayers' money that's being spent.

Therefore, I still say, we have a white elephant loitering on the highway, disrupting traffic in both directions.

Another item I wish to address is the Visitors Center, an eyesore if there ever was one. A building surrounded by concrete and asphalt, with no trees or shrubbery. Another expense unwarranted. The former Visitors Center was in a nice location with the natural beauty of trees, ample parking, and a beautiful rest area.

I believe Brookings to be a lovely coastal town. My wife and I have lived here for 15 years, and have enjoyed every moment of it. Although you may find me critical of some things about Brookings, there are perhaps many other towns worse off than we are.

Ray Kornell


Roadwork impacts landlord, tenants


I own a duplex at the corner of Spruce and Fern.

I feel bad for the tenants. Heavy equipment starts and warms up at 5 a.m. - lots of dust, car washes and carpet cleaning. You would think with two streets and four corners there would be parking space-but there is no parking for the tenants due to construction and survey crews.

I've lost six tenants in eight months. There was a computer home-employed tenant who worked until 4:30 a.m., who was then awoken at 7 a.m. to move their vehicle. Each new tenant costs about $350 per tenant, plus advertising. Eight months, and we almost have concrete corners. Will we get asphalt in 2010?

Looking forward to rain in Curry County.

If I had a dealership, I would have had a partial paving which would have eliminated a lot of dust.

Bob Marchand


A bit player waiting to be kicked around


Hollywood, Part Two-My most recent dyspeptic screed unmasked weaselly Democrats frog-marching granny into Norman Bates fruit cellar - packing 'em in like crinkled blue-haired sardines.

Admittedly, my rehashing of Hitchcock's grisly mise-en-scene was a snarky attempt to scare granny into voting Republican. I coulda had that spooky "Jaws" motif (bompah, bompah, bompah) accompany dear nana's rendezvous with Obama's Donkey Death Panel. But ya gotta go with "Psycho," although our leviathan government smells increasingly fishy. So picture yourself checked into Bates Motel, soon to be exsanguinated by reelected and feeling-their-oats Democrats.

And know that your demise will not be lamented in great literature, as in Orwell's classic critique of bone crunching tyranny-"a boot stamping on the human face."

Nah, given this trashy showbiz culture, you're gonna be remembered as a bit player lying butt-naked-dead on stone cold tiles with your loofah in proximity to where Obama wanted to kick BP.

Grace Laskey


Oppose taxing oil corporations?


Something to consider: should you oppose taxing oil corporations?

When oil corporations are taxed, the tax is passed on to the

consumer. The consumer has no control over the tax being applied and

passed on, except to stop buying the product.

The corporation can lobby the legislators to prevent taxation, but

that usually results in increased cost of doing business, and that cost

is passed on to the consumer.

The consumer does have some control at the ballot box. Therefore should the tax be directly applied to the oil corporation?

Soon you will be asked to vote for Oregon's legislators. Choose wisely.

Bill Church


Don't lose what's left of your liberty


What's left of your liberty can be lost in the crucial November elections.

Do you feel about freedom as strongly as Patrick Henry did when he said, "Give me liberty, or give me death?"

Men have died or been maimed for the rest of their lives that we may live freely, to pursue our dreams - and vote.

Our great nation is the last truly free country on earth. If you

choose socialism, you'll get tyranny...and the lamp of liberty goes out

in America.

The statist administration in Washington doesn't want you pursuing

happiness and prosperity for your family. Your taxes are needed to

"spread the wealth" (welfare) so that non-producers and illegal aliens

(Democrat voters in waiting) can have medical care, food stamps, and

subsidized housing. It's congressional theft.

You'll pay for ObamaCare, too; and, two years of unemployment benefits, etc.

Obama and Congress are going to suffocate your businesses with new

mandates, regulations and taxes. You're not in business to provide a

better, secure life for your family and your future. No - your business

is to provide jobs and dollars, to be redistributed for the "common

good." That's Marx.

Capitalism and prosperity for everyone; the freedom to live your life

wherever you wish; to buy the vehicle you want and drive it as far as

you please - or tyranny and socialism with its misery and bureaucracy

for all. How will you vote?

If conservative, constitution-loving candidates do not prevailandhellip;

you'll have a domineering "nanny" state, where those who work and pay

taxes will increasingly support those who don't. The ballot is your only

civil power.

Elect the conservatives.

Paul Pomerville


Vote as if your life depends on it


The tea party movement has been complaining for more than a year about being "taxed enough already."

The movement is a strong force in the upcoming election. And, it is

gaining strength every day. But my guess is that its strength is not

from increased taxes. Even the notion that the so-called Bush tax cuts

will expire does not drive the tea party movement. It has not hit the

wallets of most Brookings residents.

It's more than taxes, much more. In the past couple of decades, we

have witnessed increased government spending, more entitlements and

outrageous corruption. Government spending has increased on all of these

fronts and has gone out of control in the last 18 months.

The nail in the coffin includes a Congress that has not voted on a

federal budget this year, and today is holding everyone in suspense

regarding taxes.

Incumbent politicians, who care more about being elected than

representing us, also help drive the tea party movement. The crushing

blow will come when the trillions of dollars have to be paid back by

someone. Instead of calling it the Tea Party, maybe we should call it

"Concerned Americans Who Want Their Country Back". That would be

CAWWTCB. That is a terrible acronym, but the time for sound bites is


Vote as if your life depended on it. It just might.

Georgiana Arakaki


Trash: Pack it in, pack it out!


My fellow hunters: I went hunting this weekend like many others.

Didn't see much. But I did see just how much trash people leave

behind. What a discouraging sight. I am ashamed you litter bugs have the

privilege to have hunting licenses.

For goodness sakes, it's a basic rule: "Pack it in, pack it out!" If

you see someone littering, take a plate number, time, date and a

picture. Turn them in, please! Please help keep our hunting grounds


Elizabeth McDonough


Stagelights is a community asset


I would very much like to take this opportunity to show my

overwhelming support for one of our community's most valuable

assets-Stagelights Musical Arts Community.

I was thrilled to attend their first anniversary event, and was quite

impressed with the accolades they have accumulated in just one year.

The performance of one precious young student nearly took my breath away with her talent.

The vision these fine people have is a precious one of hope for this

community and its children. The magnificent talent they've brought to

the community should impress us.

I thank God my parents thought to get me a year's organ lessons with

instructor Gwen Billings. What a precious gift. I never did learn to

read music very well, so I play by ear, but let me tell you what a

precious gift it is to be able to play an instrument-if you don't

already know.

I wish to see all arts, principally music, in the service of Him who

gave and created them. Music is a fair and glorious gift of God. I would

not, for the world, forego my humble share of music. Music makes people

kinder, gentler, more staid and reasonable. I am strongly persuaded

that after theology, there is no art that can be placed on a level with

music, for besides theology, music is the only art capable of affording

peace and joy to the heart...the devil flees before the sound of music

almost as much as before the word of God.

It's a real pity to see such a fine enterprise struggle for the heart

of the community like it is. I would hope and pray that this letter

prompts an outpouring of generosity, so that perhaps we can obtain that

longtime dream of having a cultural center here.

Georgia Blank


Voters need to wake up


Go big government!

During Barack Obama's campaign I did my homework, and the truth behind who he really is was just too strong to ignore.

I didn't want to support a socialist with a Muslim background who went to an America-hating church for more than 20 years.

Do the same this year voters. Know the candidates, their voting

records, know your constitutional rights (before they're gone) and vote

for the candidates that most reflect the ideals that built this country.

Our founding fathers gave us powerful tools to defeat the very kind

of government we now have, use those tools before we lose them out of

ignorance and apathy, and fight back! An example of one of President

Obama's lies: ObamaCare, repeal the atrocity that 70 percent of

Americans did not want, but our "bloated government" shoved down our

throats anyway! What happened to "for the people, by the people?"

Quote: Sept. 9, front page Fox News online article: "Gov't Checkup:

Health Care Costs Rise Under Obama Overhaul." According to a government

report, the nation's health care tab will go up, not down, as a result

of Obama's sweeping overhaul, arming critics who say the president was

wrong to insist it would cut costs. But wait a minute? Didn't President

Obama promise us repeatedly that this was the cost saving, magic cure?

Wake up voters! We're about to socialize 17 percent of the American

economy. Bigger government, bigger taxes, fewer jobs, less freedom. Go

Big Government!

Michelle Curtis