The Curry Coastal Pilot

Kindness in my time of grieving


I need to say "thank you" to each and every one of you who have stopped to say how sorry you were about the loss of Sam.

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude. Your kindness has truly touched my heart. And the cards were so special - to read a personal thought and heartfelt sorrow - was so amazing. This little guy meant something to you, too. I didn't think that I would be able to continue walking the group - it just didn't feel right without Sam. But then I would hear a horn honk our way, with a wave, and always with a smile. And then another and another, always letting us know how much we are loved. Wow! Thank you for understanding the meaning of friendship.

So, be on the lookout come Halloween Day. I am dragging out the bag of costumes for our annual Halloween dog walk. This year we will start our walk at noon. So meet us at the library parking lot and bring those cameras. Look out for us on Chetco Avenue in our doxi finest. I don't know yet if I am dressing up, but the dogs will be in costume.

"Speedy" Ede Viale


Thanks for getting things accomplished


First, many thanks to our Coos-Curry Electric Co-op for completing the new transmission line to Brookings, and to Dave Kitchen, who when first elected as a director conducted a personal survey which revealed the poor state of the old wooden poles.

We should have fewer - hopefully no - outages this winter. Also, many thanks to our Brookings City Council and our current city administration for managing to sort out at last the formerly-terrible sidewalk situation on upper Fifth Street. Children now will be able to walk to school much more safely.

Finally, voters who believe that Medicare should be dismantled need to have a rethink. My wife isn't old enough to be on Medicare and must pay nearly $600 per month for private health care insurance. The cost for private insurance would escalate drastically as people's age increases - can people afford that? And about the so-called "Obama" health care bill - Carolyn Smith's letter (Pilot, Oct. 6) is so shot full of misinformation that the writer needs to take her own advice and get the facts, rather than relying upon misleading propaganda. For example, what "government plan?" There is none in the "Obama Plan."

Jim Hansen


Robinson's ideas no longer valid


I was at the recent Tea Party gathering where I heard Art Robinson.

It was clear he had a genuine love for his country. In his writing and speaking, he aggrandizes the schools and society that he grew up in. Back then, the population was 50 percent less, the high school drop out rate was close to 50 percent; jobs were available for those who dropped out and there was a strong middle class. That is not the case today; those who drop out are not likely to find middle class jobs. Sending Mr. Robinson to Congress will not change these facts. Mr. Robinson says he wants Congress to adhere to the Constitution, yet he doesn't acknowledge the First Amendment establishes the separation of church and state.

Mr. Robinson makes money producing a Christian-based home-school curriculum based on the "McGuffey Readers," 1911 "Encyclopedia Britannica," 1913 "Webster's Dictionary" and literature by white male authors of last century. In his own words: "Christian children must have more than a fighting chance." If elected, will he give a "fighting chance" to other Americans? Buddhists? Hindus? Muslims? Native Americans? He stands to make money from the dismantling of public education. Mr. Robinson, homeschooling is your choice, but it is not the way to bring together a diverse society with mutual respect. We need to learn together so that we can live together. The 1950s were a simpler time. Are the viable solutions to the future housed in the past? Einstein said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

Barbara Hilyer


Need better health care not water park


Proposed aquatic center makes a big splash! (Pilot, Oct. 2).

The people coming here now are disposed to, I'm here now; what can I do?

This town is a home to many retired, healthy retirees. However, as we age we have new needs. We bring money to build and feed a new community. This community is an ocean, a river, and beautiful hills of beauty. What can we offer beyond this?

I was retired to the beautiful town of Paradise in California after living my life in Southern California. Paradise was beautiful. It was soon discovered by the good folks of San Francisco. They still had children; they demanded street signals and sidewalks, so their little ones could skateboard. If you ever visited Paradise you will remember it as a hunting/fishing community.

I left my beautiful mountain home and moved north. I also got older, needing advanced medical care. I transferred to the Brookings Elk Lodge. I found it to be a great body of people. I found that this community had a need for advanced medical care.

As we are we do not need an aquatic park! We need to repair our streets and downtown.

All that we have done for youth has been vandalized. We have some citizens here that have built beautiful homes here with the promise of a hospital someday being built here. These same people now live in a second town. Their beautiful Brookings homes are vacant They are forced to live in their second home to receive dialysis three times a week. These taxpayers are law abiding good people. They want to come home!

Please contact the new hospital in Brookings that broader care is needed for our people, not waterfalls!

Armand W. Castillo


Robinson running on what he believes


As far as I can tell, those who favor Peter DeFazio in the U.S. House

race are being reduced to digging up all the dirt they find about Art

Robinson - someone who could care less about the elite establishment.

I save copies of the Pilot, so I went back to review what now looks

like an organized attack. For example, in the letters to the editor

(Pilot, Aug. 28) someone wrote that Mr. Robinson was using "dirty

political tricks to try and make Rep. Peter DeFazio look afraid to

debate" him. The writer also asked Mr. Robinson to run on his "positions

and beliefs." As it turns out, I have heard Mr. Robinson three times

and that is exactly what he is doing: running on what he believes.

Other letters in September try to connect Dr. Robinson to Republican

Party failures. Clearly, he is running on the Republican ticket because

he has no other reasonable choice, not because he subscribes to its

platform. In another letter, the writer says "If Art Robinson is willing

to lie and manipulate the voters now, just imagine what shenanigans

he'll pull once in Congress."

Now is not the time to mess in the dirt. Instead, let's take time to

become informed voters. Let's not listen to what Peter DeFazio says

about Art Robinson but what Dr. Robinson says himself.

Deanna Swint


Becoming an informed voter


Inform yourself before you vote.

Many political letters to the editor have been printed in the Pilot.

They all contain information aimed at influencing your vote. One of the

best ways to become voter literate is using your computer to become

informed. You can examine the voting record of the incumbents by making

the following entries in your search window:

Defazio voting record or Wyden's voting record - Senators and

Congress members use earmarks to secure funds for projects in their

state. You can review the earmarks of Senator Wyden and Congressman

Defazio by making the following entries in your Google search window:

Defazio's earmarks or Wyden's earmarks - review the links that appear

on your monitor screen. Select and click on the most interesting link.

Read the information presented. The quick way to return to the list of

links is to click on the arrow in the upper left corner of the monitor

screen. Your computer will re-list the links. You can select another

link that interests you.

To learn about the opposing candidates, enter their names in the

search window. Links will appear on your screen. Click on the link that

appeals to you and read the information. Click on the upper left arrow

to return to the link list and select the next interesting link.

Some of the information may not be accurate. The decision to believe

the information provided in the link is yours. Good luck in becoming an

informed voter. I hope you will vote. I can be contacted at 541 469 1042

Larry Aslinger


Is Social Security socialism?


Probably not one American in a hundred knows the origins of Social Security.

The history of Social Security is available in the book "The American Way."

Social Security came out of a social movement called the

maternalists. Republican President Teddy Roosevelt was a zealous member

of the maternalists.

The maternalists saw it in the interest of the nation's economy and

in the interest of the family for the mother to stay at home to form her

children, rather than to go to work. The maternalists advanced the idea

of Social Security as a way to help mothers stay with their children.

The idea of Social Security was branded at that time as socialism by

opponents. It wasn't branded as socialism by the maternalists.

Since Republicans oppose socialism, the Republicans then tended to

oppose Social Security. That year the Republicans lost 80 seats in the

House. Social Security did not come out of socialism. Its greatest

proponents and opponents tended to come from the political right.

Socialism isn't the American way, but Social Security is as American as Republican President Teddy Roosevelt.

Tom Anderson


Consider joining VVA Chapter 757


The Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) Chapter 757 Brookings-Harbor, is now the second largest chapter in Oregon.

Portland is number one. I want to thank my present and past board

members and all the VVA members and associate members. It's an honor to

be associated with America's heroes and associates! I would like to give

a big thanks to Judi Anderson, our associate's president. She is

responsible for putting the flags out on the bridge and has been a huge

part of our organization since its beginning. Terry Clawson, one of our

associate members, has just recently been selected by AVVA (Associates

of Vietnam Veterans of America) National to receive the AVVA Fellowship

Award for her dedication and commitment to veterans, community and

country. Way to go Terry - well deserved! The VVA has a big voice in

Congress. We have helped pass the new GI Bill (there has not been a new

GI bill passed since 1945) and the gas mileage bill, raising it from 22

cents a mile to 48 cents a mile.

If you're interested in helping veterans and their families, consider

joining our great organization. Veterans and non-veterans are welcome!

The VVA mission is to help veterans in need. The VVA slogan is: "Never

Again Will One Generation of Veterans Abandon Another." Thank you.

Sam Vitale, president

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 757 Brookings

Difference between ignorance, stupidity


Did you know? There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity.

If you don't know, you are ignorant, if you know and do or say it, you are just plain stupid.

What you should know is many of us know the difference and believe me, you that know and do look stupid.

It would be stupid and ignorant to say anything more.

Did you know?

If you work in the public sector you can be ignorant and/or stupid

and work forever. If you work in the private sector and belong to a

union, most often the same thing occurs.

Did you know?

One term in elected office provides benefits, that is the definition of ignorant and stupid.

Did you know?

Dead people get checks from our government.

Did you know?

Curry County is still waiting for the illusive $3 million which will no longer balance the budget.

Maybe we should give someone new a chance, or is that stupid?

Did you know?

It really is your duty to vote, but if you vote the party line or you

don't know who or what you are voting for - that is stupid.

Clifton Siemens


Democrats misread the American voter


How did the inside-the beltway Democrats misread the American voter?

Actually, they didn't!

They were told by Pelosi, Reid and Obama that they had to push

through trillions of dollars of debt or else no funds would go toward

their re-election.

The Gold Beach City Hall last year was packed, and some were even

turned away when DeFazio came knocking. Everyone at that event was upset

with the possibility that Cap and Trade, healthcare and stimulus bills

that still haven't been spent would pass, and they gave him a piece of

their mind if they got called on. Wyden got the same treatment at the

high school gym. Unfortunately, our cries fell on deaf ears, and they

have both made TV commercials which makes them look like fiscal


What will Oregonians do on election day? It's hard to say, but we

better take a look at the rest of the country because people are

starting to figure out that our liberties and freedoms are on the line,

and I mean now - not tomorrow.

Everyone best get a grip on the truth, because if Obama continues to

blame Republicans when they have zero power, what's he going to do when

they have control of the House and Senate? We must vote Robinson and

Huffman in power now. RINO (Republican In Name Only) Republicans must be

replaced by conservatives, and it's time to rumble. I believe Curry

County gets it and we will find out real soon.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Tea Party a threat to individuality


There is a new frame of mind that has taken over the freedom of

individuality, and it is very dependent upon someone else being at fault

and the ability to blame someone else for the inability of the


This mind-set has made being a true individual virtually impossible,

and criminal in some cases. This mindset is the fault of everything

that has gone wrong with America and its pride of protecting the

individual right to the pursuit of happiness.

The Tea Party is one of the travesties of true individuals pursuing

happiness. These folks hunt out and criminalize more individual rights

than any other group of people, and now they're griping about the very

things they set up. Truly, their rants would amount to more intrusions

upon individual rights should their campaign against the illusionary

socialism that the "others" will enact. Some of their claims are true -

the idea that employers should supply insurance is like adopting other

people - crazy! It's yet to be fixed, and how is the real problem no one

can do. There is no perfect to be found, there is only pretend.

The green ideal is another false God portrayed as the Utopia

stripping individuals of the pursuit of happiness, and it's just as

false as any moral high ground that manipulates others with pretension

and illusions of perfection. False Gods and individual rights do not mix

well, and you can drive a Prius and think you're pious, but

uncontrolled births of humans in a finite world don't add up. Some green

works but it's only the individual pursuit as the underlined phenomena

in America.

G. G. Thompson


Need help for CAPS for KIDS


Fall is here!

Several of us have knitted or crocheted caps all year long, but we

still need volunteers. If you would join us, I have patterns and yarn. I

can deliver. We use only acrylic yarn.

The collection containers will be out by Thanksgiving at the senior

centers in Brookings and Gold Beach, also Quilter's Corner in Port


The deadline this year will be Dec. 10; so mark your calendars.

Thank you in advance for all your time and effort on behalf of the kids in Curry County.

Lavonne Morrell, coordinator Caps for Kids, Gold Beach

La Bontandeacute; the clear, obvious choice


The campaign for (Curry) County Commissioner features two formidable

candidates, but after hearing the candidates speak at a recent forum and

carefully reviewing their resumes, Lucie La Bontandeacute; seems the clear and

obvious choice.

Lucie's been there before, serving on the county commission from 2001

through 2008. During that time, she distinguished herself as a fiscal

conservative, and as someone who could work with her colleagues to reach

consensus, break the gridlock and get things done. Moreover, she has

served in more local organizations, boards, volunteer groups, etc., than

anyone in memory - she's absolutely tireless. The result is a candidate

who truly knows this county - its people, its problems and its

opportunities - better than anyone I can think of.

Lucie also knows her way around Salem and Washington, D.C., and

enjoys the respect of a lot of people in both places that can really

help Curry County.

And she brings a female perspective to the county commission, which will otherwise be lacking.

We all know that our county continues to face huge problems. This is

no time for inexperience. From day one, Lucie will represent the

interests of all the citizens of our county, and provide experienced

leadership at a time when this county badly needs it.

Steven Taylor

Port Orford

Concerned about DeFazio, unions


I'm concerned about our country, our government, and our children.

I watched portions of the Socialist, Communist, Marxist "One Nation

Working Together" Rally at the Lincoln Memorial last weekend. What

concerns me most is that the labor unions, including the Teamsters,

Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Communications Workers of

America, American Federation of Teachers, United Auto Workers,

A.F.L.-C.I.O., etc., attended the rally and aligned themselves with the

NAACP, Communist Party USA, The War Resisters League, The Freedom

Socialist Party, The National Urban League, the Sierra Club, the

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and the Marxist Hispanic group La

Raza. Some of these groups promote the violent overthrow of the U.S.

government. Unlike the tea party, the unions hired huge numbers of buses

and paid for lodging for their members to attend this rally. Even so,

the turnout was about one fifth the Glenn Beck Rally.

My concern is that these are the same groups that endorse and support

Pete DeFazio in his run for Congress against Art Robinson. Also, while

checking Legistorm, I discovered that not only does Pete DeFazio own two

pieces of real estate in New Zealand, he also has two bank accounts

with the Bank of New Zealand. Guess where he's going to retire after he

screws this country up?

I also have concerns that two of the represented unions at the rally

represent our County Employees. SEIU represents the non-sworn county

employees, and the Teamsters represent the sheriffs deputies. I think

it's time that our county employees take stock of their union

representation and take a vote to decertify both of these unions.

Ralph Martin


Choose La Bontandeacute; to lead the way


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working with candidate Lucie La

Bontandeacute;, and what a refreshing experience to have someone who is so

willing to engage others and get their ideas and give support and


The knowledge and experience she has will well serve our county. I

devote some of my spare time to Oregon Family Support Network, an agency

that serves youth and families throughout Oregon. I know Lucie really

cares about the future of our children and young adults as they enter

the workforce. Lucie is respectful of others and so encouraging to the

efforts made by others. As I reach retirement age I want to know we will

have competent, caring and involved commissioners to lead the way.

Elaine Lortscher


Support FOX TV, support Tea Party


I was born in Brooklyn to a very political family.

They would clasp the hands and look skyward when talking about the

Democratic party and F.D.R. (Franklin Delano Roosevelt). I would be

taken to Democratic headquarters to lick envelopes during a campaign.

The part of the family who was "in business" or who worked for the phone

company or the post office, were Republicans. I also licked envelopes

during their campaigns.

Now I am too old and my medications prevent me from "licking

envelopes." I have been fortunate enough to become a part of the Tea

Party. This wonderful party is made up of people who are deeply

concerned about what has happened to our country, our economy, our

health care and our educational system. They are our friends and

neighbors who do not care about race, religion, ethic background, or if

you belong to a church, temple, synagogue or mosque. They care about

us and whether or not we will receive the health care we need, be able

to keep our homes, see that our children are taught by qualified

educators, and not just by teachers who are protected by the Teachers'

Union who only care about tenure and not the quality of the education

the children will receive. Look at the polls and see just how many

children drop out of school, cannot read, and who forgo higher

education.Frightening when compared to countries like India and China

where education is at the forefront.

The Tea Party is denigrated by the likes of good old Harry Reid,

Nancy Pelosi and others who put down Wall Street, but who have received

millions in campaign money. They have completely cowed the networks and

the newspapers. I remember when the New York Times was the newspaper of

informed, interested readers. Now, it prints only what Obama and his

friends want to read andhellip; this goes for the networks as well. To me it is

almost a form of censorship. Do not let them destroy FOX Channel. It is

truly the voice of reason and vox populi.

Support the Tea Party. Attend their meetings whenever you can.

Support their mailings, and if you can, donate as little or as much as

is comfortable for you. Let's help the Tea Party once again make America

a country as great as it always has been andhellip; the land of the free and the

home of the brave.

Gerry Kass