The Curry Coastal Pilot

9/11 donations support our troops


The Brookings-Harbor Red Shirts would like to thank you for all the donations you have made in the past and your kind donations to sponsor our 9-11 Concert and Candlelight Vigil.

All donations that we receive go to the support of our troops. We send an average of 60 packages per month. Because of your support we can continue our mission to support our troops until they all come home.

Sharon Hitzman, vice president, Brookings-Harbor Red Shirts


Gold Beach jetty cats worth saving


This letter is in regard to Susan's letter (Pilot, Sept. 29).

I live in Gold Beach; have for two years now. Love it. I go to the jetty about five times a week to walk, feed the birds, racoons, cats. I am friendly, so I talk to a lot of people there who (like me) enjoy watching the racoons, cats, birds. A lot of people who live in Gold Beach feed the cats every day, also the beautiful racoons, who do not kill the cats.

The houses have been there at least 12 years. The tourists love them. They are worked on every single year. Shame on you, Susan, for saying the cats should be put to sleep. It would break a lot of hearts, mine included.

Mary Jasper

Gold Beach

The facts are stubborn things


In his Sept. 15 letter Mike Schrum had the gall to bring up the 14th Amendment when it was the wonderful Harry Reid who wanted the 14th Amendment to be repealed back in 1993.

Facts are stubborn things, even more stubborn than partisan Democrats like Mike Schrum.

Some people insist on talking about whether or not Barry Obama was born in this country or not. I couldn't care less, because of the way that Barry Obama and Democrats act; they might as well be from a foreign country anyway.

Would partisan Demo-crats be so concerned about the treatment of Latinos if they all voted Republican? I don't think so, Scooter!

Partisan Democrats rubbed their hands in glee when Charlie Crist left the GOP to run as an Independent down in Florida for the U.S. Senate.

Is Charlie Crist a racist because he refuses to back the Latino Marco Rubio?

Most of the Congressional Democrats proved themselves to be traitors when they stood up and cheered for the President of Mexico.

Funny how the dimwits in the lamestream media will not mention that the immigration laws in Mexico are much tougher than the immigration laws in this country.

Mexico is even building a wall to keep out illegal immigrants from Guatemala. How ironic.

Oh no! Guadalajara won't do! Because I did not know Obama could be so cruel!

Joe Thomas


A 'flim flam' we never saw coming


Well everybody, we all just got handed one great big "flim flam" and we never saw it coming.

On Sept. 13, Curry Health Care District agreed to a two-year contract with a bankrupt state (California) that is known for not paying its bills. I am talking about the agreement to start sending Pelican Bay Prison inmates to Brookings/Gold Beach for treatment. (Pilot, Sept. 25). Curry Health CEO Bill McMillan stated that Pelican Bay inmates are currently sent to Redding, Arcata, Grants Pass and Del Norte. That's just for one prison! So why Curry County? The California Department of Corrections would rather send their child molesters, murderers and mental defectives to outside hospitals to avoid liability, but the real issue is that all of you "good people" will now have to wait while prison inmates get preferential treatment!

Every one of those 30-plus California prisons has a "state-of-the art" medical facility, yet they're only used for minor "boo-boos" because of liability and lazy state prison doctors. Security is not the issue here, the issue is that we have all been moved to the end of the health-care line (again) behind society's slobs because of money! You won't have to sit in a waiting room with level-four convicts. You'll just have to sit there much, much longer when the miscreants are escorted in and receive preferential treatment ahead of you. Because of taxpayer dollars! Look out, this aint gonna be good folks!

Jeff McMoran


La Bontandeacute; will hit ground running


I urge voters to support Lucie La Bontandeacute; for Curry County Commissioner. Lucie has worked successfully to keep the county government stable during difficult times in the past. Now she has offered to lend a hand again. When in crisis, it is best to hire people with experience to solve problems. Lucie has shown that she knows the players and can work hard during a time of crisis.

Lucie worked with a team that brought the county budget out of the red in 2001. Developing a County Financial Plan she then worked hard with counties from around the country that lobbied Congress telling our story so that funding owed to the OandC counties could be received twice. When she left the county, there was a reserve in the budget.

I urge you to not elect a candidate without county government experience. It is critical to elect Lucie La Bontandeacute; as she will hit the ground running to get the funding needed to run essential services. There is no question that she knows how to do it! Support a positive leader! Support Lucie La Bontandeacute; for Curry County Commissioner.

Anne O'Dell


Benefactors score with BHHS soccer


The BHHS (Brookings-Harbor High School) girls soccer program would

like to take the time during our season to thank a group of people who

are responsible for our success, comfort and support.

When we need to raise money or eat after games that are in or out of

town. Darrel Miller and Shane Lawson of Wild River Pizza make sure we

are taken care of. Darrel's generosity to the youth of this town is

nothing less than amazing.

Peter and Kathleen Spratt took care of everything having to do with

bringing the Northwest Soccer Camp from Seattle to our backdoor. They

provided lunch during camp for the kids and food, drinks and housing at

Brookings Inn Resort for the instructors. Hotel manager, Shannon Quinn,

also provided paperwork that helped our fundraising.

Our team unity is growing every week at our team dinners which are

provided by another amazing duo, Eian Savas and Monica Cooper of Zola's

Pizzeria. They have a live microphone and stereo set up for us where our

girls just simply have a blast.

Our equipment was paid for by two California businesses: Elk Valley

Rancheria and Dale Miller didn't hesitate to help our program.

Smith River Rancheria and Candice Penny opened their doors for us with a big smile and helped our program.

Pacific Coast Hearing Center's owners Pam and Steve Deraita make sure

our girls have water on ice at every away and home game. Pam is our

team parent who takes great care of us!

Dan McKee of Fred Meyer made sure we had lunch provided for us during

our jamboree. This jamboree made it possible to get the experience we

need to compete at the next level.

Les Schwab has always been there to provide all groups with a place to wash cars.

Last but definitely not least are all the parents who go to work each

day. Parents cannot always watch all the games because of work but yet

they still provide all the shoes, clothing, gear and fees that are


Coach Kelly Singleton and I would like to thank you all for everything you do for our girls!

Coach Fred Juarez


Who is funding this group and why?


The front page of your paper recently announced that those of us that

live here in Curry County are being attacked by "outsiders" that in my

opinion should be banned from the western United States!

The "Northwest Environmental Defense Center" has no local address or

known local members. In the past, I have tried to find out who is

funding this group of destructive individuals demanding information that

cannot be supplied. Associated groups are active in California and

Washington as well as in Oregon and their tactics are identical plus


Who is paying for their actions and why? There certainly can't be

people with credible knowledge active in the group. There are people

skilled and practiced at blocking any activity they choose to destroy.

I don't think the community should do any physical harm to any

members of the group but a warm embrace is unthinkable! They show up at

many public meetings where almost any activity is being discussed and if

they can conceive of any way to disrupt they charge ahead. They

attended most of the sessions in regard to the golf course at Pistol

River and have set the ground work to obstruct but have not acted yet.

They may not once it is reviewed by the people with the money.

Using the rock in the Chetco and the Rogue in a managed manner is

good for the streams and the fishery over time. It provides needed

material for all kinds of construction at a reasonable cost and a

clear-level of competition.

I hope that it is possible to follow the money and learn who is

benefitted when our community suffers. Right now, it is one of those

things we can smell but can't see.

Paul Fossum


Another successful NRA fundraiser


The South Coast Sportsmen's Association would like to thank the

Friends of the NRA Committee Bill Douglas, Georganne Green, David

Nowlin, Mike Carney, and all those who attended and contributed for

another successful benefit dinner.

The Friends of the NRA came together on Sept. 11, at the Elks Lodge

to support our Second Amendment rights and had a good time doing it.

Among the prizes awarded this year during the drawings were several

pieces of art, a Weatherby shotgun and a fine hunting rifle. During the

auction successful bidders walked away with a Kimber M84 rifle, hunts in

South Africa, engraved pistols and revolvers, several pieces of art and

a grandfather clock. In these times it is reassuring to know we are not

alone. We hope to see you at next year's dinner.

Marvin Parker


Thanks for helping Shabby to Chic


I would like to thank our generous community for their continued support of Shabby to Chic.

We gladly received donations from Garage Sale Saturday. Thank you!

Proceeds from store sales will help re-establish His Haven of Hope.

Although our building is on the market, Shabby to Chic will continue to

do business as usual until it sells.

Thank you again for your support and prayers.

J.D. Edwards


Get interested in governor's race


Hey all you waiters and waitresses out there: So maybe you aren't very interested in who the next governor of Oregon will be.

You should get interested, and fast. The Republican, Chris Dudley,

thinks you make too much money. After your shift lugging trays of food,

when you figure your sales and add eight percent, split the tip jar

with the "back of the house" gang, and pocket what change is left, maybe

there's enough left to pay the rent or the babysitter. Well, ask

yourself this question: Does Chris Dudley "honor your labor?" He

recently said "It doesn't make sense that our waitresses are getting

tips plus the highest minimum wage in the country." So, is he proposing

that Oregon institute a tip credit like they have in Arizona where

workers like you make $4.25 an hour?

And all you kids between 18 and 25: Dudley doesn't think you should

earn even the minimum wage. He said, "one area I would like to tackle

first is to get a training wage going." What's that going to be, $4.25

an hour too?

So there you have it. A millionaire ex-jock has plans for Oregon's

entry level and food service workers. If he gets his way you will earn

less money. It's that simple. Are you one of them? Don't vote at your

own peril

Tom Seither

Gold Beach

Obama health care plan? No thanks


I have two issues I would like to address: First, I am saddened by the rudeness of the people who write to you.

They accuse those they disagree with of being stupid, uninformed,

uneducated, and so on. Personally, I believe everyone has the right to

his or her own opinion, but I do think they should research their topic

with an open mind before stating this opinion.

The second issue in the Obama Health Care Plan. In the first place,

very little of the plan has anything to do with health care; the first

offerings are the bait on the hook. The plan is unconstitutional,

violating parts of both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These

rights are being voted on by both houses of Congress who have taken

oaths, mandated by article six of the Constitution, to support the

Constitution and Bill of Rights. There is no place in the Constitution

that gives Congress the right to regulate health care.

What this "health care plan" is designed for is to remove the balance

of power from the three branches of government and give it all to the

executive branch. It will allow bureaucrats the right to make health

care decisions for the citizenry, and give them access to our health

care records, and our financial records.

Those who choose not to have health care insurance will be taxed.

There will be no appeal process on this tax, thus depriving those forced

to pay of due process.

The plan will eventually force private insurers out of business, leaving us with only the government plan.

One of the items buried in the bill is a tax on real estate sales

starting in 2013. Personal real estate, for the most part, has been

purchased with dollars that have previously been taxed. This is another

example of "double taxation."

This may be what some people want, but there are a good many of us who don't want it, and we are neither stupid nor uninformed.

Carolyn Smith

Gold Beach

Several hundreds of people? Prove it!


Several hundred participants?

You expect your readers to believe that hundreds of people attended

the Sept. 25 Tea Party gathering at the port? Prove it. The Pilot

reporter obviously had a camera. Publish a photograph that backs up this

highly implausible claim. If you won't publish a photo documenting this

unlikely assertion, then at least explain how your reporter arrived at

that number. Did she take an actual count? How did she differentiate

between Tea Party participants and curious on-lookers who may have

strolled over from the Farmers' Market? How exactly did your reporter

determine that "most in attendance obviously did not share" the

viewpoint of the woman holding a sign in support of recent health care

reform? Either she actually interviewed a majority of the crowd to

factually base her conclusion, or she's guessing.

Responsible journalism is about facts, not speculations or guesses, or a reporter's opinions.

From the beginning, the Pilot has consistently inflated the turnout

at Brookings Tea Party events and produced highly flattering puff pieces

disguised as reportage that have helped mask their actual extremist

views. It's embarrassing enough for our community to have such a

high-profile local Tea Party filled with ultra-right-wing conservatives.

Giving this group of extremists so much exposure in the Pilot,

repeatedly exaggerating the crowd size, portraying them as so tolerant

and open-minded and non-partisan, is a disservice to this politically

diverse community. This is Brookings-Harbor, not Glennbeckistan.

Beverly Bacak


Many help Chetco Activity Center


As many of you know the Chetco Activity Center held a fundraising

breakfast Sunday, Sept. 26, for our Meals on Wheels program.

There are many people to thank for making this event happen.

andbull;First, the Knights of Columbus andndash; this wonderful gem of an

organization made up of men that get up really early a couple of times a

month to put on the best breakfast in town in which to raise money.

This is a partnership we count on lasting far into the future. God

bless you all!

andbull;Second, The Marine Corps League, Detachment 578 of Brookings andndash;

generously donated $300 to our efforts. It was so heartwarming to see

this group of men come in with their wives, then to receive the check

was a true blessing.

andbull;Third, we had a great group of volunteers that helped make this breakfast the success it was. Thank you!

We also wish to thank the community for coming in and eating, often

times giving beyond the cost of breakfast. We know that we join other

local non-profit organizations in asking the same people to participate

in our fundraising activities and you always graciously take part. Thank


We serve more than 1,000 meals every month for those people who are

homebound and are unable to fix a meal for themselves. Our kitchen

staff works hard in preparing and sending out nutritious meals five days

a week, and on Fridays we deliver two frozen meals for the weekend.

Each year the grant that supports our meal program decreases and we have

to raise more money to cover the costs. The Knights of Columbus, the

Local Marine Corps and the participants at the breakfast all show what

community is about.

Gladys Stewart board president

Dawn Baines, fundraising chair

Chetco Activity Center

Every poll wants my money


Part one: It's election time and polls are at their highest.

Here's my gripe: Every poll I receive wants money. To me, this is

not a poll but a troll for money. I want my choices to be known, but not

for money.

In November I will vote my will and then the pollsters are out of business.

Part two: Incumbents say "This is not good. It will be better if I'm

elected." Yada Yada. Listen: What were you doing the last andndash; years?

Gerald W. Wilks

Gold Beach

Vote 'No' on law enforcement levy


This letter is regarding the proposed Curry County law enforcement levy.

Also listed are actual compensation numbers currently provided to

county employees by taxpayers. The forecast tax revenue for the proposed

levy exceeds $30 million over five years.

Estimated cost to taxpayers for Fiscal Year (FY) 2010/2011 (Curry

County employees only) include: $1,000 per employee per month for health

insurance (total $2,300,000). Two retirement systems are provided:

Social Security and the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS).

Taxpayers provide 100 percent of PERS contributions. Estimated cost

to taxpayers for Fiscal Year 2010/2011 is $1 million plus the "pickup"

of employee portion (6 percent/gross pay) of $560,000.

Beginning July 1, 2011, in addition to the "customary" and

"expected" annual compensation increases, taxpayers will also cough up

around $300,000 more per year to shore up investment losses in many of

the employee PERS accounts. Yes, taxpayers guarantee all investment

losses in most of those accounts. Oh, while private banks currently pay

less than 1 percent on money market accounts, taxpayers guarantee many

of the individual PERS accounts an 8 percent return.

The average annual compensation per full-time employee for current

law enforcement services listed in the proposed tax levy, using the

Curry County Master Payroll for 2010/2011, exceeds $71,000 per employee.

For further information on this financial debacle and inevitable train wreck, go to

Perhaps an in depth investigation of the compensation facts, and an article by Curry Coastal Pilot senior staff, is in order.

Please vote "No" on the proposed tax.

Thomas Huxley


Who are Concerned Taxpayers of America


After the Aug. 31 Robinson campaign event in Harbor, I took the

opportunity to ask Art Robinson what I thought was an easy question.

I wanted to know his thoughts on the fact that the Supreme Count has

granted corporations the same rights as natural human beings. His

response was that he didn't know anything about the issue. This was

surprising. Robinson presents himself as a constitutional expert, yet he

claimed no knowledge of a recent controversial Supreme Court decision

granting corporations the right to spend unlimited amounts of money to

influence elections with absolutely no obligation to disclose where the

money is coming from.

Now I think I know why he avoided answering my question. It turns out

that Art Robinson is among the first beneficiaries of corporations' new

right to buy elections. In the last couple of weeks a mysterious entity

that calls itself Concerned Taxpayers of America began spending

hundreds of thousands of dollars on deceptive campaign ads attacking

Congressman Peter DeFazio and praising Art Robinson. There is no record

that Concerned Taxpayers of America existed before August, and its

funding sources are secret. Its Federal Elections Commission filing

lists the address of a house in Washington, D.C., and its web site can't

be found with a Google search.

We voters are left to wonder who these Concerned Taxpayers of America

are, and what they expect to get for their money. I suspect Art

Robinson knows the answer.

Tomas Bozack


The first 72 hours of a disaster are critical


As past president of Citizens For Emergency Preparedness, I have met

and discussed the implications of being prepared for disasters with most

of the current police officers, fire chiefs, some county officials, and


Cal-Ore Life and the local Group of the American Red Cross were also

at the many meetings and workshops that were held. Local citizens were

always welcome at the meeting, but through the years they dropped off in


Now, with disasters hitting everywhere in the world, is Brookings

prepared for whatever happens here? The First Responders are, but due to

their reduced personnel, most of them will be assigned to command

centers. We all know that the first 72 hours are critical; what can we

do to help? You can help by being trained as a Community Emergency

Response Team (C.E.R.T.) member. The City of Brookings has money in its

budget to conduct this training. When you see it announced in the paper,

step forward and enroll! For more information, visit: Let's all do our part and be ready.

Joyce Tromblee


'Attire to Inspire' clothing drive


Curry County residents: We have had an overwhelming response to the "Attire to Inspire" clothing drive.

The efforts of generous people across the county have been phenomenal

and have far surpassed our expectations. We at the Curry County

Commission on Children and Families and CASA are incredibly proud to

have been a part of the program and to be a part of a community that

rises to the aid of its children in need. As of Sept. 30, we will not be

taking any more donations.

This project has touched many kids and we hope to be able to repeat

the program again next yearandhellip;with equally impressive results. The

donations poured in and we are very grateful to all of the individuals

who purchased new, or donated gently used clothing. These people have

contributed to the health and well being of the children in our county.

On behalf of those children, their families, all our partners, CASA and

the Commission thank you!

We would also like to thank the partners who made this endeavor

possible. Chetco Federal Credit Union for their enthusiasm and support,

as well as letting us set up displays in their branches. We would like

to thank The Curry County Reporter, the Curry Coastal Pilot, KURY Radio

(Stuff the Bus items), CC's Clothes for Cancer, DHU, Karlie Wright,

Bronwyn Greathead, and again, all of you that took the time to donate

clothing or to make a cash contribution.

Please look for us again next year just before school starts!

Myrna Barber

Commission on Children and Families, director

Mona Chandler Curry County CASA director

Son, grandson get Red Shirt packages


We would like to extend a very grateful thank you to the Red Shirts.

As our grandson said "they are awesome." Our son and grandson andndash; both

deployed to Afghanistan andndash; recently received boxes and are so

appreciative, as we are too.

It was also unbelievable for us to win the grand prize of the 42" TV. Thank you again to such a wonderful group of people.

Doris and Cliff Parks


Story on Tea Party meeting misleading


The reporting of the Sept. 25th Tea Party rally (Pilot, Oct. 2) was misleading.

I counted only 83 participants directly in front of the stage and

about 40 people standing around the periphery - not hundreds! The Pilot

also implied that there was only one person demonstrating against the

Tea Party. There were eight anti-Tea Party demonstrators with several

messages including one which asked, "Why give more freedoms to


Considering that we decided on a counter demonstration Friday

evening, I think we had pretty good turnout. In addition, several people

who had been watching came up to us to express anti-Tea Party support.

Many people in this community are getting mighty tired of aggressive Tea

Party supporters.

N. Rob Milton