The Curry Coastal Pilot

Nov. 2 - Election Day - is still more than a month away, but ballots will hit the mail on Oct. 15. Eligible voters who haven't yet registered are running out of time. The deadline is Oct. 12.

Curry County residents can be proud of the fact that our voter turnout is consistently among the highest in the state.

We vote because it's expected of us, but also to preserve democracy andndash; a precious commodity that is rare in many places in this turbulent world of ours.

In Curry County, voter registration cards are available at your local city hall, post office, and library. Mail registration cards to Curry County Clerk/Elections Division, PO Box 746, Gold Beach, OR 97444.

Citizens can also contact the County Clerk's Elections Office to make arrangements to register.

Fortunately, the registration process is both quick and easy for those with access to the Internet. Citizens can register at

Also, citizens can grab their driver's licenses, head to the Oregon Secretary of State's website (www.sos.state. and click the "register now" button.

Democracy works best when as many people as possible participate in elections. Oregon goes out of its way to make it easy with the mail-in ballots, but the first step must be undertaken individually.

Registering and then casting votes gives each and every one of us a say in deciding critical issues and who will make the important decisions that affect our lives and the future of Curry County.