The Curry Coastal Pilot

It seems that there's not one issue of the Curry Coastal Pilot that doesn't included at least one story about a worthy cause, community project or nonprofit organization, club or youth sports team seeking donations or volunteers.

Current efforts include collecting box tops for Kalmiopsis Elementary School, sending care packages overseas to U.S. soldiers, and donating food to the food bank.

Such is the nature of a small, rural community such as ours. It also seems to be the nature of our community andndash; no matter how tight the overall economy is andndash; to find a way to support these worthwhile causes.

It's impressive.

Even more so is that this generosity continues despite the sobering reality that local jobs are few, businessess are struggling to stay open, and a significant number of our children come from families living near or below the poverty line.

While the economy has definitely affected the amount of money people give, it has not stopped their giving. Why?

Perhaps people realize others are worse off then they are and find ways to help andndash; each according to their means.

No matter why such generosity is happening, we're glad it is. And we will continue to publish stories about projects and organizations seeking help, as well as stories about those who answer the call.

We are proud to live in a community where people continue to do what they have done for ages: doing for others as the would want others to do for them.