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Check out writings of Art Robinson


With all the Art Robinson flyers posted around town, I began to

wonder who is this guy? I found the following compilation of information

online all taken from his own statements.

Medicare: "It should be abolished and changed to a system of 'medical' welfare like the food stamp system."

Social Security: "It is unconstitutional and an 'entitlement' program and should be ended by attrition."

Energy: "Government regulations caused the BP oil shill. There

should be no regulations or taxes on the energy industry. We need the

environment like we had in the '50s."

Education: "Public education is 'child abuse' and should be

abolished." "Applicants to Caltech are weighted toward those who seek

severe, difficult, total-immersion training in science andndash; an experience

few women and blacks desire."

Water: After water under the decommissioned nuclear reactor in

Souther California was found to have 16 times the normal amount of

radiation, Mr. Robinson commented: "It is unfortunate that this water

under San Onofre is being wasted. If we could use it to enhance our own

drinking water here in Oregon, where background radiation is low, it

would hormetically enhance our resistance to degenerative diseases."

Nuclear waste: Should be disposed of by "sprinkling over America, poured in foundations of homes, dispersed in the ocean."

Don't take my word for it. This information came directly from Mr.

Robinson's own writings over the years. Check out the website (paid for by Peter DeFazio for Congress). It

is truly scarey!

Joyce Rodgers


Most of Robinson's ideas are flawed


Art Robinson says that he wants to get the government off our backs

and give us more freedom. Who will benefit the most from deregulation?

Not you and me! Corporations will benefit the most. Since the Supreme

Court ruled in 1863 that corporations have the same rights as a living

human beings, the corporations have, because of their financial

resources, pushed back government protection of the little guy.

What government protections and services are you willing to give up?

Remember, this recession and the oil spill in the gulf where cause by

lack of regulation or failure to regulate. What other regulations are

you willing to give up? The 40-hour week? Child labor protections? Work

place safety? Protection against cancer causing substances? What

services are you willing to give up? National security? Highway

maintenance? Health care? Social security? Air travel safety? The list

goes on!

Our government is designed to protect the rights of citizens. Many

claim that our government is inefficient and that businesses are

efficient. This is true. But the reason government is inefficient is

because our founding fathers designed our government as a system with

checks and balances of power. They knew that an efficient government

could be taken over by tyrants.

Art Robinson has some good ideas, but the ideas he promotes the most

are flawed. With this recession we have had our assumptions of how

things work in America shaken. But remember the Republican

administration of George W. Bush got us into this mess. Republicans have

done nothing but obstruct efforts to fix it and have few viable ideas.

It is going to take some time to straighten it out. Why would we want to

give power back to those who caused it?

N. Rob Milton


People falling for GOP misinformation


Regarding Diane Daniels' Sept. 15 letter: I usually hesitate to call

someone a liar, but in this case, Ms. Daniels, your comments are far

removed from the truth. Democrats have never said that "Bush cut taxes

for only the rich." What we have continuously said, and can prove, it

that the great proportion of the Bush tax cuts went to the very rich.

Here are the facts:

The middle 20 percent of U.S. households got 8 percent of the Bush tax cuts. Butandhellip;

The top 1 percent got 25 percent of the Bush tax cuts.

The richest .02 percent of households (that's about 250,000 people)

got nearly 15 percent of the Bush tax cuts. To put it another way, the

richest 1 percent got tax cuts 54 times as much as the middle class.

Democrats never said the middle class never got a Bush tax cut; we've just said that Republicans just threw crumbs at us.

Another fact: These tax cuts plus the costs on the illegal and

unprovoked war in Iraq have contributed to well over half of the current

national debt. And Republicans have the gall to propose extending

those tax cuts that will add another $4 trillion to the debt over 10

years and benefit the richest Americans.

It continues to amaze me that so many presumably smart people

continue to fall for this kind of Republican misinformation, and vote

for candidates from a party whose policies regularly stab them in the


Tom Seither

Gold Beach

A call for prayer and fasting


A call to prayer.

During WWII, Winston Churchill called his nation to prayer. He asked

them to pause at 9 p.m. every night to pray for their nation. In late

1940 the Nazis launched a superior air attack against England. The

German air force far out-numbered England's. Yet a II Chronicles. 20

miraculous event occurred. The Nazi air force was defeated. Downed Nazi

pilots told stories of amazement wondering how England had filled the

sky with war planes. England didn't have the aircraft.

The Christians of Arizona have had 24/7 prayer throughout their state

for over three years. Through their grassroots prayer chain, they are

being called to 40 days of prayer and fasting from Sept. 24 andndash; Nov. 3 for

the upcoming election. (

Ignited by them, I'm asking for the followers of Christ in Brookings

and Harbor to pray and fast. From Sept. 24 through Nov. 3, would you

stop at 6 a.m. or 9 p.m. to pray for our city, our state and our


The specifics are between you and God. Spread the word.

Laurie Reynolds


Serious food for thought


Stimulus: It's something seniors require more often than young people. The president did not stimulate me. I was moved.

Tax cut: If we keep the current tax measures in place, it ain't a tax cut.

If the Democrats are saving the world, as some think, why? Is there a shortage of survival food?

Finally, someone mentioned the weigh station. There is no one to "weight" on you. It's part of an old joke; I feel violated.

We don't need any more experts. All we get is a puddle.

Build the meat packing plant, (they will come), just please don't

build it in downtown Brookings. None of the empty buildings are big


I've got it: Build it next to the weigh station, then we can use the scales.

On a serious note, I have seen a number of policemen monitoring traffic. I am pleased and I say thank you.

If you have a daily paper, or a daily newscast, and you are caught up

in the rating race, I guess you have an excuse for a lack of accuracy.

Just get in print or on the air before the other guy, right or wrong.

Sorry, that's just wrong There are no excuses when you print two times a


A message for you pet lovers, Sept. 15, 2010, 11 dogs in vehicles in parking lots. Did you check the temperature?

The two dogs and three cats in my yard need their mommy.

Clifton Siemens


Home again after three-day ride


I want to thank my wife, Linda, and all those who helped make my solo Oregon bike ride such a success.

After logging 121 miles a day, I arrived in Brookings on Sept 13,

only to be coincidentally greeted by the one and only Ira Tozer. He gave

me two thumbs up and tipped his hat to me. That was a great welcome to

my three-day ride.

Mark St. James


Iraq: Right to go, right to leave


We were right to go into Iraq. The time seems right to get out.

Iraq now has a constitution that potentially makes Iraq into a

confederation. Will civil war erupt if we leave? Civil war already

existed in Iraq before we set foot there. Just ask the Kurds. Saddam

Husein and his regime murdered between 100,000 and 200,000 Kurds.

Thousands of them were exterminated with various chemical weapons. Over

400,000 Kurdish villages were violently annihilated by their own

national government. Saddam was a weapon of mass destruction unto

himself. I refer you to the excellent book "The End of Iraq."

History will decide if the sacrifices to bring freedom to Iraq were

worth it. It wasn't just a preemptive strike against terrorism. The

sacrifices created a foothold for freedom in Iraq from which freedom and

its fruits of prosperity can spread throughout the Middle East and,

yes, throughout the world.

One sure way to erode away freedom is by excessive taxation that

stifles the entrepreneurial spirit that builds strong economies. That is

a basic theme of the Art Robinson campaign for Congress.

I know of no constitution in the world that protects its people from

excessive taxation like the new Iraqi constitution. The national

government of Iraq cannot impose taxes without ratification by the local

governate legislative assembly. (Their governates correspond to states

or provinces.) It is revolutionary.

Yes, we can learn from Iraq how to protect our own freedom.

I think that the Iraqi constitution would make our founding fathers cheer.

Tom Anderson


Time to become independent again


Recent Curry Coastal Pilot articles about Oregon county officials

meeting to again plead for renewal of timber funds they claim the

counties are "owed" shows that begging year after year only makes for

more dependent wards of the state. Like a cancer, this mentality spreads

quickly. Curry County commissioners recently declared an agricultural

emergency because some growers, ranchers and farmers were having a tough

time after bad weather significantly affected their crop production.

Where will it stop?

According to the Association of Oregon Counties,

nearly 40 county commissioners from 24 of 36 counties along with five

members of Oregon's Congressional delegation met with federal

representatives in Portland Aug. 20, 2010 to ask for reauthorization of

timber funding. Review of Curry County accounts payable records shows

the county has for years paid over $20,000 per year in dues to the

Association of Oregon Counties and OandC counties and, tens of

thousands more to a lobbyist for help to secure timer funds.

According to the Association, representatives of AFSCME, the American

Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees union also attended

the meeting in Portland. Check out their views on entitlements and

socialism at

A chart on the Association of Oregon Counties website listing the

population and area of all individual counties within Oregon shows 56.4

percent of the total land in Oregon is owned by government (we the


Association dues and lobbyist too need to be radically reduced or

stopped. We the people need to wake up and collectively take back our

land and fire or vote out those officials who continue our dependence on

the "state." We the people need to become the productive independent

citizens we once were.

Thomas Huxley


An honor to serve my community


Brookings-Harbor and surrounding communities: I'd like to take a

moment to thank all the clients I've met over the years during my time

as both a technician and veterinarian at Town and Country Animal

Clinic in Harbor.

With my true family living far outside the area I've come to know

many of you as not only clients, but also as friends and extended

family. The people of Brookings and all the local communities have

always been warm and welcoming, and this is a place that I will always

hold close to my heart. It has been a pleasure and honor to serve you,

and I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity of knowing and loving

your pets. There are so many of you out there that I've come to know on a

personal level and I will truly miss those daily interactions. And so

it is with bittersweet emotion that I move on to Lincoln City andndash; a new

chapter in my life.

I will miss you all and can only hope I will find clients, friends,

and family as wonderful in my new town. I encourage and welcome a visit

at any time if you are passing through!

Jen Malter, DVM


Have to pay our debt as a country


We are going to have to pay our debt as a country just as every individual eventually must pay their debt.

The biggest contributors to our structural deficit (meaning the

deficit not caused by the shrinking of tax revenues as a result of the

recession) are the tax cuts made in 2001 ($2.3 trillion will be lost in

revenues over 10 years). Those tax cuts favored the very wealthy and

furthered the divide between the rich and poor while reducing the size

of the middle class. (The top 1 percent now control 34 percent of the

nation's wealth andndash; the spread between the top .01 percent and the bottom

90 percent is greater than it was just prior to the Great Depression.)

Conservatives used to believe in pay-as-you-go. People are now

waking up to the impact of the national debt and the consequences for

the future. I join their concern. It makes me wonder, however, what

they were thinking when we borrowed and spent to fund two wars AND cut


Interestingly, the people screaming the loudest about excessive taxes

(Sarah Palin, many Tea Partiers, and others) overestimate what they pay

by three times, according to Forbes Magazine). In fact, federal taxes

as a percent of the economy are at their lowest since Truman was in


While being number one in billionaires, we are also number one as the

first industrialized nation in history where the poorest group is

families with children.

One way for Congress to move us toward fiscal conservatism (meaning a

balanced budget) is for Congress let the 2001 tax cuts expire. WE must

pay for the folly of our expenditures to save our children and


John M. Dagget


A lie repeated enough ...


President Obama recently appeared briefly on NBC's Nightly News.

As I listened to Brian Williams question the president about his

reaction to the percent of Americans who believe he is a Muslim and not

born in the USA, I was reminded of something very important that

I learned in a college propaganda class in 1940.

When Hitler was at his peak, years later a psychological principle

was confirmed that Hitler knew and practiced: A lie repeated often

enough will be perceived as true!

What an enormous challenge knowing this presents to well meaning

citizens of this self-governing nation, to make the effort to see the

difference andndash; no matter how often repeated.

The fate of the world may hinge on how we succeed.

Betty Crooks


Cub Scout sign-ups scheduled Sept. 30


I wish to thank the Curry Coastal Pilot, KURY radio and KBSC TV for

the support they have given in getting the word out concerning Cub Scout


As you know, Scouting gives parents the opportunity to help promote

good character development, responsible citizenship training and the

personal fitness of their child.

Cub Scout sign-up for boys in grades 1 through five will be held at 6:30 p.m.Thursday, Sept. 30, at Scout Hall in Brookings.

Thanks you once again,

Leo Bridges