The Curry Coastal Pilot

Health plan causes fear of getting sick


Mathematically my DNA is not the same as Larry Schelter's; that comforts me.

My genes are a different matter. I have always preferred Levi's. I guess Mr. Schelter's suggestion is Republicans and the so-called right are aliens, which must mean Democrats and liberals are products of evolution. As I am an independent I must be the chosen few.

I thought about running for city council or mayor, maybe commissioner, even governor, but it occurred to me, if I am chosen, why would I spend thousands or millions to win a job that pays less than many union jobs. Then it occurred to me (light bulb), lots of new friends, maybe a few goodies and nothing happens if I screw up. Wow!

When the bully in your neighborhood acts up you don't call the cops in fear of retaliation; when the government screws up we are still afraid of retaliation. That's not how it was meant to be. My wife and I were born in the U.S., our mothers also, both of our fathers were not. They became citizens long before we were born.

We like our neighbors, but I don't care where they were born. They appear to be good citizens, that's enough for me.

If you are a jerk, I might ask.

So, how do you like the new health plan? My wife and I are afraid to get sick. I hope you still have a job.

Clifton Siemens


Helping the hungry in Brookings


For some time now I have had the honor of helping the wonderful folks at St. Timothy's Church right across from Azalea Park with the meal they prepare and serve to folks in need on Tuesdays at noon. I am quite taken with the Love and Joy that all the people share, in the gathering.

I personally thank Father Bernie Lindley for putting his facility and support behind the Soup Kitchen, because finding facilities to help out in this endeavor is very difficult. Ernest Madden and Roger Gilbert are the driving force behind the engine, but there are some wonderful volunteers that come to help on a regular basis. We are all blessed and gratified by the willingness of all concerned, and there are far too many to list all the names of those who joyfully give of themselves to help out where they can.

I also want to thank Ernest Madden for stepping up to help organize these soup kitchens. The Seventh Day Adventist church on Park Street serves folks on Mondays, near the noon hour, and St. Timothy's serves on Tuesdays. If any other organizations wish to have the blessing that we get, we could use your help on the other days not yet covered.

If you would like to help, but can't get there at the day or time, we could always use supplies, like fresh fruit and veggies, or canned tomato paste, desserts, etc. Of course funds are always gratefully accepted.

I would also like to thank all of you for the love and smiles you send to me on the road.

Ira Tozer


Umpqua fixesmilk problem


On behalf of Umpqua Dairy's 250 employees, we want to thank the community, our customers and industry friends for their support during our voluntary withdrawal of fluid milk products and juice.

For 80 years, it's been our privilege to provide Oregon families with delicious, high quality and locally produced dairy products. We take this responsibility very seriously. It is why we voluntarily withdrew our milk and juice products from the marketplace on Aug. 18, 2010, after the state of Oregon raised concerns about Umpqua Dairy's crate washing process.

Because of the hard work of Umpqua Dairy's employees to find and fix the problem, the state of Oregon certified our milk processing facility for operation on Aug. 25, 2010. Our products are wholesome, fresh and safe. We have stocked our customers' dairy cases with Umpqua Dairy milk and cream that is sold under our brand and several others.

All of us at Umpqua Dairy want to express our sincere appreciation to our valued customers, consumers and industry friends for their support and understanding. We do not take these relationships for granted. They are the reason we get up in the morning and work hard to produce the highest quality dairy products on the market today.

We promise to continue to honor our commitment to be the dairy that Oregonians count on for excellence and superior products for the next 80 years. Thank you.

Douglas B. Feldkamp, president

Steven D. Feldkamp, COO

Umpqua Dairy Products, Co.


Thanks to McCourt for saving life


This letter is in response to Officer McCourt awarded Lifesaving Medal.

Thank you will never be enough to say to Officer McCourt for what he did on the morning of May 5. Thanks to his fast response I as a grandmother get to spend many wonderful moments with my grandson Liam Parker Nation, now a 4 month old happy healthy little boy.

It is a blessing for not just my family but for this community to have such a dedicated person serving on our police force. He truely cares for those he serves. going above and beyond by keeping in touch with my son and his wife to see how Liam is doing.

The story could have been very different.Officer McCourt, the Nation family is truely thankful to you and God for what you did on that early morning. May God keep you safe doing what you do each day for all of us in this community.

Angela Nation