The Curry Coastal Pilot

Serious questions for elected officials


The beat goes on regarding the Brock/Waddle tiff. Local news articles have been large (1,300 words) to gargantuan (3,200 words). Statements quoted from both individuals appear endless but nowhere in the articles were answers to questions regarding some of their statements.

For example: Was Waddle asked to provide a worksheet supporting his claim the county lost over $57,000 in interest? Was Brock asked to provide a worksheet supporting her claim trading services for interest was cost effective back in 2006 and today? There is a basic spreadsheet template the county created and uses for this purpose, isn't there? As for the he-said, she-said harassment subject, how many man-hours and tax dollars have been consumed to date on this issue?

On another finance accountability topic: elected officials' travel and related expenses. According to county counsel, elected officials are exempt from county personnel rules and from completing or signing their travel and other expense reports. "However, they are bound by numerous Federal and State rules and regulations." When asked in 2008 what rules, county counsel had a commissioner respond with, "You are free to do the research on Federal and State rules on your own."

When reconciling the statement of a county-issued credit card in 2006, accounting staff asked the elected official to whom the card was assigned to provide the purpose for charges as there was no written explanation. The request was refused. Shortly thereafter the staff member received a written directive from another elected official stating "From now on, don't ask any of the Elected Officials to explain anything that is personally related to them."

In 2008 the county response to a citizen request for a copy of a "suspicious" credit card charge was the official misplaced the receipt. When asked again they responded, "We are not obligated to produce a copy of a record that we do not have."

County counsel and the county auditors are OK with this behavior.

Thomas Huxley


Would God close a woman's shelter?


I am writing this letter because of the three years I was at mission.

In the time I was there I personally had to turn women away into the streets with no place to stay. The newspaper article regarding the closing of His Haven of Hope (HHH) mentioned it was closing for financial reasons. The follow-up editorial by past board member was to make sure credit was given to staff; she failed to give credit where the only credit was due, to God.

If you talk to the man who donated his equity in the building, the man whose vision it was to open the building, the men who risked their lives to restore the foundation, or the men who volunteered to remove all the asbestos, each one would thank God for being of service to make a warm safe place for women to stay and learn about their Savior.

Brookings is the smallest city in America with a Rescue Mission, not because of staff members, but because of the most caring community I have ever known. In the article it mentioned Emma McMillen who poured her heart into His Haven of Hope but she and her board member husband resigned for the same reason Chuck Fidroeff and I resigned. This direction has proven itself wrong as evidenced by the closing of HHH. Even before closing day women were refused overnight stay. A community member had to take this person home and another person bought a bus ticket for this women to return her home.

Once again I am asking the community to rally around the hurting women who are in our community and keep a facility open that has proven itself to be effective when God is directing. In the 12 years Chuck Fidroeff was directing he prayed first for God to supply the needs of both facilities. Assets increased every year for each of the 12 years. The board needs to put pride aside and let God decide how to move forward. Would God close a woman's shelter?

Ray Batten


Teach your kids about bullying


School is here again. There are a hundred thing your kids need to remember.

Please teach your kids about bullying! Any kind of bullying ... verbal, physical, insulting andndash; and yes, rumors are all bullying.

Be aware of your kids and the law and the school. All the rules are different! Protect yourself and your loved ones!

Good luck, 2010.

Elizabeth McDonough


Community energies, not tax dollars


In reference to the municipal pool editorial that appeared in the Pilot Wednesday, Aug. 4, entitled "From the archives: Originally published March 31, 2004: Some people evidently missed the fact that this was a reprint and believed the pool's closure eminent.

They also may have overlooked the positive remedies cited therin.

The article "challenged pool enthusiasts" to take up the gauntlet and create a financially viable facility that is open year around.

So, how can we finance a new pool? In checking my wallet I find it will be a stretch to even take care of "Number 1" on my list: The law enforcement tax. It ensures yours and my daily safety and protection. So, I will tighten my belt and support it.

"Number 2" appropriately enough is the hospital tax that is hovering andndash; looking to land. "Number 3" is the pool solution. Those original remedies from 2004 are still sound, and can be fueled with community energies, not taxes. andhellip; What's on your list?

J. Jordan


Please enlighten this Neanderthal


Ever notice when Democrats get backed into a corner as they are this election term how they completely stop reviewing what they can or have done for us and do what they do best, and that's attack Republicans in pathetic and ridiculous ways.

Mr. Larry Schelter had a humorous article (Pilot,Aug. 14) and we will see much more of the same leading up to November. Sarah Palin should die, Hispanics should all be Democrats and Republicans have Neanderthal D.N.A. It's all they have left folks, as none of Obama's promises were filled that the voters wanted, none. Blaming Bush is their best shot and they all voted for the pork-filled first term spending bills which he didn't veto.

Federal ideas and decisions are far away from Obama's ability. He is suing Arizona for the same immigration bill as his federal law, now telling New York City that building a mosque at ground zero is the right thing to do.

No matter what party you pull for ask yourself this question: Is it government's job to support private industry and open doors for them to grow with solid regulations to make a better profit, or is it private industry's job to make sure government workers (25 percent more last year), pay off the teachers' union and forcing healthcare down our throats.

Mr. Schelter, when you answer that queston please share it with this Neanderthal.

Teri Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Trying to return to nation's core values


I would like to remark on Mr. Larry Schelter's maladroit attempt at pseudo-scientific "humor" published on Aug. 14, 2010.

With all due respect I must point out many of the people he is attempting to poke fun at are attempting to return to the core value of our nation's founders. Thus under the First Ammendment they believe that every member of the village has the right to say what is on their remaining mind.

Ken Swanson


Law levy, new clinic?What's the big deal?


Webster's defines "paltry" as insignificant or insultingly small.

If we all vote "Yes" for the proposed law enforcement tax, our paltry obligation for a $50,000 house is a paltry $10 monthly.

So what's the big deal? It is our humanitarian responsibility to house, feed and medicate those poor unfortunate souls who have strayed from life's path of correct social behavior, like beating their wives, theft, robbery, rape, embezzlement, drug use, drug sales, murder and other crimes against nature.

Is it too much to ask for a few paltry dollars to make these poor miscreants more comfortable?

I'm ready to cut back on my medicine and support the sheriff's decision any day no matter how much it costs more each month from my meager Social Security endowment (entitlement)!

Also a big God Bless You to Mr. McMillan of the Curry hospital conflomerate for hanging in there againist those tacky protestors rallying against his shiny new Brookings Hospital. They have no right to doubt his ability to pay for that paltry multi-million dollar loan (lifelong obligation).

I am sure it will all work out when the Curry commissioners come through for the new hospital and ask everyone in Curry County to be responsible for that loan as it should be.

Personally I'll keep going to Medford like most of my senior friends when we need some serious medication for our restless leg syndrome or dry eye problems!

Gary Smith

Pistol River

Sick and tired of paying for delusions


Just like hoarders who are victims of their possessions, the conservative mind-set barricades itself with decayed logic and paranoia.

Gold Beach seems to have more than its fair share of these compulsive manipulators as they team up to spread their private misanthropies, their windows closed to the light of new generations not victimized by petty racisms nor phobic pronouncements of semantic despair. Just like ghost haunting a house, these folks gladly will spell out doomsday fantasies not to be forgotten, the young must reinvest in historical myths like a hoarder's expectation of using those things, someday. The bitterness enjoyed in private are mere replacements of previous generations within the narrow confines or aging without maturing. Some conservative values are worthy, it's the patriotic conservative that hides the confused scoundrel. Their statistical evidence is even to the point of rewriting the Constitution.


These are not your brother's keeper, nor are they good neighbors. Their stunted personalities invade every domain, and their melodramatic tyranny obliges them to perpetrate absurd rationale as integrity, building fences while demanding others to tear theirs down. Anyone watching or listening to Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh should be on the front line of their war, otherwise they are cowards, no matter their age. Excuses are like elbows, most people have at least two. These folks demand so much and would rather die than pay for it. Taxes on paranoia involve either debt or paying for it, and I'm sick and tired of paying for all the wars, fences, and environmental delusions of conservative ilk.

The fear of a few lousy terrorists has driven this nation crazy. Man up and shut up.

Glen G. Thompson