The Curry Coastal Pilot

Health clinic a blessing


An exciting new program has been developed in Brookings: a free medical clinic sponsored by South Coast Friends, a loosely-organized group of local volunteers interested in community service, begun in partnership with St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, Curry Health Network, and many other generous community members.

Especially generous has been Father Bernie Lindley, of St Timothy's, who has given an enormous amount of time and energy to this project. Also deserving kudos is the congregation of St. Timothy's, who allowed us to remodel a room in their church building for use as a medical office.

This clinic provides completely free medical care for those who would otherwise not be able to afford it. It is no substitute for an emergency room or for an ongoing primary care provider, but is designed to give care to those who have acute, but not immediately life-threatening conditions. Examples of patients who have been treated are a woman with dangerously high blood pressure and a man with an abscessed tooth, neither of whom could afford the doctor's visit or prescriptions they needed. If someone needs medication but can't afford it, we help with payment for medication.

We have been blessed with grants from St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Gold Beach and from the Good Samaritan Society. This money will help us pay for medical supplies, prescriptions, and other ongoing expenses. All care providers and support staff are volunteers working completely for free.

I hope other compassionate community members will join us, whether as a care-provider, a support volunteer, or a donor. No one in our community should be ill or in pain without a place to turn.

For information andndash; whether you want to donate time or money, or whether you or someone you know needs help andndash; leave a message at or St. Timothy's, 541-469-3314.

Rose Weiss


A good candidate, but not brilliant


I was talking with some friends the other day and they mentioned they had met Art Robinson. They were impressed with him because he "seemed" very nice and smart.

So I began to investigate his policies and statements. I found out that things are not always what they look like at first glance.

Here is a sampling of what I found regarding his quotes and positions.

"There is no greater gift that you can give to your children and yourselves than to raise them entirely at home. Conversely, incarceration of a child in most American public schools of today is andndash; I am sorry to say andndash; child abuse."

andbull;He would like to abolish the Department of Education.

"Even though it has relaxed its standards, Caltech has continued to admit based on merit and ability. Moreover, its applicants are weighted toward those who seek severe, difficult, total-immersion training in science andndash; an experience few women and blacks desire."

andbull;Perhaps he doesn't know that women scientists date back to Ancient Greece. I guess he never heard of Benjamin Banneker and all the others!

"This is evidence in support of the hypothesis that AIDS may be little more than a general classification of deaths resulting from the exposure to homosexual behavior."

andbull;Not true, especially in the last two decades. This is an ignorant statement.

I also learned that he is in favor of offshore drilling.

He may be nice but he is sure not brilliant! I support DeFazio!

Jim Hyslop


Know candidate before voting


Before voting, intelligent voters look for evidence. One way to educate ourselves as voters is to look at the past record of each candidate, to see if they endorsed issues that we support.

I wondered what John Kitzhaber did for Oregon while governor. One can see what kind of governor he will be based on his record.

I discovered that he cares about fishing and forestry, as I do. The federal government was planning, during Kitzhaber's administration, to list coho salmon as an endangered species. We all want to protect the coho from over-fishing and extinction; Kitzhaber included. Instead of a restrictive listing, Kitzhaber endorsed a creative partnership between the state and landowners that resulted in the Oregon Salmon Plan. It protected the coho through voluntary salmon habitat enhancement projects that are still in force today, protecting both the coho salmon and the Oregon landowners who own much of the coho habitat.

Good legislation for Oregon andndash; good for all who love Oregon and want thoughtful, fair legislation that honors the livelihoods of Oregonians while enhancing our state and its future.

Many get information before they vote from television news and advertisements. We know that bias affects how news is reported and certainly how ads are presented. If you want accuracy and clear evidence before you vote on issues and candidates, check past and current records on vital issues andndash; those that affect the health of our state now and in the future.

Jan Krick


'The Silent Circus' a must see play


My grandchildren (ages 9, 7 and 23 months), my daughter and I saw "The Silent Circus" at the Gold Beach High School old gym on Sunday.

The performance was excellent and the three children, including the youngest who is not 2 yet, were mesmerized for the entire performance. Their attention was riveted on each scene. My daughter and I were delighted as well.

My daughter says the performance was equal to any national traveling program. My grandson John says his favorite part was the interaction of the two clowns and Matias loved the balloons popping.

The actors (and actress) in the performance, which included magic and juggling, are professionals. We are very lucky to get this quality of program locally. Both children and adults will enjoy it. We recommend it highly.

Bea Nash

Gold Beach:

Eliminate illegal hiring practices


Several letters lately have stated that undocumented workers should be fully prosecuted for their illegal entry into our country. However, no one has pointed a finger at the employers who illegally hire these workers and take full advantage of their vulnerability.

It's a sad day when the best our country can do is prosecute only the most vulnerable workers, and let the employers remain unpunished for their criminal activities. Let's eliminate the illegal hiring practices that are the cause of our immigration problems.

Linda Bozack


Solutions to keep shelter open


Since the announcement of the closing of His Haven of Hope, many have come in to Shabby to Chic to ask questions and express their concerns. Many have already given cash donations, asking what else can be done to help.

Here is what you can do.

andbull;Donate. Give money to help finance the reopening at a more suitable location. Ten dollars every month goes a long way. And when you donate items for sale, make sure you don't drop off items that are broken, stained, or torn. OGM/HHH would prefer to use their funds on the ministry, not financing CTR.

andbull;Purchase. When you come to Shabby to Chic, don't ask for a price reduction on the $5 silk blouse; give them $6, and so on.

andbull;Gossip vs. Truth. Don't listen to the lies and tall tales from those who haven't a clue to what is really going on, or those who have a score to settle. And don't repeat their tales. Ask someone who really knows for clarification; preferably someone actually involved in leadership, such as a Board member.

andbull;Most importantly, pray. Pray for the leadership to make wise, God-directed decisions. The decisions weigh heavy on their hearts and minds. Pray that those who wish to bring down the organization will be silenced. Pray for a great new home, and that the finances will be supplied. Pray for insight and revelation. Pray for the clients. Pray for God's will to be accomplished.

Laurie Reynolds


One-world leader needed


Many people are angry, or just plain fearful, about what is going on in the world, and don't see any solutions.

My organization is introducing a plan for world peace, and opening it to debate. It calls for the creation of an international government based on the U.S. Constitution and the cooperation of nature. Disputes between nations will be settled in a court system rather than the battlefield, and the money spent on wars will be used to support the people instead. We believe it has the capacity to create a global renaissance.

We have to pass a constitutional amendment, and everyone's input is necessary. Please read about the plan on our Web page,, and if you agree to the plan, please add your name to our membership list. People from 37 countries already support the plan.

Take five minutes to fill out our survey to let the U.S. government know how you feel about the plan. Thanks for helping!

Karen Holmes


Donations help neighbors


What a wonderful thing it was to see so many gently used things donated to the Hospice Market Place this year. It confirms what I suspected when I moved to here 11 years ago: Curry County has a lot of generous and caring people.

Now that the Hospice Market Place is finished with donations for the time being, the Hospice's volunteers are working diligently to ready everything for the big Rummage Market Sale Aug. 27 - 29. The more than 16,000 square feet of space is filled to the rafters with excellent stuff, ready for recycling to new owners.

Clothes, for infants, boys, girls, and teens to men and women, have all been laundered and ironed; stemware, dishes and kitchenware are washed and ready; Christmas lights have been untangled and tested and wait among the hundreds of holiday decorations; the "guy stuff" section looks like a mini-hardware store; toys, puzzles, and games have been readied; and the record number of books have all been dusted and shelved, by category. And that just scratches the surface of what's available (but no Bargain Barn this year).

We've even invited a food vendor this year to provide sustenance to the weary shoppers.

So, let's continue to help our neighbors by coming to the sale and buying some things you need (and some things you won't know you have to have until you see them). The monies raised at the sale enable Hospice to provide more needed end-of-life care to folks in the community, regardless of ability to pay. Hope to see you there.

Dianne Daniels, volunteer

Hospice Market Place

Gold Beach

Keep sign at present location


Why a welcome sign two and a half miles north of town on our scenic byway? Let's get real; a tourist will see it once, we have to live with it.

The intersection of Carpenterville Road and the highway is still a great place for it.

Alan Bergstedt