The Curry Coastal Pilot

Resolving age-old conundrum


I've always wondered how it is that humans can have such divergent views about "reality." Maybe I've stumbled onto the answer to this age old conundrum.

Have you seen the news about the new genetic research? It appears our ancestors interbred with the Neanderthals.

After much testing it's been determined that Republicans and tea people carry a much higher number of mutations on gene 26b. The very same place where they found the Neanderthal genes.

Maybe that would explain the Republicans' ability to make up a new version of history. One with no shame. One devoid of truth and facts. One in which greed is paramount.

But, just like the cavemen, the Republicans are doomed to fade away, leaving little more than a taint on human evolution.

To quote the scientists: "Fox News, so simple even a caveman and a Republican can understand it."

Larry Schelter

Gold Beach

Ribs and chili cookoff at Elks


Like all things that excel, baby-back pork ribs and chili take time to prepare.

This gourmet food event, the Ribs and Chili Cookoff, which is open to the public, will be held on Saturday, Aug. 21, 2010, between 11 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. at the Brookings Elks Lodge, 800 Elk Drive, Brookings.

Your food will start to be prepared several hours before the event. To insure that your 10-item meal ticket, six ribs, three x 3 oz. of chili and 3 oz. of coleslaw will be waiting for you to enjoy. Please pick up or order your ticket books now! They may be purchased at the Elks Lodge or by calling 541-469-2169. Major credit cards will be accepted.

Those purchasing the $15 books before Sunday, Aug. 15 will get a 10-percent discount and only pay $13.50. All food proceeds will go to the Elks Children's Eye Clinic in Oregon.

The award winning kitchens from the Flying Pig, Pork N' Stein, Dun Rite, Hog Wild and others will be competing for the top Judges' prize and the People's Choice prize. A stainless steel smoker of the future will be awarded to the top people's choice and a matching one will go to the People's choice voter whose ballot stub is drawn. You will not need to be present to win. Other barbecue and cooking items will be drawn and rewarded.

The group of Jerry Moffit and Gary Lowden will play jazz on stage from 1:45 to 5:45 pm. The awards and drawings will be held at 6 p.m.

When you leave this fun filled event your appetite will be satisfied, and you will be pleased to know that you have helped improve some child's eyesight.

Phil Cox, event chairman


Shame on us,America


I applaud S. J. Hyatt's letter of Aug. 11.

In succession, various classes of people have suffered under our Constitution. For example, our founding fathers gave the nod to slavery; a century later our fathers approved segregation; it took another century for our courts to say "enough of that." Andrew Jackson's Indian removal policy was thought to be the solution to the Indian "problem," and just two generations ago it was acceptable to lock Americans of Japanese descent into internment camps. Today we look back on those episodes with disgust.

Yet America's hysteria about people that are different continues: Today's whipping boys are Muslims, Mexicans and gays.

Shame on us.

Pat Sherman


Rally to keep facility open


I was at His Haven of Hope in 2007.

God used Pastor Chuck to plant the seed of God in my heart which helped me to get my life back, through His Haven of Hope

Now it's my understanding that the doors to this ministry are closing to the community. There are still many women and children lost to drugs and alcohol that are in need of a safe GODLY place to stay. Its my understanding the Outreach Gospel Mission can no longer afford to keep His Haven opened.

We as a community need to pray that His Haven of Hope falls in the right hands to someone who is called by God to continue to do what God has started in 2007 when Pastor Chuck opened the doors.

Many women have had their life changed for the better. I am now a mom and am no longer worried about falling back into my addiction to drugs and now God has delivered me from smoking cigarettes also, praise the Lord.

Many women do not have a place to stay now that the Haven is closed. Women coming out of jail can no longer do a program without being sent to another city. The Haven is on Center Street because it is at the Center of the hearts of the people of Brookings. Please rally to help us keep this facility open.

Crystal Batten


Act now for control change


As we approach the 2010 election we should question whether we have a Federal government that operates with consent of the people as specified in the Declaration of Independence, or are we a people controlled by and dependent on government.

We have a president who hires and fires business executives, who dictates salaries. We have a Congress-passed health bill that rations health care and forces government insurance upon us. We have a president surrounded by people who hate the American way; a recently confirmed associate Supreme Court justice who has no opinion about Natural Rights or "Self Evident Truths"; a president and a Congress who've put us farther in debt in less than two years than their predecessors did in over 200 years; and so on.

When your ballot arrives in late October you will have two options: If you want to continue this loss of freedom and the avalanche toward total government control then vote for the incumbents, Ron Wyden and Peter Defazio. But if instead, you want a Congress that will oppose the administration, that will repeal, or at least defund, some of the more onerous laws passed by this Congress; a Congress that stands in the way of the regulation and taxation that keeps 14 million unemployed, then vote for Jim Huffman and Art Robinson.

The longer we tolerate this abusive government control the more difficult it will be to change. Two years from now may be too late. Act now!

Jim Collis


Community needs to be cleaned


Harbor is filthy.

Who is responsible for the cutting of tall grass and the huge sums of litter along the roadways. I believe a good percentage of Harbor's income is from tourists so I would think some effort would be made to keep it clean

After taking a walk to the store along 101, I will plan to vacation somewhere else next year.

Jean Hallina


Column a reader service for parents


Scott Graves, thank you for your insightful and informative column on the use and misuse of the Internet. It should be required reading for every high school and college student, or non-student, and read to all underage children.

Why don't these supposedly intelligent boys and girls know what they are letting themselves into for when they "sextise"? My granddaughter told me that is what it is called. They take pictures of themselves with or without clothes, or with little clothing as possible. Are they aware that these pictures are sent out indiscriminately to whoever has a computer? Sexual predators, anyone who preys upon children or looks up addresses on the net?

I am not an alarmist but I do read the newspapers, watch the news on TV and read the Pilot which lately has the names of sex offenders living in our area. This is a service that should make everyone aware of what is going on in our neighborhoods and I thank Mr. Graves and his staff for doing this.

Okay, I think I've made my point. Now it is up to all of you and your families. Be careful.

Gerry Kass


Thank you to community


The family of Robert (Bob) H. Stanhurst would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the following organizations and people for their kindness, generosity, compassion and assistance with Bob during his time of need.

The staff at Seaview, Cal-Ore Ambulance Service, Hospice of Curry County, Elks Lodge 1934, Emblem Club 265, Sidney Croft Lodge 206, Travis and staff at Redwood Memorial, U.S. Marine Calvin E. Murphy Detachment 578, staff at Ward Cemetery, Jim Jaggers (Bob's maternal first cousin) for the beautiful eulogy, Davy and Joyce Crockett and family, Pat Maris, Carol Swain, Gold Beach Quilters' Guild andndash; Quilts for comfort.

Please accept our apologies if you were inadvertently ommitted.

Sandra Trujillo

Arboles, Colo.

for Merlyn Stanhurst and Family

Donation helps soccer program


Thank you Elk Valley Rancheria!

Brookings-Harbor High School girls soccer program, Coach Singleton and I would like to thank Dale Miller and other council members for their generous contribution of $500 to our program! Elk Valley Rancheria has once again shown its continued support of our local students.

Even though we are two different states, Elk Valley Rancheria has proven they are truely "our friends by the border." Dale Miller, who is on the council, is the one responsible for presenting it before the council. Dale Miller has been a friend of mine for a couple of years now and when he heard I was given the head coach position at Brookings-Harbor High School he said he wanted to help supply us with new equipment. I had told Dale we were in need of new balls, cones and other basic equipment.

It is individuals and businesses like Dale Miller and Elk Valley Rancheria that help our community and youth be successful and represent our town proudly. Thank you very much!

On Sept. 13, 2010, Brookings plays Del Norte in Del Norte. Come support our girls and watch them play soccer!

Fred Juarez, coach

Kelly Singleton, coach

BHHS girls soccer team

Another side to every story


Emerald Coast Estates is a desirable community for the many 55-plus wanting to live in spacious homes that allow for a quiet, peaceful lifestyle in a nicely maintained park with a beautiful community center and indoor pool. Therefore, we do not agree with those "seeking to nurture a negative environment."

We purchased our home in Emerald Coast Estates in early January 2006. Since we enjoy traveling in our motor home, ECE offered the perfect place for us to have a "home base" and yet leave several months of the year to visit other parts of the United States and Canada. This was one of the primary reasons we chose to live here.

Furthermore, we support the Itzen family and their right to run ECE as a family business. We read all documents presented to us at the time we purchased and leased our lot, and were well aware that ECE was a family enterprise. In fact, we were glad there was no "homeowners" association to deal with. The few concerns we had, as new manufactured homeowners were dealt with in a business and professional manner to the mutual satisfaction of all parties.

We enjoy living in Emerald Coast Estates. It is our HOME.

Judy Bowker


Why multiple terms to keep promise?


Incumbent: 1. Resting; 2. currently in office. Why is it politicians need a second or third or fourth term, to keep the promise they made when they asked for your vote the first time? Why do you keep voting for them, after they have made a sucker out of you?

The simple answer is, no guts, you talk a big show, but you are afraid you might have to give up something if you change. If you are not careful, there won't be anything to give up.

Treasurer: One in charge of a treasury. If we trusted our elected officials, we wouldn't need a treasurer; personally I'm glad we have them.

Federal funding: As near as I can tell, it means you give your money to the government and maybe you will get some of it back, if you come up with a really dumb idea to waste it. Don't hold your breath.

Volunteer: 2. To offer or give of one's own free will. The only people left who do great things without government assistance.

Clinic: Under-funded, poorly planned, i.e. boondoggle.

Temporary fix: It's a government thing.

Civil servant: No free service and limited civility.

Animal Rights: Not one of my priorities. I have never understood how destroying things will endear one to save chickens; besides I don't eat mink.

Religion: Absolutely, unequivocally, personal and private.

Clifton Siemens


Beware of latest phone scam


The latest phone scam is the offer for credit card consolidation with a 6-percent interest rate. The company has a website,

The sales pitch is to offer this "Federal Reserve System Program" to help people lower the interest rates for consumers; a helping hand.

The are asking for a "Verbal" agreement on the phone, and asking for your Social Security number, driver's license and banking account numbers with the routing numbers.

They set you up on an account with them, where your account will be debited by them to pay your credit cards. I asked for forms to be mailed, and was told, sorry they do not do this. It is a "verbal agreement."

I was then treated rudely when questing any kind of "verbal" agreement with a stranger and giving our personal information.

Watch out for these guys. No credible business would fail to provide forms, nor would they ask you to give over your vital information on the phone. They got nothing from me except a complaint going to the FTC.

Watch out, there are new scams every week with Reward Offers, like from Jamaica of recent. If it sound too good to be true, it usually is.

Dr. Shelley Sovola


Enough isenough


Many months now we have read all the bad things about Emerald Coast Estates (ECE).

Now the other side of the story. All of us who bought homes in ECE were given the same bylaws to keep our community lovely.

Unfortunately, some individuals feel it necessary to change the bylaws to meet their specifications. If this keeps up, our lovely manufactured-home community will no longer be lovely!

Itzens are a well-established family in the Brookings-Harbor community and are highly respected. Their desire in developing a state of the arts manufactured home community was to have a pleasant place for retired people to live and enjoy their surroundings.

We have a beautiful community center complete with large screen TV and sitting area, library, pool table, beautiful fully-equipped kitchen, patio with large gas barbecue and an indoor swimming pool andndash; where aerobic classes, with an instructor andndash; are available. All of the above are included in our monthly rent at no additional cost to us.

Our lawns, gardens and water walks are maintained by owner's employees, to keep them uniform and beautiful.

In order to keep ECE a lovely community certain bylaws must be upheld by all. None of the bylaws are unreasonable.

Many of us living at ECE are very happy with the bylaws, and glad they are in place to keep our community what it was intended to be.

Pat Riley


Do more for youth in Brookings


I lived in Brookings for 15 years from age 7.

As a youth, growing up there, it's hard to find active and productive things to do, especially when it is raining. That's, like, all the time.

Brookings is a beautiful place to live for both young and old. However, there is not enough constructive activity, or even an activity center for the youth.

I'm currently incarcerated in a facility in Oregon. I'm not able to blame my problems on anyone but myself. But the lack of opportunities in Brookings for youth is openly known by Brookings residents; just ask the youth. This problem does contribute to troubled youth, and the phenomenon is clearly seen in my life.

Concerning the editorial in the Pilot's Aug. 4 edition about the city pool: It would be really wise for the city council and powers that be to develop a plan for an activity center at the pool site. The idea of covering the tennis courts and covering the area for indoors is a great step in the right direction. Covering the pool and courts would ensure year-round use for the young and old. Developing an activity center inside the facility would provide a place and fun stuff for youth when it's raining or sunny. Selling year-round passes and applying for grants would fund such an effort to increase the life chances for Brookings youth.

Brookings, It's time to do more for the youth. Good luck and God bless.

Jared Shaff