The Curry Coastal Pilot

Delivering books to the home


The wonderful staff of our extraordinary Chetco Community Public Library in Brookings, continuing to seek ways to serve our community, have developed a free Homebound Delivery Service for patrons who are temporarily or permanently disabled, or are otherwise unable to visit the library.

Trained volunteers visit homebound residents to deliver and pick up library materials. According to the preferences of the homebound user, volunteers will select books and other library materials.

For more information or for an application to participate in this program, those interested can contact the library at 405 Alder St., the website or 541-469-7738.

Sandy Dupree


Reaching the hidden Democrats


This is an open letter to all the "hidden" Democrats in Curry County! We have a telephone number (541-412-DEMS) for you to contact to meet with like-minded people and I answer it. We do meet twice a month; once at our official monthly meeting and once (as ) at a "progressives" brunch held the second Saturday morning at 10:30 held at a different location.

These brunches are quite enjoyable, convivial, with lots of great food. The official meeting is held at 6:30 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday of each month. They are held in either Brookings or Gold Beach and the location is always posted in the Curry Coastal Pilot.

I have taken several calls from folks who express surprise that there are ANY OTHER Democrats in Brookings. For some reason, such as people telling them there are NO Democrats here, they are surprised when I tell them there is less than a one thousand count difference between Republicans and Democrats in the county. Many registered voters are Independent. When I arrived in 2006 some people told me everyone here was a Republican.

So here are my final 2 cents on the subject: Don't let them scare you into thinking you are all alone, and come join us for our brunches and/or our monthly meetings. We need you and your energy.

If you are not on our e-mail list, please e-mail me at! Or call 541-412-DEMS.

Anne O'Dell


Rules maintain quality community


When we purchased in the Emerald Coast Estates community the sales staff had us read the Rules and Regulations and initial at the bottom of each page and sign it at the end of the document.

A small and vocal group of residents dislike and disagree with some of these Rules and Regulations that they agreed to abide by when they purchased in ECE.

ECE is a nice community to live in and we are grateful that the Itzens are doing their best to enforce the rules and regulations and maintain a quality community.

Rick Kelter

ECE resident

Different response needed by parent


CAUTION: CHILDREN AT PLAY Friday, August 6, Easy Manor Park, approximately 4:30. My daughter of 7 years was racing up the slide. Her mistake, not making sure someone was coming down. Unfortunately, a boy, around two years of age was her "victim." Not hurt, but startled, he was briefly tearful.

As a mother, I have been on the playground before when older kids pay little, if any, attention to younger children, and wished they would. I believe a gentle correction would have been appropriate.

Instead the mother chose to verbally go after her. An apology was made, but ignored. Learning she was with her nearly 14-year-old sister, and friend, focused her attack on them, ending by calling them a B*@!*! .

My husband and I expect, and have taught them to respect adults and younger children. Maybe more than most as they took everything that this "adult" said to them.

I'm writing to ask, if you see a child doing something potentially dangerous, please, kindly point this out to them. Most children, to have a stranger say something is enough. If you witness an adult doing this unkindly, please, kindly point this out also.

As parents we make mistakes. Our children are watching, seeing how we handle ourselves, and our responses. The process is to learn from these times and try to do differently the next opportunity. I'm hoping this mother will read this, realize just how much her unkind, and unnecessary, words deeply affected all three girls.

My prayer is that she might consider making some changes, and work on responding differently.

Roxie Crabtree


Quick response, utmost support


I wish to thank the quick response of Cal-Ore Life Flight crew.

I had to be rushed to the hospital for complications from previous surgery. If I had waited another two hours to call them, I would have died.

Also I would like to thank all the members of Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 757, for their utmost support during my hard times.

God Bless all of you.

Jerry Hartzell


Show respect for immigration law


Kudos to Ken Swanson for his letter regarding illegal entry into this country as breaking the law.

I came in to this country as a green-card holder and have been a U.S. citizen for many years. This is the land of opportunity and makes it very attractive to other countries. However, every foreigner should respect the laws in entering this country, hence the lawmakers should also impose the law. They are called illegal aliens because they entered here illegally (without proper documents). Therefore, they should have no rights including the right to vote, right to free medical care, education, or any government assistance.

We now have vast numbers of people illegally crossing our borders to live in this country, thereby circumventing the established process which was designed to help immigrants understand and appreciate their new homeland. Unfortunately, some condone this practice and want to bestow on these lawbreakers the right to live and to work here.

The most widely-quoted reason we hear in favor of granting blanket amnesty is that these illegal trespassers will do work that most able-bodied welfare recipients will not do. I also think these lawbreakers will come in handy for our politicians in the coming election.

Something is wrong here, and it desperately needs fixing.

Esperanza Jensen


To acid-reflux sufferers


For years I have been having acid-reflux, in spite of the fact that I enjoy exceptional health.

I have recently had reason to go back to my books and reread some material about magnesium, which is a natural anti-acid. It is one of the main ingredients in the over-the-counter anti-acids.

I read something that I should have known all along but had long forgotten, that magnesium should never be taken with food as it counteracts the stomach acid that is essential to digest that food. I have been chucking it in with my vitamins every day when I eat.

I started taking it a week ago in mid-morning on an empty stomach, and lo and behold, my acid-reflux has vanished and I have had no discomfort since I began taking it on an empty stomach! I, who used to write a column on health and vitamins, should have known better long ago, but such is the memory of the elderly. I do remember that magnesium taken at night can cause horrible, and I do mean horrible, nightmares, as can taking lecithin at night.

I felt that this is such a common malady that I should pass this experience on, in hopes of relieving someone else who suffers nightly as I have. I hope this serves someone else as well as it has me.

Virginia Bradley

Gold Beach

Red Shirts in need of band for concert


Because of a last minute cancelation, the Brookings Harbor Redshirts is without a band for our 9/11 concert and candlelight vigil.

If you are or know of a good band willing to play for us, please contact Sharon or Dave at 541-412-8968.

Dave Hitzman


Struggle between good and evil


This nation is divided against itself, we're told. We're caught in a struggle for good and evil, for right and wrong. Each political side demonizes the other.

I recently watched the end of a religious show on TV in which the Christian minister offered up a hate pamphlet at the end denouncing the legitimacy of the president of the United States. I was shocked and dismayed. But this is what it has come to, evidently.

I was taught that many of the people who left their countries to claim this soil came in search of religious freedom. Now some people are claiming there is only one religion in the U.S.A. and want to prohibit others their religious freedoms.

Yes, right here in America many people swear to love Jesus, the man who fed the multitudes, healed the sick, commanded that his followers lay down their riches to follow a simple life, care for the poor among them, love their neighbor as himself, turn the other cheek, etc., while finding these attributes unacceptable in mortal man.

For Pete's sake, you evil government, don't give us any social programs!

Thousands of years ago, the people of the Bible were, as are their descendants, dark skinned, being of the part of the world where that color didn't come from spending long hours on the beach or in a tanning bed. Yet today, we have a president born of a white mother and a black father. Evidently, for some people, this is an abomination.

God help us.

S.J. Hyatt


Giving thanksto rescuers


I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to all the rescue crews, EMTs and the auto wrecker that helped me out of my crumpled truck Tuesday, July 13, on Marina Heights Road.

Then all the phone calls from the community to wish me well, and send me their prayers. Thank you so much

Sam Baker