The Curry Coastal Pilot

Support for St. Joseph's School


Just wanted to say thank you to all in our community who came out and supported us for the breakfast the Knights of Columbus put on for St. Joseph's School.

We did really well and stayed opened until 12:30! We had lots of fun! Just one more reason we love Brookings so much!

Thanks again and God Bless You!

Lee Burch


Dr. Robinson's magnetic campaign


Blue signs promoting the Congressional campaign of Dr. Art Robinson are starting to appear on cars and trucks throughout the 4th Congressional District.

These signs are magnets that can be attached to cars or metal garage doors in one second. Unlike bumper stickers, they also come off as quickly as they go on.

The Robinson family is a brainy bunch. Three of the six children of Dr. Robinson have Ph.Ds and the other three children are in graduate school.

Although Dr. Art Robinson has received donations from more individuals than his rival, he has received less money. To help close the gap, the sons of Dr. Robinson literally ordered magnetic material by the ton and made the signs themselves. Usually, such signs cost a political campaign about $30 each. The enterprising Robinson family cut that cost to slightly under $2 each. It is that kind of determination to cut costs that we need in Congress.

You may obtain free magnetic signs from the Robinson campaign by contacting the Robinson family at 541-255-2785 or by e-mail Noah@RFC.coma or mail Art Robinson for Congress, P.O. Box 1250, Cave Junction OR 97523.

Tom Anderson


Disgusted with wasteful spending


I recently had an interesting conversation with my local dentist. It was obvious he is disgusted with our government's out-of-control spending and their tax-everything agenda. Sixty-five percent of his income went to taxes!

Like many others, I'm disgusted with the government's wasteful spending of our money. Stimulus money went in stupid directions instead of creating jobs. For example, I know a union construction worker who has been looking for work in Oregon and California for a year. He has lost his unemployment benefit and insurance.

What happened to the money that was supposed to create jobs in our infrastructure? I hear frustration everywhere I go and all I hear from our president is blame.

I sympathize with the tea party. I hear them clearly. All I hear from our government is "What's in your wallet?"

Lou Costa


Upcoming election: Choose carefully


Good article on the ruling of resident rights in Emerald Coast Estates (ECE) by the local courts of Curry County (Pilot, July 31).

After placing a "for sale" banner on the exterior of his home, Mr. Davis was served with an eviction notice (filed by Emerald Coast Estates) and incurred considerable expenses in appealing the charges. The appeals court heard the case and ruled in favor of Mr. Davis. This means that Mr. Davis may place a sale or "for sale" in or on any part of his home or fence.

Uncertain is the recent Planned Unit Development (PUD) by ECE (splitting ECE) concerning the public's right to park vehicles on the streets of parcel 2. Residents in parcel 1 are not allowed to do so, because they do not own the land. Sounds like a double standard, if that be the case.

In America the choice is up to the voters as to who they wish to elect for commissioner in the upcoming election. Choose carefully.

Carl E. De Ment

ECE resident,


Chris Telfer is theonly one qualified


Brookings residents turned out Thursday morning to hear Chris Telfer speak about her candidacy for Oregon State Treasurer. Those lucky enough to be there left with a hopeful attitude engendered by her qualifications and vision. As a Certified Public Accountant she is, in the words of Greg Walden, "the only one qualified."

The state treasurer sits on the Land Board. There she would push for managing our state lands to use more of our renewable resources, which would provide jobs. Jobs and education are primary focuses for Telfer.

She would urge the state Board of Education to bring back relevant financial education to our school curriculums and wants to work to bring Oregon students up from 47th position in the nation. Financial education would produce members of society who would then make our state more self sufficient, thus less dependent upon the federal government.

Republicans, Democrats and others can find reason to support this common sense candidate as she reminded us that the treasurer's job should be about qualifications and not partisanship. Chris stated that now is the time to get control of our state budget.

She encouraged us to get past the "Eeyore syndrome" that many voters currently exhibit. Instead she is asking "what's it going to take?" in order to do the work and solve the issues of the State of Oregon. Spread the word, visit her website to learn more and most importantly VOTE.

Nancy Chew


Heroes of His Haven of Hope


I will admit that I was not happy with the article regarding the closing of His Haven of Hope. Some errors and shortcomings I attribute to the reporter, and some I attribute to the three men with whom she spoke.

First, the picture. Shabby to Chic isn't the store "to the left." That is an entirely different entity, as indicated by the sign.

The statistic of "about 25 ladies" being helped was not confirmed with the current Director of His Haven of Hope, Shayne Martin, and is incorrect.

Tari's name was misspelled (as was Dennis' last name several times). There are two other women who are actively involved in searching for housing for the clients. Shayne Martin and the one who wishes to remain anonymous.

The women who put so much of themselves into "the vision" were completely ignored. While Steve Raymond was a great treasure to the men's shelter, the article was about the women's shelter. So I publicly honor Emma McMillian for her incredible contribution to the vision of HHH. She poured her heart into that place. Debbie Peterson and Shayne Martin, as directors, were also a large part of continuing the vision. Thank you, ladies, for all that you did.

Laurie Reynolds


A matter of signs and regulations


Regarding Landlord vs Tenant: The article on Wednesday Aug. 4, "Court upholds ruling in favor of Emerald Coast residents," about the attempted eviction of two wonderful people over a small for sale sign placed on the exterior of the home was a great article.

Gary and Sharon Davis followed Oregon law 90.680 (of in or on the home). David Itzen chose to go after this family over something as pathetic as a small for sale sign. The Davises won the case in the local court. David Itzen and his two brothers Kelly and Robin, after losing the case, set in motion the appeal, and again the Itzen brothers lost the appeal.

Emerald Coast Estates original Rules and Regulations state: (in the window only) before the local court ruled in favor of the Davises and now the rules in the park state: (in or on the window only). This too is contrary to Oregon law, so the Itzen brothers need to change the park rules to follow Oregon Law (in or on the Manufactured Dwelling).

Anyone looking in the park only sees large welcome banners with signs pointing to the sales office and it is very difficult to find a for sale by homeowner sign. This limits the amount of exposure for a homeowner not wanting to list with the landlord.

Arlene Mary Jones


Time for change, time for Robinson


Socialism doesn't work.

The Russian people recently ended a 75-year experiment with socialism. How did that work out for them?

Peter DeFazio has been in office for 24 years. He writes a good newsletter then votes for Pelosi's socialist agenda.

It is time that we get someone in this district who will vote with the majority of their constituents and against the progressive socialists. It is time for a change.

I am going to vote for Art Robinson.

Lew Sapp, retired

small business owner


Kindness of others makes a difference


I'll begin with my thanks to Al, who's been down this road before.

He navigated me to the facilities and health care professionals and introduced me to the team, whom he knew so well, that are treating me for the same condition that took his wife from him three years ago.

And my thanks to the wonderful dentist Dr. Chang who removed a failed root canal on the emergency-same day-notice. He enabled me to begin my chemotherapy treatment as scheduled. My previous attempts to find treatment resulted in one and a half month waiting time for an appointment.

Dr. Chang's assistant asked me if I would like a food juicer that she wasn't using (new). When I came out to the reception area after the extraction it was waiting for me to take home.

CC's Pedroz and Sandy especially: Thanks for too much to even begin to describe.

And to my dear friends, and to the champions of the team Barbara Ratliff and her daughter who have made everything possible and comfortable for me, many thanks!

Barbara has gone the extra mile andndash; and miles and miles, to and from California, and everywhere else in between, driving me to appointments and seeing to my every need.

And thanks Lori, at the Hairport, for your interest, care and concern.

And as I donate my "locks of love" and receive another's I'll say thanks again for my angels.

Way to go Brookings and Harbor.

Karen Jones


Gravel mining and conflict of interest


A few years ago I attended a meeting in Gold Beach which, as I recall, was sponsored by the Oregon Department of Environmental Equality (DEQ) addressing gravel mining on the Chetco River.

This meeting was attended by representatives from serveral agencies including, but not limited to Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL). I mention DSL as it was during the course of the testimony and discussion by their representatives, that I became aware that a "conflict of interest" existed within the agency due to the fact that the DSL is the final step in the granting of permits to mine and that same agency also receives "royalties" from the industry receiving the permits. What is wrong with this picture? Clearly, there is prime motivation for the DSL to grant permits when they will be rewarded with royalties.

The BP oil disaster in the Gulf has brought this question of "conflict of interest" within the Federal Mineral Management Service (MMS) to the forefront of why there is a need to separate the agency granting permits from the agency receiving royalties. And that is exactly what prompted this letter.

Clearly, it has become apparent to the White House administration and the Department of Interior that a problem exists concerning the MMS and their relationship with industry and hopefully this disaster will cause radical changes in how the industry is regulated and enforcement will not be in conflict with royalties from the industry.

I suggest citizens concerned with sustaining fish habitat on the Chetco and other rivers in Oregon write the governor and request steps to be taken to ensure that the DSL does not have this obvious conflict. Royalties can be paid to the state without creating the existing conflict which could endanger fish habitat in the interest of financial gain to the state.

Barbara Nysted


Knowing the true meaning of life


When people have been through trials and tribulations in their lives, their outlook on life is so much different.

They know the true meaning of living. Material things are nice to have but to have someone by your side through it all is priceless, to have your little pets by your side, to know that what we have to learn in life is really very simple ... that is to respect each other, love and enjoy every minute, be in the moment and share with all other living things. To simplify your life and not even try to be in control, because really are we ever in control of anything? Those who think or wish they were, are wasting so much time on something that doesn't even matter.

We all have things in our lives, but it is how we handle it and how we express our feelings about it and to each other. A smile is the most important thing you can wear and it can spread to so many ... it only takes that one step ... try it ... you might like it.

Have a terrific day and to those who are still only in their world and only concentrating on what they want ... good luck, but you will never know the real meaning of life, and you will never know the real meaning of happiness until you give it away. Just being nice to people because you think that they can give you what you want is wrong in so many ways. You are doing it for the wrong reason, and nothing good will come from it.

We can also give a better life to our pets and to show them how much we love them by spaying and neutering them so we will not be contributing to bring into the world, unwanted and unloved animals. Thank you.

Beverly Duncan