The Curry Coastal Pilot

Grand time in our seaside town


We had such a grand time at the kite festival.

The weather was made to order, the crowd was orderly and courteous, even though we were pushing two strollers. My main purpose in writing is to rave about the food. My granddaughter and I had some fabulous clam chowder from the Hungry Clam, her husband a delicious half-rack of ribs. We also sampled and bought some hot garlic dills, a real treat from a Gold Beach supplier. We even ran into Ira Tozer, the "walking, waving man," and watched him doing his thing a little later on Lower Harbor Road.

My company was from out of town and they think Brookings is wonderful! So do I.

Polly Houghtaling


County counsel shirking his duties


The forum piece by Phil Colozzi (Pilot, July 17) who spent time reading and rereading every article regarding investment practices by the treasurer, is something I can relate to since I did much the same, but with one exception.

I hoped that someone, apart from the auditors, would write and point out that what occurred during the differences in managing county funds could have been avoided and resolved if (Curry) County Counsel Jerry Herbage had stepped forward and taken strong and immediate action. Reluctantly, I am forced to take county counsel to task and point the finger of blame directly at him.

Pilot article andndash; July 10, "The auditors strongly urged the county's attorney to study the State Statutes and give direction to the Board of Commissioners" and concluded, "We strongly recommend that County Counsel opine on this matter and give direction to the Board." Did County Counsel read these comments with a red face?

Jerry Herbage has been county counsel for so many years it is almost too long to remember. Is it not counsel's job to advise the commissioners on matters, such as fiduciary responsibility? I believe input from counsel was lacking when he simply "encouraged the treasurer to discuss these items with the commission," rather than confronting the treasurer and providing her with information regarding state laws that certain practices, including swapping bank services in lieu of interest income are in conflict with Oregon Revised Statutes. Instead, he shifted his responsibilities on the shoulders of others.

Counsel should have attempted to resolve the matter and protect the board and the treasurer from unnecessary arguments that were later published in the press. As county legal representative he is obligated to see that matters pertaining to the county are applied within the laws provided by the state.

Yvonne Maitland


60 kittens! What's going on here?


Hey people! What the heck is going on in this area?

Have you been into South Coast Humane Society's shelter recently? At last count (July 17) they had 60 small kittens. Yes! You read it right andndash; 60. Do you realize the horrendous financial strain this puts on an organization that is dependent on private donations to stay open, and provide for all the unwanted animals in this community?

South Coast Humane Society receives no andndash; I repeat, no andndash; public funds whatsoever. I estimate it costs between $100 and $150 per kitten for tests, vaccines and spaying or neutering, times 60 kittens. You do the math!

I have spent 24 years trying to educate people in Curry County about spaying and neutering their animals, especially cats. They just don't get it! Whether from sheer stupidity, carelessness or total irresponsibility, they are letting their animals breed willy-nilly and then expect someone else to take care of their "problem." It is totally unfair no matter how you look at it.

Donations are down, most likely due to the economy, and critter population is up. South Coast Humane Society needs all of you to step up and donate some big bucks to help them take care of the overwhelming problem some of you have created for shelter.

I need to clarify something. In no way am I speaking in any official capacity for South Coast Humane Society. Iā€ˆspeak only for myself and all opinions are my own. Though I no longer actively work within the organization I still support their goals. I realize how much time and dedication it takes to care for the animals and keep them healthy and happy. My hat's off to Audrey and her group of volunteers for the awesome job they are doing. Therefore, I reiterate, South Coast Humane Society needs your help now!

Am I angry? No! I am absolutely furious with those of you who have allowed all those kittens to be born in the first place. It's time you visit the shelter and see what you have done. Start living in the real world, people!

And that's my opinion.

Janice Carringer


You can ...When you ...


You can have anything you want (that you can pay for).

You can have all the money you need (when you earn it).

You can earn all you want (with the skill you learn).

You can develop your skills (with education).

You get educated by staying in school.

Chris Malek


Firefighters, thank you! thank you!


Once again, our local, almost all volunteer fire agencies have proved how well they can do their jobs.

I want to thank them and all the departments that came in as mutual aid to help with the Pistol River fire on July 20. I live in Harbor but work in Gold Beach. I was one of several hundred stuck on the highway during the fire. I watched as these crews worked diligently to save homes and to keep those of us who became temporary mobile neighbors (Highway Pals) for the four to six hours we were waiting.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Support your local fire departments, whether you live locally or in other parts of the world. Show them how much you appreciate them. Thank you everyone.

Gaylene Henderson