The Curry Coastal Pilot

Holding grudges longer than others


The article about the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival was very interesting.

Had it been announced in the Pilot, my husband and I, our daughter, and our son-in-law (who is also part Swedish) would have been delighted to attend.

For a number of years after we moved here, I was very involved with the local Scandinavian community, and worked on many events, mostly the Lucifest in December. Unfortunately, I said, or did, something that I should not have, and I have not been invited to work on, contribute, or attend any since.

We went to an elderhostel in Astoria, once. The leader, who was married to a Swede, made the comment: "Scandinavians hold grudges longer than any known land mammal!" Uff Da!

Patricia (Bejorck) Graves


No disrespect for flying flag on car


I just could not let Mr. Bertelson's comments (Pilot, July 7) of observing maybe one or two beat up flags on cars and his opinion on their display go without comment. I have been flying a flag on my vehicles and motorcycle for several years and object to being lumped into a category for judgment for my actions. There is no disrespect for flying a flag on a vehicle nor is it an unauthorized display.

First of all, I am a veteran and have served my country proudly and have three honorable discharges from the U.S. Army, Army National Guard, and the U. S. Coast Guard Reserve. I proudly wore flag patches on my uniforms, a U.S. flag on my police motorcycle and patrol car as a deputy sheriff for over 17 years. I now serve proudly in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary here in Brookings.

My car flag is made in America and is flown with pride and is in perfect condition. I have a son serving in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan and I belong to the Brookings-Harbor Red Shirts. I fly my car flag when I attend events such as the Memorial Day Ceremony at the Port, The Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall and the Fourth of July.

Mr. Bertelson, this is America and we are free and we are free to display the flag that we served under. Your statements of people "probably" just tossing them away and assuming that "most if not all flags are made in another country" are unfounded until proven otherwise.

You may not like to see me fly my flag on my vehicle but I do, and I know other people and veterans do also. Don't judge another persons celebration of this wonderful country just because of a few.

James Lowe


The concept of higher dimensions


I think my problem with some of the ideas expressed in the letters of Karen Holmes and Billie Ruth Furuichi is that they have borrowed some of the technical terms of science, but use the words in a way which I cannot relate to their established scientific usage.

For example, they use the term "fourth dimension" as if it were some kind of mysterious place, like Alice in Wonderland. Not so! A dimension is a direction, like the familiar length, width, and height, except that many more such mutually perpendicular "directions" may exist in scientific theory, all invisible to human perception but accessible to mathematics.

For an easy introduction to the concept of higher dimensions, I suggest the classic little book, "Flatland," published in the 19th century by Edwin Abbott. It is an entertaining story about an imaginary two-dimensional entity called A. Square, living in a completely flat universe without any concept of thickness. He encounters a solid, three-dimensional sphere passing through his universe, coming from "above, a third dimension or direction incomprehensible to him. His limited 3-D senses can perceive only a 2-D intersection or "slice" of the sphere as it passes through, appearing to him as an expanding and then contracting circle in his flat universe.

This same imaginary model could be expanded by simply adding one more dimension, in which we humans might then appear as merely odd-shaped 3-D "slices" of much larger 4-D entities.

Oops! It seems I have trapped myself into at least partially agreeing with y'all.

John Cupp

Smith River, Calif.

Many deserve credit for downtown effort


Recently the City of Brookings awarded 625 Chetco Avenue the "Commercial Property of the Month."

While I appreciate the award and the associated financial prize, the transformation of the old "sporting goods building" into the current "Design Center" primarily reflects the efforts of Anthony Baron, Jeramy James of Baron Design and the building's tenants, MoJoes, MoVino, KBSC-TV9, and 600amps.

Next time you are downtown in the "Heart of Brookings," please enjoy the building and visit the businesses located within.

Tim Patterson


Art Robinson seeks debate with DeFazio


U.S. Congressional candidate Art Robinson spoke at the Brookings Inn on Saturday to a "standing room only" audience.

This was his second speaking engagement in Brookings and he promises to return, hopefully, for a face-to-face debate with Congressional candidate DeFazio. The voters deserve to see such a debate, so now Art Robinson is (in) the process if setting up places and times for debates with either Congressman DeFazio himself or with a "surrogate" for DeFazio. The list of places includes Harbor.

With little confidence that DeFazio is willing to publicly debate Art Robinson, Mr. Robinson welcomes a "surrogate" debater for DeFazio. In the all-to-likely event that DeFazio avoids sending even a surrogate, an independent stand-in for DeFazio can volunteer to do DeFazio's fighting for him by contacting the Art Robinson campaign at:

Tom Anderson


Non-food pantry for families low


South Coast Community Resource Center (SCCRC) is looking for items for our non-food pantry for our families, as our supply is getting low.

We are in need of laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, diapers (all sizes), dish soap, bath soap, cleaning products, deodorant and shampoo.

Donations can be dropped off at our office in the Cannery Building, second floor, Suite G, 29975 Harbor Way, in Gold Beach, or one of our volunteers will be happy to pick up. Brookings residents can drop off donations at the Hanscam Center, 16399 Lower Harbor Road, every Wednesday. Cash donations are always welcomed.

We will be at the Farmers Market July 24 and 25 and during August, at the Event Center on the Beach, 29392 Ellensburg Ave. in Gold Beach, selling our cookbooks and cookies made from one of the wonderful selections in the book. Please stop by and support the families of Curry County.

For further information, please call 541-247-2412.

Margie Roberts,

board president, SCCRC


Dear Alan M. Gottleib ...


To American Political Action Committee President and Founder Alan M. Gottleib:

Dear Alan M. Gottleib,

I am concerned about our country, too. However, you are "over the top" in my view. You blame the Democrats for everything andndash; literally everything. To quote Patrick Henry, "United we stand, divided we fall."

For the last 30 years WE (Democrats and Republicans) have decimated the middle class, outsourced jobs, and lied to the citizens when the ends justified the means. All we do is blame one another (the left and right, the government, the private sector) and we don't have the guts to look at ourselves.

We are not socialistic, as you suggest, and we sure as hell are not a true democracy. We are more of a plutocracy andndash; a nation ruled by the power of money-buying influence andndash; a country that thinks money is free speech andndash; a country that ignored President Eisenhower's warning about the military/industrial complex andndash; a country that thinks we learn news from the television/entertainment industry and divisive talk-show hosts andndash; a country in which too many people believe a forwarded e-mail of a "fact" is, in fact a fact.

Your site is offering a simplistic solution that I believe is, in essence, a metaphor of the problems we have in the United States. Mr. Gottleib, you and I are the problem. We need to take action every day to support our fellow citizens and what's left of our democracy and its constitution. We need to take action to unite us not divide us.

John M. Daggett Ph.D.

(former Republican and former Marine)


Make the wise choice


After reading the front page article (Pilot, July 10) "Elected Officials Clash," I remembered Billy Graham, the renowned Christian evangelist, who has a personal ethic of never being alone with a woman (except his wife), even in an innocent situation such as a hotel elevator. If he was in an elevator and the only other person to get on was a woman, he would get off and wait for the next one. Being consistent in this decision kept him and his ministry above suspicion.

I believe this was a wise choice on his part, and a good example for the rest of us, especially those in positions of authority, leadership and public service.

Roger Liles


Evolution claims short on evidence


Sheila Chambers' letter in support of evolution and against creation "myths" (July 7, 2010) is long on claims and short on evidence. She claims that evolution is "supported by a massive amount of physical evidence" and that creationism "has no supporting evidence."

Yet Darwin himself said in the "Origin of Species" that the fossil record was the most obvious and grave objection to his theory. In recent decades, some Darwinist paleontologists have acknowledged that this lack of transitional forms hasn't changed.

Stephen Gould and Niles Eldredge came up with a variation on evolutionary theory in the 70s called punctuated equilibrium, which says that life stayed the same for long stretches of time until large changes took place quickly. They described the fossil evidence that pushed them in that direction when they said that there are two characteristics of the fossil record particularly inconsistent with gradualism: stasis (non-change in species over time) and sudden appearance in the fossil record (e.g., the Cambrian Explosion).

My point is twofold. First, if evolution's evidence was as strong as Chambers might have us to believe, then why have many Darwinist scientists embraced such a view? They wouldn't have needed to if the fossils showed gradual change in species. Even so, their solution comes across more like explaining away the evidence than like deriving a theory from the evidence.

Second, both Creationism and certain forms of Intelligent Design would expect the fossil record to show stasis and sudden appearance. In fact, stasis and sudden appearance are facts which, by themselves, strongly imply creation. This shows that the punctuated equilibrium crowd has not gone as far as they should have logically and that Chambers' statement that creationism has no supporting evidence is simply false.

There are many such holes in Darwinism and much evidence in favor of creation.

Jim Schultz


Never let them take free speech away


It is so nice the country we live in has so many freedoms that we all can enjoy.

One freedom is freedom of speech.

This is given to us so we are able to express our feelings about things happening to our country, or in our country, or just being able to give our opinions on so many subjects, especially ones that we hold so close and dear to our hearts.

Our forefathers have given so much for us so we can freely express ourselves and even to this day our military is fighting for our rights and giving so much of themselves. Their families have sacrificed much to this country, too. No one should be able to say we can't. If this happens we are giving up what was so precious to so many, that their lives were given up for us to be able to have this freedom every day. Just think, I wouldn't be able to write this or any other letters, if this freedom was taken away.

It is up to us to never let anyone take this freedom away from us no matter what. Thank you and God bless America.

Beverly Duncan


Republicans don't get economics


You have to listen closely to what Rush Limbaugh says because he is a typical rich Republican who doesn't understand economics.

Rush thinks George Steinbrenner paid African-Americans millions of dollars just because they were African-Americans and not baseball players who helped him win World Series rings. Rush has it backwards. George Steinbrenner paid all his baseball players millions of dollars so George Steinbrenner can make billions of dollars.

You never get the truth from a Republican when it comes to economics and that is because Republicans don't understand economics.

Rich Republicans think they are the only ones who work hard. I guess they have never seen the TV show, "Dirty Jobs."

Nick Hammon


Enlightenment on tea party efforts


It sure does get old when people who "just don't get it" require others to keep beating that same dead horse.

In Wednesday's paper (Pilot, July 14), Mike Schrum stated that he didn't understand a few things about tea partyers, so here we go again! Mike, the tea Partyers state that we (all of us, everybody) are losing our country because the same liberal progressives or whatever they're calling themselves this week, keep re-electing the same goobers, some of whom, in my opinion are actively trying to harm our country.

Mike, you don't understand why some agencies should be eliminated? How about, They don't work! Each state has a department of education. Have you ever heard of states' rights? Do you understand why those rascally tea partyers want the IRS and the Federal Reserve Bank eliminated or audited? No, probably not. Some government agencies have never done anything but steal from the American people.

Mike, you almost answered your last question yourself. I love my country very much. It's some of those who are running it who make me sick.

There! You asked for someone to enlighten you and give you some red meat as you put it. Well, there's some horse meat. Someone will have to enlighten you again and beat that dead horse again in about a week or at least after the next TEA Party. Good grief!

Jeff McMoran


Please lend ahelping hand


My first name is Leif. I am a Gold Beach resident and have lived here for 15 years.

I am writing this letter in response to the fire that destroyed five mobile homes in Harbor, and there was also a fatality. After hearing about it from sources and people in Brookings to offer help and hope to the five families who not only lost their mobile homes and possessions, they were left with nothing. In fact I went with an anonymous citizen on the 9th of July and witnessed the destruction the fire caused. It left me in a state of shock, stunned and saddened, but it alo was an opportunity to reach out to these folks. And that is what I hope that you folks will do: Give what you can.

These folks need a world of help right now. If we are willing to give from a loving, giving heart, it will not only touch their hearts and give them peace of mind and rest for their souls, it will enable them to get back on their feet and it will also enable them to begin a new chapter in their lives.

If you would like to help call Debbie at 541-254-0754. I will do as much as I can. I hope you will too, because I don't want to see these folks left out in the cold.

Thank you for letting my voice be heard.

Leif LeFebre

Gold Beach