The Curry Coastal Pilot

Commissioner can't recall what he said?


I am feeling very badly for Commissioner Waddle. He is 69 years old and cannot remember what he said six months ago.

Might I suggest, sir, Ginkgo biloba? It is a supplement to enhance one's memory. Or another suggestion, QUIT your position! We cannot afford a county head who cannot remember what he is saying.

Bet you don't forget to cash your paycheck!

Julie Davis


Officials' misdeeds just tip of iceberg


The two July 3 Pilot stories outlining the misdeeds of Curry County Commissioners Waddle and Rhodes were disappointing, due to their lack of focus on the real legal and ethical issues.

The half-page ad that I paid for in the same issue appeared on page 14A. This ad shows memos detailing code violations that are still not resolved and the attempted coverup and intimidation by Waddle of county employees. It paints a very different picture than just some "smoldering feud" between Commissioners Nowlin and Rhodes.

The problems with the work at the Brookings Airport are many. Rhodes and Hoover claimed that they just assumed that all permits were in place. I guess they didn't read their own contracts that said for the contractor "to obtain all required permits." Four months later, it still hasn't been done. Questions by Nowlin asking about getting the necessary permits were repeatedly brushed aside. (Feb. 17, 2009, BOC meeting and March 1, 2010 work session).

Rhodes' public missteps are just the tip of the iceberg. There are far deeper problems at the county with the Waddle and Rhodes show. There is a recurring pattern of decisions that seem to be made outside of public meetings, intimidation of county employees, as well as of my wife, the county treasurer, and the many bad decisions being made. Taxpayers are paying about $15,000 for a consultant to "fix" the problems of no permits at the airport. This is after the $1,500 to pay auditors to "fix" the treasurer's practices because of Waddle's accusations. Let's not forget the $95,000 paid to the ASG consultants last year, nor the salary increases they voted for themselves.

Nowlin said there was a "lack of following the process and lack of transparency" with the current board. Those are serious issues. It was a mistake by the Pilot to trivialize them into "personality problems."

Steve Brock

Gold Beach

Waddle, Rhodeson a worthy quest


Government is a cancer that feeds on money confiscated from its citizens. It will feed and grow to the point that it destroys its host body if allowed by its taxpayers to do so.

Commissioners George Rhodes and Bill Waddle have chosen to curb the feeding frenzy going on in Gold Beach and are being harangued by the Gold Beach government clique and friends for doing so. The employees in Gold Beach (except the sheriff's deputies) are represented by Obama's friends, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the most corrupt union in the world.

Waddle, in his quest to bring the county into fiscal compliance with state law, challenged accounting principles used by Izzy Brock, the treasurer.

An audit of the treasurer's office was completed by the accounting firm of Pauly, Rogers and Co., P.C. I have obtained a copy of this report and in it they found numerous deficiencies and violations of Oregon State law in the job performance of the treasurer's office.

I have never met Izzy Brock, but I bet she is a nice lady and that seems to be the main qualifier for election to office in this county. One would think that a person elected to the highly technical and mathematically skilled position of County Treasurer would at the very least possess a college degree in accounting. Mrs. Brock has a high school diploma and although having been Treasurer for several years, still has no college degree.

Mrs. Brock's husband Steve posted a full half page article costing I'm sure in the area of $400 each in the Curry Coastal Pilot and the Curry County Reporter throwing mud at Commissioner Rhodes for a minor error in policy he manned up to, and Waddle for questioning the policies and procedures used by his wife, the treasurer. I believe the auditors' report only serves to justify the concerns expressed by Waddle.

Waddle and Rhodes are desperately trying to downsize county government to meet the deadline when the OandC money runs out. Commissioner Georgia Nowlin, the employee's union, and entrenched county employees are fighting them tooth and nail.

Ralph Martin


The concept behind the Tea parties


RE: Not TEA but. ... It is amazing to me how a writer like Mr. Rolek doesn't understand the concept behind the TEA parties. It is really quite simple if one listens to the speakers and reads their signs.

TEA party people are generally not complaining about local taxes, where the local citizens have some control, or even taxes for the appropriate services of government. Rather, they are fed up with the federal spending that is putting our country so far in debt that our children and grandchildren will not have the good life we have had.

It is about taxes that stifle the growth of businesses, both large and small; about the growth of the government through more regulations and larger bureaucracies that produce no goods and few services; about the government taking control of institutions it has no business controlling. It is about the non-enforcement of our immigration laws. And most importantly, it is about the government exercising powers not granted to it by the Constitution and even taking over functions that really belong to the states.

Isn't it time someone spoke up about our out of control government?

Myron Whiting


Evolution isa religion


Sheila Chambers (July 7, Pilot) wants you to believe "particles to people" evolution is "science" and creationism is mythology and myths.


Both are belief systems based on faith: Evolution is faith in man as the measure of all things and creation is faith in God's revelation.

At the Scopes monkey trial (1925), Clarence Darrow pleaded that the teaching of "creation only" in the government schools was not fair. Now the tide has turned and the religious evolutionists are protecting their turf with bluff and bluster.

Since the 1961 printing of Whitcomb and Morris, The Genesis Flood, the creation science movement has been providing better scientific explanations to origins and creation than the "something from nothing" evolutionary "evidence".

Ms Chambers is welcome to her naturalistic religion. The natural consequences of this racist dog-eat-dog evolutionary philosophy is responsible for the deaths of over 180 million innocent citizens in the 20th century by socialist atheists Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao. When you tell children they come from pond scum and monkeys, you should not be surprised when they act a lot like animals.

Co-founder of DNA, Francis Crick, saw that evolution's "time plus chance" model could not account for the DNA information code. Unwilling to acknowledge the Creator in the Bible, Crick said, "Aliens must have seeded life on planet earth." Sound a little like unicorns and tooth fairies?

Evolutionists want to worship the creation, not the Creator. Genesis 3:5 has always been man's desire, with the predictable results andndash; man ruling over men.

James Atherton

Gold Beach

Nothing logical from TEA Party people


So far, I have heard nothing rational, nor logical coming from the TEA party folks.

The group, from outside observation, seems to be like a ship without a rudder and no captain aboard. There appears to be plenty of concern by the members, but the "specifics" are always missing. Many of us are more than confused after hearing members trying to explain their positions.

So, I have a couple of questions that I, and others, would like to hear the answers to. First, who andndash; specifically andndash; took the TEA party's country away? I hear that constantly and don't know what it means. Second, what federal and state government services, departments and agencies andndash; specificallyandndash; does the TEA party want eliminated? I never hear any specifics. Check that, I have heard several say they want to eliminate the Department of Education. I would like to understand why the Department of Education should be abolished. Third, who and how are people andndash; specifically andndash; not abiding by the Constitution of the United States? Isn't that against the law? Lastly, why do TEA braggers pledge allegiance to a country that is governed by people that they think don't abide by the Constitution, if in fact, the Constitution is not being followed?

Please, someone take the time to answer these questions, so the rest of us can be enlightened. Give us some red meat.

Mike Schrum


Seeking donations for fire victims

Dear Editor:


My friend and I are trying to get donations for the fire victims. (Pilot story, July 7.)

We have a storage locker, donated clothing, and other items.

We need everything andndash; one person has donated a mobile home. It needs a lot of TLC andndash; previous tenants were evicted. If any contractors could donate doors, windows, carpet, electrical, plumbing and a few hours we could move one family in. The house is donated free for four months, then they will pay water and electricity.

Imagine 4 a.m. in the street with clothes on your back andndash; period andndash; nothing.

One gentleman was so proud to show me a burned picture his daughter had drawn, a letter from his mother, and a letter from his brother andndash; that is all he owns.

If you have any furniture, household items, food, clothing, personal hygiene items, please call 541-254-0754. Thank you.

Debby Stott


Electric cooperative booed and cheered


Saturday (July 17) is the 71st Annual Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative Membership Meeting.

The CCEC is controlled entirely by board executives/ owned and governed jointly by all members. It operates as a smug corporation/neighborly collective. It pays out occasional "capital credits" to members who are from the 70s/mostly deceased. Officers play 401K musical chairs.

CCEC rates always rise in the coldest/tropical season. Members are banned from/ urged to attend monthly board meetings. It is completely transparent/opaque about everything and should be investigated/ awarded medals.

In 2007, CEO Werner Buehler was publicly fired/ thrown a swell party. "Without cause" was officially stated, which was immediately retracted and re-stated as "With cause," then "We cannot reveal the cause"/he needed a vacation. Buehler sued and won. The CCEC paid a huge settlement/ tribute and all court costs. New "Interim" CEO Roger Meader introduced a $30 monthly basic charge. A $10 reduction was quickly touted, leaving members $20 poorer/happy like jaybirds.

A monthly rate discount became available to residents exceeding 1,000 KWH. The CCEC desk acknowledged most bills were less. Questioned, Meader said average monthly use was 1,200 KWH and the front desk "Doesn't know what they're talking about/should be shot. Ending the scheme, Meader said most users were averaging only 900 KWH/should use more heaters.

When funds become available, brilliant/superfluous projects commence, like new truck logos appear or giant transmission line upgrades which will "Serve the community for the next 50 years"/go the way of the telephone landline inside a decade as energy goes solar/wave/wind/nuclear/chicken poo.

Criticism of the CCEC always generates placating replies about protection from Hideous Power Demons/great new pharmaceutical advantages. Please attend the Membership Lunch in Gold Beach. Recently, attendance has plummeted. Last year, staff had to take most of the fried chicken home/out to frozen customers.

Lon Goddard


Unexpected visit for Brookings Red Shirts


At the monthly meeting of the Brookings-Harbor Redshirts on July 9, we were paid an unexpected visit from Col. Jerry Law and his wife Connie.

It is always a special event when one of the soldiers we have supported is able to come to one of our meetings and thank us in person. We should always be the ones thanking our soldiers.

Col. Law took time to talk to our members about his travels and experience while on deployment in Iraq. He stated that the training for his team was quite extensive and took him from Fort Hunter Ligget in California to Fort Dix, New Jersey. After his informative and interesting talk, Col. Law then presented the Brookings-Harbor Redshirts with an American Flag that was flown over Headquarters, Multi-National Corps - Iraq on December 9, 2009.

Accompanying this treasured American flag was a certificate of authenticity that was signed by Charles H. Jacoby Jr., Lieutenant General, USA Commanding and Frank A. Grippe CSM, USA MNC-I CSM. Col. Law and his wife Connie run the RV park AtRivers Edge here in Brookings.

Frank Muller

Brookings-Harbor Redshirts

Come, get to know the Garden Club

Dear Editor:

The Brookings-Harbor Garden Club has provided many landscape and maintenance projects to this community. For years the club has taken care of garden sites such as the Chamber of Commerce grounds at the Port, the Chetco Historical Museum, the Welcome to Oregon sign area, the kiosk behind Sporthaven at our Port and the Botanical Garden at the southern entrance to town. We take pride in these projects that help beautify this area and would hope our efforts are appreciated.

The club members who weed, fortify and water the areas do these chores on their own time as volunteers. We are now announcing that we will no longer be maintaining the Chamber of Commerce area at the Port. It has membership large enough to maintain their own area. We worked with the Chamber of Commerce area from the early days of landscape planning to the present. We have declined membership to the Chamber. We have lots of work at the Botanical Garden remodel and, as with many organizations, our membership has not been increasing with "hands on" working members.

If you are interested in joining our club, it is dues-free and we meet the third Monday of each month at the Brookings Inn Resort on Chetco Avenue. Coffee and cookies at 11 a.m. and the business meeting starts at 11:30 a.m. Come hear all that we do, get to know other gardeners or just enjoy one of our interesting programs that we have every month.

Executive Board, Brookings-Harbor Garden Club, Areta Schock, president

submitted by Patricia Brown, immediate past president

Fundraising trivia night this weekend


This October, I will be running in the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco. I have made a commitment to raise funds for "The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society."

This weekend we will be having our highly anticipated Trivia Night Fundraiser, where you and your team of seven other participants can come for a night of trivia, dinner, and over 30 raffle prizes, such as a kayak day rental, restaurant certificates, cabin rental, Salmon Run golf package, gift baskets and more!

This Trivia event will be held at the Brookings Inn Resort Conference Room on Saturday, July 17, from 6 to 9 p.m. Yes, I know this is Kite Festival day but that's during the day and this is in the evening. So after you've spent the day down at the beautiful Brookings Harbor, flying kites, come on over for a fun night of entertainment, food and fellowship. The perfect ending to a perfect day!

Each team of eight participants pays $100 (that's $12.50 a player). If you can't put together a whole team of eight, that's OK; we'll try to fill in the empty places. We still need to sign up a few more teams.

I'm asking with anticipation, if there are any Brookings community members who might be looking for a fun evening and who would like to support a great cause. In order to finalize our plans, we need teams to register by Friday, July 16.

For more information, or to register a team, please call my Dad, Ron Wheeler, at 541-251-4441 or me, Jennifer, at 541-469-3626.

Jennifer Romero


Demand an inquiryof CHD's proposal


This concerns Curry Health District's (CHD) proposal to be annexed.

In expert testimony submitted to the City of Brookings (CC meeting, Dec 2, 2009, Exhibit F) Ron Prislow, Oregon section manager of Health Care Licensing and Certification, wrote that the State has "no licensing classification for a free-standing emergency room andhellip; the bottom line is Medicare and the State would require licensing as a satellite unit, which we currently have no such classification."

In a letter dated Nov. 11, 2009, submitted to the City of Brookings (CC meeting Dec 2, 2009, Exhibit G) in response to the above testimony, Mr. Bill McMillan of Curry Health District wrote: "this is a regulatory issue that the district has taken up with the state's Department of Human Services."

Now, over seven months later, in a proposed resolution that CHD submitted to the City at a workshop on, we are informed: "once the facility currently under construction is completed, CHD will file an application with the office of Health Care Licensure and Certification seeking the required licensure andhellip; to include an Emergency Department."

Has the law been changed since December 2009? Since Mr. McMillan has been less than forthright in the past, I would hope to see an independent inquiry into the validity of CHD's statement regarding an emergency room as written in the proposed city resolution.

Pat Sherman


Take off glassesand face reality


In regards to Mr. Rolek's letter (Pilot, July 10): Come on man, take off the rose-colored blinders and face reality.

Yes, taxes are a part of life. They pay for education, roads parks andhellip; but taxes also pay for windbag, tax-raising, do-nothing politicians who think their backsides don't stink. This is why taxpayers have tea parties.

James Fournier


Facts about mining in Curry County


Facts about mining in Curry County: I'm a wildlife and fisheries biologist who visits Brookings yearly. I became interested in gold prospecting after losing my job.

So this year's visit included some gold mining. I was alarmed to see the uproar and outright falsehoods in the Pilot concerning mining on the Chetco. The truth is modern miners are stewards of the environment. The Chetco is ranked as the second most polluted river in Curry County due to silt and temperature problems.

The dredgers fix this by cleaning out silt-filled holes giving the salmon and other organisms deeper and cooler water. Rocks moved create new riffles and increase oxygen concentration. Mercury, lead and other toxic metals are removed making the water cleaner. Nutrients released from the sediment are returned to the food chain. Dredges are not the huge bucket machines of the past, they look like a shop-vac sitting on a kayak.

Oregon law currently allows Chetco dredging July 15 through Sept. 30 when salmon will not be harmed. I spent money during my trip and other miners will too. Modern eco-friendly mining is a win-win situation for the rivers and economy. The small suction dredgers, here in Tennessee, have turned polluted streams, the likes of which Oregon has never seen, back into beautiful, life-filled, mountain streams. The miners of Oregon can do the same for you.

Please research modern gold prospecting before deciding the fate of mining in Curry County.

A concerned visitor of Brookings,

John Hooper

Madisonville, Tenn.

Shocked by tragic death of Carlos


We were shocked and saddened to read about the tragic death of Carlos (Gutierrez-Jimenez), Pilot story, July 7).

This is a blow not only to the Hispanic community, but to all who knew him. Carlos was a big part of the Rancho Viejo experience. He talked fast and he moved fast, zipping around the restaurant taking orders, bringing drinks and food and clearing tables.

He was a hard worker who must not have taken very many days off because almost every time we were there, he was there, and we are there a lot. He was a great waiter, remembering how people liked their food.

He is missed. Our sincere condolences to Carlos' family and co-workers.

Lou and Dora Costa


A recipefor religion


I have never weighed in on the comments about religion that I have read in the Pilot.

I have enjoyed reading those I have seen. I have my own opinion about what a recipe should look like.

Take all the religions known to mankind in the world, and put them all together in a pot of boiling water.

Slowly cook them down while adding your best wishes for all the ills we face. Sprinkle liberally with prayers and garnish it with all the gratitudes you have, and continue boiling until you have only one drop of liquid left.

That one drop would consist of Hope and that is all we really have.

John E. Baker