The Curry Coastal Pilot

Procedures in place for a reason


I am trying to understand some of the comments attributed to Dave Hoover of Dave Hoover Construction Inc. and to Commissioner George Rhodes.

My husband and I remodeled our Gold Beach home several years ago. We had plans drawn, obtained building permits, and performed some preliminary work ourselves. After a time, we needed to hire a contractor. Both we and he signed a contract. I am pretty sure he would not have started work with only his own signature on a "draft copy". He did not assume he "was operating under the same permit" because he could see some work had already been done. He reviewed the permits to ensure they covered the scope of the work he was contracting for and that they had not expired. He was always certain who used his tools because they were locked up when he was off site.

Procedures are in place for practical and protective reasons. We hope our county commissioners will consistently hold themselves to compliance with policy. At a minimum, this can save embarrassment and money.

Jackie Kerska

Gold Beach

Making itall happen


Dear community, now that the Fourth is over, the smoke is settling and the joy at finally getting to see clearly, without fog, fireworks, it is time to pat yourselves on the back for braving the 80-plus degree heat and the flavorful chilis.

Oasis Shelter Home and I wish to give you all the biggest hugs and thanks for attending and supporting this 13th annual event. You brought in approximately $1,300.

The biggest appreciation has to go for the 12 cooks andndash; yes, you read that right, 12 cooks andndash; who brought more than enough chili to satisfy an army in their generosity. We hope you will all join us again next year.

Not to forget the three official judges sequestered inside andndash; thank you. The Renegade Line Dancers had some great music and routines to entertain us and the Book Dock/Jefferson State Boon Dock Band made lovely music for two hours and had the place clapping and, on occasion, dancing.

So, a big old-fashioned Americana Fourth of July was had by all who attended, and from those of us who planned and worked at it, a giant Thank You.

Happy Birthday America.

Pat Silveria,

Slugs 'N' Stones 'N' Ice Cream Cones

Port of Brookings Harbor

Missions welcome public questions


How sad that one resorts to a slanderous, public letter to the editor when one's job request is turned down.

A true servant of Christ should know better. Nevertheless, the Board of Directors of the Outreach Gospel Mission (OGM)/His Haven of Hope (HHH) warmly welcomes true communication from all members of our community. I won't list our home phone numbers in the newspaper, but meetings can be arranged through either mission.

I find it curious when we receive public criticism from those who have never spoken to us. Please feel free to come in and ask questions. We all take great pleasure in talking about the work that Jesus is doing in all of our lives, even when it is a bumpy road.

Let me take this opportunity to welcome Dietz Carter and Rhonda Morgan as our two newest board members, and Don Sparlin, Ron Edwards, and Ed Curtis as advisory board members. And give a long-overdue thank you to Shayne Martin, Director of HHH, for her steadfast commitment to Jesus and HHH despite the numerous personal and professional attacks she has received. Many lies have been told about her. Thank you also to Art Warf and Tari Leone for their true dedication in serving Jesus at OGM/HHH.

Neither "lost" director was our Savior. His name is Jesus, the Christ, and He can still be found at OGM/HHH despite our human shortcomings. "You will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart," Jeremiah 29:13, New King James Version.

Laurie Reynolds

secretary, OGM/HHH board




Oh the irony of the tax-protesting TEA Partyers, driving across public roads to a public park to protest, among other things, public education. All of these paid for and maintained by andndash; wait for it andndash; taxes!

Maybe their acronym should be changed from TEA (taxed enough already) to WHTEWWNWTPF (we hate taxes except when we need what they pay for).

Timm Rolek


Pantry lowon supplies


South Coast Community Resource Center (SCCRC) is looking for items for our non-food pantry for our families, as our supply is getting low.

We are in need of laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, diapers (all sizes), dish soap, bath soap, cleaning products, deodorant and shampoo.

Donations can be dropped off at our office in the Cannery Building, second floor, Suite G, 29975 Harbor Way, in Gold Beach, or one of our volunteers will be happy to pick up. Brookings residents can drop off donations at the Hanscam Center, 16399 Lower Harbor Road, every Wednesday. Cash donations are always welcomed.

We will be at the Farmers Market July 24 and 25 and during August, at the Event Center on the Beach, 29392 Ellensburg Ave. in Gold Beach, selling our cookbooks and cookies made from one of the wonderful selections in the book. Please stop by and support the families of Curry County.

For further information, please call 541-247-2412.

Margie Roberts,

board president, SCCRC