The Curry Coastal Pilot

Disagree with tone, title of Pilot story


I strongly disagree with the tone and title of your July 3rd article, "Project woes fan smoldering feud between commissioners."

There is no feud between Commissioner Rhodes and me.

Reducing the much bigger issues of transparency and the need to follow process by county commissioners to a "smoldering feud" between two commissioners is a poor journalistic approach and a disservice to our citizens.

Many of these issues are not new, but have been glossed over in your newspaper.

Transparency and process are what ensures fairness and confidence in our county government.

Georgia Nowlin,

county commissioner

Science, spirituality close to agreeing?


Apparently, Mr Cupp has not been watching the Science Channel or read Dr. Michiyo Kaku's latest book about alternative dimensions and parallel universes, "Parallel Worlds: A Journey through Creation, Higher Dimensions and the Future of the Cosmos."

Dr. Kaku, highly acclaimed American theoretical physicist, has hosted a number of compelling shows on the Science Channel, clarifying the same things Ms. Holmes' letter (to which Cupp referred) was talking about. I agree with Mr Cupp about needing more clarification relating the "Rapture" and the "shift" of sub-atomic particles, but her letter was hardly "New Age Mysticism." It sounded more like Hard Science, to me. We'll just have to read her book and see.

Many credible scientists and quantum physicists, including Dr. Kaku, have been working on models based on mind-boggling mathematical formulas, theorizing the existence of ELEVEN parallel dimensions andndash; they call them Membranes, and they say some are so small they can't even be measured, let alone seen. We are living simultaneously, overlapping, merging, shifting, at times colliding andndash; and we are never aware of them. These theories are of course theories, as was Einstein's theory of Relativity that also predicted the existence of alternative universes.

In my mind, all this comes wonderfully close to what I learned as a child in Sunday School about "My Father's House" having many mansions. Studies by Stephen Hawking and other big names in cosmology speak of string theory and M-theory (membrane theory) bringing us a breath away from what they call a unified theory of "everything."

Are Science and Spirituality on the verge of agreeing with each other? What a concept! What a quantum leap! What a paradigm shift for our precious planet when we all begin looking at M-theory as validation for all believers of all faiths and religions, about the eternal existence of God, Holy Energy, Living Spirit, Creator of the Universe.

Let us remember andndash; God is Love. The converse is also true andndash; Love is God.

Billie Ruth Furuichi


Chicago style politics in Curry


On the Fourth of July weekend I would like to thank and praise the Pilot and Scott Graves for their wonderful description of what is popularly called "Chicago style politics."

The article, "County Hires Consultant to Fix Permit Faux Pas," is a perfect example of crony politics and the effects crony politics can have. $14,995, indeed, to pay a consultant "to apply for the permit, which county officials acknowledged should have been obtained before dumping fill dirt on one site and clearing land on another. ..."

The attempt to paper over the ethical lapses by alluding to a "smoldering feud between two commissioners ..." would have made the old Chicago Tribune of "Colonel" Robert R. McCormick proud.

I would also like to note the Pilot coverage of the Moving Wall ceremony that did NOT include State Representative Wayne Krieger's rather caustic remarks concerning the "un-Republican" behavior of the two Republican Curry County commissioners. ...

Harry Freiberg


Thank you,Moving Wall guides


A special Thank You to the 78 "guides" who signed up to volunteer at the Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall.

You were all very helpful as you answered questions and looked up names so visitors could find a name on the wall.

There were many groups represented: Brookings-Harbor Lions, Brookings-Harbor Garden Club, Brookings Emblem Club, Elks, DAR, Red Shirts, Red Cross, VFW and American Legion. Thank you for guarding the wall around the clock for five days.

Areta Schock,

volunteer coordinator


U.S. flag should be properly displayed


Way to go Arwyn!

I totaly agree with your article on flag etiquette. I too feel that the flag should be respected and displayed properly.

The biggest thing I object to is those folks that have a flag on their cars. I'm talking about the ones with the plastic stick you hook onto the window. Then they drive 60 mph down the road and whip the flag to shreds, then they probably just toss it in the trash and buy a new one to start the process all over. Or it breaks off and lands in the middle of the road to be run over.

Thing is most (if not all) of these flags are made in some other country and not in the USA. Folks, if you want to fly the flag, buy a good flag pole and a good American-made flag. Put it up at daylight and take it down at dusk. Treat it with the respect it deserves.

While we are on the subject, why were the flags put up on June 13 and not on June 14 (Flag Day)?


Austin Bertelson


Wonderful we can agree to disagree


Regarding block brain syndrome from the letter by Mr. Arthur D. Larason, Pilot July 3, thank you for understanding my professional and heartfelt feelings about the disaster of unbelievable magnitude to the ocean and the coastline from the arrogant disregard of BP.

You made the comment to which you are not that smart; I have to disagree, you are compassionate about your feelings toward the president, and to answer your question about being proud of what the president is doing regarding energy, the answer is first you must understand ECONOMICS of our countries fundamental core of business. When you achieve this you will then understand why I am proud of this president.

We have the ability to make a vehicle get excellent fuel mileage and batteries that last the lifetime of a vehicle. The industry chooses not to use this technology in part because we would only have to buy one battery; business would go broke. We are still a throwaway society, but we are getting better. Greed is still a major factor in who we are.

For Mr.Larry Scheiter's opinion about the Tea Party, when we had eight years of raping our economic core, where was the Tea Party movement Mr. Larason?

It is wonderful to be able to agree to disagree. Remember to vote if you don't like how things are, and I hope everyone had a great and safe Fourth of July.

Gary Davis


Stereotyping on TEA Party's website


To all decent people of Curry County, The next time you are in an argument with a Tea Party supporter about the racist nature of their movement just direct them to the BrookingsTeaParty website and have them look at the section called "Fun Stuff" near the bottom of the navigation icons.

The first entry falsely claims that Muslim men must kill themselves if they see a naked woman. So obviously using women in such a way (walking through town naked) will help to kill terrorists.

The BrookingsTeaParty would have you believe that stereotyping an entire group of people is not racist, it's just "Fun Stuff" ... good clean fun!

Dana Clark

Gold Beach

Evolution supported, creationism not


Like many of you, I'm tired of the "debate" between creationists and those who accept the scientific theory of evolution.

All religions have creation stories that were invented thousands of years ago before we developed the scientific method of examining the evidence to learn the truth about why things are the way they are.

Darwin and Wallace were just a few of the people who, by close observation, determined that life has changed through time; in other words, life evolved.

Evolution is supported by a massive amount of physical evidence and is now the foundation of biology, genetics, botany, and medical science and it's being taught in schools all over the world except I suppose in religious "schools."

Creationism has no supporting evidence, it's not a scientific theory, it's a belief system and there are many unsupported creation myths in primitive religions all over the world and we do not teach our children creation myths as a fact.

They belong in the history of the past, in studies of mythology; creation myths do not belong in a science classroom.

You can choose of course to believe in anything you want, unicorns, tooth fairies, Santa Claus, devils, evil spirits, ghosts and any of the thousands of invented "gods."

I choose to accept what has evidence to support it. I accept evolution as the best supported theory as to what we are and where we came from.

Sheila Chambers


Inspired by local TEA Party event


I was inspired by the TEA Party at Azalea Park on Saturday.

No violence, no lewd language, no hate speech, just ordinary citizens expressing their concern at what has happened to this country over the past half century.

We were reminded by the fine remarks of John Johnson about what our Founders endured andndash; imprisonment, loss of their property, and often death at the hands of a cruel and despotic occupier andndash; to form a nation unlike any other the world had ever known. A nation of freedom that brought men and women from all parts of the world to make a new life for themselves; men and women who, for the most part, were our direct ancestors. A nation of free enterprise that has given us the opportunity to forge the highest standard of living in all history andndash; not the right, but the opportunity.

Now we realize that our government has wasted our tax dollars by the trillions; has allowed our unborn children to be slaughtered by the millions (consider if these millions of aborted babies had been allowed to live, how much America would have been enriched in both love and commerce); has attempted to control our every action; has failed to keep our borders safe from drug smugglers and from those who want to live here outside the law; has tried to keep us from possessing firearms for our protection from criminals as well as from our politicians andndash; but then I am being redundant.

Warren Roepke


Thanks for help with fireworks



As chairman of the Fourth of July Fireworks Committee for VVA Chapter #757,this is my last year for this event and I want to personally say a big Thank You to the following people: Grandpa Ray Bruce and Bruce Bros. for use of their deuce and a half truck for transporting the fireworks; Ted Fitzgerald, port director; Heather at Western Display Fireworks; Bea and Anita at Oregon State Park and Recreation Dept; and our sheriff, John Bishop. Because of their help in coordinating this event and by the grace of God, we had a safe and fog-free celebration. Thank you all!

This is my motto: Forward Always, Backwards never andndash; Retreat Hell No, I just move in a different direction!

Sam Vitale, president

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 757


Supporting local girls soccer team


I would like to thank some people for their support of our Brookings-Harbor Girls Soccer Team.

I would like to thank Darrel Miller, owner of Wild River Pizza and Shane Lawson manager of Wild River Pizza. Darrel allowed our girls to come work at his business over the Fourth of July weekend. Darrel was out of town so it was Shane and his helpful staff who set up the girls where they were needed. The girls worked for tips and made over $1,300 in two days.

Another group of people responsible for the fundraiser's success was the Class of 1985 who was having dinner there. They were very generous in supporting their Bruins!

Thanks again to all of you. You have started our season off on the right foot.

Fred Juarez, coach

BHHS Girls Soccer

Scrutinize county commissioners


While I am pleased that the Pilot is reporting on the activities of the Curry County Board of Commissioners, your approach to describing the substantial differences between Commissioners Nowlin, Waddle and Rhodes regarding the proper conduct of county business is extremely disappointing.

To describe these differences, as reported in the Pilot of July 3, as "a smoldering feud" is belittling, and does not address the issues involved. Rhodes has behaved as though legally required contracting and permitting rules need not be followed. His rationale for his actions, as quoted in the Pilot, is sheer gibberish. Readers are urged to re-read his excuses, and form their own opinions.

The above described problem is only one small example of the behind the scenes machinations of Rhodes and Waddle. Their recent clumsy attempt to highjack the Economic Development funds and operation is illustrative. Fortunately the business community was alert and nipped that attempt in the bud.

Waddle's and Rhodes' ongoing attempt to discredit respected County Treasurer Isabella Brock provides yet another example of their questionable practices. Does anyone here recall the bankruptcy of Orange County, California, when the county treasurer was pressured to pursue higher interest rates for county funds at the expense of safety and good procedures?

Waddle's attempt to intimidate county staff for reporting the airport grading activities to state DEQ is described on page 14 of the July 3 Pilot. The staff was doing what state and county law require, and Waddle's threats are pure retaliation. These actions could put the county in a precarious legal situation, something the taxpayers can ill-afford.

The Board of Commissioners members have a fiduciary responsibility to conduct county business properly. I urge the press and public to scrutinize their activities and require them to operate openly, legally, and ethically.

Benjamin Nolan


Having faith in our local shelters


As a local Pastor and hopefully someone who could be named among the faithful here in Brookings, our beloved city, I have found it of some concern as to the direction of the publicly funded and supported shelters which, as we all know, have suffered in the near past the loss of its directors. Both of which seemed to be functioning in the area of their own call and expertise and are now either alone at home or gone to see the creator.

I am deeply concerned with the events and circumstances that surround these two all important community supported services, not in the scope of leadership or even the service provided but the relationship between our Creator and these "works" that are now undergoing some changes that in my estimation will lead them away from the base of faith not only in our Creator but the faith between us as a community and the actual purpose and validity of these services.

I suppose now would be the best time to ask a question or two of the leadership there and their commitment to our Creator and ask for some small measure of proof of the claims made by them and, henceforth, their need for the public trust and support. Normally I would say nothing, however, these services do bear the Name of our Creator and should thus I believe reflect His work.

Truth. What we all deserve in these matters is Truth. I know our desire as a community is to make this a better home and city for us and our children but can we truly feel safe with those who feign experience at the expense of our community and the needy? "It is no use saying, 'We are doing our best.' You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary. (Winston Churchill)

Pastor Lance Rouen


Port fireworks were fantastics!


The 4th of July Fireworks were FANTASTIC, the best we have seen in many years. To all of the dedicated volunteers, take a well deserved bow, you have earned high praise from all of us who watched and cheered, from the beach or on the hill, your display ROCKED.

We will remember 2010's fireworks tribute for a very long time. Thank you so very much.

Betty and Bob Mears


Four words for our president


I've just got four words for President Barry when it comes to the immigration issue: Plug the hole, stupid!

Joe Thomas