The Curry Coastal Pilot

Bless the kind, honest person


To whom it may concern: God bless you!

I had a senior moment and left my wallet in a cart at Fred Meyer's parking lot. You are a wonderful person whoever you are and I wish to thank you a million times.

Anyone who has done this very dumb thing knows how disheartening it is to have to replace wallet information. I don't carry much cash most times, but I do have lots of other "stuff" in my wallet.

So to the wonderful, kind, honest, (did I mention wonderful?) person, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Pamela Van Vliet


DVD players, DVDs for U.S. soldiers


The Brookings-Harbor Redshirts received an e-mail from Major Sheridan who is stationed at Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan.

Camp Dwyer is a modern day Mash Unit. We have been sending packages to this area for some time. The chaplain is asking for portable DVD players with headphones and DVDs for our wounded soldiers in the hospital. We are asking that anyone that might want to donate new or used DVD players or DVDs to contact us. This would be greatly appreciated. We will see that they are sent to our wounded warriors. Try to remember to support our troops, as they are risking their lives everyday to protect us. The Red Shirts always try to do our best to comply to the requests that we receive.

You can contact Sharon at 541-412-8968 or e-mail if you would like to donate.

Sharon Hitzman, vice president, Brookings-Harbor Redshirts


Afghanistan seems like United States


As I write this letter it is Sunday, the 27th (of June) and in the news Leon Pinetta just stated that the war in Afghanistan is not going well.

Corruption in government, large scale drug trafficking and foreign invaders. Sounds just like the United States!

God help America

Jeff McMoran


Conspiracy?It's your call


Thank your Mr. Arthur Larason for you letter (Pilot, June 19).

Your insight on this Chicago-run White House made it possible for any common thinker to put the pieces together.

One month before the Gulf spill Obama openly called for more ocean probes for oil, nothing, however, about the safety of the wells in action. It made no sense for this regime to say or do that unless a big oil spill was in the works! Both B.P. and Goldman Sachs, were huge contributors to Obama's campaign (over $1 million each). B.P. will not disclose the nature of the spill even though someone knows. Obama and his cronies have promised to protect them both, not only financially, but with future decisions of favor. Just before the spill in April, Goldman Sachs sold 52 percent of its stock ($5 million) in B.P. What a coincidence!

Today, Glen Beck released information showing a connection between George Sores, wealthy Democratic supporter, and John Podesta, a Democratic strategist that has implanted himself into B.P.'s operation. Tony Hayward, B.P.'s CEO, has been aloof and refuses to answer questions set forth by Congress or anyone else.

Obama will not repeal the Jones Act so that 13 countries with proven clean-up equipment can enter our waters and separate oil/water; then replace the water. This spill for Obama must do damage on land in order for his Cap and Trade bill to pass the Senate. Yep, jam it through while DeFazio and Wyden can vote for what Americans will have to live with andndash; like health care!

If you believed Bush planned 911, and the towers, then this is a slam-dunk.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

A reminder that there were heroes


Moving Wall, a reminder that there were heroes.

At the time they died what were they fighting for andndash; freedom, democracy, politics or just doing what was right?

My 9-year-old granddaughter came home after visiting the wall and asked me a simple question: "Gram-pa, who won that war?" For 44 years I have been living without ever thinking about who won andndash; or better yet andndash; who lost that war. The military didn't lose the war. The 58,000 names on that wall didn't lose that war. That war was lost by the political bickering and interference of politicians directing how we were going to fight the war. The restraints put upon the soldiers by politicians lost that war. We could not go into Cambodia or Laos or North Vietnam even though that was where the enemy would hang out, in a safety zone, crossing the border killing GIs and running back to the safety zone. I see the same restraints put upon our troops in Afghanistan today. Politicians are making the "rules of engagement" which is interfering with our military's ability to win this war.

Where are all you draft-dodger, dope-smoking, free-lovers today? This is the war you should be protesting before the toll of 58,000 rings in again. I was mad at all the protesters not supporting soldiers in Vietnam. I just couldn't see why they would not support our troops. I look at it differently today.

I have 58,000 answers to my granddaughters question. Who won that war?

Lonnie Sanborn


Spaying, neutering is the only solution


We at the South Coast Humane Society at 828 Railroad St. in Brookings, 541-412-0325, have seen such a volume of kittens and puppies.

It has been overwhelming to see these little ones, some just barely having a chance for life, but there are so many who care and are helping beyond belief. We want to help, and by helping we need to understand how important spaying and neutering is. This is the only answer there is to stop the overpopulation of unwanted pets and animals. The ones that suffer the most are the animals; they are just tossed aside for them to fend for themselves.

Humans have to take responsibility and do the right thing. This is providing the animal a healthier life, a longer and happier life.

We are trying to provide that care, but we need help. We are $2,000 away from doing spaying and neutering at our shelter. We need the necessary equipment to provide this service. With our own vet, we already have, this will help so much with the cost. Every dog or cat, before being adopted, has and always will be spayed or neutered but cost is overwhelming. We need your help. If anyone can help please donate for the cause. Together we can make this work and make it happen. Any amount can help ... do it for the helpless. In return we are saving so many animals from abuse, starvation, and just being unwanted.

Thank you so much and we appreciate everyone. This is such a giving community and the love of animals is shown by your generosity.

Beverly Duncan


Thanks for bringing the Moving Wall


I would like to thank the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 966 and the associated organizations for bringing The Moving Wall to Brookings.

I don't think there are any words to describe the emotions of all those who stood before it.

Francie White,

Vietnam veteran


Creationism vs. evolution again


John Cupp (Pilot, June 26) and Mr. Pomerville (Pilot, June 23) are at that age-old debate again between creationism and evolution.

I am the author of several books on the subject, and so I would like to say, "you two gentlemen are talking about 'apples and oranges.'" One is not right and the other wrong. They lean on each other. Science can oftentimes explain spiritual principles better than religion, and the other way around.

Consider Christian belief to be saved and Foucault's dilemma. Same thing. The smallest subatomic particles are not fixed, and shift with change in belief structures. It is the difference between absolute and relative time. The Rapture is the evolutionary process where the planet is raising in frequency, going from the third dimension to the fourth. This is why there are so many crises going on in the world right now; we are in Armageddon. This summer, I am launching new publishing company, "On The Rainbow." Watch for my ads.

Karen Holmes


Habitat benefit was a huge success


Curry County Habitat for Humanity had a benefit breakfast at the Knights of Columbus hall on Sunday, June 27, which was a huge success, thanks to the Star of the Sea Catholic Church - Knights of Columbus.

I wish to thank everyone who volunteered to make this event such a wonderful fundraiser. Special thanks to all the Knights who helped, and volunteers and board members as follows: John Bischoff, Jim Collis, Joe Donahue, Gaylene Henderson, Bill and Barb Conner and their visiting family Dave and Joan Marino, Judi and Jerry Babb and Curtis and Susanne Williamson.

I also wish to thank the ticket outlets that helped to sell our tickets, The Book Dock and Words and Pictures book store. We couldn't have done it without all of you! And last, but not least, I would like to thank all of the attendees of the breakfast for helping to make this such a big success.

We held a 50/50 drawing and the winner was Dick Weber. The total was $135 his half was $67.50, and he donated back to us $35.50. Thanks Dick!

Darlene Thomas, fundraising chair, Curry County Habitat for Humanity


Secure your dogs during July 4


Readers: We have coming upon us one of the greatest holidays andndash; The Fourth of July andndash; our independence.

We as humans celebrate with the best of celebrations andhellip; fireworks. Oh, they are so fun, beautiful and, most of all, loud.

As I want you all to enjoy the display I also ask that you secure your dogs. You see, some of our best friends don't think the fireworks are so fun. A lot of dogs are "gun shy" and get freaked our by the "BOOM" of each and every firework shot off.

Please folks, make sure your dogs have ID on, are somewhere that they are safe and won't run away. If your dog bolts on the Fourth, please call me as soon as you notice the dog gone. Leave a description of the dog on the machine if no one picks up, and how to get ahold of you. Your dog's safety is my top priority.

Have a fun, safe Fourth.

Catherine Powers, Curry County Animal Control 541-247-2514

Moving Wall event was outstanding


As a Vietnam-era veteran and member of VVA Chapter 757, I would like to acknowledge and thank VFW Post 966 for bringing the Moving Wall to our community and for putting on an outstanding ceremony at the port on Thursday evening.

Thank you for a job well done!

Allan W. Stewart


Protect freedoms of all U.S. citizens


As we approach the annual celebration of our country's founding, we are facing tough economic times.

With disaster at our doorstep we have a minority of disaffected Republican/tea people trying to destroy our chances for recovery.

When pressed to tell us anything about what their plans are for fixing this mess, they change the subject to "I'm not a racist," or they wrap themselves in the flag and beat us over the head with the Constitution.

They must change the subject, or the truth about their plans would alienate all but the extreme right wing.

Rand Paul's recent slip-up, when he revealed the truth about the tea party, speaks volumes about this "movement."

For those of you that don't know: Rand Paul, a darling of the tea people, stated very clearly that he believes business owners, landlords and employers should have the right to exclude anyone, for any reason from their businesses ... that includes race, religion, and sex.

If that's your vision of America, then join the "patriots" and their street protest on the Fourth.

If you're appalled that anyone would value their rights so much they'd be willing to stand by while your rights are taken away in some deranged form of patriotism, then you need to stay away from these people.

This veteran asks everyone to join with the silent majority of "real" Americans on the Fourth and celebrate the greatness our country has never stopped standing for.

Larry Schelter

Gold Beach