The Curry Coastal Pilot

Rule of law,not rule of rulers


Rule of law, not rule by rulers.

In a prior letter (Pilot, May 29), I took a humorous look at our commissioners. Now, I'd like to take a more serious approach. We have our commissioners breaking the law, yes law, by disclosing our county treasury depository account numbers. The response when queried about this indiscretion of the law was, "It's a public document" was either A. andndash; A lie or B. andndash; Gross incompetence. (OK! C. andndash; All of the above andndash; is not out of the question).

Before this disclosure during a public meeting it was noted that work done by a Mr. Hoover at the Brookings airport did not have proper permits, nor erosion control plans as per county ordinance. Granted, work was done for the county, but when an agent of the county breaks county law, where is the oversight function of government? Laws are for the people and the government represents the people; it is not above the people or the law.

People of the Curry County whether Republican, Democrat or whatever your political leanings may be andhellip; take note: You live in a free and democratic society. Investigate and question and when you find out what I have found out andhellip; take the government back by using the power of recall.

To the Republican Old Guard, (T.V. Skinner, Walt Schroeder, and Wayne Krieger and others in your party whom I hold in high esteem. The actions of our commissioners are staining your party. Where is your voice)? I urge and welcome you to investigate and challenge my charges. To be honest andhellip; I wish that I were wrong. Sovereignty is nothing to joke about.

Read my next letter and maybe I'll have something more positive to report.

Rod Ingram

Gold Beach

The gift of his heart he left me that day


I remember it as if it happened just yesterday.

Fifty years ago I was sitting in church, in Astoria, with my friend Lois. My dad, the Sunday School superintendent, was greeting the Sunday morning crowd with a few words of encouragement. My friend and I were talking, not paying any attention when she jabbed me in the side and told me to "ssh." Here was my dad, crying and apologizing at the same time, because Sunday School was supposed to be a happy place. I wondered what on earth would cause my non-emotional dad to break down and cry in front of everyone. He went on to tell us how the night before, a teenage neighbor boy had died in a motorcycle accident. His tears were for the young man who died so young and for himself. He told us how he never shared the Gospel with this young man and now the opportunity was lost forever.

As his daughter I knew my dad was no wimp. A hardworking logger and farmer who raised five sons and three daughters, we knew he was no one to fool with. And yet, in all my life I've never seen another man break down and cry over the condition of someone's soul.

This Father's Day, I'm remembering the gift he left me that day andndash; the gift of his heart andndash; and the knowledge to take advantage of every opportunity to share the most important message given to man.

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord, Romans 6:23.

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?

Nancy Myer


Claims against river mining unconvincing


I have been reading all the pros and cons of this article (river dredging, Pilot, June 2).

I have been doing this dredging for the last 45 years off and on, and I dare some of these people that know all there is to do some of the hard work involved in the process of dredging. I have used dredges from 2/12 up to 6 and I have never seen dirty water more than 300 yards from where you are working. The fact is I have seen fish in the roiled water as food is stirred up.

I don't have the backing of the do gooders but I wish they would go to the gravel bar and get a bucket of gravel to see how much dirt is there. Thank you.

D. McAmoil


Gold mining good for Curry County


Gold mining in Curry County should be encouraged, not discouraged for the following:

andbull;Bad for local businesses-I make 50-60 trips a year to look for gold and agates. I buy all my supplies locally, food at McKay's, Ray's and Fred Meyer, my gasoline, auto repairs and oil changes in Gold Beach, usually at Eve's or Performance Auto. My auto parts at Turner's NAPA auto parts. I buy boots, gloves shovels, scoops, screens, etc. from Dan's Ace Hardware and Gold Beach Lumber.I purchased a four-wheel-drive truck from Ali's in Port Orford. My tires for both my trucks come from Les Schwab in Brookings. There are hundreds of miners in our area every year. If Californians want to come here and spend andndash; good! Their money helps our economy as well.

andbull;When prospectors and miners do find gold it is often sold at Har-Brook Jewelers or to Milt Finch in Port Orford;

andbull;Gold is real wealth. It helps our local economy.

Wilderness, Monument and Scenic areas have a role and purpose. But the public lands should be open to all the public. Some counties have passed resolutions limiting the amount of land to be designated Wilderness and Scenic. The Biscuit fire is a good example of what happens in a Wilderness area where mechanized fire suppression is limited.

These are difficult times for many Americans, especially in Curry County. Our efforts to help our residents should be expansive and creative, not limiting and controlling.

Bill Douglas

Gold Beach

Challenge for Relay for Life


Challenging all comers: Hey Sam Dotson, I can outwalk you, too!

You better get ready! I dare you to beat me at the Relay For Life.

Karen Nelson


Take back allyour false idols


There was some moron in Congress who wanted to put Ronald Reagan on the $50 bill.

I think that Ronald Reagan should have his face on the $3 bill instead. Barry Obama should be on the $4 bill, because he is every bit as phony as Ronald Reagan's hair color.

Obama is a total failure and a phony. He makes promises that he never intends to keep. President Barry is a typical crooked politician from Chicago. Nothing more, northing less.

Obama and his public relations people put out a lot of hype and they put out a lot of meaningless catch phrases about "change" and "hope." Barry Obama is the Ronald Reagan of the left.

I certainly do not want to go back to the "Golden Age" of Ronald Reagan.

The cut-throat drug-dealing Contras were created in the basement of the Reagan White House in 1981. Ronald Reagan supported a racist regime down in South Africa and he supported a fascist dictator who killed 70,000 people down in El Salvador.

Ronald Reagan supported dictators like Marcos in the Philippines and Pinochet down in Chile.

Ronald Reagan gave weapons and financial aid to both sides of the Iran-Iraq war.

One million people died in that terrible war and Reagan helped them do it. What a guy!

Take back Ronald Reagan; take back Obama, Oh! Take back all your false idols and give them all someplace to go.

Joe Thomas


Let's cut our sisters some slack


Our country has the most killing and the most diverse types of killings per capita in the Western World!

Is termination of an unwanted impregnation a killing? I'd have to say YES! In the same breath I'd have to say that we need to search our innermost souls to assess the possible damage to our beleaguered country. An unwanted impregnation brought to "term" mostly stops any chance of aspirations to the American Dream for mother and child. They usually become welfare cases ... the males mostly make up our urban gangs. The females very often become "runaways" and fall into the cynical and callous hands of pimps and slave traffickers. Some just disappear ... many are molested or worse in single parent families ... all in all on any one day there's 30,000 from 11 years old! How horrible!

Is it our aim to save souls for "existence" without the preparation of a nest ?... perhaps we haven't thought it through ... as it stacks up for the greater good of our America!

Millions of women must, if they recognize the volume of legislation in the works to kill the present termination laws, live in quiet fear of being relegated to the old "backyard butcher" syndrome to keep their lives on track. Our citizens have shown (look at Alcohol and Drug Prohibition) that they won't comply with prohibition of unwanted impregnations.

Women have historically been the defenders as far as fairness goes. ... I have proof, but there's no room here. Need more andndash; call me.

Let's cut our sisters some deserved slack andndash; some forbearance for their eternal forbearance and so help to make our country stronger!

Jim Hyslop


Realizing what Obama is planning


When I saw the burning oil rig on TV the first thought I had was "sabotage." Things like this just don't happen.

It was 32 years ago that I flew a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter from Lafayette, La., to an offshore rig nearly 100 miles out into the Gulf. In all the time since then nothing close to this disaster has occurred. From the reports that have leaked out about activities on the rig hours before the explosion and other related factors I am 99 percent positive my first impression was correct.

If the Obama administration was not in on this from the start they have certainly become accessories after the fact. He is using this disaster to further his insidious agenda for America.

Meanwhile I have a hard time with the images of oil soaked birds and other creatures. I like pelicans. As a young boy I marveled at how they flew in formation along the South Florida beaches, never dreaming that one day I would fly along with them in a Bell 47 helicopter. Now they are dying in droves unnecessarily.

It seems that more people are realizing what Obama and his crew are planning but I am not sure it can be stopped.

Americans should not only prepare materially but also psychologically for the drastic changes that are coming to our way of life. Hopefully, we here in Brookings will be isolated from the calamity on the streets of America. But, for how long?

Arthur D. Larason


P.S.: No I am not crazy. Reliable info is out there. It's all over the Net. Maybe that is why they want to "reinvent" journalism and "regulate" the Internet.