The Curry Coastal Pilot

Millions to Gaza, why not Curry?


Mr.Obama, Mr. Defazio, Mr. Merkley and Mr.Wyrien, why is it, that you can give $400 million to Gaza for schools, housing and other infrastructure and you are not funding the OandC counties in America that are in desperate need of this funding for schools, housing, law enforcement and other infrastructure.

I sent Mr. Obama, Mr. Defazio, Mr. Merkley and Mr. Wyden this question and am asking everyone else to do the same.

This is an insult to the people of America and needs to be addressed.

David Griffith


New effort to get accurate rain data


As a result of viewing your rainfall totals, from the last few editions of the Curry Coastal Pilot, a small collection of dedicated individuals have sprung to action. There was simply no choice; your reporting has demanded the formation of our watchdog group.

We are, of course, targeting your consistent under-reporting of daily rainfall amounts; a data manipulation scandal. Clearly we have uncovered a conspiracy that runs deep, deep through the power elite of this community. How many readers have thought to themselves, "What, only two inches of rain yesterday; I don't think so!" Your continual, low-ball precipitation figures, so flagrantly thrown into the faces of those who are paying attention, must be shown as the falsehood they are. A simplistic attempt to disguise our rainy weather, to lure the unsuspecting, to persuade the weak minded, to perpetuate the lie known to so many as "the banana belt"; indeed.

You forced our hand; our only available option was to organize. Our group, Citizens Requiring Accurate Precipitation, has a straightforward, single purpose mission. We will monitor the daily rainfall totals as reported by the Curry Coastal Pilot and be an advocate for the truth and the citizens of the greater Brookings area. All of our members are in possession of certified, accurate, scientifically calibrated, United Nations approved, Dollar Store purchased, plastic rain-gauges.

Our group, of no less than two people, has concluded that your false reporting of daily rainfall totals cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged. Rest assured people of Brookings, we at C.R.A.P. will be ever vigilant. We will discover the forces behind this plot; we will uncover who is really pulling the strings. Could it be the Chamber of Commerce? Maybe a meddling port commissioner? Quite possibly this conspiracy and deception runs all the way to Gold Beach. As we discover, we will reveal.

Charles U. Farley, co-founder C.R.A.P.


Two ideas to help promote Brookings


A question for Mr. Mayor: Brookings prides itself as being a very friendly and welcoming town. I have two ideas to help promote this.

First, ask if a volunteer artist might like to repaint (exactly as it is) the "Welcome to Brookings" billboard at the north end of town by the mill. It is quite faded. Second, as I was driving from Harbor into Brookings at the south end of town one fine day after crossing the Chetco bridge, I noticed that the "Welcome to Brookings" sign is missing something ... the SEAGULL!

This seagull logo is found everywhere in Brookings, including on the "Welcome to Brookings" sign near Harris Beach State Park at the north end of town. What happened ... did it fall off? It needs to be put back on. It adds a warm and welcoming feeling as folks enter Brookings from the south.

Any volunteer painters and an extra seagull logo available? Let the mayor know! Let's do what we can to show how friendly this little town truly is.

Noreen Foster


Get it done right the first time


Spending our taxpayers money our county and state do not have. Again.

A census taker just came to our door. Why?

We received our census material in the mail and returned it over a month ago all filled out. Done, right !

I guess we have so much excess money in our coffers, we can pay for the same census twice. Why?

The census taker said a number of residents contacted door to door had already mailed theirs back.

Looks like the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing with our money. Again.

And you want to raise our taxes. What a joke. We live within our family budget. Why can't our county and state do the same?

Betty Mears


Kudos to city for helping the hungry


It's the doggone city council. It's the doggone city council: they did it and I'm ready to jump them all and give them a big hug for giving the two soup kitchens $500 each.

What a fine community service these kitchens do and churches that support them. Seventh-day Adventist on Monday at noon and St. Timothy's Tuesday at noon.

They feed the homeless, not so homeless, the young, the older, the happy and the grumpy (or I'd go hungry).

There are too many volunteers to name who keep this thing going. Kudos to all and a special kudo for the city council. Thanks, gang.

Rudy Glen Spence


Graduation evokes war effort memories


I would like to congratulate all of the Brookings-Harbor graduates and tell them how neat they all looked in their caps and gowns.

It brought to mind my graduation from Medford High School 68 years ago, June 4, 1942. About 200 of us graduated. Of course World War II was the main life event at the time. It was suggested that the school donate all the material that would have been used for our caps and gowns to the war effort and so we did. We won that war, too, but it took another three years.

I served in the Navy in the South Pacific.

Cuddy White


Our president isn't being transparent


Are there any of you really concerned about what's happening to America?

If there are any of you out there who want to keep a free country, speaking, or voting or anything else you enjoy in America, then you should be more informed of what's going on.

Watch all the different news people on all the channels, including Fox, so you can compare and see what's happening. Fox will give you two sides of a story and not hide lots of the story.

I hope Glen Beck has good people watching his backside. Last Saturday he had a very good program that everyone should have to watch, part of' it being how small Israel is and being surrounded by all these big countries who hate them, and have no freedom for their women like Israel does. They are allowed to drive, get educated and have freedoms that these other countries don't allow their females. These other countries allow there women to be beaten, or they kill them for very small infractions, like being raped, or letting some of their skin be seen, or are in the company of another man who is not a member of their family. Israel has a right to protect that small, free, Democratic country from all the bullies she is surrounded by.

Our president isn't being transparent like he promised. If people had watched Fox news before the election they would have seen who he really is. If we aren't careful we won't have a free country anymore. The administration we have now is taking over most of our lives. Be informed and stand up.

It only costs about 35 cents to call your congress or the president and tell them how you feel. President 202-456-1414, or Congress and senators, 202-225-3121

Betty Lou Gowman


Harbor Fox's Den closing doors


I grew up in a small town in southern California. Like so many others who have moved here, I fell in love with Brookings many years ago.

I had a dream. I wanted to open an Irish Pub. A customer wrote recently on Facebook that the Fox's Den was like "Cheers" andndash; a place where everybody knows your name and we're glad that you came. It was a place that had really good food, great staff and a fun place to relax and enjoy yourself. It was a safe place where you did not need to worry about trouble or negativity. Just good times.

Having to close my doors was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. It's hard to tell yourself that it's not personal; it's business.

The state of the economy which led to decreased tourism, a drastic drop in lottery sales from last year (almost 50 percent!), and high rent coupled with triple net charges even during the winter months are just a few that led to my demise. People had to choose more carefully how they spent their hard-earned dollars and one of the first to go was the luxury of eating out.

They will, however, come out for a few cocktails and free entertainment because they so badly need to forget their troubles and relax. A few good nights on the weekends unfortunately did not make up for the many slow days during the week. You have staff available even if the place is empty.

I always said that my staff was the Fox's Den because they made it work and that our customers were special. I meant that with all my heart.

I will always cherish the wonderful memories that were created by each of you. So, I ask that you support the other great restaurants in this town because you think that something like this can never happen to you, but it can and it did. We read daily about big corporations closing their doors. I believe that small businesses are the backbone of America and without your support, they will soon fade away. Don't let that happen here.

Support all your local merchants. They depend on you.

Jan Fox

Fox's Den


Seekings feds help is not the solution


Regarding Sheriff Bishop's budget cuts, I am appalled at the suggestion that taxpayers of this county pay for marijuana eradication in this community.

Pandering to the feds for funding is ridiculous when the federal government also pays for law enforcement programs to do the same.

Outdoor growing of marijuana on the coast is a huge non-issue, and I cannot see why any idiotic cartels would plant weed here. Unless you are above the fog line and get some sunshine on those crops, they will rot. As a medical cannabis supporter I have seen most of those legally registered gardeners go indoors to grow their medicine, due to that rot problem. Look to more productive parts of the state, as far as that agricultural endeavor is concerned.

Unfortunately LEO calls in other sheriffs and officers to aid them in the eradication efforts to make it look like it's a huge problem here. More overtime and a waste of the Curry officers' time as far as my tax dollars are concerned.

Stop wasting time with this and get on those who are using drugs and get them into treatment programs andhellip; that would really make jobs that matter.

Protect children and women who are being abused in our county, take down violent criminals and drunk drivers and meth labs or a heroin pusher.

A new jail could probably be paid for if the entire county and every town had traffic cameras installed. I don't really think jail is a good way to deal with lawlessness either. Community service should be mandated into our laws for misdemeanors.

Judgment in the courts should be short and swift and costly to those who disrupt this community and reeducating them should be the first solution.

Marilyn Klahr


Musicians sought for Oktoberfest


A grand Oktoberfest is planned for Brookings this year, from October 6 to 9.

This year is the 200th anniversary of the very first Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, and Brookings plans a big celebration. Oompah bands, a Wedding Procession, a Biergarten, a five-day German Film Festival, a Video Contest for all ages, costumes, an evening of dance, games, and lots of MUSIC.

A Kick-off Meeting for Musicians will be held on Sunday, June 13, 3 p.m., at Azalea Middle School Music Room. Anyone interested in playing in the Oompah Band, singing in the Chorus, or playing classical music, should attend this meeting.

Other meetings are planned for other aspects of this Oktoberfest. Please call Leslie Wolf at 541-412-8707 for more information.

Leslie Wolf


The tea party isnot a party at all


In response to Dana Clark: People should not criticize someone or something without knowing the facts.

The T.E.A. party is not a party at all, there is no registration or membership commitment. The T.E.A. party is just a group of concerned Americans, from every walk of life who want to give Government back to the people. They want to stop this insane spending that will bankrupt America, and they want the politicians to adhere to the Constitution. They are truly frightened by the direction our politicians are taking our Republic, and they have decided it is time for the people to be heard.

Kathy Howard