The Curry Coastal Pilot

History lesson turns into call for action


A Women's History project became more than a history lesson for my eighth-grade all girls Language Arts class, it became a "call to action."

Mary Joe Madrid (now a freshman at BHHS) started the project last year when she heard the story about the women in refugee camps in Darfur being beaten and raped collecting firewood to feed their families. Mary Joe talked to my class this year about carrying on the project to raise funds to bring "a simple tool that saves women's lives andndash; SOLAR COOKERS" to these women.

My students were moved by suffering the Darfuri women faced simply trying feed their families. They immediately began fundraising efforts to make a difference. The girls raised $240 from private donations and from the students at Azalea Middle School who were also moved by the story. This provided 16 solar cookers to the women of Darfur.

Another economic component of the project is that the women are hired to manufacture the solar cookers and train other women how to use them. The story comes full circle, these young women at Azalea Middle School took a stand and made a difference in the lives of Darfuri women.

This simple act of kindness will be remembered for years to come. In so doing, they made me proud to have spent this last year with them, they have enriched my life.

Ann Volz, eighthgrade Language Arts

Azalea Middle School

USA will alwaysbe challenged


First, I appreciate Ms. Dalrymple's letter in the newspaper (Pilot, May 30) but I question her article.

Because the USA is the world hegemon, it will always be attacked and challenged by other countries even if the countries act through irrational state leaders. That is merely the nature of realist international politics. International politics can be seen as a zero sum game. Therefore, if other countries perceive that the USA is losing power, then other countries will try and grab that power. In other words, it's logical that the USA is challenged and it always will. We can't be friends with everyone.

I also disagree that the USA is losing its closest allies. Yes, there is tension with Israel, and rightfully so, but other countries rely on the power of the USA. And we rely on them. Interdependence is so great that the USA is not going to just toss aside countries such as Germany and France.

Ms. Dalrymple could make her article more convincing and persuasive if she stuck to a single topic rather than short rants. I may disagree with her politics, but a succinct article to the point can be convincing.

Matt Finn


UK soccer camp is good for grandson


I beg to differ with the writer that denigrated the UK Soccer Camp that visits our community every summer to promote his own local camp.

We have had nothing but a positive experience with these wonderful young British athletes and their wealth of experience that they bring to our children every summer.

For one thing, they are not biased, and treat every child the same. They don't care who you are or who you are friends with. They coach all children equally. After participating for four years now in local children's sports activities with my grandson, that is very refreshing.

We have relied on local coaches to teach him the skills he needs to do so and most of the time have been sadly disappointed. Already, at nine years old, he has learned that coaches play favorites and that some kids are always picked to play and some never get a chance. He has seen parents make fools of themselves at sporting events, living vicariously through their children. He has learned that older kids on his teams are given free reign to torture and pick on the younger ones and nothing is ever said or done about it. He has learned that if your parents are friends of the coach you get to play more.

So, every year, I somehow find money I can't afford to pay these wonderful young athletes from Great Britain to coach my grandson for the only week of success in sports he knows all year long. And it is well worth the price to see the smile on his face each day when I pick him up. For one week in the summer each year he feels he is just as good a player as everyone else and that his coach cares about him. I will keep sending him to UK Soccer Camp as long as he wants to go.

Karen McMahon


Thanks from the Civil Air Patrol


I would like to thank all the wonderful folks who stopped by our booth during the Azalea Festival.

It's an honor and a pleasure to talk to all the local people about Civil Air Patrol's emergency services and cadet program. We appreciate your comments and suggestions! I would like to congratulate the following winners of the recent drawing, and thank you for your continued support.

andbull;Gwen Conner won the Fred Meyer gift certificate;

andbull;Chandra Eller won the fishing rod;

andbull;Billie Furuichi won the jet boat tour.

Come see us at the Kite Festival for another chance to win fabulous prizes! The Civil Air Patrol volunteers take great pride in serving our community, and we are always ready to assist at a moment's notice.

Remember, if you really want to get to know us, get lost! We are currently recruiting pilots and aircrews for search and rescue missions, please contact us if you'd like to get involved.

Thank you Brookings!

Capt. Charles Kresa

South Coast Commander,

Civil Air Patrol

A member of the tea party or not?


This letter is written in response to Dianne Daniels letter (Pilot, June 5).

She stated "I am not a T.E.A. party member." But Ms. Daniels, on Nov. 14, 2009, you wrote a letter explaining what the TEA party is and you used the word "we" three times and the contraction "we're" two times. As in "We also believe ..." and "We're neither for or against ...".

So which is it, are you a member or not? If you are not a member why did you feel the need to speak for them?

This letter contains actual facts and I am calling you out on them. Thank you.

Dana Clark

Gold Beach

Placing or rock on river raises question


We aren't connected to any one of the mentioned parties, and we may have missed some laws/rules changes.

A few years ago the RV campground on Hunter Creek dumped rock into the creek to help protect some of their spots. They were forced to remove them all because they interfered with the natural flow of the water. Now another private housing group is placing rock to interfere with the same creek to protect houses that shouldn't have been built in a tidal/flood zone in the first place.

Is there a double standard here, or is it a case of who has the money?

M. B. Echelberger

Gold Beach

No threat to miners' rights


Re: Public Forum by Dianna Blazo, Pilot, June 5. Would someone please show me exactly where the "right to dredge mine on the Chetco River" is specified in either the Federal or State Constitutions?

Rights are too often confused with privileges. Camping, hunting, fishing, boating, and even prospecting on public lands and waters are privileges given and not rights born to.

Nobody is threatening any of your rights. They are questioning whether or not to grant you the privilege to pursue your "hobby" on our river.

Timm Rolek


Letters should be edited or omitted


We would like to let you know that we completely agree with Carol Jorgensen concerning your failure to adhere to your "letters policy."

The letter she spoke of is just one of several that have been printed recently that should have been edited or omitted.

First of all, you have printed two letters from city officials, one from Mayor Larry Anderson who made derogatory remarks about private citizens, named in his letter, who disagreed with him about city business, and then you printed a letter in the Public Forum column from City Manager Gary Milliman writing as a "private citizen" who proceeded to talk about city business. Mr. Milliman discussed things that he may not have had information about unless he was a city official. How can a public official write as a private citizen and then discuss city business or private citizens by name? If City Hall caught on fire in the middle of the night and one of them was called, would they say "Sorry, I'm a private citizen right now so it's not my responsibility?" These types of officials carry their title and work 24/7. It's part of the job. They can't have it both ways.

Secondly, you have allowed more than one letter to be printed directly slandering specific private citizens of our area. There are several people who continually write the same thing using the same words to discuss politics they don't agree with. Free speech is one of our most cherished rights in this country but slander is unnecessary and you are responsible for making sure it does not appear in your paper.

Jim and Carolyn Fulton


Understandingthe tea party


I'm amazed at the articles written here from individuals that don't understand what tea party supporters are for.

As far as I know I have attended every tea party organized in Curry County, and if you don't understand what we stand for (it) is because you don't want to know!

I comprehend what your current far-left White House stands for, so you should take time out to discover what our founding fathers had in mind.

I'm embarrassed that I must explain the tea party express to those of you that believe the following:

andbull;Obama is the most transparent president ever;

andbull;Don't call a Muslim a terrorist even if he kills 12 of our finest while screaming "Allah is great;"

andbull;We have been on the Gulf oil problem since day one, but I've been too busy shooting golf or baskets to get there before 30 days;

andbull;Arizona should open its borders to illegals; it's only fair and right;

andbull;Healthcare will not cost you anything;

andbull;Muslim jihadist should have a fair trial in New York, specifically the mullah who planned the killing of 3,000 Americans;

andbull;Don't ask, don"t tell should be tossed aside;

andbull;Social Security is my highest priority;

andbull;I will preserve Medicare by cutting it by $500 billion;

andbull;Guantanamo will be closed by Jan. 1, 2010;

andbull;I will immediately renegotiate N.A.F.T.A.;

andbull;Big labor unions should have an open ballot so we can point out the idiots;

andbull;The deficit will come down as soon as we pass the stimulus;

andbull;By spending more money our jobless problem is over;

andbull;I will not raise taxes on the middle class.

DeFazio and Wyden keep voting with Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

Looks like you're going to have to come to a tea party gathering; I'm out of time!

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Where did all the good music go?


Most who know me know that I'm about a half bubble off plumb and this letter will verify that premise.

Why can't we get decent music in this country? I guess we're too busy pushing the envelope to realize what music has come before in this country.

The Europeans seem to know what sounds good as they tend to play a lot of our rock 'n' roll and boogie-woogie. The guy that first got my attention was a guy from Sweden named Johan Blohm. He's the piano player for the Refreshments. They rock! There's another Swede by the name of Micke Muster who is very good, too.

In Germany there's Axle Zwingenberger who's a real talent on the piano. Also in Germany is a kid named Lucas Setas (Lucky Luca99) that I've watched for several years. This kid is going places!

In the Netherlands is an "Old Gummer" (like me) whose name is Jan Warntjes (gagje) who is outstanding on the accordion or the piano. There's a woman boogie/blues player from Belgium by the name of Anke Angel that'll get your attention.

This is just a partial list of folks on YouTube that haven't forgotten our music heritage. I don't know why we can't get music like these folks play on our TV and radio stations. If you like good rock 'n' roll/boogie-woogie/blues, these guys are a place to start and there are many more that I don't have room to mention.

Thank God for YouTube!

Reg Pettinger


Elect leaders with integrity, honesty


Every newscast on radio or TV and almost any newspaper or magazine gives us increasingly frequent reports of the rampant surge in the liberals' continuing efforts to destroy this country as we know it.

The U.S. Constitution is totally ignored and we read of bribes, job offers, behind-the-doors deals, you name it, as members of both parties (the left-leaning Republicans as well as the vast majority of Democrats) are doing their best to keep conservatives out of Congress. It's disgusting beyond words.

I have a wonderful booklet titled "In God We Still Trust." Less than 100 pages in length, it contains writings we all could benefit from with headings such as: Dutyandndash;Honorandndash;Country; Man as God's Coworker; The Government and Nativity Scenes; Defending the Unborn; The Last Bastion of Freedom; and Life and Immortality. Contributors include true Americans such as Andrew Jackson, William Penn, Henry Hyde, and George Washington Carver. My favorite, titled "God, Give Us Men," was written by Josiah Gilbert Holland, founder of Scribner's Monthly (later renamed Century Magazine), who said, in part: (we need) "Men whom the spoils of office can not buy; Men who possess opinions and a will; Men who have honor, men who will not lie; Men who can stand before a demagogue and damn his treacherous flatteries without winking!"

I believe these are most appropriate for our nation at this critical time in our history. We must clean house in November and elect men and women of integrity and honesty.

Doris M. Roepke