The Curry Coastal Pilot

More red, white and blue please


Usually we march in the Azalea Festival parade with our organization, escorting our float.

This year, we were spectators and saw the parade from a different perspective. Webster and Wikipedia define a parade as an ostentatious exhibition; a pompous show; to march in a procession of people. Parades are held for a wide range of reasons, but are usually celebrations of some kind, like our Azalea Festival.

The parade started with our area's finest law enforcement in cars with sirens blasting and lights flaring, followed by the various fire departments in our area. More sirens and lights.

Harbor Fire Department stood out from the rest as being "parade ready" because of the extensive decorations they had on all of their fire trucks and rescue vehicles. The red, white and blue bunting depicting our American flag was certainly evident as were the flowers that were hung in every possible place. We saw azaleas, the namesake of our parade.

We were disappointed that the use of our American flag and flowers was not on many of the parade vehicles. Not even on the Azalea Court cars that held our Festival queen and her princesses. No flowers or flags on the city dignitaries' cars either. The mayor, councilmen, festival grand marshal, pioneer citizens.

We loved the parade and what it stands for, and the fact that everyone worked hard to make it happen. We loved Coast Auto for providing us with free seats by turning their trucks around so we could sit comfortably on the open tailgates.

We would like to see more American red, white and blue and a lot more flowers.

Patricia Brown

Karen Munson


Letter implying lunacy too much


The letters policy in every issue of the Pilot states that it "will not publish any submissions that include unverifiable characterizations or charges against any individual or organization."

The editor trashed its policy when he printed a letter by Larry Schelter, (Pilot, May 26) who wrote about "right wing kooks" and Republicans that have aligned themselves with (tea party) lunatics. He then demonized Sue Gold and Diane Daniels who "claim to represent the local TEA movement."

I think that both of them represent millions of Americans who want to end out-of-control government spending and what they view as policies and programs that are harmful to America. But for you to publish a letter that implies that Sue and Diane are kooks and lunatics is over the top. Now is a good time for the Pilot to admit its mistakes in publishing his letter and move on ... to encourage and promote thoughtful, honest discussion.

Carol Jorgensen


Thanks for helping sportsmen's group


The South Coast Sportsmen's Association volunteers were pleased to meet so many community members who expressed interest in our association and our partner programs with the 4-H, NRA and Friends of the NRA.

We hope to see you at our next meeting. Our meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month at 15417 Oceanview Dr., at 11 a.m. Just look for the big red barn on the opposite side of the ocean.

A huge thank you to the Fred Meyer store in Brookings that has been there to assist us with gift cards, other discounts and support in our activities and the shooting gallery at the Azalea Festival. Thanks to Harbor Logging for donations of time and metal. There is not enough space to say thank you to all of the members who donated time and money to make our first festival event a success, but a special shout out to the gallery designers Mark Zimmerman and Gary Strahm. Thank you to the dedicated booth volunteers Barbara Palicki, Dan Palicki, Mei Tang, Madglyn Parker, Frank Meccia, the Ajminie family and Dale Stimson.

Marvin Parker


Brief historyof Flag Day

With Flag Day approaching, a brief history may be enlightening.

In 1907 the BPO Elks Grand Lodge 1934 designated by resolution June 14 as Flag Day. The Grand Lodge of the Order of Elks adopted mandatory observance of the occasion by every lodge in 1911, which endures today.

The Elks prompted President Woodrow Wilson to recognize the 0rder's observance of Flag Day for its patriotic expression. But it was not until 1949 when President Harry Truman, himself a member of the Elks, made the proclamation that thereafter June 14 would be a day of national observance for the symbol of our country.

The community is invited to the Flag Day public ceremony being held at 2 p.m., Sunday, June 13, at Brookings Elks Lodge, 800 Elk Drive. The presentation of flags is a moving and informative event presented by the Brookings Emblem Club 265.

We encourage all to attend!

Pat Cowgill


If it doesn't stop raining. ...



If it doesn't stop raining by next week I will move to the desert.

Joe Kline


Don't call me a 'right wing kook'


Mr. Schelter doesn't know me, doesn't know what he is talking about, and should exercise more care before publically defaming someone. Free speech should not extend to inferring I'm a racist by attributing to me things I never said or did and to calling me a "right wing kook."

I spent 21 years in the Navy (retiring in 1999 as a commander), many as an Equal Opportunity (EO) program specialist (and management consultant). In the 80s I wrote procedures for investigating racial incidents in the Navy in the Mediterranean Area and did consult on several cases. I also co-developed the new EO Program for the entire Navy during that period. I've counseled and taught courses to hundreds on a variety of EO issues. From division officer through officer in charge of a small Naval base in Upstate New York, I always treated everyone fairly and ensured that others did so as well. What facts made Mr. Schelter publically question my commitment to equal opportunity and treatment?

I am not a T.E.A. Party member. I did write a letter objecting to another writer and the Pilot using a vulgar term for the T.E.A. Party and misrepresenting them, but have not identified myself as a member. So again, the letter writer just prefers to spew nonsense about what he thinks my beliefs are without any evidence.

Everyone should be aware of those who choose the politics of personal destruction rather than to debate the issues. While supporting the free speech rights of Mr. Schelter and others, I advise them to exercise this right responsibly, leaving out the name calling and unfounded accusations (direct or indirect) and focusing on the issues and actual facts. Otherwise, we should call them out on it, no matter whom they are attacking.

Dianne Daniels

Gold Beach

Summer soccer camp open again


For 10 years or so we have been sending our children to the UK soccer camps in the summer. We were never overly impressed with the quality of training.

Two years ago, Paul Angove, BHHS soccer coach, put on a high school soccer camp for the youth recreational players and it was great! A community mentoring that benefitted youth and high school athletes alike. Angove took a job transfer and last summer leaving us without a program.

This summer we are up and running again! We are also starting a new mentoring program this soccer season called "one-on-one Wednesdays" where, at 5 p.m. any recreation league player who shows up, first come first served, will receive one-on-one skills and drills from a high school soccer player (free!).

This summer a "new" out of town UK soccer camp is also offered, but here is the rub: They are sending out e-mails quoting, "Professional coaches give kids a much better understanding of the game and can educate kids better than high school-aged players on a high school camp!"

Your choice, Brookings. Our professional high school coach Pancho Garcia will be running our loyal and local camp for 30- to 50-percent less than out of town companies who are insulting our quality without knowing our qualities.

Coach Dave Botnen

BHHS assistant soccer coach

Why do drivers do that?


A lot of car drivers who want to turn right, onto the four lane section of 101, wait until both lanes are open to turn.

I can see the truck drivers doing that because of their length.

Can anyone explain why car drivers do it?

Thank you.

Ron Lewis