Okay, all those frustrated with the unusually wet June, it's time for a group yell. Ready? All together now. One ... two ... three ...


There. Do you feel better now? Me neither.

All the hopeful wishing and fervent prayers for sunny weather failed to stop the nearly 6 inches of rain that fell Monday through Friday this week.



That's just wrong.

The total normal rainfall for the entire month of June is 1.83 inches!

Adding insult to injury, I was drinking a cup of hot chocolate at work Friday morning. Sheesh! I should be drinking an icy glass of lemonade and planning for an warm afternoon trip up the Chetco River this weekend.

And don't get me started about the lawn. It's been too wet to mow for weeks. It's a jungle. I have to slap a GPS tracker on the dogs before letting them out into the yard.

Even worse, I was the one telling everyone depressed with the rainy May to hold on just a little longer - "June is sure to be warmer and drier," I proclaimed.

Silly me.

Meteorologists said it was going to be a wetter spring than normal because of the El Nino phenomenon. But did I believe them? Of course not.

The power of positive thinking will make it sunny, I thought. But now, that power has dwindled to the feeble light of a candle andndash; in the wind.

Why? Because more rain is predicted for tonight and Sunday.

It's hard to believe that a week ago today andndash; Memorial Day Weekend andndash; it was sunny and warm, just perfect for the Azalea Festival Parade (I guess a few prayers were answered that day). Sunday afternoon found my family and me relaxing in lawn chairs along the gravel bank of the Chetco River at Loeb State Park. A few teenagers paddled kayaks downriver, laughing and splashing all the while. I vowed that day to dust off our kayaks and make a quick river run; perhaps on Wednesday.

Alas, it was not to be. The storm clouds opened up early Wednesday, drenching the coast in 3 inches of rain by nightfall. There was an encore performance on Thursday with another 2.2 inches of rain. Bravo!

Not only was kayaking out of the question, the place where we picnicked Sunday was completely underwater.

Summer, it seems, is not as close as I thought.


I visited the National Weather Service's website on Friday afternoon, clicked on the satellite image and saw another storm heading our way this weekend. Why was the radar screen moving in slow motion? Someone should hit fast forward and make the rain move through our area faster. Or maybe hit reverse, so it arrives late, after Brookings-Harbor High School's graduation ceremony is over.

All of this rain reminds me of when I was a boy and sang the nursery rhyme: "Rain, rain go away, come again some other day."

But which day would I pick? Perhaps it's best that Mother Nature gets all this rain out of her system now, so she can settle down and provide us plenty of warm, sunny days all summer long.

What? It could happen. July is sure to be warmer and drier.

Think positive!