The Curry Coastal Pilot

Tracking bald eagles in our area


A big thank you to Fritz Wildmoser for the photo "Bald Eagle spotted over Harbor" (Pilot, May 26).

About this time lat year, I saw one fly to a tree on Alder and Spruce Drive (one block from the Dairy Queen). No one believed me, saying "Bald Eagles are not in this area."

Now, I wonder if it's the same one?

Would they nest here?

Irene Harder


Finding hope through TCF


I was grateful to read Georgia Cockeram's comments about The Compassionate Friends organization that appeared in the (Pilot) Public Forum Saturday.

My daughter Becky Wallace died from leukemia in 1989 at the age of 14. I was fortunate to have access to TCF in the Portland area, and the support of others who truly "know" was vital to my sanity and ability to travel "through the valley of the shadow of death" and be available for my other children who were grieving as well.

If there is one message I have heard so many times from children gravely sick with cancer, beyond their years in wisdom, it is they want their families to live life and be happy, and they worried about families being sad. Help yourself not be sad and unavailable for life, no matter how old you are, no matter how long it's been since your loss.

Many illnesses, afflictions and drug usage can be attributed to unresolved grief. There is a costly burden the ripple effect of misunderstood grief places on a community. It hides behind children's learning difficulties while parents try to cope, health problems, isolation and crime.

We just have to turn the pages of our own newspaper Saturday to see another family hit with this great sorrow. Send money to TCF in support of your friends, if you can, or help them find hope by suggesting they attend the TCF meetings.

Karin Gutierrez


Concerned about suction dredging


Re: Reissuance of 700-PM NPDES General Permit.

The League of Women Voters is a grassroots nonpartisan, political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government.

The League has a long-standing interest in water quality standards and the laws governing those standards. The League is very concerned about the adverse impacts of suction dredge mining on water quality and fish species. Suction dredging is a cause of turbidity in streams and rivers; to spawn or to survive salmon require clear, clean non-turbid streams.

Even if adequate restrictions are put in place we are concerned about enforcement of and limitation on suction dredging in Oregon streams and rivers. Anyone violating the terms of the permit could do irreparable harm to the health of the affected rivers and streams, which would result in economic harm to Curry County. Decades of hard work have gone into the effort to recover salmon runs in Curry County and throughout the state. Any activity which threatens that recovery poses a severe threat to the already fragile economy of Curry County.

In 2009, California banned suction dredging until the state completes an analysis on suction dredging. Please place a prohibition on suction dredging until this study can be completed. Removal of that ban should be considered only if the analysis shows that placer mining can be done with little or no impact on streams and rivers and funding of the necessary inspection and enforcement measures are enacted.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the proposed reissuance of 700-PM NPDES General Permit.

Sara Wilson, president

League of Women Voters of Curry County

Tea party folks have been duped


I wonder what it must feel like, to wake up one morning and realize that you've been taken for a ride, punked, duped, fronting for an institution that cares nothing about you, only callously using your anger to advance their agenda.

Someday, maybe, the tea people will get this flash of insight; that they have been used by the masters of the universe. It wasn't Obama and the Democrats who engineered the economic freefall in 2008 that caused 18 million Americans to lose their jobs, untold thousands to lose their homes through foreclosure, untold suffering by millions of Americans who did absolutely nothing to cause their plight. It was the banksters, the masters of the universe, the corporate titans, who caused the pain, and the tea people lay the blame somewhere else.

It wasn't the shrimp fishermen who fouled the Gulf beaches with millions of gallons of crude oil yet the tea people blame someone else. It wasn't an accident ("stuff happens" said Donald Rumsfeld) nor was it an act of God (whose God would cause that to happen I wonder.) It was caused by gross corporate negligence, by British Petroleum putting profits ahead of safety. And the tea people's hero Rand Paul warned Obama to "get his boots off BP's neck."

News flash to tea people: Corporate America doesn't give a damn about you; to the contrary, I'm sure they sneer at you. But they are so very grateful that you are carrying the anti-government, anti-regulation banners for them. They get the government's (ours really) boot off their neck, freeing them to continue to loot, plunder and kill with impunity, and you get the satisfaction of standing on the street corners waving your silly signs.

I almost feel sorry for you.

Tom Seither

Gold Beach

U.S. losing all that made it great


Our country is losing every aspect of what made it great.

Iran, North Korea, Russia, China and other countries are laughing and challenging us to war at the same time. All Obama can do is bow and apologize to them. Countries that have been allies are now wondering if they're still our friends. Israel has been tossed aside; France, Spain, Germany, and even the U.K. are holding their breath waiting for the boot to fall on their neck.

Liberal Democrats are winning the battle and we can only watch the destruction of America formulate as idealogy that I didn't even know existed takes place.

John Morton, director of ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement), has revealed that Homeland Security will not help Arizona return illegals to their homeland. Janet Nepolitano says they have no obligation to help Arizona, but as governor of Arizona she asked Bush for troops on the border.

We can't do anything about illegal immigrants but we can make everyone purchase health insurance. Ouch!

Obama used Felipe Calderon to flip off the American population. It's now obvious that he doesn't care if he's re-elected. He will do all the damage he wants or needs to in four years.

Only one thing left for you to do and you must do it this November: It's time, even for Democrats, to vote Wyden and DeFazio out. You leave them in and Obama keeps his Pelosi and Reid power.

The liberals are contemplating awarding a metal for "Courageous Restraint" to our service men and women. Is that the kind of military you want to protect your family?

Teri Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Effort to discredit Brock is shameful


Commissioner Waddle's attempt to discredit Treasurer Izzy Brock and her management of the county funds with his statement in the paper disclosing the bank accounts of the county needs to be addressed by county counsel.

Commissioner Waddle should show as much concern with what is going on at the Brookings airport as he is with the treasurer's banking procedures. Izzy Brock is an honest and very ethic person and would not put the county funds in jeopardy. I wonder if there are underlying, ulterior motives by Commissioner Waddle. Also, Commissioner Waddle needs to review ORS 192.501(27).

Commissioner Waddle and Commissioner Rhodes andndash; it is a "meeting" when you are seen having meals together in public. Both commissioners were seen with David Itzen having a meal at Indian Creek Cafe. When Bill Roberts and Lloyd Olds, as commissioners, were having lunches together it was brought to their attention and it ceased. When is Mr. Herbage going to have a chat with the commissioners regarding this?

Taxpayers need to start attending the commissioners meetings. I know I will be.

Margie Roberts

Gold Beach

Local groups make fishing fun


Because we live in a excellent community and one of the greatest places on the Oregon Coast, I was lucky enough to get to help 250 kids catch around 200 trout in the Ray's Food Place parking lot Saturday during the Azalea Parade!

Thanks to Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's Todd Confer and Oregon South Coast Fishermen President Tony and Pam Hobbs, myself and nine other local volunteer Youth Angler Education Instructors had the opportunity to share a special minute or two with over 250 kids from everywhere. Some were there to see the Azalea Parade and some to get an elephant ear, cotton candy, or a supper dog; whatever the reason, almost all of them wanted to catch a fish and that they did. There were about 200-plus fish that went home for dinner and several caught and released.

We had one of the best parades a town could hope for with the whole community involved in some way.

My wife and I are always amazed at the effort and participation this community puts into their events.

Thank you.

The Moncriefs


A world where war is unknown


As I was riding to church the other day I heard a noise which seemed to be coming from Azalea Park.

When I stopped to investigate I saw a group of toddlers, I think the oldest must have been about 6 years of age, running around KidTown. They were running, trying to fall down, getting up and laughing. Some of the mothers were trying to teach a small group to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" but with no success. The children wanted to run , fall, and see who could get up first.

It was joyous to watch and I didn't realize that tears were running down my cheeks. When I finally decided to stop watching the children, I went into the church and immediately got down on my knees to pray. I prayed that these children would grow into a world where war was an unknown world. Where peace permeated all the hours of the day and where the word "hate" had been erased from the dictionary. And no matter what race, creed, religion and ethnic group, God was known to all.

Utopia? Who knows, but dreams should never die. God Bless America.

Gerry Kass


Attack on county treasurer appalling


Fellow citizens of Curry County: I am appalled at the direct attack on our Treasurer Izzy Brock, by Commissioner Waddle.

The commissioner must know that he has no control over any elected official andhellip; they all answer to us, the electorate. To question in public meetings her work and accuse her of bad practices reflects very poorly on Mr. Waddle's professionalism and ethics. If he has counsel's investigation before he makes any accusation in public.

I believe that Ms. Brock is well thought of in this county and Mr. Waddle's self-serving actions are obviously an effort to blemish her spotless reputation. Weekly, I read of the need to stretch every penny we have and the efforts to pass a law levy, hence upping the taxes we pay; then suddenly I read that due to Mr. Waddle's accusations and suspicions, we will have to spend $1,500 to do an audit of the treasurer's office. If this attack continues, I would guess there will soon be grounds for a lawsuit. A large increase in insurance premiums would certainly ensue. More charges to the taxpayers.

I am sorry that Commissioner Nowlin chose not to seek reelection and now I certainly don't blame her. Hopefully, she will be replaced by Lucie La Bontandeacute;, who can use her past experience to fight a good battle to bring back the professionalism and ethics that our citizens have enjoyed in the past.

You hang in there, Izzy. I believe better days are coming for you and I appreciate your efforts to defend yourself against the hateful charges being made by Mr. Waddle. I know, from experience, it is difficult to maintain your dignity in the face of ignorance but you are doing a great job of it.

Sue Johnson

Gold Beach