The Curry Coastal Pilot

Brookings employees support city manager


The employees of the City of Brookings want to thank our City Manager Gary Milliman for his good leadership.

We hold him in high regard and appreciate the many ways he has contributed to our community in the short time he's been here.

This letter is endorsed by the following City employees: Donna Colby-Hanks, Alex Carr-Frederick, LauraLee Gray, Rhonda Gardiner, Robin Clyde, Vicki Merrill, Richard Christensen, Chris Wallace, Donny Dotson, Tracy Lejeune, Susan Frisch, Bob Schafer, Raymond Page, Mike Batty, Chuck Gage, Josh Higgs, Sam Murray, Dave Lentz, Mike Wilson, Holly Jorgensen, Tim Rettke, Anthony Cervantes, Frank Dunn, Dusty Watson, Cam Lynn, Joyce Heffington, Janell Howard, Jim Watson, Lauri Ziemer.

Dianne Morris


New game: To Tell The Truth Jeopardy!


New Game In Curry County: To Tell The Truth Jeopardy!

Yes, you too can play this new game sponsored by our very own illustrious county commissioners Bill Waddle and George Rhodes.

Here is how the game is played. Whenever Waddle or Rhodes make a statement cloaked in "law" or "facts as they understand them" it is up to you to check the TRUTH! If you don't ... the county could be in JEOPARDY. Let me illustrate: Commissioner Waddle in a public meeting disclosed the bank, account number, account transactions and the amount of money held in the depository for our county. That placed out county in JEOPARDY by leaving our tax dollars vulnerable to theft. Then, he said that ANYBODY could obtain that information because it was sent in a public e-mail. Ha ha ... Silly Waddle. He thought that he had us fooled again.

I asked for that information at the commissioners' office and was denied because that information, even though an e-mail had been sent, was NOT public record and is EXCLUDED from public records. This is Oregon Revised Statute (Law) 192.501(27).

In other words, Commissioner Waddle broke the law. He didn't tell the truth and placed the county in jeopardy. Here's a hint when playing this game: Whenever Waddle and Rhodes agree on a law or an interpretation, they are almost certainly not telling the truth.

How do the citizens of Curry County win this game of To Tell the Truth Jeopardy? They bring in the Gong Show by recalling them and getting those hucksters out of office because right now ... THE JOKER'S WILD!

Rod Ingram

Gold Beach

Making K-school carnival a success


We would just like to give a big thank you to all the people, businesses, and families who made this years Kalmiopsis carnival a huge success!

This year was even bigger and better than last year. We couldn't have done it without the help and support from the community of Brookings. All of the businesses and families who donated money, supplies, and materials andndash; we appreciate you! All of the kids who helped decorate, clean up and work in booths andndash; you are awesome!

The teachers and staff at Kalmiopsis are the best ever! Your continued help and support make our job that much easier. The carnival is the one big celebration for the kids at the end of the year that they look forward to. This would not be possible without the help from everyone! Hope to see you all next year!

Heather Serna

Sarah Jones


Seat belts?! What about cell phones?


This is in response to Ms. Owens', vice-chair, Oregon Transportation Committee, comments in the Public Forum section for safety on Oregon highways.

She talks about wearing seat belts, speeding and driving impaired, driving sober and the increase of motorcycles on the roadways. She is missing a very important part of highway safety andndash;the talking and texting on cell phones. I don't know the statistics of deaths and injuries, however not to have mentioned how important that part of the equation is remiss on her part.

J. Struck


Program is a cure for suicide


The May 19, 2010 issue of the Journal of American Medicine is the annual psychiatry roundup.

In a news article, the Henry Ford HMO in Michigan reports on their Perfect Care program for suicide prevention. Four years ago, they created a suicide prevention plan covering all of their 200,000 members. They have been very successful!

Among their members, there has not been a suicide in over two years. Two years.

What are your odds? In the U.S.A. last year deaths from:

andbull;Breast cancer, 40,000;

andbull;Suicide, 26,000;

andbull;influenza, 36,000.

So what would be the reaction if I announced a cure for breast cancer? "no breast cancer deaths for last two years?" Or flu. "Nobody died from the flu." What constitutes a cure? Fewer deaths? or how about no deaths? Why doesn't Oregon have such a plan? Curry County? 

The program is simple, already tested, and is a cure, a flat-out elimination.

We march for Komen, and get shots for swine andhellip; and still some die. Imagine, none for two years. I suggest we start a program this summer. It's an election year; ask the candidates, "why not?"

Dr. Lawrence Witt


Tea people, do more than just talk


The recent front pages of the Pilot have been filled with stories about the dissatisfaction of our local citizens with city and county efforts to come within budget ("Shop class proponents give earful to school board," "Verbal melee at county ad hoc meeting").

Here are immediate local opportunities for the tea party to make their point and support the county commissioners, school district and sheriff's department in their efforts to cut or reduce programs that our citizens are unwilling to fund. Where were you with your red, white and blue signs loudly supporting the elimination of these programs?

You talk about wanting lower taxes, fewer government services and reduced oversight of industry. That's easy to say to gather people around. Putting your statements into actual proposals is the difficult part.

Or is it all just talk? Does the tea party have actual proposals of what needs to be funded and what isn't important for the growth and stability of our city, county, state and nation? Here's your opportunity to outline specific services to be reduced or eliminated. It's an opportunity to provide solid ways for us to live within our means without increasing taxes or debt? And, it would give us all an idea of what you really stand for.

Please be specific. Let's see some actual recommendations, and make sure any recommendations you create are covered in the Constitution.

For the record, I support finding ways to fully fund shop and sports programs and the Economic Development Department and Sheriff's Department.

Gordon Clay


U.S. government is not keeping us safe


We are residents of Arizona.

For years we've come to the coast during the summer months to get out of the Arizona heat. We love the coast.

The governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, and the citizens of Arizona are taking a lot of heat for the newly passed immigration law. This new law is much more lenient than the federal immigration law. It's sad that the governor had to do this. The worst part is the problems Arizona has with drugs, violence, murders. It is the kidnapping capital only second to Mexico. Mexico allows no one into their country without papers and are very tough on illegals.

We used to feel safe in our homes; we don't anymore. Our government is not doing its job to keep us safe. We're not racists, we like most Hispanics, but the law has to be upheld and the borders controlled. Unfortunately the news media is not telling it like it is.

Linda Davis

Brookings and Arizona

Never forget what our flag stands for


Two years ago we attended the Azalea Festival parade.

We enjoyed the parade and watched as our flag and veterans marched by. There were many people sitting on the curb and in chairs. Very few of them stood or applauded as they passed. However, when the high school football team went by everyone cheered and applauded them, which is great, but certainly the same enthusiasm should have been afforded our flag and veterans.

We should never forget their sacrifices nor what our flag stands for.

Dolores Cooke