The Curry Coastal Pilot

What a mess the GOP is in


The TEA people are celebrating all over America after their first real win in Kentucky.

Their man, Rand Paul, a Republican, epitomizes and exposes their movement.

He actually believes:

andbull;We should end minimum wage and employment discrimination laws; Do you hear that ladies?

andbull;We should end the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act; Do you hear that seniors?

andbull;We should have seniors pay the first $2,000 of their Medicare costs each year;

And most shockingly, andbull;Allow business owners to discriminate against anybody they want to. He claims it's a "right."

We need to take these "patriots" seriously. They're not kidding. They really do want to take us backwards.

What a mess the Republican Party's in. They've aligned themselves with lunatics and now they're stuck.

I know what my granny would say to them: "You brung 'em, now you dance with 'em."

Since Sue Gold and Diane Daniels claim to represent the local TEA movement, please tell us ladies: Do you think local motel owners should have the "right" to hang signs on Highway 101 saying: "Whites Only," or "No Jews"?

People considering the merits of your movement deserve to know exactly what it is your vision of America looks like.

These right wing kooks need to realize, "this is not 'their' country, and we, the heirs of Jefferson and Lincoln, aren't giving it up!"

Larry Schelter

Gold Beach

Demand county fiscal responsibility


Recent county discussions to save money have focused on department consolidations, specifically the Economic and Community Development Department (EDC) and its one full-time employee. This look at the single tree and not the forest mentality (spend $100 to save $1) is government at work. The Gold Beach Chamber of Commerce President was quoted saying "If we don't have a dedicated department (ECD) bringing in small businesses and serving small businesses, we're going to wither and die."

Curry County expenses are primarily comprised of labor so let's look at the Curry County Master Payroll Fiscal Year 2009-2010. Over 30 of the approximate 175 total positions exceed $80,000/year including benefits which include $1,000/month for insurance premiums. Husband and wife both employed $2,000/month. Social Security/Medicare also included.

Remember "The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs" fable? Well, taxpayers are the goose and the golden eggs are the individual employee accounts in the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System (PERS). Employee contributions currently exceeding 15 percent of payroll are paid entirely by taxpayers and will total nearly $1.5 million this coming fiscal year. Statewide these golden eggs totaled nearly $65 billion as of January 2008. YOu can find a must- read article on the history of PERS go to

Regarding the chamber president's comment above, it would be interesting to see if just one small profitable business currently in Gold Beach such as a gift shop, restaurant, grocery store, etc., could be saddled with a compensation and benefit package equivalent to that of Curry County employees and be profitable one year from now.

If taxpayers don't demand and receive fiscal responsibility by elected officials and cease being sucked dry by corruption and waste at all levels of government we will wither and die.

Thomas Huxley


Milliman should quit or be fired


It has been brought to our attention that the city manager, Mr. Milliman, has broken the law by using city employees and city property for personal political gain.

It seems to be clear that Mr. Milliman believes laws, regulations and rules only apply to others outside his purview.

You will recall how some of us citizens had to take action to get Mr. Cowan charged for criminal activities. Mr. Milliman was going to give Mr. Cowan a "pass" until we, the people, forced the issue of charging Mr. Cowan with crimes against the City of Brookings. Mr. Milliman has done the same thing.

It is my opinion that the city employees involved in this issue should receive a hearing so that they can clear their names and records. Mr. Milliman is not the "law."

As for Mr. Milliman, he should be asked to resign, or be terminated and, if appropriate, charged with stealing city property and misuse of city employees. This issue is out in the open now. His behavior is not only criminal, but sets a bad example for all city employees.

Mike Schrum