The Curry Coastal Pilot

U.S. flag on every float!


My concern is the upcoming Azalea Festival Parade.

Let's hope there is the old requirement of an American flag on each and every group or float.

After all, the parade is in memory of all the service people who have given their lives for us to be free. And since this is called the Azalea Festival then why is there not an azalea plant or at least an azalea blossom or flower on each and every group or float?

Let's make this a festive weekend but let us remember why. The flags are great that line the highway but I'm sure those who have served and those we have lost don't mind seeing a lot more of the red, white and blue. As a Vietnam veteran, I would be glad to stand and salute the flag for my lost friend left on foreign land so many years ago. Let this not be just another holiday off work but the true meaning, may we bless and honor these service people.

Thank You and God Bless.

Ray Lawrence


P.A.W.S. money helping animals


"P.A.W.S. of Curry County" (Protecting Animal Welfare Spay/neuter) would liketotake this opportunity to express our thanks toeveryone who has so generously donated to our Feline Spay/Neuter Fund and to give you an update on how your hard-earned dollars are being spent.

In March and April, "P.A.W.S." and Town and Country Animal Clinic helped spay eight femaleand neuter three malecats and kittens.

That may not seem like a lot to some people, but when you consider how many unwanted kittens could have been born, it's quite impressive. A fertile female cat and her mate can have as many as one to three litters a year, with four to six kittens in a litter. There are just not enough homes for all these kittens. Even if there were, there are so many wonderful, loving cats already waiting for homes at our shelters.

And thank you to the owners ofRoudi, Simon, Trudie, Sixes, Gambit, Pricilla, Ben, Delilah, Stray Boy, Ginger, and Jo Jo.Thank you forcaring about your cats and kittens and your community. We hope you are all doing well.

For anyone not familiar with us, there are yellow "P.A.W.S." flyers all around town with information on how we can help you, and how you can help us.

Thank you,

Vicki Cooley

Carol Faron

Ang Kunzelmann

"P.A.W.S. of Curry County"

P.O. Box3097

Harbor, OR 97415

History of speed traps


Speed traps. There is a lack of quantitative information.

The historic speed trap, 1940s, was a small road sign, usually about 2 feet square, with the local speed limit andndash; like 20 mph andndash; at the town limits. The highway speed, if limited, was about 45 mph. One was expected to "hard brake" to 20; if not the siren wailed and you were nailed.

In the 1970s, along the highway between Dallas and Tyler, Texas, the patrol was enhanced: At random one was selected from the traffic flow andndash; all flowing above the Texas posted limit andndash; pulled over and ticketed. An out-of -state driver was provided with a temporary roadside office to process and pay!

At night in Alabama, in the 1990s, the patrol car sat perpendicular to the highway in the middle of town and "shot you with the radar gun." The siren wailed and he walked up to your open window and showed you the number on his "radar gun": Guilty.

These all enabled local revenue enhancement. I don't know about Port Orford, but on U.S. 101 south of Harbor the speed limit changes from 55 to 45, to 35, to 25 in Brookings. Thus, being stopped in Brookings or at the bridge probably could never be considered a speed trap. However, frequently the number of patrol vehicles with flashing lights on U.S. 101 South do provide revenue enhancement.

Warren L. Dowler


No excuse for poor manners


Obviously Mr. MacFarlane and Mr. Murphy from Port Orford are not aware of the website, which clearly states the following information about their town: "The town supports itself in part by ticket revenue. Port Orford is widely known as the worse speed trap on the Southern Oregon Coast." Now, what say you to that?

Mr. MacFarlane should read Emily Francona's letter to the editor (Pilot, April 28) and try to explain why she would travel to Brookings to get information about Port Orford. An intelligent approach would be to contact the Visitors Center right there in Port Orford where she lives. It does puzzle me that Emily was pretending to be a visitor traveling north and saying that she "had heard that Port Orford was a quaint old town." Whatever her motives were she should not have been so critical and abusive to the ladies from the park service and forestry service. They had explained to her that no one from the Visitors Center staff was available and they were helping her as best they could.

If Emily is an example of being a "level headed, intelligent person who does not fly off the handle with provocation," as described by the city administrator, then I don't care to meet any other residents of Port Orford.

There is just no excuse for such poor manners.

Dick Coulton


Unconstitutional actions taken


Mr Seither (Pilot, May 15) has obviously not read the United States Constitution if he says that DeFazio and Wyden are not violating it, not to mention most other legislators, both Democrat and Republican. The 10th Amendment, a part of our Bill of Rights, states that "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." The reason lawyers argue about the 10th Amendment is exactly because lawyers keep using case law to argue it, and not the plain, simple words that it contains.

What is so hard to explain about "reserved to the states or to the people." Sounds pretty simple to me. Nowhere does our Constitution, as enumerated in Article 1, Section 8, give the federal government the power to:

andbull;Give billions of dollars to foreign countries;

andbull;Bail out bankrupt banks and mortgage holders;

andbull;Federally fund education;

andbull;Take control of a private company and fire its CEO;

andbull;Create a private bank (The Federal Reserve System, which has monumentally debased our currency), only the power of Congress to coin money;

andbull;Create a government operated health care system, especially over the objections of 70 percent of our citizens;

andbull;Subsidize ethanol, solar and wind power.

Would you have me believe that DeFazio and Wyden haven't voted for every one of these unconstitutional measures, as well many more?

Warren Roepke


Work done on North Bank


I would like to comment on the work done on North Bank Road.

I live up the North Bank off Mountain Drive. You well know what we have had to endure with all the road construction that's been going on for the past year. I just want to say that if ODOT had been half as efficient as Knife River's company has been in their construction we would not have reason to complain. The work they have done is far superior to what ODOT did. Their crew people were polite and friendly, which made the waiting tolerable. We have a beautiful smooth road now.

ODOT should remove the signs that say "Your tax dollars at work. Completion, summer of 2009." It should be an embarrassment to the state for what happened at Constitution Way to have left them up.

Deanna Gill


Grateful for Reagan's vision


Usually I skip over letters by Joe Thomas, as I perceive most of them as filler, but I must comment on this one! (Pilot, May 15).

I believe that the busted union he referred to was the Professional Air Traffic Controllers (PATCO). A group of federal employees, paid by taxpayers that went on strike. Air traffic controllers are essential to the U.S. public air commerce and President Reagan fired the strikers and proceeded to replace them as was his obligation! I was a commercial airline pilot at that time.

As a Naval officer (1957-1966), I was associated with anti-submarine work, early space satellite work, Cuban crisis and naval aviation! To call President Reagan the worst president we have ever had, after he diluted the "Cold War" makes absolutely no sense to me, as I am grateful for his vision.

Jack M. McGahey


Hero's action deserves better


There was an astounding news article buried on page 3 (Pilot, May 15) about a 23-year-old tourist from Sandy, who went to extraordinary and heroic efforts to pull an elderly woman, who was apparently and literally on fire, from a burning RV which had crashed on Highway 199.

Not only should this have received front page display with recognition of the valor and courage of the young man, but it should never have been described the way the CHP officer described it. I hope it was a misquote or a typo on your part because if it was not, someone is greatly mistaken about what it means to be heroic. The CHP officer said, "'If she survives her injuries he definitely did a heroic deed.'" Whoa! Wait! How can a CHP office have said something like that?

This guy risked his life (as there was the threat of an explosion) at least three times andndash; while others stood and watched andndash; and he pulled a human being from a fiery death. He suffered burns himself from putting out the flames on the woman's hair and clothing using his bare hands with no thought of the risk to himself. How can one say that it is only "heroic" if the victim lives. I hope that is a mistaken quote; I hope the young man receives all the recognition he deserves.

I hope you do a follow-up about the lady saved and the young man who risked his life to save her. We must not relegate such acts to page 3 and to whether the victim lives or dies. What were you thinking?

Chuck Weller


Missing alarm clock dogs


Have you seen my alarm clock?

On Wednesday afternoon I accidentally left my gate open a crack and my two best friends Duke and Drake, two black Labs, got out. You've seen them riding around with me in the back of my black truck. One is full Lab the other mixed, one red collar one blue.

If by chance you found them please contact me at 541-661-1120. I miss those two barks every morning at 6 a.m.

Doug Hutton


We're circling the drain


It was a small thing, hardly warranting a startled chirp from the proverbial canary in the coal mine, although reminding me that I'm getting the shaft while Obama's taking what's mine.

But I digress. That teensy-weensy irritant of recently shuttered I-10 rest stops made it porcelain clear that our economy was in the toilet. "We're circling the drain, I burbled and, as if drowning, our glorious gas-guzzling past flashed before my eyes: Henry Ford's smoke-belching clickety-clank quadricycle giving his sisters the heebie-jeebies. Kerouac thumbing his nose at "the establishment," and famously hitting the road. Countless itchy-footed Americans, in cars crammed with incontinent whippersnappers, pursuing their dreams, not Obama's Marxist nightmare.

Alas, the writing's on the stall. We've met our Waterloo in loos all across this once great land. And it's commode knowledge that those pissants in Washington won't leave us a pot to pee in.

Grace N. Laskey


Watching it all come to an end


Congratulations to Tom Seither for one of the most blatently exaggerated opinions (Pilot, May 15) I have ever read in this newspaper.

To answer your question as to how our Constitution has been violated would require a couple of pages in the Pilot for even an elementary examination. The only thing that I would add to Mr. Nagel's letter you referred to is that the Republicans are equally responsible for the destruction of the rule of law in that document.

I assume that you are, like many Americans, totally unfamiliar with our Constitution and the rules of interpretation. I would urge you to get a copy of "Commentaries on the Constitution" by Justice Joseph Story, read it cover to cover and maybe you will realize just how much that great document has been altered.

Then again it is possible you are one of the few who would love to see truth, justice and the American way totally destroyed. People who cannot see the disastrous course that this nation is on remind me of the wealthy passengers living the carefree life of luxury as they steam towards their doom aboard the Titanic.

Those of us born during the World War II era have lived our lives during the freest, most prosperous and finest hour of American history. Now we are faced with the prospect of watching it all come to an end through corruption, ignorance and stupidity. What a shame.

Arthur D. Larason