The Curry Coastal Pilot

BHEF teacher event a success


The second annual Brookings Harbor Education Foundation (BHEF) teachers appreciation event was a success due to manyin our community.

Chetco Federal (Credit Union) donated punch, Darryn Farmer donated paper goods, and Ray's Food Place donated cookies insupport of our teachers at Kalmiopsis, Azalea, and Brookings-Harbor High School. The Azalea leadership class supported the event by getting necessary supplies ready, and having three very nice young ladies to assist with set-up and serving. There were over $600 in prizes given toour teachers that day from a variety of local merchants.

The BHEF is a local foundation that supports educational opportunities forthose under 18 in theBrookingsarea. The BHEF board would like to thank everyone who made this special day possible. I thank theteachers for being able to discuss the impact they make on their students, fellow teachers and the community they serve.

Our vision for the third annual teachers appreciation includes having a educational component giveaway for one or more teachers. We plan to utilize leadership class from the middle school and hopefully the high school to honor our localteachers.

If you would like more information on BHEF, please contact us at 541-469-7077 or send a note to P.O. Box 4292Brookings, OR 97415.

Alisa Green


Students choice helps food bank


Brookings Harbor Community Helpers Food Bank was chosen by the Community 101 high school students to be one of the non-profit recipients of the first ever philanthropic awards funded by Oregon Community Foundation and the PGE Foundation.

These students worked all year on researching non-profits in our community and diligently reviewing the requests of each. They formed their own board, sent out grant applications and visited the sites to evaluate the needs.

The evening of May 11 the awards ceremony was conducted at the high school. The students were professional, polite, and organized in their presentation. Their advisors, Mrs. Fulton and Mrs. Livingston, are to be congratulated on their assistance and encouragement for these upstanding students.

This was an enlightening experience and we at the food bank thank everyone involved in the process for choosing us and awarding us the funds to cover the cost of transporting foodstuffs throughout the year from Coos Bay to our warehouse.

Julie Davis,

executive director

Brookings Harbor

Community Helpers

Worst mistake they could make


If the County Commissioners decide to close the Economic Development office, put the money under their control and lay off Susan Brown it will be the worst mistake they could make.

The money used to fund this department is Curry County's share of 2 percent video lottery dollars. It is to be used for Economic Development.

The year before I was elected Curry County commissioner, the previous commissioners used most of the money for the sheriff's office to fund patrol officers. Nobel? Maybe. Stupid? YES. In one year, it was gone and no Economic Development was done.

It took the new Board of Commissioners several years to build the money back up in order to support a full time office. It took a while to find the right person but eventually that person was found and Susan has done an amazing job of working with all federal, state and local agencies to get the most out of those dollars.

Do you suppose the commissioners want that additional revenue in their department so people will not notice they didn't take the 10 percent cut they mandated other departments to do? Are they going to do what the veterans officer did and lower their salaries in order to save the 10 percent? The present commissioners know nothing about true Economic Development, in my opinion, or they would not even consider it. I guess the commissioners are saying they have a five-year plan. If so, it's the best kept secret because there haven't been any workshops and no Commission level approval of this five-year plan that I have seen published.

This whole decision reeks again of getting rid of loyal county employees that do not fall at their feet. None of this letter is meant to include Commissioner Nowlin, who unfortunately has only one vote and is not listened to by the other two commissioners.

Marlyn Schafer

Gold Beach

Don't waste your vote


It's important that your ballot be in the hands of the Curry County Clerk's office by May 18.

You can however, place them in the white box called the "Curry County Official Ballot Drop Site" next to Port Orford City Hall.I'm sure there are boxes throughout the county.It's best to have your ballot at the drop site before 8 p.m.

If you are registered as a Democrat or Republican you can vote in the primary for all candidates in your party, county, state or federal elections, regardless of the office.

In fact, the ballot you receive will reflect what you're permitted to vote on based on how you registered.

Hope this is clear enough, if not, call the Curry County Clerk's office, 541-247-3297.

Your vote is important, don't waste it.

Phil Colozzi

Port Orford

Digging into citizen's pockets


There once was a Michael

named Schrum

Whose opinions we once

thought were dumb

He nowjustifiably frets

That the Clinic's huge


From we citizens' pockets

will come!

Martin Sullivan


David Smith has innovative ideas


Decision? With the primary election right around the corner there is one candidate for Curry County Commissioner that stands out among the rest andndash; David Brock Smith!

Mr. Smith is a businessman of Curry County that has dedicated years of service to our communities. He was a four-year director of America's Wild Rivers Coast and now you can't open a newspaper, turn on the radio or drive through our communities without seeing or hearing the positive impact he has made with the help of other dedicated citizens of our county. This is just one example of how David Brock Smith works with all, for the benefit of all.

With rumors that the Oregon Lottery dollars that fund Curry County's Economic and Community Development Department might be absorbed into the commissioners' office, he voiced during last week's Board of Commissioners Meeting how important ECDD is for Curry County, citing the department's ability to assist SWOCC toward a 4.9 million dollar grant for the Brookings campus. He is a businessman and understands how business is the life blood of our communities and how important it is to help them succeed.

In my opinion, a land developer from Harbor would be a disastrous choice having the ability to influence self interest; so would a previous commissioner who failed to act and whose decisions put the county in its current financial crisis.

David Brock Smith has innovative ideas that do not tax us! David Brock Smith is getting my vote!

Gary Davis


Enjoy the magic at little theater


Come be a part of the magic that is happening at a little theater in Harbor.

For the past eight weeks, members of this community, young and old, have been transforming themselves into characters from an ancient, mythical Arabian city. It has been an amazing thing for me, as a mom of two of these actors, to witness.

This creative expression would not be possible without the people who volunteer huge amounts of time and energy to the production. These people are working to make positive change right here in our community. We are truly blessed to have an organization like the Brookings-Harbor Community Theater.

Now, the cast would like nothing more than for YOU to come and watch as they sing, dance, and tell you the timeless tale of "Aladdin and his Wonderful Magical Lamp." This show is great entertainment for all ages.

Do yourself a favor, and don't let May pass you by without going to see this amazing show.

Show times are Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30, and Sundays at 2, May 14-30. Tickets are $10, or $7 for students and seniors. The theater is located in the Brookings-Harbor Shopping Center.

Julie Hudson

Smith River

A good word for Port Orford


I would like to put in a good word for Port Orford.

My husband and I have a wedding anniversary in February.

Needless to say it isn't the best time of the year to travel andndash; so the last few years we've opted to stay pretty close to home. A couple of years we stayed right here in Brookings at the Beachfront Inn. It's great in any weather. Storm watching from the ocean-front room is wonderful. One year we went to Bandon and really enjoyed that, too.

A couple of years ago we decided to give Port Orford a try. We made reservations at the Castaway Motel on the hill above the port. It was great. They have glassed-in porches with a charming view of the port. If you've never seen the way they haul the boats up onto the dock it's amazing. The dock here is the only open-water port on the Oregon Coast and is one of six "dolly" ports in the world where recreational and commercial fishing boats are hoisted into and out of the water daily. It's fascinating to watch.

Fortunately we had beautiful weather for the two days of our stay. We were able to do a lot of walking around town. There are lots of informational signs telling about this andndash; the oldest town on the Oregon Coast andndash; established in 1851. We toured the Visitors Information Center and learned all about historic Battle Rock and the battle that took place between a party of nine settlers and local Native Americans.

Cape Blanco lighthouse is close by and a nice scenic drive takes you out to see it and also the Hughes House, circa 1898. Both are open to visitors during the summer months.

We found plenty of good places to eat, although we missed the Crazy Norwegian. Hope to get back for that treat one of these days.

It was a great trip and no speeding tickets. We did observe the speed limit.

Please take some time and enjoy a pleasant and interesting little town rather than speeding through. The 1,200 residents have much to be proud of.

Ray and Patsy Short, volunteers at the Brookings-Harbor State Visitors Center Brookings

Re-open for spring Chinook


Todd Confer and ODFW (Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife) staff: It is very clear that this year's spring Chinook runs are far better than pre-season estimates.

With 30 years of spring Chinook fishing on the Rogue River I will attest that this run is above average. I have spent 25 days on the water with these fish, 10 hours a day, and I, like the folks listed below, can tell you we are having a banner spring Chinook run and a banner wild spring Chinook run!

Considering that the bulk of the run is now entering later than historically (up to seven weeks), and that my daily catches and others I have spoken with is at least 50 percent wild, I request a lifting of wild fish release as of May 15. I feel it is highly likely that we will see in excess of 15,000 wild spring Chinook this year.

This is an issue of ODFW credibility andndash; ODFW does emergency closures in a matter of days andndash; in this case it is time to pay back with an emergency reopen to one wild springer per day. I am sure with a little effort we can make your phone ring (541-247-7605, ask for Todd) This area has been hammered economically by fisheries' reductions one after another; a two-week early opening for one wild spring Chinook is not too much to ask. Remember, we were just asked for huge increases in our license fees andndash; wake up and do the right thing. Open the harvest to one wild spring Chinook until June 1, then to two wild spring Chinook. You were going to have to put out a June 1 opening announcement anyhow. Do it early!

Please consider this proposal right away. If you doubt my information call some of the lower Rogue salmon fishermen for their tallies andndash; for wild versus hatchery.

Steve Beyerlin, member

Spring Chinook Task Force, Fall Chinook Task Force

Gold Beach

Know your personal rights


There has never been in the history of America a more important time for individuals to know their own personal rights under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

In an effort to bring vital and accurate information to the citizens of Curry County the Curry Coastal Republican Women will be focusing on American citizens' rights, beginning with a series of special guest speakers, roundtable discussions, and forums over the next several months. Our nation and state are at a crossroads and in peril of losing a battle for the very principles upon which our nation was founded.

"Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again." andndash; Ronald Reagan. In other words you don't know what you had until it is gone.

It is time to know your rights and responsibilities as an American. For further information visit www.orgsites.


Sue Adams


Not following Constitution?


I am getting pretty darn sick and tired, hearing tea persons and their ilk complaining that Democratic legislators are "not following the Constitution." (Jerold Nagel Pilot,May 12).

OK, Mr. Nagel, time to put your money where your mouth is. Please cite in specific detail the basis of your charge. It would be helpful to cite the specific Constitutional Article being violated.

I think with DeFazio and Wyden you would have a hard time naming one provision of the Constitution they are violating. You can still speak your mind (mindless of the truth of course) go to church, pack a gun, expect a probable cause document before a cop tosses your house, and if you do go to jail, not get tortured. Neither one of them, to my knowledge, is infringing on those rights. And don't toss out that tired old canard about the 10th Amendment. Case law on that is so confused that no one can say definitively what it allows or prohibits.

And at the same time, Mr. Nagel, can you tell me why you guys keep yelling, "I want my country back." Who's taken it from you? And what did you have before November 2008 that you miss so badly today?

About you folks wanting lower taxes: The latest figure show we are paying a lower percentage of our incomes for all taxes since Harry Truman was president. Now what?

Take your time answering, but inquiring minds would like to know.

Tom Seither

Gold Beach

Lame to blame GOP for all of it


I think that Barbara Eells protests a little too much, (Pilot, April 17, ) but I do appreciate the fact that the local Democrats find it necessary to do a political hit job on little old me.

I happen to think that Ronald Reagan was the worst president we ever had. I believe that this economy started to go into the toilet when Ronald Reagan busted the unions back in the early 1980s.

The Reagan administration started falsifying the unemployment statistics and we have not had an accurate picture of the economy ever since.

I do believe it is quite lame to blame the entire economic mess on Bush, though.

The Democrats have controlled Congress for three and a half years and Bush was nothing but a lame duck his last two years in office.

Funny how some conveniently forget to mention the fact that it was mostly Democrats who voted for the Wall Street bailout.

They don't mention the fact that Bill Clinton bribed 50 Congressmen to get NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) passed and GATT (Federal Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) was also passed with the Democrats in control of both houses of Congress.

This is not to say that the greedy Bush-league Republicans do not deserve a lot of blame for the manufacturing base of this country being totally demolished.

They couldn't have done it without help from the Democrats, though.

George W. Bush has been out of the White House since January of 2009, and the Democrats have been running Congress since January of 2007.

When are you Democrats going to stop whining about Rush Limbaugh and get down to the business of bringing jobs back to America?

Bums like Obama support bailout for Wall Street when they should be more worried about bailing out Main Street.

Joe Thomas