The Curry Coastal Pilot

It does make a difference


Let me get this straight: An employee of Curry County, Veterans Service Officer Frank Van Meter, asks that his salary be reduced by $631 per month ($7,572 per year) and Commissioner Georgia Nowlin says, "it's not going to make a difference. Right now, we've got enough money for two years."

Seems to me that this is yet another example of the problem with government. We have it, let's spend it. It's only $7,500. It amazes me that the commissioners had to vote in order to accept this voluntary request for a cut in pay, and one of the commissioners voted against it. Go figure.

Allan W. Stewart


Port Orford not a speed trap


Myself and other business owners and residents in Port Orford were saddened, shocked, and disappointed by the derogatory message given to travelers about Port Orford.

Mr. Carlton completely missed Emily Francona's point in his reply letter (Pilot, May 5). To say someone should "look on the Internet" has nothing to do with tourists stopping at the visitor center, who probably don't happen to have Internet in their cars. And a poorly trained visitor center employee should have said "I don't know Port Orford" ... not bash us out of ignorance.

There is no "speed trap" in Port Orford. From my front porch on Highway 101, inside the 30-mph zone, I continually watch drivers racing through at 60-plus mph. Our Police work hard enforcing speed laws and actually give far more warnings than tickets. Bottom line andndash; If you speed you deserve a ticket and shouldn't cry "speed trap" like a baby. "Speed Trap" is a lame excuse for those who can't simply follow the law.

We're a small town but do have a lot to offer. Beautiful beaches and scenery, unique businesses, shops, galleries, resorts, parks, and hotels. We welcome visitors, and many of us depend on them to make a living and feed our families.

I hope the Crissey Field staff gain a better understanding of our town, and will consider the livelihood of our people who encourage and welcome travelers to Port Orford. We appreciate attracting people rather than discouraging them from visiting us or scaring them completely away from us.

Jeff MacFarlane

Port Orford

A decimal, not a comma


In my letter about Social Security in the May 8, 2010, issue of the Curry Coastal Pilot the amount of the national debt Social Security recipients own should have been "$2.860 trillion" not "$2,860 trillion."

Thank you for making the correction.

Garth Richey


Keep economic department


If we look toward the future of this county, economic growth is a number one priority.

The effects of negative economic growth are seen in the "ghost towns" of the Midwest, where the jobs left, then the people and the businesses. We need to ensure our existing industries such as timber, fishing, and agriculture are maintained into the future so the jobs they provide continue to support our families. We need to support efforts to create new business that will provide jobs for our residents and improve our communities to make them safe and attractive place to live.

The county has in place a Department of Economic and Community Development (ECD) which is doing a superlative job, under director Susan Brown, of bringing in federal and state funding and tax relief programs for business and education. ECD has also developed programs to protect vital industries, improve health care, education, housing, and more. Additionally, ECD has established professional marketing of our county's unique qualities. ECD is responsible for millions of dollars flowing into our economy and is funded through lottery money at approximately $60,000 per year. Loss of this agency would be a terrible setback.

I urge the commissioners to continue the high priority of economic and community stimulus activities by supporting and sustaining ECD. Our future literally depends on it.

R. Scott Auble

Port Orford

Writer blames wrong person


I read the letter from Joe Thomas in today's (Pilot, May 8) paper.

He blames the closing of Mory's store on President Obama and, "his moron supporters." Incredulous, I went back and read the article about Mory's in the May 5 edition. The store owner said the decline in business had been that way since 2007. Mr. Thomas, President Obama was sworn into office in January of 2009, and inherited the bungled and out of control financial mess from the previous administration. It was President Bush who initiated the bailouts, who did not pay for the unnecessary war in Iraq, who did not pay for Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, and who did not pay for his tax cuts that benefited the richest citizens. The Republican strategy, which has been pretty successful given the number of Joe Thomases in the country, is to attack the president on everything, even those things that the Republicans themselves were previously supporting.

The lies, fear and hate tactics have resulted in an increasing inability for any of us to have reasonable discourse. We can agree to disagree but let's use facts, not distortions, when we have discussions or write letters.

Too bad the editor of this paper does not require proof of fact before any letters are allowed in the paper. That would both greatly decrease the hateful spewing that increasingly fills the pages and would allow facts to be debated in an adult manner.

Barbara Eells

Gold Beach

Emblem thanks the community


Last Friday and Saturday, Brookings Emblem Club 265 had our semi-annual rummage sale at the Elks Lodge.

We want to thank all of the people who came out to shop with us and support our club. We are also very gratified that so many in the community donated lots of reusable items for this important sale. These funds enable us to continue as one of Brookings most philanthropic clubs, giving back to this community every year. That's what we love to do and hope to continue to help others for many years to come.

My personal thanks to such a supportive and loving community. We are all so very blessed to live here.

Nadine Powers, past president

Brookings Emblem Club

Trees more welcoming


We used to have trees at the entrance to our port.

Now we have big, huge political signs. Is this how we want locals and tourists to view Brooking-Harbor?

Sara Tierheimer


Community pitches in


South Coast Friends (SCF), the Brookings contingency of the Curry County Homeless Coalition, wishes to thank heartily those who donated to our recent distribution to people in need in our local community, and to volunteers contributing their energy and time.

Special gratitude goes, deservedly, to Dori Blodgett for her kindness in allowing SCF to use the Harbor Performing Arts Center as a venue.

We are grateful also to KURY Radio and the Curry Coastal Pilot for publicizing the event, especially to reporter Marge Woodfin for her loyalty to SCF and people in need.

Items distributed included jackets, rainwear and other clothing, sleeping bags and blankets, and toiletry bags made by Azalea Middle School students. Items not distributed have been donated to our community partners Oasis Women's Shelter, Humane Society Thrift Store, His Haven of Hope and Outreach Gospel Mission. Working together in our community, we can make life a little easier for those who struggle most in these difficult economic times.

If you would like to help, please contact SCF at 541- 469-4230.

Jan Krick


Give incumbents pink slips


To Peter DeFazio and Ron Wyden on election day: Clean out your desk, turn off the lights, and close the door behind you on your way out.

Your pay and benefits come out of tax money; that makes me the employer and you the employee. No matter what state you represent, the way you do your work affects all of us. I will support physically and monetarily whoever runs against you in the next election. You and your party are not following the Constitution of the United States of America. We as American citizens have no further use for your services.

It is time we had people in government who put the American people first!

Jerold Nagel

U.S.A.F. Retired

Gold Beach

It's no wonder diabetes on rise


Father worked. Mother cooked. Kids weeded the garden from which the whole family ate.

There was no TV. No computer. No video games. Busy, busy, work, work. No diabetes epidemic.

World War II. Father gone from home. Mother to work in war plants. Kids on their own as far as meals. Hooray! Dairy Queen, McDonald's, pizza, fast foods. More free time to sit around.

Father came home and went to work. Mother liked her own paycheck and did not return to the kitchen and to raising the kids. TV was brought into the equation, followed by Pacman, etc. Lots of fun stuff to do while not moving any muscles. Fast food delights popped up on every street corner, so no one thought about what they were eating except that it was good tasting.

Now, e-mail, videos, cyber friends, etc. Now, do not move for hours while Facebook is in your face. Now, fast food without working off the delicious excessive calories.

Diabetes is rampant in our overweight children. I wonder why? Any ideas out there?

Diabetes affects the blood vessels badly. The blood vessels dry and wither. Blindness for the undernourished eyes. Gangrene and amputation for the undernourished feet and legs.

I ask again: Any ideas out there?

Chris Malek


La Bontandeacute; needed more than ever


Now more than ever, we need a person as a Curry County Commissioner who understands the issues and situations facing our community.

Lucie La Bontandeacute; is certainly that. Her past record of involvement and decisions on tourism, fishing (both sport and commercial) and environmental (such as gravel mining on the Rogue River) has always proven to be in the best interest of the county and the people living in it.

Please vote for Lucie as we need that kind of representation again.

Mark Lottis,

president Curry Sportfishing Association

Gold Beach