The Curry Coastal Pilot

Who benefits from measures?


No pun intended, but the argument for a "Yes" vote on Measures 08-64 and 08-65 does not hold water.

These measures eliminate a voter safeguard in the current city charter.

The current city charter requires approval by the city's voters before property annexed by the city of Brookings can use Harbor water.

The Brookings City Council recently voted to raise our property taxes by passing their current budget. Now we are being asked to vote to surrender our water rights. Remember that any annexation by the city will ultimately require more called-for city services. This translates into higher taxes. Remember the "Cherry Stem Annexation" scam.

All politics is local. Follow the money. See who will gain by the passage of these measures. What government gives to one group it must take from another. Send the special interests a message. Vote "No" on Measures 08-64 and 08-65.

John M. Johnson


Port Orford gets bad rap


Enclosed is a letter sent to the U.S. Forest Service supervisor in response to a letter to the editor from Emily Francona (also in the Pilot, April 24).

Dear Mr. Conroy:

I have included a copy of a letter to the editor, published in the April 28, 2010, edition of the Port Orford News.

While I realize that there are two sides to every story, I must express my concern when I read such letters. I can vouch for the person writing the letter (Emily Francona) as being a level headed, intelligent person who does not fly off the handle without provocation. This is a situation that must be addressed. I can send you reports of every citation written in Port Orford for the last two months, and all of the speeding citations are for excessive speeds (45+ in a 30 zone). We are not a speed trap. Go half again the speed limit in any community, and you will likely be cited. Business has NOT died out. There are several good places to eat in Port Orford, as well as places to stay and things to do while here. While we hope to get a marine research facility operating in Port Orford, it is not a reality at this time. There are many good things happening in Port Orford, as in many small towns throughout the country. Port Orford was not "recently revived," having been a town since before Oregon became a state.

I would appreciate knowing what will be done to correct this situation so that it does not continue to dissuade tourists from visiting our community. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Take care and have a great day!

Michael Murphy, city administrator

City of Port Orford

Economy is a complete mess


It is really sad to hear about Mory's closing.

Mory's has been in business for 37 years and is yet one more example of how terrible the economy is.

I am so sick and tired of Obama and his moron supporters in the media who keep on putting out the big lie that we are in the middle of an economic recovery. The Obama cult sounds every bit as stupid as the Bushleaguers did two years ago when they told everyone the fundamentals of the economy were "sound."

All you have to do is look at all the empty buildings up and down Chetco Avenue in Brookings to know that the economy is a complete mess. Those stupid politicians back in Washington D.C couldn't care less, whatever their color might be.

Thank God, we have an honest man like Al Sharpton protesting the new immigration law down in Arizona with the mayor of Phoenix, Ariz. The mayor of Phoenix is obviously doing a good job. Phoenix is the kidnapping capital of the United States. That means they are number one! Everybody wants to be number one here in America. I hear that MS-13 and the Mexican mafia give a thumbs up to Phoenix. Good job!

Everyone knows you can trust Al Sharpton. He is a shy man who never hogs the spotlight. Al Sharpton was very helpful to local law enforcement in New York City during the Tawana Brawley case. Everyone should listen to Al Sharpton, because he is a very ethical person.

Joe Thomas


Vote Robinson for Congress


Art Robinson has stepped forward to serve the people of Oregon's 4th Congressional District and America as a whole.

Anyone who had the opportunity to hear him speak recently at the Chetco Community Public Library will tell you that he is intelligent, informed, dynamic, and on a mission.

Art's mission is to stop the spend, spend, spend, and tax, tax, tax, Washington D.C. Big Boys who are destroying small businesses and jobs across our nation. He also wants to revive Oregon's timber and fishing industries by cutting the noose of unbearable regulations that are strangling them.

America became the most prosperous nation on earth because of the freedoms enumerated in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. These freedoms, coupled with hard work and American ingenuity, can restore our economy.

Take back our country. Vote for Art Robinson.

Want more information? Contact: or phone 541-255-2785.

Connie Anderson


Azalea work party May 15


This morning, I wassurprised andgrateful to see both an editorial and a cartoon in the paper on behalf of the Azalea Park Foundation.

Thank you, thank you! I was further gratified to find a message on my phone from a person who said he would love to help us.Thanks, Bob, I look forward to meeting you on the 15th.

My hat's off to Gil Kirk who consistently does the hard work, recently leading new volunteers to re-create areas of the garden that involved lots of digging and planting and the moving around of heavy rocks.Whew!Excellent, beautifulwork!

Thanks Jerry, thanks Bruce.Thanks to our stalwart regular, Ben, and to Barbara who showed up with the very hard working Mike and Trish.Thanks to Jennifer, a new resident, who justappeared and happily got right to work.Thanks to the board members cited in the editorial.Thanks toSandy who came to town and immediatelytook a seat onourboard. She donned her work clothes and cheerfully added her energy to the cause.

Thanks tothevisitors whowander through the gardens, taking pictures, exclaiming their sincere appreciation for the work we do; it lifts our hearts.

I want to say a special thanks to those who had the foresight and energy to create these gardens in the first place. We are carrying on the work in their names.Yesterday, a woman told me that Lorraine Williams would be proud.How nice.Thank you.

Finally, if you are able, please jointhis group of outstanding folks who are helping to keep our "jewel" allcleaned up and polished.

Next work party is Saturday, May 15.For more information call 541-469-6159

Shirley Hyatt,

president, Azalea Park Foundation


Let's get ready to rumble!


After seeing the police reports in the Pilot, I read that there are more fights in this little town than you can believe.

What they should do is build a boxing ring in the middle of town, and have fights every Friday night. The loser gets four days in the jail in Gold Beach, and the winner only spends one.

Albert Capilla


La Bontandeacute; is an outstanding pick


After reading former County Commissioner Brown's letter to the editor (Pilot, May 1), I was struck by what power he attributed to Lucie La Bontandeacute; since he couldn't get along with her. I think it says something about him, not her.

I find Ms. La Bontandeacute; an outstanding candidate for commissioner.She has an extended list of public and private agencies as well as various levels of government she has worked with over the years. She serves on several commissions to which she has been appointed, which would indicate she works well with others as well as contributing to the larger community.

Her previous experience as a county commissioner will prove invaluable in the difficult financial years ahead.I encourage you to review her qualifications, after which you can be proud to cast your vote for her.

Judy Kaplan


What happened to Medicare?


Entitlements need to be added to the "on the dole" discussion.

Politicians in Washington, D.C. and some of the media refer to Social Security Retirement Benefits and Medicare as "entitlements" and occasionally as being "on the dole." How does it work? Unless you worked for the government, a school, or one of a few other "exempt organizations," you paid a percentage of your income into Social Security with Medicare being added in 1966. From your first job until you retired, you paid, and unlike Individual Retirement Accounts, most 401Ks and many pensions, income tax had already been collected from these payments. The law stipulated that, upon retirement, contributors would receive a small stipend and a basic level of medical care.

So what happened?

The federal government collected the payments but used the proceeds for unfunded projects. Nothing was set aside, no trust fund was established, and government debt was created as the government continued to use retirement funds like general taxes collected. Currently Social Security recipients own $2,860 trillion and Medicare recipients own $425.3 billion of the federal debt. Now the government has to return the money to those who paid into the system when they reach retirement age. But there is no Social Security fund and no Medicare fund so general tax funds are used.

Clearly, "on the dole" does not apply. Depending on the use of "entitlement," the term probably does not apply. Those who paid into the system expect to be reimbursed with interest, and this is the way it should be.

Garth Richey


Reducing CO2 helps the rich


I made the mistake of viewing KTVL's news report this evening, and Kevin Lollis' bogus suggestions about how I might reduce my carbon footprint insulted my intelligence.

Apparently KTVL TV hasn't gotten the memo that the Green Movement is a scam and a fraud! The only beings who will actually benefit from the reduction of CO2 and the making of a "carbon footprint" for each of us are the very wealthy in this world.

Please don't believe that all of us are as comatose as the powers that be would like us to be! For those of you with ruby slippers, who still believe: Get a clue! The science just doesn't back it up. Without CO2, this planet will die, but not before all the living things on it do, too.

Don't we all know what this is really about? It's redistribution andndash; making the middle class go away, and making poverty a reality for all of us. Wake up, you guys!

D. Clary


Where was tea party when ...


In regard to the tea party members, who supposedly champion the Constitution and are appalled by government spending: It is interesting that they did not appear until the Democrats gained the White House.

I would like to know where these people were when Bush/Cheney were spending without limit to fight two endless wars (one of whichfor no apparent reason); granting billion-dollar, no-bid contracts to former business partners and shredding the Constitution with unlawful wire taps and illegal detention of citizens.

John Bischoff


Don't join health district


Most of you are aware that the new CHD, Curry Health District, clinic on Fifth Street in Brookings is currently under construction.

Some time back I wrote a letter warning the citizens of Brookings about the move the CHD would eventually make to leverage Brookings into becoming part of the CHD.

Well, my friends, the Saturday edition of the Curry Coastal Pilot dated May 1, 2010, featured a front page article stating that Mr. McMillan, CHD CEO, will be engaging in strategy and tactics to make Brookings part of CHD.

One has to ask why Brookings must be part of the CHD, given that the project is already under way. What are the benefits for Brookings?

If Mr. McMillan and his minions are so confident that the new clinic will succeed, why do they need to leverage Brookings to join the group? I think the answer lies in the fact that the new facility is a very "risky" endeavor and may not be able to support itself, let alone generate money to remodel Curry General in Gold Beach. CHD's strategy is to bring Brookings into the fold to assume financial liability if the clinic cannot sustain itself. Curry General has laid off seven people recently, and only averages four-five beds occupied per day with 18 beds available. Sutter Coast too, is hanging mostly due to the Pelican Bay issue.

One of Mr. McMillan's ploys is to convince the county commissioners to force us into CHD. I would suggest writing or calling your commissioners and tell them you don't want to join. When and if the issue ever makes it to a ballot, vote "No." I don't know about you, but I have enough financial liability already. Remember it is a "clinic," not a hospital.

Mike Schrum