The Curry Coastal Pilot

One vote per adult citizen


The United States is a republic.

Partisan representatives are elected to act on our behalf.

A democracy is one vote per person.

Our present-elected delegates are on partisan lock-step.

Perhaps a democracy, of one electronic vote per living-adult citizen, may better serve a majority's will on issues affecting sovereignty.

Tom Holden


Wonderful acts of kindness


I would like to publicly thank the two gracious and generous young people who came to my assistance at Lone Ranch Beach the last week of April.

Tiffany followed me on 101 to the parking area to tell me I had a flat tire, drove to Brookings to call AAA for me, then drove back to let me know they were on the way.

Frank (I hope I have your name remembered correctly) and his dog Zoey also stopped, used OnStar to call again, then made sure help arrived for me and my four dachshunds.

Their acts of kindness moved my heart. Thank you both, and Zoey too, who waited so patiently andndash; nose out her window.

Cosette Sprague


'Devil's Weed' is not all bad


In 1991 my wife woke up wall-eyed; one side of her body was sort of twisted, her speech was slurred and distorted.

We rushed to the hospital and found out that not much could be done to help her. The diagnosis: Relapsing/remissive multiple sclerosis. She fought it hard, changed her diet and took a drug that was experimental at the time and cost us $1,000 per month out of pocket.

She has done quite well over the years managing her disease but in 1998 things began to get a little better for her. That was when she became one of the first 100 people to participate in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.

Now, my wife is no spring chicken (being born in 1940), and the initial thought of smoking the devil's weed was very unsavory to her, but when you are chronically ill you become desperate. It helped her immensely, eliminating pain, helping with depression, spurring her appetite and stopping her dependency on many prescription drugs. Today if you met her you would not know that she was ill.

Needless to say we are now strong advocates of medical marijuana. It has been proven to help people with many different medical needs (use the Internet and do your own research). Of course there are people with criminal intent who game the system and should be prosecuted but ban a good thing because of that is like throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Gary and Nancie MacEachern


Throwing away our freedoms?


After reading Larry Schelter's letter (Pilot, April 24) about the tea party and what it stands for, and, which side of history he'll be on, if they actually write it down: Some of us tea partyers are ex-military and took an oath to defend the Constitution of this great nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

This administration seems to have forgotten that they took the same oath when they took office, and yet I heard Mr. Obama refer to this document as a collection of negative rights and said it only said what government wasn't allowed to do to you but didn't say what government was supposed to do for you. While that may sound good to some, evidently they never read the Constitution, because it says exactly what government is supposed to do andndash; provide for the common defense and protect the borders from invasion by foreign forces are first on the list. So let's start there and see if government can do that; if not let's fire them and elect people who will.

There's little difference in parties today. They're both infiltrated with "progressives" and they're the real enemy of the Constitution. Maybe the tea party will help return both parties back to the Constitutional origins of this country or we'll end up on the trash heap of history with all the rest of the socialist and fascist dictatorships of the last century.

More importantly we'll have thrown away our freedoms for the promises of a bunch of politicians whose greed for money is matched only by their hunger for power and control.

Our grandchildren will hate our guts if we throw away their inheritance of freedom and leave them born into debt.

Join the tea party and vote for people who love this county and its Constitution not those who see it as an obstacle to be gotten around. Enact term limits, don't reelect anybody. We need new blood, not career politicians, to clean up this mess.

Van Butler


Helping us help others


Thank you for thinking of us with your donations after Garage Sale Saturday.

We appreciate that so many call ahead to schedule pick-ups.Lots of "new"items to buy at The Mission Thrift Store and at Shabby To Chic.Both storesare open Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.The stores help to sustain the recovery programsat OutreachGospel Mission (men) and His Haven of Hope (women).

Another way to help us is as you're paying for your groceriesat Fred Meyer, press the alt-ID button and enter the mission phone number, 541-412-0278.Each time you do, the OGM and HHH will get rewarded.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

J.D. Edwards,

volunteer event planner

Brookings/HarborAttend tea party and really listen


I've been reading all these anti-tea party letters and I am amazed at the same few people who just don't get it.

In Saturday's paper (Pilot, May 1) Tomas Bozack stated, in part, that tea partyers are all anti-government. Wrong! They're anti-"big"government. Ronald Reagan did say it best. "Any government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take everything you have. That is exactly what's going on now.

I've been to every Brookings tea party (oh darn, that means I'm a tea partyer) and I haven't heard foul language or seen any swastikas andndash; just a bunch of people from all walks of life who are sick and tired of what our political leaders are doing to this country.

So come to the next tea party and listen. Really listen. You'll be welcomed; nobody will try to bite your head off and you might just meet a Democrat or two as well.

God Bless America.

Jeff McMoran


Itzen is clearly best qualified


Each candidate for Curry County commissioner brings his or her educational background and life experiences to the position when elected.

Looking at the current candidates, David Itzen is clearly the best qualified. He is a fiscal conservative with several years of experience on very important local boards. He has proven he can manage large budgets, deal with a wide variety of issues, and work with differing viewpoints to reach a workable solutions to a wide variety of issues.

David's experience as a teacher, an administrator, managing a large family farming operation, and his experiences with local land- use issues will serve him well. His past service to our community makes him uniquely qualified to serve as our Curry County commissioner.

Terry C. Hanscam, former Curry County commissioner


La Bontandeacute; will get my vote


Lucie La Bontandeacute; will get my vote in the very important election for Curry County commissioner.

Unlike any of her opponents, she has years of direct experience actually doing this job. She's proven herself to be a person of integrity, judgment and skill, doing the county's business in a cooperative and proactive way. She's always been very attentive to Port Orford and north Curry County; I've worked a lot with her on water and fisheries-related issues, and remain very impressed with her.

Lucie, far more than anyone from our own city government, was instrumental in solving the overflow problem at Garrison Lake. She's formed sound relationships with officials all over the state and in Washington, D.C., relationships that will benefit the county in the difficult years ahead.

This isn't a time for inexperience. Lucie will do a fine job for our county, and I'm glad we have a chance to return her to office.

Steve Taylor

Port Orford

Hidden agenda with measure?


Concerning the debate about city of Brookings Measure 08-64 and the Pilot's airing of the issue (May 1, 2010) in which the mayor attempts to discredit its opponents, one has to suspect that where there is this much smoke there is more fire than the mayor, the city manager, and the apparent old boys' and girls' network (ad in Pilot, same issue, page 9A) are willing to admit.

With all of that official and semi-official weight behind the measure it would appear that there is a hidden agenda which supporters are trying to get us voters to approve without revealing publicly what it is. Where such an objective is suspected it is probably best to vote against the measure.

Also, past history has shown that once we voters surrender our right to decide issues as this measure does, we essentially lose that right forever.

Jim Hansen


We need Itzen in county seat


I will be voting for David Itzen for County commissioner in the upcoming election.

I am a resident of Emerald Coast Estates.I do not speak for the 78 or so other residents but I do take exception to the rather small group who are concerned with the current business development model and personalize David as a self serving land developer.

David's business model for this development was recently reformed to reflect the current unfavorable economic climate and disastrous housing market. David's recognition of these situations and his ability to respond with a remodeled business plan does not surprise me given his extensive experience with hard work, organization, administration, and board membership.Davidrecognized that theresidents would best be served by full occupancy thus ensuring sufficient operating funds for maintenance, repair, construction, andre-occupancy shouldvacancies occur.

Yes, we need David Itzen in the elected position of county commissioner. A man who will move the county forward by recognizing when efficiency andstability are needed or when orderly change is necessary.A man who will demonstrate leadership in organizing and planning to meetjob, tax base, infrastructure, business,housing, and farming needs.

David is a long time resident of this area with hands-on experience in farming, teaching,school administration, and housing development.David has experience as a member of the Brookings-Harbor school board, business experience as Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative treasurer, andboard membership experience with Del Cur Agricultural Supply Cooperative and the Family Security Bank.

Frank Hageman


Not taking away voters' rights


Twenty-two years and seven mayors ago, the City of Brookings voters were asked the question "Shall the Brookings City Charter be amended to allow issuance of general obligation water bonds in the amount of $1,300,000?"

The voters answered, "Yes." Chapter XI of the charter was added to acknowledge this decision and to create the guidelines for the expending of proceeds, issuance and sale of bonds, establish a water bond sinking fund, authorization to levy taxes, and adopt plans and specifications.

The project was successfully completed and bonds were paid off in 2004. In 2009, the city's legal bond counsel, KandL Gates (Mr. Harvey W. Rogers) rendered his opinion on Chapters XI and XII. His opinion is that both chapters "do not grant the City any continuing authority that is not duplicated by statutes. Chapters XI and XII of the City Charter may, therefore, be repealed."

Pat Sherman and Ralph Martin claim that voter rights are being taken away. Nonsense, it will be legal voters of the city who decide the proposed measures, not non-residents.

As mayor, I often look to the professional opinions of legal counsel, auditors, the city manager, and supporting staff members, when rendering a decision. Please know, I have more credibility in the opinions of qualified professionals than those who are not.

I stand by my earlier statement, voting rights are not being abridged. The aforementioned comments are my individual thoughts and do not represent the council.

Larry Anderson, mayor


Martin, Sherman missing the point


Pat Sherman (Pilot, April 24) and Ralph Martin (Pilot, May 1) are urging the citizens of Brookings to vote "No" on the repeal of Chapter XI of the City Charter.

They claim that this is an attempt by the city to limit voters' rights. They are missing the point. This is an attempt to remove an amendment from our City Charter that is no longer required.

Martin and Sherman insist that they know what is best for the citizens of Brookings. Neither are residents of Brookings. Martin uses city infrastructure, but doesn't pay for it, and Sherman quit as mayor, in a huff, while telling everyone that the city was falling apart. These two outsiders have missed the point.

Dave Gordon


Itzens, residents come to our aid


I would like to thank David Itzen, Kelly Itzen and Margery Itzen for all their help when my husband Ott had a bad fall recently.

Mr. Itzen came to our home immediately on learning of the fall, and made arrangements for someone to take my husband to the clinic, and later to the hospital to be treated.

Mr. Itzen called me several times laterthat day and evening, giving me his cell phone number to call if I needed help.

I would also like to thank our neighbors at Emerald Coast Estates,collectively for their care, concern and offers of help.

Lois Seaman


County needs David B. Smith


As a retired worker for California's power and energy services, I am familiar with wind energy as a viable resource.

There are wind energy test sites right now in the north end of the county.I believe David Brock Smith is right on in his idea to secure federal stimulus dollars for Curry County to fund the building of wind turbines on the backside of the small mountain range east of Highway 101 andndash; piping that energy into existing substations and selling the wind energy to C.C.E.C. (Coos Curry Electric Coop) bringing revenue to the county without increasing the tax burden on its citizens.Jobs will also be created to service and maintain the turbines.

Reading the April 28 issue of the Curry Coastal Pilot, I agree with Mr. Smith's opinion; the outlook of continued federal OandC payments are bleak.He promotes a second OandC Coalition alternative to have the feds give us back our lands while bringing together the environmentalists and loggers to form a Sustainable Natural Timber Resource Management Plan and put people back to work.

Curry County needs someone like David Brock Smith to promote a stronger county through innovative ideas. He isn't afraid to think outside the box while listening to the people of Curry County.

So let's not look to the past; let's not look to land developers, and let us look to the future.Let us support ourselves by supporting David Brock Smith as our next county commissioner.

Gary Davis


Criticism of state visitor center


I read the letter entitled "Bad information at Visitor Center" (Pilot, April 28).

I am quite familiar with the information available at the Visitor Center where there is extensive information about Port Orford in many of the free publications. "The Guide to the Oregon Coast," "The Oregon Vacation Guide" and

the "Southern Oregon vacation Guide" are just a few examples. If this Emily Francona had just spent a few minutes looking through the travel area she could have found these. Her complaints bring some questions to mind:

andbull;Since Emily has access to the Internet, why does she not get information there? That's a great place for "inquiring minds."

andbull;Why would she expect to get information about Port Orford from an individual who has not been trained in travel information?

Let's face it, Port Orford may not set the world on fire, but it is a nice town and most people there are decent, down-to-earth folks. The "Crazy Norwegian Restaurant there is second to none when it comes to clam chowder and fish and chips.

The advice given to Emily about Port Orford being a "speed trap" was very accurate and may have saved her from a very expensive citation.

Dick Carlton

Brookings Help out local resource center


While you are out and about Saturday, May 8, please stopatFred Meyer Saturday and help supplyour non-food pantry by donating much needed items for our families.

We will be located at the entrance from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., to collect cleaning products, diapers, laundry soap, personal hygiene items, etc. for our families.We will also be selling our cookbook with wonderful collection of recipes to help supportour parenting classes. The cookbook will make a nice Mother's Day gift for only $15.

South Coast Community Resource Center (SCCRC) appreciates the generosity of the community and thanks you in advance for your continued support of our organization.

Margie Roberts and

SCCRC Board of Directors

Anti-American term 'racist'


The media has made it clear what is fair game for the ugly anti-American term "racist."

Disagree with leftists' illegal immigration plans, you're racist. Disagree with their concept of "social justice" plans, you're racist. Fail to support the view that minorities can't be racist and you're racist. Failure to support total control by the out of control and you're unjust.

Transversely, knowledgeably stating that our legal system does not support illegal assembly, riots, misuse of our medical and legal systems and providing cash to thugs and you're racist. Media parroting "racist" and "unjust" to support one political party to defame all others that disagree with their attempt to blackmail non-party and party members alike into submission is infamous. Blackmail by a tarnished political party in temporary charge of our country constantly misdirecting, mislabeling and using disreputable attacks on any ideas other than their own, is an attempt to bully and use thuggery to keep power.

Unlimited power leads to unlimited stupidity, avarice and destruction of human values. When you are called a racist, remember the definition of racist is: a person or group that uses race and fraud to gain and keep power. A media captured by a political philosophy that demeans and wants unlimited power in spite of historic fact leads to totalitarianism.

Remember our Constitution and Bill of Rights, not the wrongs in politics, case law, the media and many universities.

Doug Bewall

Gold Beach

Being fed misinformation


Recent letters to the editor have been illuminating.

It appears these tea party patriotsare being fed misinformation. Their figures make about as much sense as the other claptrap coming from these Republican malcontents.

It was asserted in last week's paperthat our president had increased the national debt by 400 percent in one year!

Even Fox News would choke on such a fabrication. Here are the facts:

andbull;America had a $5.7 trillion debt and a balanced budget the day George Bush was appointed president;

andbull;America had a $10.7 trillion dollar debt and a $1.1 trillion deficit the day he left office;

andbull;During Obama's first year our deficit increasedto $1.4 trillion;

andbull;$1.1 trillion went to pay for leftover Republican/tea party deficits like:Two unfunded wars, a huge unfunded tax break that went to the richest five percent, Medicare part "D," and the bank bailouts;

andbull;The remaining $300 billion, the part Obama is responsible for, went to a tax cut for everybody except the richest 5 percent, and to stimulate the economy.

As much as the right hates to admit it, the recovery plan is working.

It's trueObama added $300 billion dollars to our existing debt last year. But we were, after all, on the verge of a depression, and doing nothing didn't seem like an option.

The fact remains:Bush voters are responsible for doubling our national debt and creating three fourths of our current deficit.

Tell me again, why would we ever elect another Republican?

For my facts I went to and the Congressional Record.

Larry Schelter

Gold Beach

David Smith is best candidate


The voters have three distinctly different choices for county commissioner.

Each of the candidates has attributes that in other economic times would make a good commissioner. So who am I supporting?

Lucie (La Bontandeacute;) has been there and knows the system but she is not a fiscal person. She always told me that fiscal issues were not her forte and she always left that up to me. She is an expert in fisheries and certainly knows her way around Washington D.C. but with our trillion dollar federal deficit I think she will be lost in solving county money problems if the federal government doesn't come through with county payments.

Dave Itzen is a nice man but he knows nothing about county or municipal government, and this is not the time for learning. The biggest drawback for me is that he lives in the Brookings area. We will still have two commissioners from Brookings and we need a commissioner that knows the rest of the county.

I have a lot of Brookings friends who feel exactly like I do. We need a well-rounded commission and if you're worried about Brookings, the largest area, not being well represented then don't worry because if anybody has been keeping track the two Brookings commissioners who will be left have never voted differently in any vote since they have been in office.

So, of course that just leaves David Smith from Port Orford. I have known David for several years and I am so impressed. Here is a young family man, who has been a chamber of commerce president, a Rotary president, a city councilor, and a successful businessman. He recently sat through the county budget workshops and I was so impressed with his knowledge. He had done his homework and he has a clear understanding of the budget. He also understands financial statements.

Marlyn Schafer


Smith offers fresh approach


This letter is in support of David Brock Smith for Curry County Commissioner.

After reading the candidates' positions, speaking with some and talking to other like-minded voters, I see David Brock Smith as the only viable candidate. We need a fresh, bold approach to our many problems. We need someone able to represent the whole county. We need a strong supporter of the right to "keep and bear arms."

David has a proven track record of success in the political arena.He has brought dispirit groups together and found solutions to problems.

Bill Douglas

Gold Beach

Measure 08-64 a red herring


Why can't the voters of Harbor decide if they want to be part of the City of Brookings?

Make no mistake about it, Measure 08-64 is a red herring that will allow Brookings to seize Harbor one land parcel at a time. The residents of Harbor will then be subject to Brookings taxes, zoning ordinances and legal action for not complying with them. Harbor has already been engulfed in the Brookings Urban Growth Boundary without the citizens here having the opportunity to vote "Yea" or "Nay" on a public referendum.

Put a stop to annexation without representation, vote no more on 08-64.

Joe Willett