The Curry Coastal Pilot

Need space for parade float


The Brookings-Harbor Redshirts are looking for a place to work on our float for the Azalea Festival.

We will need it for less than two weeks at the end of May. It needs to be a large garage with a high door, a pole barn, RV garage or even a storage unit.

We would be grateful for any help we can get. The Azalea Festival Parade is an important and fun part of our organization. If you can help us in anyway with the float please call Sharon Hitzman at 541-412-8968. Thank you.

Sharon Hitzman and the officers of Brookings-Harbor Redshirts

Look at it from the other side


Referring to the last paragraph of your editorial (Pilot, April 17), I have to look at it from the other side.

The Social Security and Medicare paid into the fund today should not be paying for the Social Security and Medicare benefits I am receiving now. I paid into that fund and for me working my employer paid in also. That money should have not been spent by the U.S. government on other stuff that it wasn't intended for and I should be receiving invested funds that I put in the pot.

As far as the education funds, a big chunk comes out of the property tax I pay with the Social Security check I receive. I have no kids to educate so I'm paying for your kids' education. Don't believe that a young family is sending money across the street to pay for my benefits 'cause I paid in and continue to send money across the street to pay my share of education, police, fire, and all the other items that government spends on things.

While I am on my tirade let's talk about government stupidity andndash; the Constitution Way project. We are stupid for believing we are waiting for the weather before this project is completed. A bungled job, and some heads should roll as thousands of dollars blown because a state engineer made a mistake or two.

One last thing: the law enforcement levy. As long as we have "Harbor State Police." writing revenue tickets in front of Rite Aid and sheriffs hassling the homeless folks on the sidewalk, I won't be voting an increase in my property tax anytime soon. We seem to have enough police; they just need to be utilized better.

Lonnie Sanborn


Smith qualified for commission


David Brock Smith is by far the most qualified candidate for Curry County Commissioner.

I have worked with David for several years on the Port Orford City Council. He has continually shown his ability to bring folks together to solve problems. His leadership as the chair of the budget committee has been a plus for all of us involved in the budget process. I'm certain his budget expertise would be a plus for Curry County, as well.

David Smith is a business owner and president of the chamber of commerce; as such he has supported local business growth in order to provide decent paying jobs. David was instrumental in putting together an effective police department in Port Orford. He also spent more than a year working on the Curry County Blue Ribbon Committee for Law Enforcement.

Let's not look to the past, let's look to the future. David Brock Smith has the knowledge and the enthusiasm to lead Curry County into a better and more prosperous future for us all.

I urge you to vote for David Brock Smith for Curry County Commissioner.

John Hewitt, president

Port Orford City Council

U.S. as the Great Satan?


Perhaps Osama Bin Laden and his merry band of jihadists have hit on something when they refer to the U.S. as the "Great Satan."

It certainly can describe the imperious attitudeof the regime currently in charge there.

The current brouhaha over "bullying" could be applied to Washington's treatment of the rest of this country, which can be summed up as: "Shut up and do as you're told.We are in charge!"

It's high time the states dig in their heels and refuse to allow the feds to run roughshod over the Constitution.

Martin Sullivan


Tea people represent past


I can't seem to reconcile Sue Gold's description of our local tea party"patriots" with what I'm seeing on TV.

I'm sitting here looking at a video of last week's Washington, D.C. rally.There's a 4 foot by 6 foot poster of our president dressed like a witch doctor with a bone through his nose and feathers stuck in his hair.As a child of the south that image horrifies me. It shows just how far we've got to go before the American dream is finally realized.

I'm sorry Sue, but you and your"partyers" are part of a very nasty movement and no amount of whining or sugar coating will make you more of a patriot than me, my fellow Democrats, orour president.

It's a fact that most of these "tea" people voted for Bush and the Republicans. (Estimates go as high as 90 percent). They're the ones that doubled the debt and created almost all of this damn deficit.Face it, these "mutual admiration" rallies arefor thevery people that are responsible for this mess.You'd think they'd be ashamed of themselves. I guess admitting our failures is hard for some people.I just don't understand how they could protest against the very system and programsthey depend on.

I may be out of step with the majority of Curry County,but I believe that being a Democrat and supporting my president will put me on the right side of history.

The tea people represent the past; the question forthe restof us is: Do you want to be a part of the past or the future?

Larry Schelter

Gold Beach

Voting rights will be abridged


Even though Larry Anderson wrote his letter to the editor (Pilot, April 21), as a citizen, he can't escape the fact that he is the mayor.

And, as the mayor, he ought to read the city charter, which is one of the laws that he swore to uphold when he took his oath of office.

Regarding the city's ballot measure, Anderson wrote that "to assert that voting rights are being abridged is an untruth."

Chapter XI Section 42 of the city charter states, in part: "The right to furnish the inhabitants of said City with water shall be forever vested in the City of Brookings, and no franchise, right or privilege shall hereafter be granted to or contract made with any person or corporation by said city to furnish or supply the said city or its inhabitants with water, without the authorization of the legal voters of said City."

I repeat: "without the authorization of the legal voters of the City."

If the charter amendment is approved, the power which is currently reserved for the legal voters of the city will disappear.

Ralph Martin was correct; voting rights will be abridged if the measure is approved.

Larry Anderson is wrong and, as the mayor, he should know better. After all, it was this very issue that got the city manager in trouble the last time the city tried to amend the charter.

Pat Sherman

former Brookings mayor


City's jewel of a park needs help


Harken fellow volunteers and weeders.

Despite several advance notices, with the latest appearing in last Saturday's (Pilot) Bulletin Board regarding an Azalea Park work party, only four volunteers showed up to assist Azalea Park Foundation organizers Shirley Hyatt and Gil Kirk. Azalea Park is the showpiece of the community and deserves all the help it can to keep it beautiful.

We all know it is difficult for the many volunteers in this community to spread themselves around but if, some of you can spare whatever time you can from 9 a.m. to noon every other Saturday it would be deeply appreciated. Not only will you receive sincere thanks from Shirley and Gil, but you get a break to enjoy fine coffee and doughnuts mid-morning. I know because it's been my pleasure to do this for three years.

Shirley and Gil won't be playing violin and piano for you but their thanks will be music to your ears.

We look forward to seeing you at the parks' next work party on Saturday, May 1.

If you haven't been through the park lately, do take the time. It is beautiful and in bloom.

Barbara Wieneke


Not there to make you mad


Dear people of Brookings. Just a subject I would like to address, if I may.

I am sure everyone is very aware that Brookings has a high population of seniors, many of whom no longer drive. I drive a local public transit bus. Part of my job is transporting seniors and people with disabilities to doctor's offices for various medical appointments. Frequently that means squeezing my bus into small parking lots throughout Brookings. Most of the time there isn't a problem with my getting in and out, but, on days when I pull into a parking lot full of cars, I invariably have to block some cars to load or unload a patient safely. I am responsibly carrying out my duties as a driver entrusted with their care and safety. Please don't glare at me and honk your horn for me to move. I promise I will not block your car any longer than I absolutely need to.

There is a protocol I must follow in doing what I do to ensure the passenger's safety on and off the bus. I am not there to make you mad or wait five seconds longer than you are willing to wait. Please remember: one day it may be you on that bus. Thank you.

Kathy Merrill