The Curry Coastal Pilot

Don't ask, don't tell


The question isn't about don't ask don't tell.

Humanity has always turned its back to gays. I read an article about a person's first-hand experience in the military, and in the article he speaks about a fellow soldier that was gay and could not speak to his superior nor the chaplin because it would out him as being gay, and (he) would be forced to leave the service. In the story the soldier spoke of him being an invaluable member of the unit, and they had awakened to hear that this young gay friend in the unit had committed suicide. He was to be presented an award for merit.

"Don't ask, don't tell" might not have killed him directly, it was his own decision, but he might still be here if it weren't for that policy, and the divisiveness that comes as its consequence. He went on to say, he had sadly seen the loss of far too many good people due to this policy; many people who are gay will simply choose not to reenlist! Others are thrown out andndash; some of those are very close to retirement and receive nothing in thanks for their years of service.

We all know that being stuck in the middle of two wars, we need every willing, capable person we can get in order to get the job done.

The amount of gay people in the service is in a sense overwhelming, and if every one of them had to step up and be dismissed from the service and lose all their earned benefits, it would not only cripple our branches of service, it would be, in my opinion, a bad thing to do.

This is supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave.Having the president of the United States and the top generals agreeing to stop the "don't ask, don't tell" (policy) is as achievable as the new health care program for all Americans.

Gary Davis


Positive note about dogs


Hi Bill, thank you so muchfor writing awonderful storyabout your new addition, Georgia.

I am extremely happy that Missy adopted her also. I know you love them both and they will have a good life with you.

A positive note about dogs is very needed in Brookings because I see a lot ofarticles, "dogs are not allowed."

Agatha Conrad


Give sheriff what he needs


I would like to say "Thank You" to John Bishop, his deputies and staff for helping to keep our county a safer place to live.

The criminal element probably doesn't notice a tanked economy. I bet they would notice a downsized sheriff's department due to budget cuts.

The sheriff's department probably hasn't seen a reduction in the amount of activity they deal with every day. Newspaper articles about people arrested and jailed for drugs, burglary and every kind of crime don't seem to be getting any less. No one wants to call the sheriff's office because of an emergency. But how would you feel if you got a recording saying "Closed due to budget cuts."

Instead of taking them to task for their budget, we should be writing them thank you letters for the great job they do with the budget they have. We expect them to be available, putting their lives on the line for us, every day.

So instead of complaining about the budget let's give them the resources they need to continue doing their job.

Sharon Gerlach


Cut down to bare minimum


I believe the sheriff's office has been cut down to bare minimum already and that it is impossible to make further budget cuts while simultaneously maintaining services.

How many of us know the sheriff is not required to provide patrol deputies at all? Theoretically, he could eliminate all those patrol deputy positions and save money. Positions that have already been thinned dramatically over the past few years. I personally know of at least three former patrol deputies who aren't working for the sheriff anymore because of the lack of funding.

Once rid of the patrol deputies, the sheriff would not need a dispatch center, also not required. The same dispatch center that routes calls for service to, and maintains records for, the various ambulance and fire districts in the county as well as both the Gold Beach and Port Orford Police Departments ... 24/7. Eliminate that dispatch center and the sheriff could save some more money.

If the sheriff cuts his budget in this manner, who are we going to call for help in any part of Curry County with the sole exception of the city of Brookings? What if you had a life-threatening emergency and no one responded to your call for assistance?

I hate to break the news to you, but that is already a very real possibility for the near future if you live anywhere in Curry County outside of the Brookings city limits.

Caleb Johnson


Community shines brightly


I have been doing this job, Watercolor Society of Oregon Convention/Show consultant, for fiveconventions.

Never have we had such wonderful community support.

The Brookings volunteers who helped with all the events for our convention andshow were so professional and wellorganized. The people in Brookings donatedmore cash, for the 20juror chosenawards, than has ever been donated in thehistory of WSO.

For myself, every person Horst Wolf introducedme to was very friendly andsupportive.

I can understand why people like tolivein Brookings. The community spiritshines brightly.

WSO thanks all of you for your generosity.

Linda Nye

WSO Convention/

Show consultant


Good leader for Curry County


Good leadership for the county is important in these difficult times.

Lucie La Bontandeacute; has worked hard for Curry County in this capacity. She has worked as a volunteer chair of the Klamath Management Zone Fisheries Coalition over the past year keeping the Coalition together to work on achieving a good ocean salmon season for recreational fishermen. Lucie worked for our fisheries and fish seasons while she was our county commissioner sowe know when elected as our commissioner she will continue this important work. Good fishing seasons mean a good economic boost for our communities.

Weare voting for Lucie La Bontandeacute; for county commissioner. Support our fisheries, vote for Lucie La Bontandeacute; for commissioner.

Barb and Chet Frazer


Civility, dialog badly needed


The letter from Arthur D. Larason (Pilot, April 14) in which he, backed by some authors he has read of on the Internet, alleges that "liberals" have "a mental illness" contains a recipe for the destruction of the U.S.

However, the disaster will not result from his bogeyman liberals, but rather from the allegation that people who disagree with one's political opinions suffer from a "mental disorder."

The problem for the future of the U.S. is that when one designates those with whom they disagree as having mental problems and so beyond rational thinking and consequently not to be listened to, historically one outcome has been civil war. People who stop dialog often begin shooting at each other.

A major problem with the letter is that the writer engages in the fallacy of tarring all "liberals" with the same brush, engaging in stereotypic generalities about their characteristics. Then in a huge leap across a supposedly logical chasm he assumes that liberal policies will result in "complete totalitarian rule." How can one discern a "liberal" in the voting booth (leaving aside that voting historically and politically is a "liberal" concept) andndash; is it one who votes for Democratic, or Green Party, etc., candidates? Is it, as suggested, one who is pacifistic regarding war? If so, Jesus of the Bible's New Testament is one outstanding example. Interestingly, his only non-pacifist incident recorded was evicting the merchants in the Jerusalem Temple who were cheating the people and enriching the conservative religious establishment with a cut of the profits.

Or is it one who believes that other nations have the right to determine their own future courses free from interference from other countries' imperialistic ambitions, as we wish for ourselves? If so, maybe many of us need to see our psychiatrists andndash; in my case I know a couple in pre-study from my college days, but whoa! andndash; they are "liberals!"

Abandoning stereotyped labels, and more civility and dialog are badly needed.

Jim Hansen


Window of opportunity


I hope everyone will take advantage of this fleeting window of opportunity.

David Brock Smith knows how to read and understand budgets and the bottom line. He listens and considers. He brings energy and enthusiasm. He has a strong knowledge of business and community. He has a healthy resume of government experience.He is a strength we need at the county level. He is one of us. He loves what we all hold dear.

I trust that he will dedicate himself to protecting the best interests of all Curry County. Join me in voting for David Brock Smith, County Commissioner.

Wendy Thomas

Port Orford

Surprised by tea party event


It was with great trepidation that I went to the tea party at the Azalea Middle School.

From everything depicted on TV there was always shouting, name calling and vulgar signs. Wow, was I surprised

The speakers were so knowledgeable, intelligent and a pleasure to listen to. I began to understand what was going on in Washington with complete disregard to the people. Everyone had a chance to speak without being shouted down. Was this tea party different?

President Obama has been characterized, and rightly so, as arrogant. Inexperienced in the running of the government, ignorant in the ways of the military and unwilling to listen to those in his cabinet with the exception of Nancy Pelosi.

I'm so glad I went and I hope there are more political meetings here so I can learn what it's all about without just hearing about one party.

I suggest you read "5000 Year Leap andndash; Principles of Freedom 101." I also wish every school child should be given a copy of the Constitution of the United States.

Mrs. Gerry Kass


Protect access to north jetty


Let's stand up and stop something that is so silently trying to be taken away from us andndash; well, most of us.

This has to do with what has always been the public's only way to access the north jetty and adjacent beach. It would be shameful if only a few of us in the community have the opportunity to enjoy such a treasure. It's one of the few beaches that has everything andndash; great fishing off the jetty and the beach. It has tide pools that have everything you can imagine and then some.

People from everywhere come down to watch the Fourth of July fireworks and not have to deal with the crowds of the south beach. My family and friends have enjoyed this beach and jetty since the early 1960s. Please do not take this peaceful and pristine area away from us.

Burley Williams


Tax editorial not factual


The arithmetic of your editorial compares the wrong figures.

"The money stayed right here, going to help our older neighbors" is far from truth. The money coming from Social Security and Medicare is money being returned to the folks who gave it to the government to save for them until retirement. This is not "taxes going across the street" at all. This is money paid by us for the required government "investment" for our retirement and Medicare.

Note that the government spent our money and returns it without investment interest. They are spending yours now, and your children's and grandchildren's. The government has no money. If a corporation did not provide a trust fund to spend on their retirement plans, the managers would go to prison. The government exempts their "retirement" program from required funding. Sadly, they have their own rather lucrative retirement program, so care not what happens to Social Security and Medicare.

Both programs would be vastly improved if privatized.

Michael Cosgrove


Preposterous accusations


I must respond to Ralph Martin's latest tirade (Pilot, April 14, re: Brookings Measures 08-64 and 08-65 to amend the city charter).

How comforting it is to have someone figure everything out for plain folks like me.

To insinuate that councilors will personally benefit from this ballot measure is preposterous. To assert that voting rights are being abridged is an untruth.

I would hope that one would factually substantiate what is published. In this instance, Martin can only offer his opinion.

Larry Anderson, citizen


A better place for our children


I would like to thank the generous people who donate so much time and effort to make this community a better place for our children.

My oldest son had a great time in the Pitch, Hit and Run competition this weekend andndash; thank you to the Knights of Columbus of Brookings and to the Brookings Harbor Little League for putting that on. It reminded me to thank the other groups and people who have had a positive influence on my children during the past few years.

The Elks (Soccer Shoot, Hoops Shoot, and Easter Egg Hunt); Rotary (third grade swimming program); the Lions Club (Flags for First Graders program and mobile health care unit); all of the volunteers in the Brookings Harbor Soccer League; the Y.O.U. (Youth Opportunities Unlimited) Foundation (basketball); the businesses who sponsor and donate goods to Brookings children and their activities; Dan Palicki and his crew at Safety City; Milt Gowman for his generous donation of use of the old skating rink (goal: an indoor sports center for youth); the Kalmiopsis Parent Teacher Organization; and even though they get paid, it is not nearly what they deserve; the teachers and staff at Kalmiopsis Elementary School.

Jess and I are also grateful to have our parents who, in addition to making it possible for us to work, have a great interest in our children and enrich their lives each day and love them unconditionally. I could not be luckier, and I wish that for every child.

In my line of work, it can be heartbreaking to see children who are not as fortunate as mine. The groups listed above, and others who I have surely missed, are taking steps to ensure that all children in our community have the possibility to thrive. Good job to all and thanks again!

Cynthia Beaman


If America goes bankrupt


Here is a new peek at the financial morass the country finds itself in.

Let's look at the bright side. If America goes bankrupt, all the contracts that Congress made with the taxpayer, sans any vote, could be declared null and void. Then the colossal health care benefits and bodacious retirement benefits they enjoy (that put Idi Amin to shame) would disappear, never to resurface. That could free up enough hard cash to potentially pay all our debt interest and a new and responsible Congress (that may be an oxymoron) could begin rational means to pay down the national debt and get the country on the right side of the ledger. Now it's going to take some hard initiative of us voters to ferret out the chaff from the wheat but come November 1 think it can be done.

America deserves more respect than it receives and I frankly don't give a damn what the rest of the world thinks of us. We can stand upon the solid foundation of history. What nation has sacrificed so much and gained so little respect for our effort than the U.S.A.?

Is it time we quit apologies and stand tall for the liberty, justice and freedom America offers? There is an awful lot of humanity who would give their all to become American citizens. Please God, continue to bless America!

Howard Tingley


Small counties band together


The health care bill has one huge item left out that proves there is a God!

Congress neglected to read the bill so Peter DeFazio and Ron Wyden didn't know when this bill kicks in that they and their families would not be covered.

Don't you just love voting for senators and house members who have to go back and fix it after shoving it up our tailpipe!

Ron Wyden was in our Gold Beach High School gym last fall andndash; with no fanfare andndash; and spoke for at least one-half hour on his own idea for a health care bill. He was killing time folks so questions would be controlled and minimal. Never was one of his ideas ever mentioned publically.

Between now and November 1 will be reminding you about Peter DeFazio's lie on not voting for health care, but he hid behind Bart Stupak and let him take the fall. If Mr. DeFazio can't make up his own mind then I don't want him voting for me, do you? He not only lied to his own constituents but to the entire country.

A small percentage of Democrats are waking up. Independents are finally for their country and conservatives are charged up as was obvious by the tea party at Azalea Middle School in Brookings on April 10.

Polling stats are always changing but for sure many of the voters, regardless of their party affiliations, are finally noticing the "lamestream media's" protection of the left.

If all the small counties band together we can outvote Mulholland County.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach