The Curry Coastal Pilot

Can't function without gravel


Regarding letter from Terry Johnson, (Pilot, April 3): Your letter to the editor was of interest to me.

After some thought and research of building practices and engineering standards, it became clear that our society would be unable to function without concrete, aggregate and asphalt, houses, schools, hospitals, bridges, highways; even best-practice wastewater treatment plants that protect our health and environment are built to exacting standards that require concrete and aggregates.

I hope you are able to find housing and a lifestyle that do not use concrete foundations and roads and sidewalks that do not require concrete or aggregate. To be a consumer of these products, of an industry that you're in open opposition to, would be hypocritical.

L.V. "Jake" Jacobson


Helicopter rides benefit children


You may not be aware that Cal-Ore Life Flight is offering helicopter rides to the public in Gold Beach to help raise funds in support of the Children's Dental Health Initiative.

Under this initiative, Oregon Community Foundation will match funds raised locally to aid communities in providing exams and treatment for children in grades K-3.

The need for this program is great. A December 2009 survey by the Curry County Health Department found that 34 percent of students have cavities and 65 percent need sealants at Gold Beach's Riley Creek Elementary School; 56 percent of elementary students surveyed have cavities and over 80 percent need sealants in Port Orford; 38 percent have cavities in Brookings with a third needing sealants.

Today (April 10) from 2:30 until 5 p.m., helicopter rides will be scheduled at 15- minute intervals. Prices start at $75. You can call the foundation office at 541-247-3189 for scheduling and details.

We wish to thank Cal-Ore Life Flight in advance for being so generous, and as always, for being so community-minded.

Leone Sharp, board member

Curry Health Foundation

Roseann Ismert

Curry Health Foundation

Gold Beach

Who's going to run health care?


I have now received two identical census forms in the mail.

Two weeks after I returned my first census form I received a postcard telling me that the law requires me to return my form, so "if you have not done so yet, complete and return the form."

I wonder how many of us have received duplicate mailings? Does that mean we'll be counted twice ... or not at all? How much of my taxpayer money has been wasted on duplicate mailings? I wonder if next a paid census worker will come to my house to ask the same questions or more?

Now, remind me, who is going to run my health care? With the same efficiency? Having worked in the medical field for almost 30 years I am fully aware of the incompetence of government-run health care. By the way, it is called the tea party movement, not tea bags. The repeated low-class attempts to mock American citizens who dare to disagree with "your" views shows the truth of "your" convictions, or demonstrated lack of truth.

Rep. DeFazio flipped and voted for the Health Care bill, despite his promise, in writing, to "oppose any reform that adds to our deficit."

Laurie Reynolds


Running out of money yet?


We must all pay a substantial increasein our federal taxes to pay for Obamacare.

We must also pay an increasein our state taxes to pay for theexpanded Medicaid component of Obamacare.And now the sheriff says we must pay hundreds of dollars more, each year, in increased property taxes to pay for a law enforcement levy.Is anybody out there running out of money yet?

Unlike the Obamacare taxation, the law enforcement levy will only take place if the people vote for it. If you are a renter and think that this levy won't affect you, remember that your landlord will have to pay the additional taxes and your rent will likely go up.

When decidinghow to vote on the levy, consider this: Brookings is saturated with law enforcement vehicles. There arecity police cars, sheriff cars, and state police cars everywhere you look. Let the state police issue traffic citations, they are good at it.Then the city police can concentrate on crime prevention.We don't need the sheriff cars in Brookings, so they can increase their presence in the rest of the county.

Alan Jensen


Great support for Safe and Sober


On behalf of the 2010 Safe and Sober Committee, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the many merchants, businesses, family and friends in the community and outlying areas that have generously donated to the Brookings-Harbor High School (BHHS) graduating class of 2010. Cash donations, various items and services have been given with our young adults in mind, which has sent a strong message to the students of BHHS that they are important to you.

In these unstable economic times, it is heartening to see such support. This shared support makes me proud to live in this wonderful community. Whether it is Safe and Sober, many of the various sports, educational and arts activities, this community does what it can to support its young.

Please continue your support by coming to the "Bruin Bash" auction being held today (April 10), at the high school cafeteria. Tickets are $20, which include dinner and an auction paddle. There are many great items and services to choose from, so get your ticket and come join the fun. Tickets are available at the Hunger Stop, 101 Auto and Mory's. We will also have a table at the high school parent/teacher conferences.

There is still a lot of work to be done so all parents of 2010 seniors are encouraged to join in.

Sharon Webre, treasurer 2010 Safe and Sober,


Big government in any country ...


I have to admit it took a tremendous amount of imagination or plain old chutzpah for Mrs. Bozack to thank the Republicans, our president, and Peter DeFazio all in one breath for putting the health bill together.

President Obama could not explain what was in it but believed Pelosi when she said, "everyone will know what's in the bill after it passes." Peter DeFazio lied to his own state of Oregon when he said he could not vote for it a day before he did. The country is now 55 percent against the bill and 15 states are suing for state's rights including our neighbor, Washington.

Democrats are now better at destroying themselves then they are the opposition. I hope they are compensating their grassroots supporters because it's going to be a long, tough fight.

It's so much easier to write a story and tell the truth but Democrats have forgotten that simple ploy. Why would a Republican want to be a leader of the party when the liberals will make up attacks ala false innuendos, but over 200 Republican amendments in this health bill is quite an accomplishment considering not one Republican was invited to attend.

A big government in any country makes a small person.

Teri Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Updating the City Charter


The "Citizens to Update the City Charter" Committee has placed Measures #08-64 and #08-65 on the May 18, 2010, ballot.

Recently, Ralph Martin and Pat Sherman have submitted letters to the Pilot purporting their viewpoints. The common denominator of the aforementioned folks is the proposed measures "take away voters' rights."

Firstly, please know that none of the above are city residents and, therefore, are not eligible to vote on city matters.

Secondly, the City of Brookings adopted an annexation ordinance in the early 1980s. Over the years, it has been revised a few times, with the current document being known as Chapter 17.144 of the Land Development Code. Individual requests for annexation for noncitizens; hence, voting rights are not "being taken away."

In addition, the passage of these measures would have no financial impact on the citizens of Brookings; specifically, there would be no change in city taxes, water, or sewer fees.

The "Citizens to Update the City Charter" Committee feel Chapter XI and XII of the Charter are outdated and no longer serve the original purpose. This has been ascertained by the City's bond council, K and L Gates, LLP.

Furthermore, individual property owners, within the Urban Growth Boundary, should have the ability to determine and exercise their own property rights destiny.

Tim Patterson

Skip Watwood


Eliminating paid-off politicians


Most Americans today get their information on how our government is serving us via the boob tube or Internet. What is even more sad is that they already have their minds made up and only watch the news that support their beliefs.

A recent letter to the editor stated, "We need politicians with integrity, willing to honor their oath to up hold the Constitution and courage enough to vote with the will of the people."That is a lot to ask from Congress members who are being paid off by lobbyists that are paying for the type of government that will benefit the companies they represent.Essentially, we are getting the best government that money can buy.

There is a solution to eliminating paid off politicians.Restrict the number of terms to serve.If there is only one term to serve, Congress members wouldn't have to spend so much time raising money for their next election.There would be no purpose for lobbyists in Washington.

Unfortunately, this is not likely to even being considered because professional politicians like to keep their jobs and health insurance.There are a few dedicated Congress members that are looking out for those folks who voted them into office, but the majority support the wishes of the lobbyists who contributed the most to their next election.

Walt Edwards

Gold Beach

A community to raise a child


The Curry County Leaders Association and Curry County 4-Hers know that it takes a community to raise a child.

Volunteers, businesses and citizens of our county show their support of the 4-H program in so many ways throughout the year. We would like to take a minute to recognize some very special donations through some local businesses and individuals. The leaders association has to keep very concise financial records. Until recently, this was done through the old fashioned ledger system which, though accurate, was very time consuming for the treasurer. Brookings' Fred Meyer was very generous, though their grant program, and donated (a) HP Compaq computer that is capable of supporting software that will allow the needed information to be updated regularly. Their wonderful donation is very much appreciated.

Recently the leaders association faced a formidable task when it was time to submit required forms to the IRS. Mary Anne Lee, MHL Tax Service, stepped forward and generously donated her time and expertise to ensure that these forms were accurate and complete. Driftwood Tack, located in Brookings, helped the leaders association purchase a brand-new set of shears for our livestock members to use on their project animals. Having these shears will allow our members to further their experience with their projects as well as save them a large expense in equipment.

The support of the community has always been a wonderful asset to the program and the leaders association wants to say "thank you!"

If you would like to find out how you can help the 4-H program in Curry County, please contact the Curry County Extension Service at 541-247-6672.

Ruth Dixon, vice president, Curry County

4-H Leaders Association

Signs and right to free speech


Our editor has asked us to stick with the issues and refrain from sarcastic comments, then tempts us beyond human endurance by printing a letter like "Is hate sign free speech?" (Pilot, April 7).

Oh well, the letter does raise an interesting and important question. When should someone's idea of political correctness be allowed by law to override our Constitutional right of free speech?

I do understand the word "suck" is a derogatory slang term, but "Christians suck!" is certainly not the same as saying "Kill all Christians!" Let's use a little common sense when dealing with something as important as our Constitutional rights.

In view of the well-known Christian love for their neighbors, I am a little surprised that this dispute reached the point of involving law enforcement and am glad to hear that the police officer "washed his hands" of it.I am an agnostic and not well-versed in Christian scripture, but isn't calling down the law on your neighbor over a religious dispute something that the Pharisees did?

Just asking!No sarcasm intended!

John Cupp

Smith River

Voice of sanity in sea of hatred


Three cheers for Richard Carey. Finally, a voice of sanity and reason in a time when too many are spewing hate, lies and innuendo that have no basis in fact.

Obviously, too many people have too much time on their hands and spend it listening to the radicals on all sides of the political scene. Perhaps they should get out and volunteer to do something for their community, state or country instead of sitting home thinking of ways to spread hate and dissension.

I am not a Democrat, Republican or any other party. I do not agree with the Tea Party agenda, either. I am a true Independent. Have voted for the person not the party for 56 years and have no political axe to grind. I read, listen and watch all sides before making my decision. I do not, however, listen to the Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh type radicals. They want to tear down not build up.

Is our government right all the time? Heck, no! If they get it right 50 percent of the time, we're lucky. However, come the next election we can always vote in someone new and hope they do better.

So, please, let's work together to help our country get through this difficult time instead of trying to destroy it.

Jan Carringer


Kudos for Walt Schroeder


Thanks for your article on the honor Walt Schroeder received for his work on the Oregon Coast Trail.

Walt's leadership in getting the trail built by hand by Curry County residents has been inspiring. He deserves a lot of credit for making the Coast Trail better and more complete each year.

I encourage anyone who wants to participate in trail-building to help Walt (and Al Collinet, and others) in their efforts each spring and fall. If you're interested, you can usually find an announcement about when the project is going to take place, in the Pilot.

Donald Venes


Extracting gravel from the rivers


I would like to commend the Pilot and reporter Val Corley for thorough coverage of current Curry County issues, and of the Board of Commissioners meeting held April 5 (Pilot, April 7).

Unfortunately, both the headline and the early portion of the story on gravel mining permits in the Chetco River tend to create the impression that the county is concerned about allowing a permit to be issued authorizing continued extraction of gravel from the river. Concerns expressed by the county relate to the terms and conditions for the permit proposed by the Corps of Engineers, especially the drastic quantity limitation and the need for two year lapses between allowable operation. These limitations need a more thorough public discussion and re-consideration.

The county recognizes the need for allowing properly regulated gravel extraction from the river for both environmental and economic reasons These are enumerated in the letter to the Corps of Engineers which is quoted in the Pilot story. A study of long term natural gravel supply to the lower river and of historical gravel extraction was performed by the United States Geological Survey. This study provides a scientific basis for continuing to allow regulated gravel extraction. I am not aware of any science refuting the USGS study.

If aggregate for such uses as repairing local streets and constructing sidewalks and house foundations must be imported from distant sources the cost of the work is greatly increased. Our shaky economy does not need higher maintenance and construction costs

From an environmental perspective the continued long term deposition of sediment in the lower river raises the river bed and decreases channel capacity, increasing the risk of flooding (remember 1996). No adverse effect of lower river gravel extraction on fish populations has been proven

Benjamin Nolan PE