The Curry Coastal Pilot

I am voting for Lucie La Bontandeacute;


I am supporting the candidate for County Commissioner who is a fiscal conservative and has lobbied twice with the National Forest Counties and Schools Coalition to successfully bring dollars to the county through federal legislation.

I am voting for the candidate who is working with that coalition that believes "these funds are to mitigate for the removal of these lands from economic development and settlement." Seventy percent of our lands are federal!

This candidate reduced the county budget, which was in the red when she took office in 2001, and left it with a reserve fund of over $5 million when she left office in 2008. I am voting for Lucie La Bontandeacute; who says, "Without intense lobbying efforts those funds will go away," and is working on that issue now. She believes in success and had proven that the county can be successful.

I am voting for the candidate with a proven track record! I am voting for Lucie La Bontandeacute;!

Linda Brown


Government distrust justified


It is not health care, bailouts, stimulus, entitlements, etc.; it is the composite of all these that has put fear and anger into the people and of their absolute, justified distrust of government!

Government administration and enforcement of the astronomical number of dollars involved (which no person can get their mind around) will inevitably result in loss of individual freedom . The system is socialism. It is an anathema to the foundations of this country defined in part by the Constitution, Declaration of independence and Bill of Rights, which, all had violence associated with their formation! These documents edify principles. They are the guidons of our nation.

When an elected U.S. Congressman turns his head to the TV camera and says "I don't care about the Constitution;" I see this ship of state heading toward the rocks without a rudder for *I believe he is uttering the general sense of feelings and behavior existing in the Congress of the United States and the executive branch, as represented by the chaos of recent legislative debate. We see the waste, inefficiency stupidity and corruption of a lot of government programs.

So what! "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." If you are not affecting anyone else with your actions, government has no business in your affairs, only you are responsible. Government does have a well-defined role but far short of the present tack.

andbull;Vote accordingly!

andbull;We can withhold our taxes. That would take a huge unified effort and becomes a major less-desirable option.

andbull;A revolution (a horrible, terrible prospect). I do not advocate it at this time.

Anarchy is too horrible to contemplate, but there are things worth fighting for. Many have.

Jack M. McGahey


Curry County needs La Bontandeacute;


In May, there's an important primary election to determine who will run for County Commissioner Position No. 1 next fall.

Of the three primary candidates, Lucie La Bontandeacute; is far and away the best choice.

First, she has the experience. She served as county commissioner from 2001 to 2008, and only opted not to seek reelection so she could help out her dad, then stricken by cancer.

With her previous experience as commissioner andndash; including numerous contacts with other public officials andndash; there's no learning curve with Lucie. She'll be ready to go from day one.

And because Lucie has already served as commissioner, she has a track record. It shows that during her previous terms Lucie lobbied Washington hard to keep federal timber funds flowing to Curry County, that she was a staunch advocate for the average citizen, and that she was a tireless supporter of our county's hard-working employees and volunteers.

Lucie also shows her commitment to Curry County andndash; and its economy andndash; by serving on a long, long list of committees and commissions. I serve with Lucie on just one of those committees, and it simply boggles my mind that one person can have the energy to do all that she does. And she does.

That's just one more reason why I say, vote Lucie La Bontandeacute; for County Commissioner Position No. 1.

Pete Chasar


Here to serve, not rule


Why do our property taxes keep going up while the county can't find money to maintain our public buildings and streets?

Why do we always hear sob stories about roofs leaking, public employees getting laid off, or there's not enough money for this or that, Blah, blah, blah! Look, if the residents don't have the money why should the county and city have the right to demand our blood, or stoop to begging from the feds? You folks have to realize that if you don't want to loose your cushy jobs and Cadillac health plans you have to learn to manage our expenses. Isn't that what we hired you for? It doesn't make sense. Government is here to serve, not to rule.

G. W. Smith


We can't all be retired


One letter writer suggested we turn Brookings into a tourist trap. We don't need them.

Another writers doesn't want gravel mining. You want new roads, foundations, curbs and walls, and think the material all comes from Home Depot? A long time ago the river used to gravel in at the mouth of the river and the water used to go out where Smugglers Cove (restaurant) is. And boats couldn't get in or out before they started mining gravel up river.

This used to be a beautiful fishing and lumber town. Everyone could raise their children here. They all had jobs. Now there is very little fishing and logging and you want to take away the industry that everyone needs to build roads, homes, etc.

We all can't be retired.

Milt Gowman


Smokers, care about others


Imagine the worst odor you have ever smelled, making you gag and shake.

Then imagine that stench being blown in your face. This is the effect tobacco smoke has on me and many others who have health problems and allergies.

If you are a smoker please keep this in mind the next time you choose to smoke in entry ways, such as the library and businesses. A 10- foot safety area is not enough. If you see your smoke go in those places, please back off. It's called caring about your fellow human beings.

Barbara J. Parrett-Early


We are not on the 'public dole'


Writer Mr. Schrum asked how "public dole" people, including Social Security and Medicare recipients, can be tea partyers advocating smaller government and less taxes (Pilot, April 3).

Evidently he and others are unaware most pay into Social Security and Medicare (called FICA). I have, since starting work at 16. Every paycheck I earned over the past 37 years, had money deducted to fund future payments to me: I'm fully vested. Social Security is no more welfare than IRAs, 401ks or private pension funds. Congress promised they could make better investments with my money and grow my retirement income better than I could. Unfortunately, they didn't guarantee eight percent annual returns like PERS.

While Congress believes they're funding these through largess, it's only necessary due to their fiscal thievery. Our pension fund was raided by Congress rather than investing it. They also give it to many not vested. Medicare's story is the similar. I also partially prepaid it. It's no less earned than union retirement healthcare. Medicare requires premiums, deductibles, and co-pays as well.

Fact: Medicare is the primary healthcare benefit plan for military retirees over 65. Unemployment is a temporary program whose recipients still pay taxes, sometimes on unemployment benefits themselves. Tea partyers stress educating oneself on the Constitution, U.S. History and Government fundamentals.

Government beneficiaries aren't "on the dole," don't forfeit free speech or voting rights, don't stop paying taxes, and don't stop thinking.

Dianne Daniels

Gold Beach

You have to work to collect


On the dole! Really?

Well I am not a tea partyer, Democrat, or a Republican, but I am an American! And just in case someone out there doesn't know ityou are not on the the dole if you collect unemployment.

First of all you had to work at some time to be able to collect it. Unemployment dollars were paid by your employer in lieu of wages so that you would have money to survive on in the case of a job downturn,such as we are having right now. The same goes double for Social Security for most people who are collecting it. The employee and the employer pay a tax for this benefit. 50-50, again in lieu of wages paid to the worker. Seems some people don't know that we are all taxed for Medicare as well, so that when we are injured or older we will again have money to live on. Just because our government did not care for these funds like they should have, we all have to suffer. Oh by the way, I have never collected unemployment and with the new health-care system I hope to live long enough to collect both social security and Medicare benefits since I have been paying in for over 40 years.

Carl Cooper


Entering the post-oil age


Our future is not tourism, it's local.

With oil declining at four to five percent or more each year, tourism will be declining.

Tourists that do visit our piece of paradise will be fewer and richer; us low income folks will be staying home.

Our future will be much more local than it is now. We will need people who can make what we need, instead of relying on imports from the dictatorship of communist China.

Our fishermen will need to design and build wind-powered ships with axillary motors if they hope to continue fishing in the future.

We will need to grow more of our food locally, not import it from Mexico and Chile, and that food will be organic not "fed" with oil-based fertilizers and pesticides.

We must prepare for a future in which oil will be expensive and scarce, we will walk and bicycle more than drive.

We have arrived at the end of the industrial revolution which was made possible by fossil resources, now we are entering the post-oil age and our lives will be very, very different.

Sheila Chambers


Is hate sign free speech?


Just before Easter our neighbor put a sign in his window for us to read.

It read "Christians suck." We are Christians. In fact, due to the layout of our dead -end street, we are the only Christians that drive by his window.

The sheriff's deputy told us this is completely legal in the name of free speech. What if the sign read the same regarding another faith? How about a particular race? Is it legal to proclaim hate for our neighbors and their faith in the name of "free speech?" Please e-mail me if you know the laws;

Matt Myer


An impressive community


Although my wife andI are lifelong Southern California residents, we are new subscribers to your Pilot (the same name as our local paper)!

I find that reading your paper and doing research online about your surrounding areas is the best way to get to know what the people are like in Southern Oregon. The outreach from your community in helping to find missing Zoey is just what a great town should do.Three cheers to all of you involved in her safe return!There is no doubt that Zoey will do great things for Brookings in the future.

This is the kind of place that I'd liketo be a part of.A city big enough for life's necessities, but still small enough to know to come together to resolvea serious situation.I was lucky to retire at the age of 50 after 30 years with the City of Newport Beach and my wife and I are looking forward to our first vacationtrip to the Brookings area April 15-25. We're looking forward to spending timein some of your hotels, restaurants and shops andgetting the chance to meet some of your fine citizens. And maybe I'll try to catch a salmon or two while we're there!What an impressive community!

Markand Jessie Harris

Costa Mesa, Calif.

Don't take letter seriously


The Curry Coastal Pilot continues to ignore its own policy against publishing letters that include "irresponsible or unverifiable characterizations or charges against any individual or organization." One recent example is a letter from Jeff McMoran (Pilot, March 31).

Mr. McMoran's letter combines childish name calling with made-up facts in a rambling rant directed at Democrats. He starts our by referring to "Comrade Obama" and "Botox Pelosi." He claims that they both called the heath care bill a "fiasco" and quoted them as both saying that they will wait until after it passes "... and then we'll see what's in it."

The name calling is simply childish, and the quote is fabricated. It's obviously a deliberate misquote based on an intentionally deceptive five second YouTube video of Speaker Pelosi that contains only part of one sentence. The point Speaker Pelosi was actually making was that the dialogue on health care reform has been so contaminated by its opponents' lies and deceptions that the truth will only become apparent to most people after the bill has passed. Here are her actual words: "... we will have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy."

Then Mr. McMoran goes on to say that "Oregon and Nevada are getting Californicated" and that Congressman Barney Frank and another "goofball" whose name he can't remember are "tax cheats." He throws in the word "socialist" a couple of times and cites an alleged Vladimir Putin quote saying that the United States is becoming a socialist state because of things like cell phones and cheeseburgers.

The Pilot shouldn't take letters like this seriously. Neither should you.

Tomas Bozack


Glad to be part of community


Hospitality 101 Event and Awards thank you: I'd like to take a moment to thank the folks at Hospitality 101, the associated chambers of commerce and everyone involved for all that they are doing for our community.

I was honored and very humbled to be the first recipient of the "Business of the Month" award and upon receiving this award I was so moved by emotion that pretty much all I did was stand up on the stage and cry. It is truly an honor to be a part of our Southern Oregon coastal community, and to be embraced and validated in such a way. So to all involved, thank you! To my staff and our growing customer base, thank you! By the way, Moose Creek is not moving or closing as seems to be the rumor. With tremendous gratitude,

Alice Hammermeister Moose Creek Bath and Body, Gold Beach

Obama lying to the people again


President Barry has gone out of his way to lie to the American people again.

Time and time again Barry Obama gave Sarah Palin and her goofy unknown running mate a hard time for being in favor of oil drilling during the 2008 campaign.

Barry Obama told the American people that oil drilling would not make the gas prices drop even one cent.

Imagine my surprise when I find out that President Barry is now in favor of oil drilling off the coast of Virginia!

Everybody knows that so-called environmentalist organizations like the Sierra Club are in the hip pocket of the Democrat Party, and will give President Barry a pass on this.

I thought that the gas prices were going to go down when his holiness replaced the two Texas oil men in the White House. I guess I was wrong.

Lindsay Graham of South Carolina wants to give amnesty to 20 million illegal immigrants. He also wants everybody else to register for a national ID card.

It doesn't surprise me that the same people who are in favor of amnesty are also in favor of fascism, American style. This is only my informed opinion.

Just ask the good folks of Germany, Spain, and Italy, a little bit of fascism never hurt anybody.

Alex Jones is coming out with two new DVDs in April, just in case there is anybody out there concerned, about Fascism coming to America.

The name of the movies are "Police State IV" and "Invisible Empire."

Sean Hannity only wishes he could be a great American like Alex Jones.

Joe Thomas