The Curry Coastal Pilot

Opinions mine, not the port's


In my recent letter to the editor (Pilot, March 31), regarding the issues of amending the city charter and annexation: Some may get the impression that I was speaking for the port commission.

In fact, The opinions I expressed were mine alone. The issue to my knowledge has never been discussed at a port commission meeting and it certainly, was not my intent to give the impression otherwise.

Please accept my apologies for any confusion this may have caused your readers. Once again I was only expressing my personal opinion on the matter.

Jim Relaford


Reconfirming Bush Doctrine


It was nice to hear from Gary, "Yes, our nation is in trouble," (Pilot, March 27), a resident of Whittier, President Nixon's home town.

This is especially true when one considers Nixon's peccadillo at Watergate, compared to Obama's carefully chosen tax cheats, grifters, lobbyist-retreads, communists and redistribution of wealthy folks who take it from those that earned it and give it to those that won't try.

As some must be aware, President Bush safeguarded us through the Bush Doctrine for about eight years. Obama has not only reconfirmed (the) Bush Doctrine spending but has now made Bush's administration look like spending pikers by out-spending his whole eight years in less than two!

Most of us do make unintentional mistakes andndash; that of course does not include Obama and the Chicago Gang that well-planned continued warfare that you do not seem to like at all.

Perhaps the $$$$$$ Gary referred to in his letter is not Bush but Obama and his Congress, which is more like $$$$$$ (cubed).

Doug Bewall

Gold Beach

Betraying oath to Constitution


2,000 years ago, Judas, one of the first 12 disciples, betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

Judas never repented but eventually committed suicide. There's an interesting parallel between Judas, who also was a thief, and many members of Congress: They are betraying their oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution as well as their Congressional oath, and failing to truly represent the very people who elected them, with their "30 pieces of silver" ranging from a ride in Air Force One to huge financial bribes for their states and probably lining their own pockets as well. They steal from us with their irresponsible spending of our tax dollars and they've stolen many of our rights.

Whether they are so blind that they fail to realize the American people as a whole are sick of their betrayal and selling their votes to force all kinds of anti-Constitutional acts down our throats, or maybe they just don't care, but they are committing political suicide and, as far as I'm concerned, it can't happen too soon.

Doris Roepke


Postal workers and regulations


Postal employees do not deserve Mr. Whalen's criticism.

His remarks in a letter to the editor (Pilot, March 27) were obviously made with minimum knowledge of his subject. We are each prone to do this when something negative occurs in our lives. Most postal employees try very hard to provide the best service postal regulations permit.

Brookings street delivery is provided by rural carriers. Postal service management and the rural carrier union officials have established regulations that control how your mail is delivered. Individual street mail boxes are serviced by the carrier from the window of the vehicle. Usually the carrier is not permitted to dismount (exit the vehicle) and deliver to this box. That is why are you required to keep the area withing 25 feet of the box unobstructed.

Rural carriers are permitted to dismount to deliver to multiple boxes (boxes that are grouped together). Dismount delivery to grouped boxes can usually be done faster than vehicle delivery. Time is money and management is charged with delivering mail in the most timely manner.

Postmasters and postal managers do not "make up rules." Postal regulations can be changed but any change must be justified and approved by management above the postmaster pay grade. Usually the employee union officials must agree with the change.

Larry Aslinger

retired postmaster


Wrongfully cited and fined


I was wrongfully cited and fined by an Oregon State Trooper claiming I was going 75 mph in a 55 mph zone.

If anyone else has been wrongfully given a ticket, for any reason, by an Oregon State Trooper, please contact me at 541-469-9313 and ask for Tom.

We have an obligation and a responsibility to try to stop this kind of illegal activity. Thank you.

Thomas Moody


Future is tourism, not mining


Right on to Yvonne Maitland for her insightful observation of the self-serving, local gravel industry concerns for more product (Pilot, March 10).

As newcomers moving to Brookings with a fresh view, I want to say "Wake up Brookings community leaders." The economic future is in tourism, marketing the pristine environment and recreational opportunities, not gravel mining which mars the very river that should exemplify wild.

Terry Johnson


Animal control deserves support


Curry County Commissioners have been asked by the Sheriff's Departmentto cut Animal Control and the Animal Shelter out of their budget. The Sheriff's Departmentalso urged them to consider havingthe shelter taken over privately. Yet would there really be enough donations to keep it up and running?

Without an animal control officer, who would retrieve a dog at large? If a frightened animal became aggressive, how would the public be protected?

The commissioners are obligated by law to serve the taxpayers of this county in a manner that's fair and equitable to all its citizens and inhabitants. This week, as they deliberate spending for the new fiscal year,they need to findthe means to keep animal control and the shelter in the county budget.

If theyvote totake away funding for a much-needed facility,this would begoing against the will of the people.They would, in fact, be disregarding all pet owners and their pets, as well as all stray and lost animals.

A few commissioners are hell-bent on enhancing and expanding the Brookings Municipal Airport, resulting in hoursof related meetings. What a shame this time and energy wasn't spent finding a solution to protectfunding foranimal control and the animal shelter.

Here's one solution:

Increase sheriff's department budget while putting on hold any increase in funding for items such as the Brookings Airport. Additionally, have an independent auditor verify that every dollar allotted, is actually going to animal control and animal shelter, and not, for example, to improving the jail, etc.

If animal control doesn't fit well in the sheriff's department, then add it to emergency services and increase funding. Or copy Del NorteCounty andndash; where animal control has its own department.

Respectfully counting on all pet-lovers to voice their concern. Please call, write, or e-mail the county commissioners and sheriff's department in Gold Beach. See contact information in the Elected Officials box on Page 4A.

Catherine (Cathy) L. Cato


Health district afford the debt?


And all residents of Curry County: My family always adheres to a budget whenever we need to purchase something.

We make sure that we can afford its cost. This is accomplished by saving through sacrifice.A large purchase, like a home or an automobile, is financed at terms and conditions that we can afford on an ongoing monthly basis until the debt is paid in full.

This type of financial discipline does not seem to parallel that of Curry Health District.Recently it was publicized that the district was forced to lay off personnel due to a lack of demand for medical service in the county; yet the district proceeds on a new clinic in Brookings, while its financial bottom line continuously flutters about in the red.

Can Curry Health District afford a debt with approximate interest payments of $75,000 per month or $900,000 per year?These calculations are based on a bond debt of $13,495,000 at a minimum interest rate of 6.6 percent for (20). Perhaps it's finally time for the chief financial officer to explain the dire consequences of this massive debt (which clearly they cannot afford), to the chief executive officer.Come to think of it, maybe we all need an explanation of how they expect to pay for this debt. After all, if we are not in the district now, we soon will be asked to join.

The consequences would be grave for all, if Curry Health District cannot meet its financial obligations on this costly bond financing. Surely, the residents of Gold Beach, or for that matter, all residents of Curry County would not want Sutter Coast Hospital as their only alternative for medical care in the area should the health district fail.

A concerned citizen,

Aletha Wehtje


Enough with the hostility


No party andndash; not even the tea party andndash; has an exclusive claim to patriotism and love of country, although you'd never guess it from the hostile voices so often heard on these pages.

We're getting nowhere like this.Maybe, before we start accusing our fellow citizens of treason and worse, we should remember that Democrats and Republicans alike gave up their lives on Normandy's beaches, in Vietnam's jungles, and now in the bloody wastelands of Iraq and Afghanistan.

In what may be the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, we need to start working together instead of against one another. To grow strong again, we must look to our common challenges and seek out solutions that help us all.To paraphrase Ross Perot, we need to open the hood and fix the engine.Who cares what party the wrench belongs to if it helps us get the car running? Americans used to be known for pragmatic common sense, getting the job done andndash; and getting it done better than anyone else. That's a legacy worth preserving.

Some actually benefit from all this hatefulness. It feeds the ratings (and wallets) for so many talk show hosts! They profitably fan our anger while the daunting challenges we face keep growing, while the whole world waits for us to lead the way. What if, right here in this beautiful town of Brookings, we opted to have a genuine dialogue rather than wallow in a poisonous stream of insults and silly accusations?Maybe we can start something good. It's up to us.

Richard Carey


Explaination from tea party?


Would someone from the Republican Party, and the teabag party, explain to the rest of us how one can be on the "public dole" and marching in the streets, with the tea bag members, demanding less government and lower taxes?

Here's why:I read that a percentage of those tea bag members protesting are on unemployment, Social Security and Medicare.Have I missed something along the line?If we do get an explanation, it should be a "doozy."

Mike Schrum


TV commercials gone wild


I would like to comment about too many commercials on TV.

I have Direct TV and it's getting to the point that there are more commercials than TV programs! Also, the quality of the programs leave something to be desired. There should be more family- oriented programs. If it weren't for the Animal Planet, there would be nothing to watch a good part of the time. Also, there are too many ED (erectile dysfunction), Cialis and Viagra-type commercials.

Catherine L. Wilson


Obey the law, licene your pets


We have lived in Curry County over 40 years and never has the Animal Shelter been as well run as it is now under Catherine Powers.

She has also inspired a cadre of volunteers who contribute untold hours and dollars to provide compassionate care for the many unfortunates who end up there.

It is possible to visit the shelter seven days a week which has made uncounted adoptions possible.In prior years, if you were seeking a pet, it was very difficult to find the shelter open for even a few hours once or twice a week.That resulted in many. many dogs being killed for lack of finding a new home.

The shortfall in funds will easily be erased if residents will stop breaking the law by not licensing their dogs. Yes, the law.If you consider yourself a law abiding citizen, license your dog.If you have a fenced yard and never expect your dog to escape, we commend you.That does not exempt you from the licensing law.Do your civic duty and feel proud.It will help provide care for the unfortunates who haven't experienced a good home yet.It will give them a chance to find that special situation and it will help keep this top of the line facility open.

We have licensed 11 dogs over the years and consider the animal shelter very worthy of our support.

Rochelle and Joe Genre

Gold Beach