The Curry Coastal Pilot

Thanks to all in the search


I want to compliment all the many people who searched for Zoey on Mountain Drive. We live on this road and saw the many people walking up and down the road. What a wonderful area we live in that so many people care about each other. Thank you to all the people involved in the search.

Len Burton


The true heart of community


This is such a great community!

We live on Mountain Drive, and just to see the hundreds of people who showed up to help find little Zoey was wonderful! They even had to walk more than a mile up this hill just to help as there was no place for them to park all the cars. We gave some a ride back down after she was found. I hope the people who have said Brookings is not friendly find out what we are really like. Great work everyone!

Love this place!

Georgia Boggess


Community's effort amazing



I first want to start out by saying thank goodness that Zoey Dorsey has been found alive and in fairly good condition. But our thanks go out to each and every person involved in this search. That search helicopter the first night ran until 1 a.m. And I am glad it did. I heard people out screaming for her until after midnight, along with my family. It made me so thankful to have such awesome neighbors. I am a neighbor of the Dorsey family and let me tell you this community rocks!

When they all gathered at the bottom of Mountain Drive they were all very courteous and determined to find Zoey. A lot were crying but they pushed on. It's times like this that I am so glad we live in this community. Thank you to each and everyone of the volunteers and to the Dorsey family. Your very blessed. Appreciate every minute you have.

Sherry Fletcher


What a great community


Thanks to a sister and brother-in-law that live on that mountain and your excellent coverage, we have followed the case of the missing child Zoey with great interest.

What a gut-wrenching experience it must have been for the parents. Congratulations to the professionals and the wonderful volunteers that saved this child. Such community involvement is heartening to all. You did Brookings proud.

JD and Leslie Evans

Henrietta, Texas

Facts about marine reserves


I read the article written by Valliant Corley (Pilot, Feb. 27) and noted some misinformation and confusion within the community pertaining to the prohibitions that will take effect for the Redfish Rocks and Otter Rock pilot marine reserve sites on June 30, 2011.

I'd like to take this opportunity to clarify the regulations that have recently been adopted by state agencies.

As required by Oregon House Bill 3013, Oregon's Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), Department of State Lands, and Parks and Recreation Department have adopted rules to establish the two pilot marine reserve sites. The state agency rules articulate the activities that will be prohibited within the sites. Activities that are not expressly prohibited, and currently legal, will continue to be allowed. In general the ODFW, rules pertain to fishing and hunting activities while the DSL rules pertain to kelp harvest and the issuances of removal-fill permits and authorizations to use or place structure on, in, or over state-owned submerged or submersible lands.

All other activities that are not expressly prohibited, and otherwise currently legal, will be allowed within the sites; such as scuba diving (non-consumptive), transiting in motorized or manpowered boats (so long as no fishing gear is deployed), and swimming.

For copies of the final regulations adopted by the agencies, please visit the Oregon Marine Reserves web site at: and click on "Marine Reserve Rules Adopted".

Thank you for your time. I would greatly appreciate the Curry Coastal Pilot sharing this information. Please don't hesitate to call me with any questions pertaining to the regulations.

Cristen Don

ODFW Marine Resources Program leader


Sign up for the Lion's Club


As President of the Brookings-Harbor Lions Club I wish to thank the citizens of Brookings-Harbor for their endless support of our many projects that help the less fortunate.

As a result of your contributions to Kans 4 Kids we have been able to provide this year: 76 eye exams and glasses; clothing for all needy students andndash; K through Middle school; flags for first graders; Christmas baskets for the needy; 2,200 pounds of food for our food bank; funds to support our cross country team; hearing aids for the hearing impaired; cataract operations; sleeping bags for the homeless; emergency help for citizens in distress and many others.

April is membership month for our Lions Club. If you are interested and need more information call me at 541-412-7846, and I'll buy the coffee.

George Fernandez

president Brookings-Harbor Lions Club


Take on health care debate


In regard to Premier Danny Williams's heart surgery in Miami: As is typical of the recent health-care debate, several facts were overlooked by the writer.

First, he paid for the surgery himself, and as such, he is free to go wherever he wants. Second, he was offered the best available procedure, in Canada. Third, his surgery in Miami involved an experimental procedure and device. Although the advertising makes it sound promising, at least two previous devices have been withdrawn for bad outcomes. Fourth, the Canadian system is not in the habit of offering experimental or dangerous procedures at public expense. Fifth, many people, like Premier Williams, do just as well with medical treatment instead of surgery.

Finally, one only needs to look locally for a reason why this "restriction" on care might be publicized. The Tenet Hospital of Redding and at least five of its now unlicensed cardiac surgeons have already paid out over $100 million in fines and settlements for bogus, fraudulent, and unnecessary cardiac procedures. (U.S. Attorney Scott, Eastern California).

For American hospitals, invasive cardiology is their largest profit center, and the threat of scientific evaluation of their procedures is enough to invigorate any number of false opinions.

Dr. Lawrence Witt


Majority favor health care plan


Re: "Mad hatters" letter: The author of the letter regarding tea parties made a statement that it is "an outright lie;" that most people are opposed to Obama's health care plan.

This author needs to get her facts correct. According to the latest Rasmussen poll only 42 percent of the Americans support the plan, with only 20 percent strongly favoring it. However, 53 percent are opposed, with 41 percent of those strongly opposing.

So, if the Congress really wants to reflect the will of the people it will vote this plan down. There is no question that most Americans favor reforming the health care system, but that is far different from what is being proposed by Congress.

One problem with the current proposal is that no one really knows what is in the final bill and how it will impact society. Even Nancy Pelosi said Congress should hurry up and vote for the plan so they can then find out what it says in the bill. Now, I know that gives me a lot of confidence in the plan! How about you?

Myron Whiting


Coast Guard: job well done


Recently my boat became disabled and it became necessary to request assistance from our local U.S. Coast Guard station.

The cutter 47237 responded and carried out a 13-mile tow with professional skill. The competence and team work aboard the cutter was outstanding.

We are fortunate that local Coast Guard support is readily available. Without doubt, there are times when their service will preclude tragedy.

Thanks to the Coast Guard station for a job well done!

Gerald Mikell

F/V Fishbuster 7


Complain about junk TV


Our television viewing has gone to hell in a hand basket.

Commercials, commercials, commercials, sitcoms, soap operas, reruns, junk not worth viewing. There have been so many complaints to consumer complaints, dot com, and also, the Better Business Bureau that 10 per cent of Americans nationwide, have complained of television and cable service. If you are also tired of this, please notify the above mentioned organizations.

Let your complaints be heard. It's only going to get worse, if we don't do something about it now.

Jerry Hartzell


Updating the city's charter


In 1988, the City of Brookings voters passed two bond measures.

One being the relocation of the water intake facility, and is described in Chapter XI of the City Charter. The other being for wastewater treatment plant facilities, and is described in Chapter XII.

Both of these bond projects have been completed long ago and the indebtedness has been repaid.

The city's bond counsel, KandL gates, LLP, has stated that Chapters XI and XII of the City Charter are no longer needed (copy of letter available upon request).

In an attempt to update the City Charter, the Citizens to Update the City Charter committee has placed Measure 08-64 and 08-65 on the May 18 ballot.

Furthermore, there would be no financial impact on the citizens of Brookings; specifically, there would be no change in property taxes, water, or sewer fees if these measures were passed.

As you may be aware, the city has been updating the numerous documents utilized in day-to-day policy-driven operations. These measures represent a continuance of this policy.

The Citizens to Update the City Charter committee recommends this amendment. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the following committee members:

Tim Patterson,


Jack Cook


Skip Watwood,



Looking at the wrong party


Tom, as vice chair Curry County Democratic Central Committee you have the same access to historic data as the public (Pilot, March 17).

President Bush warned the Democrat-ridden Congress and its "leadership" that their practices threatened our economy. Their committees continued to apply illogical home-loan practices through directives instead of new laws. You ask for proof of my letter's contents: the proof is in the devastating failure of our economy brought on by these loans. The same persons that caused this disaster are still at it today.

More proof Tom? OK, the economy is not improving now for the same reason it failed before: Political not-sane economy practices by the same Congress (now publicly rated with the lowest percentage of approval in the history of the country). Need more Tom? Look who was bailed out when the failure started in the economy: Joint government agencies that guaranteed all of these bad loans, by directive, followed by the giant loan companies followed by the manipulative resellers of these bad loans followed by banking systems that packaged the loans for resale while covering up the condition of these loans.

As a final fact for you, Tom, Senator Dodd, with his own sweetheart home loan and co-conspirator to provide the legal framework for the bad loan practice is not running for re-election. A long-sitting (literally) senator who does not run again?

"Well honed demagoguery" Tom? That is the real canard: You're looking at the wrong party as the problem.

Doug Bewall

Gold Beach

Identify what we object to


In your Opinion section (Pilot, March 13), there appears an interesting letter from Francena (Nan) Badger expounding upon her (apparent) direct knowledge of the malfeasance afoot in Boston Harbor so many years ago.

Ms. Badger writes a stirring letter, albeit better suited toward children's books. Her reference to Congressional votes in the "No" category being "forced to surrender their free health plan" is the attitude that a lot of us object to in the current administration. The "shove it down their throats" philosophy of the Pelosi Congress makes even the best ideas appear objectionable. Tea bags, tea boxes, mad hatters and Scrooge analogies go nowhere in solving the issues. We need to read the bill, identify what we object to (not what party we belong to) and make suggestions that deal with the issues. 1,000 pages that have not been read nor digested are a threat to everyone's freedom.

By the way, the Congressional Health Care Plan over there in Bethesda, Md., is the same facility that I invested 20 years of military service to earn. I don't subscribe to a politician getting same said benefits of an active duty soldier or sailor while gutting our retirement and Social Security plans. Let's add a paragraph that requires politicians to use the same health care plans that retirees end up with and that will be change we can live with.

Neil Hamilton


Young players are our future


Basketball proves the future is bright.

Once again the basketball season for the Bruins Brookings-Harbor High School boys and girls has come to an end.

This brings a bittersweet ending for me. My son is in his senior year, this is it for his high school career. Yet, I am so looking forward to next year's season just as I found myself looking forward to this season. I watched both the boys and girls become a family within their teams. Such inner strength found in fellow teammates is refreshing. With great guidance by their coaches, the players have exercised this in their daily living on and off the court.

Words cannot express the joy and feeling as a parent to sit on the sidelines and watch such great young men and women; they are our future. I am proud to say that I have been a part of this experience.

As for the seniors, Cody, Jacob, Joey, are a part of my heart and I wish all the best for you and your future endeavors. I know that you will succeed in wherever your paths take you. As for the coaches, thank you Coach Wood, Coach Young, Coach Scofield, and Coach Farmer. You have such a powerful love for these kids. I thank each of you for the commitment you have given these young men and women.

Penny Miller


Pulling the wool over your eyes


Two letters (Pilot, March 17), concerned the tea party movement.

Yes, the tea party movement is the result of conservative think tank leadership to try to recover the White House for the Republican Party.

One need only check on who is leading it and what their connections are to see that. But more important is what do they really want. Read their books!

What they want is for this country to become a business autocracy. They want to do away with all programs, which in any way inhibit business.This includes child labor laws, Social Security, Medicare, trade laws, and all regulations on business. They announce very boldly that they believe as Calvin Coolidge stated that, "The business of America is business, and nothing should ever interfere with that."Why is it that at every function of the tea party all you see is anti-Obama signs? At every tea party function all you hear is anti-Obama rhetoric?I do not agree with everything the President has done, but, and every American voter should do this, never forget that 12 years of Republican conservative rule drove this country into a depression, that George Bush was the first president in history who fought a war on borrowed money and that the Republicans took this country from a surplus to $1.5 trillion in debt.Every time we, as a people, vote we should keep those last three items in mind.Don't try to alibi them away, claim they don't exist, or try to hide them. Just remember them.And don't try to tell me, "well, look at what the Democrats have done," because they have not been in office long enough to do much of anything and they inherited the mess.

Just remember folks.Don't let Republican conservatives pull the wool over your eyes.

Dominic G. Petrucelli