The Curry Coastal Pilot

Hey ODOT! Time to Git-R-Done


The summer 2009?

The signs say the summer 2009. It should read the summer 2019. This about the mess at the north bank road and 101. They need to get the stop lights working. It seems that the weather slowed the black top; that makes sense, but what's up with the lights? If this was to be done in the summer of 2009 what is the holdup with the stop lights now, or (are) they going to wait till there is a bad pile up and someone gets hurt or killed to get things done.

There is no left turn but no one obeys that. Let's get on the ball and get it done, or start fining this outfit for every day that it is not done or is another ODOT screw up. If so they should pay Brookings for the wear on the side streets to help repair the already-bad streets due to all the extra traffic that has taken its toll on the roads. "Git-R-Done."

Eugene Bond


Agency trying to stop everything


Oregon has shot itself in the foot while trying to draw its LCDC (Land Conservation and Development Commission) pistol to stop industry, to stop near everything.

The LCDC BIble is a planning disaster andndash; following the leader turns out not good at all. Nobody in their right mind should move to Oregon thinking they can have any constitutional rights to private property; it no longer exists in Oregon. Zoning and planning is so screwed, that no one in their right mind would want to face such a bureaucratic maze. To think that Oregon has let this happen, by people who should look to the future, to their children or grandchildren, and see how much they have screwed the future over by being a simple-minded clone and a robot trying to mutate others into the so-called "perfect plan."

Here's some of the issues in Oregon that erases all of the legislation and legalities in one fell swoop. Oregon in the 1850s, illegally surveyed all of the Indian reservations in direct defiance of granting reservation rights. They did this by claiming the Indians had freely moved away, abandoned their homelands by their own choice. To these claims, they never mentioned the advance guard of the survey team would fire off cannons to scare the Indians away as they moved through, out of sight, out of luck. Anyway, after many years, that survey was used to verify statehood, the dates on the surveys were illegally changed to fit the rush to statehood. Later on, that survey was found to be wrong by 100 feet in each direction, and a new survey was ordered. Legally this is like "do it now and ask forgiveness later." None the less, statehood was granted with a bogus survey, illegal, a changed date, and murdered and moved Indians thereafter. Oregon is an illegal state.

G.G. Thompson


'Mad hatters' an appropriate title


Please permit a Bostonian to correct the misnomer of "tea party."

They are confusing the Boston tea party with the Mad Hatters tea party in "Alice in Wonderland" andndash; or do they honestly believe their own comic speechwriters? I'm afraid they do not realize that tea bags had not yet been invented! Tea came in large wooden crates, not in tiny, fragile little bags. Hence "mad hatters" would be a much-more appropriate name for their cause.

Any member of Congress who votes "No" on Obama's health plan should be forced to surrender his or her free health care plan which is paid for by the taxpayers. We have heard Republicans say repeatedly that the majority of the public is against his plan, and you and I both know this is an outright lie! And they know it!

Do they remember poor old Scrooge? When asked to help the poor, he replied, "Let them die and decrease the surplus population." Perhaps Scrooge just had the courage to say out loud what the Republicans say by all their actions and repeated insinuations against our president.

Have any of you blockers of the president's health care plan ever had a very sick child, and you could not afford a doctor? Try that on for size, and see if it is a comfortable fit. I can assure you, it is not! And I truly hope you never learn it the hard way.

Francena (Nan) Badger


For the love of salami!


Deli please!

Last week I was visiting a local eating establishment and asked if they had any capicola salami. "What is that?" the young lady replied.

"How about some Genoa, saprasata, how about some good toscano?"

"What is it?" she replied.

It's Italin salami that is sliced thin for sandwiches. I've noticed quite a number of the folks here have never eaten real Italian foods. Will somebody here please open a real Italian deli andndash; please!

Gary Dell'Abate


Health care andndash; Canadian style


Interesting, isn't it, that the premier of Labrador and Newfoundland would choose to have his heart surgery performed in the U.S. rather than take his chances on a waiting list in Canada.

So much for his confidence in Canada's health care system. (See

An interesting conversation (when) two elderly Canadians, touring the coast, said it's normal to have a six to eight week wait for a doctor's appointment and a six to eight month wait for major surgeries. When asked the question about life-threatening surgeries she replied "tough luck."Any major health problems that arise with her family members, her quote was "We come to America!"

Post health care bill passage: Ready for the question? Where are we going to be able to go?

P.B. Wintersteen


Adios my fine feathered friend


Hello friends andndash; The dog lady here to say hi to our dog fans.

Today my heart is broken. I lost one of (my) friends. As you know my friends are special andndash; most of them have four legs andndash; but this one had only two, and a lot of beautiful feathers.

His name was Amigo and I had the pleasure of his friendship for a long time. You know those of us (who) have had animals in our lives know something that those who don't . They know that if you have had a bad day they will be so glad to see you when you walk in that door. They won't judge you for saying the wrong thing and, in my case, that can be a lot. They won't hold a grudge for a stupid mistake that you may have made. They won't stay mad. They will love you andndash; just for being there. They will always be glad to see you.

So don't rush out the door; pause and give an extra hug to your friend. You will be so glad you did. I will miss you Amigo, Speedy.

Ede Viale


Love, hugs for local groups


We at South Coast Humane Society wish to express our sincere gratitude to the beautiful women of the Brookings Emblem Club and Laureate Sigma Beta Sigma Phi.

Both organizations gifted the shelter with generous donations this month and we appreciate their thinking of us when it came time to pick charitable organizations within the community for donations. The money we received from these two groups was enough to feed all of our shelter animals for over three months. They truly make a difference. Without these wonderful organizations and dedicated people in our area we would cease to exist.

Our love and hugs go out to these groups for helping us with our work.

Audrey Morris,

executive director

South Coast Humane Society


Segregate dogs from children


I thought that when Easy Manor Park was cleaned up, the idea was that it would be a safe place for "young mothers to take their kids to play."

A large part of the design was toddler inspired. What happens when a 120-pound dog is allowed unleashed and knocks down a one-year-old baby. Not all dogs are nice, and not everyone likes them, not all toddlers understand how to approach dogs they don't know. How bad will we feel when a child grabs a dog too roughly and the dog bites back, not to mention when a couple (of) dogs in the same area decide they don't like one another and a kid gets injured in the scuffle. Were the shock absorbing mats put in place so that when little doggies fell down, they wouldn't hurt themselves?

I have dogs, I love them, but the new play area wasn't meant for them. I think it would be fair if the dogs were confined to the grassy back half of the park.

Trish Ballance


Teaching kids about finances


First of all I would like to thank the following ladies from CFCU (Chetco Federal Credit Union) for coming into my eighth-grade United Sates History class.

They are Sara Robinson, Susan Lunsford, and Sherrey Rodgers. By March 17, they will have spent seven weeks teaching over 130 eighth graders about the financial world around them. We called it CFCU Wednesday.

I feel that this program has been very successful for the children and the ladies. Sara, Susan, and Sherrey have spent many hours preparing and it showed. The powerpoints and book lessons that they had the students complete were highly effective. They taught the students about how to balance a checkbook, prepare loan applications, and deal with credit reports. I truly feel the students have gained more than they have shown. They have gained life skills, that if they start putting them in place now, they will be far ahead of other people their age around the nation. The ladies have taught the kids about financial stability andndash; a great thing for this time and date.

It was a great experience for all students involved. Thank you again for allowing them to spend time with our youth.

Jason P. Fulton

Eighth grade U.S. History teacher

Azalea Middle School


Calling Curry County vets


A bunch of hard nose, stubborn, and cranky old vets are still getting together from all over Curry County, determined to develop a permanent Curry County Veterans Memorial.

The steering committee was formed back in September of 2009. From that steering committee, a board of directors was established and they are in the process of requesting a formal 501.3c non-profit status for the Curry County Veterans Memorial Association. (CCVMA)

The board met for the first time on Jan. 27, in Gold Beach. (I said we're determined, not fast, so no smart remarks, capeeshe!)

Now that the board has been formed, it is time for the over 3,400 vets living in Curry County to voice their opinion as to what this permanent memorial should look like. We need drawings, hand-written descriptions, pictures of existing memorials or whatever you can come up with. A site has not been chosen, so any design can be adjusted to the size of the site. The memorial is to honor all men and women of Curry County who served in all branches of service. So please, help.

Please send your ideas to CCVMA, P.O. Box 24, Port Orford, OR 97465 or call Phil Colozzi, 541-332-6490 or Sam Vitale, 541-469-6443.

Phil Colozzi, Chairman

Curry County Veterans Memorial Association (CCVMA)

Maya is a brave nine year old


How refreshing to see the article ofMaya Primich on the front page (Pilt, March 6), takinga standto protect her and other dog owners rights and better our community.

Maya is a brave nine year old who decided to take action instead of complaining to her parents, friends, or teachers. She wrote a letter to the editor and spoke before the Brookings Parks and Recreation Commission. I hope her action encourages other members ofthe community to take action, not by just writing a letter to the editor to complain about the pot holes orpolitical whining,but (to) see the opportunity to better our community by possibly applying for one of the seven vacant commission and committee seats.

Serra E. Smith


Fill out, don't boycott Census


The 2010 U.S. Census form will be arriving in your mailbox next week.

When it comes, fill it out accurately andndash; not hard, only 10 basic questions andndash; and return it right away.You won't even need to add a stamp; it's postage-paid.

Returning it promptly will mean it doesn't get lost in the flotsam and jetsam of your household paperwork, and it'll help our community.The census count will determine the portion of funding our county receives from Oregon's federal funds, and will guide redistricting of U.S. Congressional representatives.

One caveat: Don't fall victim to census scams!Any form that asks for a social security number, money, or bank information is a scam, and should be reported to our local police.

Some have suggested boycotting the census as a form of political activism.Activism is fine, but the census isn't the place to practice youractivism!Activism should improve our community, but a boycott of the census will backfire, and do just the opposite.Congress allocates more than $400 billion per year to states, based on population.The states then distribute the funds to counties, based on population.What determines the population of each state and county?The census, of course! If you boycott the census you're cheating our state and county of our share of these funds.

So, return your household's census form promptly to help your neighbors receive their fair share of federal and state funds, and make sure our state is fairly represented in Congress for the next 10 years.

Linda Bozack


America is in crisis!


Our Presidents and members of Congress have placed America into debt amounting to trillions of dollars. How did we get into this mess and, more importantly, how do we get out. We got into it because we ignored the Constitution. That gives only very specific and limited powers and responsibilities to the federal government andndash; all others are reserved to the states or to the people. The Constitution does not give the federal government the power to:

andbull;Give billions of dollars in aid to foreign countries;

andbull;Bail out bankrupt banks and mortgage holders;

andbull;Federally fund education.

andbull;Take control of a private company and fire its CEO;

andbull;Create a private bank (The Federal Reserve System, which has monumentally debased our currency), only the power of Congress to coin money;

andbull;Create a socialist health care system;

andbull;Subsidize ethanol;

andbull;A multitude of others.

It is terribly late in the game, but there are ways to return America to its former greatness. It will be done by returning to the Constitution: andbull;We must cut tax rates as did JFK and Reagan to encourage our citizens to create wealth;

andbull;We must cut government spending, eliminate pork barrel entitlements, and reduce waste in every facet of our government; 3. We must return to the morality and honesty of our Founders.

Warren Roepke


No cold shoulder in Brookings


Lately there have been folks writing the Pilot about the "cold shoulder" from Brookings residents.

Baloney! Besides all the friendly folks found around town, I had an experience Monday that exemplifies the warm, good-hearted people of Brookings.

I recently relocated to Brookings and was exploring North Bank Road when I thought it was time to turn around. As I did so my rear wheel dropped into a hole and I was stuck. After an hour trying to dig myself out I decided I needed to seek help. I walked down the hill for about 45 minutes when a couple of pickups drove past me going back up the road. I didn't have time to flag them down, so I kept walking. Five minutes later one of the trucks came back and stopped and the driver asked me if that was my truck stuck back up the road. "Yep, that's mine," I replied. "Jump in," the driver said, so I started to get in the back when the young lady sitting in the passenger seat said, "Wait, I'll get in back." Long story short, the young man drove me back up the road and got me out of the ditch.

I'm not used to kindness of this sort and couldn't thank them enough. Mike and Erica stopped what they were doing, came back down the road, picked me up, took me back to my truck, got me out of the ditch, said "I hope the rest of your day is better!" and went on with what they were doing like nothing had happened.

I can tell you this is definitely not "cold shoulder" treatment of a stranger! I was very impressed with my "Good Samaritans". Thanks again, Mike and Erica!

Michael Isaac