The Curry Coastal Pilot

Self-deceptive politics as usual


Regarding Howard Tingley's rather deprecating letter (Pilot, Feb. 20) concerning my previous submission about the TEA Party and Sarah Palin, I suggest that he reread it.

The main points were, hopefully in reasonably plain English:

andbull;TEA Party people claim non-partisan status but, at least at their convention, they accorded guru status to very partisan Sarah Palin;

andbull;The TEA Party advocates governmental financial restraint, but Sarah Palin's record while in office in Alaska is clearly the opposite. To those I add questionable ethics, as Internet searches reveal;

andbull;President Obama's federal tax policy is easier on most Americans than was Bush's. Palin's reported annual federal government, lobbyist-obtained earmark, politics of the worst sort, federal government procurements from our pockets of $6.7 million for Wasilla works out to $1,000 per person. Projecting this nationally if she were president and did the same, with an estimated population of 300,000,000 the yearly bill would be $300,000,000,000!

I agree that Obama has made some serious mistakes, and the Pilot has printed my letters to that effect. The Bush administration made more, involving us in imperialistic wars and curtailing our right to privacy via wiretapping and communications spying, as well as creating a deficit out of a fiscal surplus.

Both parties are culpable as stated even by our Congressman, Peter DeFazio. I also agree with a number of the TEA Party's objectives but not with many of the partisan tactics being employed andndash; self-deceptive, and politics as usual. It needs to hitch its wagon to someone more objective and believable than Sarah Palin.

If we're not careful, Howard's "God bless America" will become "God help America!"

Jim Hansen


Two thumbs up Pelican Players!


I have never been to the Chetco Playhouse before and my friend/girls decided to bring me along.

I can't believe what I have been missing! I loved the actors, the set, and Rosie and Opal too, of course. The lovely lady that hugged me really made me feel welcome and I can't wait for the next production. I hope we girls in the back row didn't get too rowdy.

Thank you so much and God bless you all. Ta da!

Cyanna Butler


Get the facts on evil legislation


Congratulations to K-school's cash award.

It would have been nice if the windfall was the result of academic achievement but money is money and schools need lots of money.

When the officials contemplate what to do with this windfall they might want to consider putting some away for future remodeling of the school's bathrooms and locker rooms. The reason is the possible passage of H.R. 4530 the "Student Non-Discrimination Act of 2010. The stated purpose of this act is to prevent discrimination of gay, lesbian and "gender identity" students. If this bill becomes law any male student that believes he is really a she can demand to use the girl's facilities. If you think I am crazy I would urge you to research this claim as it is already happening in many parts of America. There is much more to this issue and again I would advise parents to get the facts and see just how insane this evil legislation is.

This final thought is for Doris Burck, (Pilot, Feb. 20). Perhaps people would not be so "nasty" if others would not choose to remain uninformed and stop trying to destroy the freedom and prosperity of everyone else. If the present insanity and tyranny by government continue madam, you may not want to see the nastiness coming over the horizon!

Arthur D. Larason


Lawmakers can't have our guns


I've been reading an interesting booklet titled "Citizens Rule Book" put out by Whitten Publishers in Phoenix, Ariz. (look them up or call me for an address).

The first paragraph under the heading "Law of the Land" says, "The general misconception is that any statute passed by legislators bearing the appearance of law constitutes the law of the land. The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and any statute, to be valid, must be in agreement. It is impossible for a law which violates the Constitution to be valid." Some legal decisions supporting this contention then follow.

I've not seen anything recently regarding the current administration's determination to force gun control on American citizens so suspect more behind-the-door shenanigans are going on and some day we'll find all gun owners considered criminals and being arrested. Meanwhile, real criminals will be laughing their heads off as they can do whatever they want, knowing we honest, hard-working citizens are unable to protect ourselves, thus making their "jobs" safer.

OSHA ought to be happy, too. However, considering the second paragraph above, we are under no obligation to obey a law which violates our Constitutional rights. Stand up, all you law abiding citizens, fight back. Tell our legislators in DC they can't have our guns.

Doris M. Roepke


Don't like it? Just leave


Wow! After being a resident of Brookings for 20 years, I have never received a "cold shoulder."

Did it ever occur to you that some people live here to "get away from it all," and to get some peace and privacy? To be truthful, for anybody who wants to complain: Don't write about it andndash; just leave!

Tired of the whining. A very happy "local,"

Ted Connelly


Folks here are friendly, helpful


Sorry, I just couldn't resist answering those who felt that Brookings residents were rude and inconsiderate.

We as retired folks, moved here in August 2000. We have never found anyone here less than friendly and, very helpful when needed.

So, I would suggest those folks that find things otherwise, move on and perhaps take a look inside yourselves? We are and always have been middle income people so perhaps we don't expect as much as the elite?

D. Walters


We love the people here


We're newcomers to the Brookings community, having moved here in late May from Northwestern Washington state and we are frustrated with and tired of other newcomers bashing this community as they prepare to leave.

The beauty of the area and the mild climate is a given but we love the people here. We have been treated with warmth and kindness by virtually everyone we have come in contact with. We have found the people of this community to be warm, friendly and caring beyond all our expectations. We have found these attitudes in the merchants, professional and just the everyday folks we have come in contact with as we have gone about the daily business of our lives.

We just don't understand how these folks could have gotten such negative opinions of this wonderful community we call home.

Three great examples of the quality of people in our community are the American Music Festival, the Festival of Lights at Christmas time, and the recent winning of the US Cellular contest by our elementary school. These events speak to the character and quality of people who live in our community and support our experiences with all the people we have come in contact with.

We are sorry things didn't work out for these folks but bad mouthing the people of this community in public is both rude and tacky.

We love it here and we love it here because of the good people (of) Brookings. We are happy and we are staying.

Bill Krause,

Sue Scott


Glad to be here in Brookings!


Regarding the recent comments from those who areleavingBrookings because theybelieve Brookings' residents to be less than neighborly: Heck, we can hardly wait 'til we get added to the population sign!

6,050?Make that 6,052! We're here to stay! As newcomers to this friendly little city, we told food servers and clerks all over town that we were newhere.Know what they said back?"Well, welcome!You're going to love it."Two waitresses actually said "Congratulations!"Now that was real nice andhellip; thanks folks. Glad we're here!

Mike and Carolyn Isaac Brookings

Some unhappy no matter what


In the couple of last papers (Pilot), I have noticed some letters written to the editor about the rudeness of some in this little coastal town.

I am very sorry about their experiences and sorry they had to be the blunt of bitterness.There are those who are very unhappy in their lives, and to see others happy is like running your fingers over the blackboard; it makes them upset so they will do anything to make others miserable, which in return only makes themselves more bitter and miserable.

It's a shame some can't look away from the nasty ones and still enjoy what they have, and enjoy the beauty around them. You can make your own world beautiful, just by being what you want to become.

Anywhere you go, you will always find these kind of people, it's up to us to still keep smiling, waving and showing our own light to lighten up this world, and have pity on those who cannot see the light, or want to see the light.Some people think what they have, in material things means so much, but truly, things do not make the person, it's how you treat people, and not only those who are impressed by what you have, because usually they are not true friends, and most, not all, are not happy for you anyway.You always attract, what you are.

I wish all those who are moving away because of the the hatred and unhappiness that was tossed their way, find their own peace in their lives.We can live positive lives and have pity on these people who think the only way to live is in their own selfish world. They have so much more to learn in life.

We all are here to be kind, helpful and neighborly to each other and I hope, in a perfect world, eventually we humans will recognize this to be true for a happier world for all to enjoy.

Beverly Duncan


Simple solutions for our problems


A local sage suggested those of us who express ourselves should offer solutions instead of just complaining.

I read my letters, they are full of ideas to change the world, and most of them cost little or nothing. I will forgo the satire and stifle my attempt at humor, in order to comply.

How about a simple law that states all public entities must balance their budget, every year, and open the books.

Why not eliminate all public unions and require people to perform proficiently.

Let everyone who earns wages pay Social Security and Medicare, and stop our representatives from spending it.

No more taxes until the private sector is back to work.

Drive your own car when on personal business, and do it on your own time.

Leave your employer's property at work; buy your own supplies.

If you won't work and don't vote, don't expect a handout.

If you don't have a job, volunteer.

For every beer, cigarette or piece of junk you buy, make a donation of equal value.

Make sure you know where your donations go.

Everything needs to grow, but a tea cup won't grow a forest.

If you want to build, get a permit, have a plan, get the OKs and build something useful.

But please don't ask for a bailout if it doesn't work.

Stop the back-room deals and try honor and integrity. You will be famous in your own time. Please! Bush has not been president for a year and one month and the Democrats have been in power for three years; take responsibility.

Clifton Siemens


Good reason to dislike Verizon


To add to Carolyn Brown's letter, "Slammed by Phone Charges," (Pilot, Feb. 24): I promptly called Verizon and told them (after 5 minutes of pushing buttons to get an actual person) that I wanted all third party charges blocked. The rep said I could block sellers from calling and soliciting at no cost. but to actually block third party charges would cost $5 as an "account change."I went ahead, feeling like a sucker.

Verizon has added to my growing list of reasons I don't want to do business with them.

Bob Wilkinson


Strangling our precious country


On Feb. 17, Ms. O'Dell and Mr. Hyslop teamed up to put together a 500-word article that reverberated the same hatred for Tea Party participants.

Guys you miss the whole point. It doesn't take a C.E.O. to realize your personal finances are out of cink. Tea Baggers, as Liberals call us, are all for one idea that even you can comprehend. Stop the spending!

Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Liberals, Conservatives, we are all in the same boat and it has nothing to do with Wikipedia. Don't you see we are strangling our beautiful country? It must and has to stop.

Ben Franklin said, "When the people realize they can vote themselves more money, that will be the end of our Republic."

Thank you Measures 66 and 67.

Teri Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Bigotry in land of the beautiful


Before I moved to the most beautiful place in the west, I was told that Brookings would become the next Carmel by the sea. They were wrong.

Brookings is far more beautiful and the weather isn't much different than Carmel. What is different is the wide spread bigotry that engulfs this once native occupied territory. It saddens me that my ancestors are turning in there shallow graves knowing I had to purchase this home/land that once belonged to us from the beginning, then taken and forced to leave it.

Gary Del'Abate


Vote Smith, not La Bontandeacute;


Thank you Mr. Kass for last week's letter. You are not the only one who detected a slight arrogance in Ms. Labonte's announcement (to run for Curry County Commissioner).

There is never anything wrong with a fresh face and new outlook. Curry County could really benefit from a fresh view, especially when the fresh face is David Brock Smith.

As a local business manager in two towns in Curry County, David's outlook is just what we need around here. David has been involved in this county for years as a public servant, a business owner and, mainly, a real person!

David Brock Smith has the fresh view that will only benefit this county. He is not lacking experience as a public servant at all. He is not jaded or under the impression he knows everything. He has open ears and is open minded. He will listen and act on the behalf of the people.

David Brock Smith has my vote. If I need something to help my community or my business I want to know I can speak with someone who has ears to hear and doesn't assume a superiority complex. David possesses that skill, where I fear our other candidates may not. Please vote for David. Curry County needs him!

Shelly Hall


Is doing wrong OK these days?


Excuse me but I was under the impression in order to have a driver license you had to be able to read and write.

At the intersection of Constitution Way what part of No Left Turn Permitted is there to not understand? I can't believe how many cars I have seen sitting there with their left blinker on to go south onto the bridge!

Is doing the wrong thing just OK these days or what? Unbelievable!

Kathy Merrill


Sad building needs facelift


Brookings has done very well by beautifying the buildings along Highway 101 through town.

However, there is one building that is hideous, filthy and detracts from all the rest. As a mural artist, I have done many projects for Crescent City, and one of my smaller murals is featured at Brookings Harbor. This morning, I offered a free mural to beautify the wall of the ugly building, but was turned down flat. The owner said they did not "believe" in murals. Obviously they do not believe in a simple coat of clean paint either. What an eyesore!

Kathleen Kresa

Smith River, Calif.