The Curry Coastal Pilot

Beware illegal phone charges


Once again our area is being slammed with fraudulent charges to our telephone bills by unscrupulous companies preying on the uninformed.

This month we received a monthly charge of $12.95 for "ID Lifeguard Credit Protect/Repair" and one for $20 by "Headwind Media Inc. CMI Exclusive." Both were removed after spending time with Verizon's billing office and after telephoning the companies and threatening them with exposure if they did not stop the charge.

This happened about one and a half years ago with the same result. But the worst part is that Verizon will not put a stop to this.

Beware, check your bill and contact the Oregon State Attorney General's Office Consumer Protection hotline at 877-877-9392 to report this. Perhaps together we can stop it from happening in the future.

Gary MacEachern


Distorted facts about Palin


Regarding "Palin a sad joke": It is sad that the letter regarding Sarah Palin continues to spread distorted facts regarding Sarah Palin.

I say distorted because some of the numbers are correct but the implications are not. For those interested in more accurate information, go to the Web and look up Sarah Palin in the Wikipedia article on her. There are reasons Sarah Palin won reelection as mayor and was voted the most popular governor in the US.

I find it interesting that those critical of Sarah Palin also continue to criticize the Tea Party movement and Bush administration, yet see no problem with the real "joke" being played on us by the Obama administration with its massive spending and "spreading of the wealth." These critics are all for raising taxes on the "rich," but have any of you worked for a poor person?

Yes, the rich may live large, but remember that their lifestyle provides jobs for folks. Overtax the rich and you end up with fewer jobs and more unemployed. Examples: Maryland, California, and now Oregon, where companies are leaving these states for lower tax states.

The last thing we need right now is more regulations, taxes, laws, etc., so I'm all for more Republican "No" votes. A "No" vote is a solution in itself.

I for one am sick of politics as usual and am ready to vote for anyone, Democrat or Republican, who will pledge to follow our Constitution as intended.

Myron Whiting


Heed messages in Avatar movie


The comment overheard from a man who was asked what he thought about movie "Avatar" was that he enjoyed the 3D.

Besides the creative imaging effect in the production of "Avatar" with the strange blue skinned, indigenous natives who inhabited Pandora, there were subtle messages. The obvious message was, greed causes conflict.

There were also messages throughout the movie to consider, such as the connection between the animals, natives and nature.From the time we take our first breath until we take our last we are all connected to our beautiful planet we are privileged to temporarily occupy. Unfortunately, many of us never experience or realize this connection we share with nature and one another.

This human emotion of greed seems to dominate our lives and prevent us from considering this unique connection.Wars are generated by this emotion of, "You have something I want and I'm going take it." Several examples of greed in our recent past, such as taking the land from the American Indians, human slavery, World Wars I and II, attacking Iraq for oil, and the list goes on and on. The greed generated practices that caused the recent economic condition resulting in millions of home foreclosures and massive unemployment.

Until we become aware and understand how and why we let our emotions control our feelings it will be difficult to experience the connection between us all!

Walt Edwards

Gold Beach

Hodge a good district leader


Brookings School District 17C Superintendent Brian Hodge cares about our kids and community.

He did an outstanding job as the principal at Kalmiopsis Elementary School and continues to demonstrate the same as our superintendent. His is honest, trustworthy, and fair. andhellip;the qualities we need as the leader of our school district. I see no reason to replace him.

Jessica Arneson


Kudos to Dutch Bros.


Tony Jantzer, owner of our local Dutch Bros., is a great supporter of the community.

On Dec. 11, 2009, Mr. Jantzer graciously donated $1 for every cup sold that day to the Brookings Harbor Education Foundation (BHEF).

BHEF is a non-profit foundation specifically designed to fund educational opportunities for kids in our community.Mr. Jantzer helped us in that effort by raising $600 for the kids.

We were able to fulfill grant wishes from the Christian School for an LED projector and Azalea Middle School's request for scientific calculators to help prepare our students for the future.

On behalf of the kids in our community, we send out a BIG Thank Youto you, Mr. Jantzer!

Lisa Green

Patrick Chew

Nancy Chew

Patty McVay

Ann Volz

BHEF board members

Tea Party folks misinformed


I have been curious about the Tea Party folks but especially after I saw the racist rant of Tom Tancredo on television.

So I went to a TP meeting on Saturday. To be fair, the opening speaker on a panel was very educated on American history and not volatile in his statements; in fact to demonstrate the federal government's illegal use of power, he used the examples of forced internment of Japanese citizens in 1941 and the seizure of Indian owned land for the government's purposes. Great, I thought, they are sticking up for minorities. How wonderful! One of the opening speakers also mentioned that the media and much of the public think the TP is comprised of "stupid people." I wondered, but not for long.

An elderly man got up and complained about the government telling him he cannot eat trans fat and he stated "in spite of his heart problem he is going to eat a burger with cheese and bacon whenever he wants!" Okay, I am starting to believe the word stupid (or at least uneducated) may be warranted! Look up trans fat under Wikipedia! Trans fat is not in hamburger or bacon!

The consumption of trans fats increases the risk of coronary heart disease. Trans fats are harmful in tiny quantities. Trans fats can clog linings of blood vessels and surfaces in the brain.

There were other examples, unfortunately. They are continued in Jim Hyslop's letter, as he also attended.

Anne O'Dell


Tea Party must earn credibility


I attended the Tea Party meeting last Saturday.

The panel speakers seemed sensible but many of the people who got up to speak were either misinformed or mentally challenged.

One of them asked when the Obama's "brown shirts" would be seen. I had no idea what they meant so I asked around. One person told me it was a reference to "AmeriCorps" started by Clinton in 1993. Another said it was a reference to GIVE, a volunteerism bill, passed by the House by both parties.

Apparently, some TP people think that President Obama has in mind to use the young people in one of these programs as Hitler used his brown shirts. Where are they getting these demented ideas?

Another person asked what "we" were going to do when "martial law" is imposed. The panel responded they did not know.

One complaint was made that "they" are trying to tell our kids what they are to drink in schools.

From 1977 to 2001, Americans doubled their consumption of sweetened beverages andndash; a trend that was paralleled by a doubling of the prevalence of obesity. The consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with weight and obesity, and changes in consumption predict changes in weight. *Wikipedia.

Might this affect health care costs in our country; I wonder?

Maybe these people are not stupid, just uneducated and do not know how to use the Internet.

If the Tea Party wants credibility and respect as a movement, it must earn it.

Jim Hyslop


Therrien was a great man


Thank you for the article on this remarkable man, Chuck Therrien (Pilot, Jan. 13).

By including the photo of him and his wife as they used to walk to the store brought back fond memories. They were such a good example to us all in the care for each other and walking together as long as that was possible.

Els Stolk


Something to Chu on


I'm desperately trying to understand what the Pilot is trying to accomplish by publishing their sister paper's article by Washington D.C. insider Peter Chu (Pilot, Jan. 20).

You certainly are aware by now how many left-leaning newspapers have bitten the dust or have lost a huge segment of subscribers? Curry County is very conservative but in one week you've backed an Oregon Democratic tax increase, Measures 66 and 67, plus printed Mr. Chu's article about our first-year Senator Jeff Merkley's attempt to change how the senate does business andndash; they have done it this way for hundreds of years. 61 percent of the U.S. voting block was polled to be against the government-run health bill but Mr. Chu and Merkley are tying very hard to put the blame on the Republican's ability to filibuster the bill when nothing is further from the truth. The fact is, Republicans have not had enough votes (41) to invoke a filibuster until Scott Brown was elected Massachusetts Senator in late January.

The Pilot needs to write a correction, if not for a misleading article, then explain how the filibuster aided Senator Ben Nelson on his demand for special payouts to his state when a Republican filibuster was not possible! Peter Chu got his information from a professor whose paper was published in 2008?

As a former pro-baseball catcher, I've only studied the tools of ignorance but I'm not so stupid as to absorb all that bull!

Republicans were shut out of formulating the health bill and C-Span found out how transparent the Democrats are. I recommend you start editing your own writers.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

We are in serious trouble


I write letters; I have two in the mail, and two ready to mail.

I do not own a computer, nor a typewriter. I do not have a cell phone that I carry on my person. It's a great device for an emergency, enough said.

I hope some of you read them and I'm pleased when you respond. Negative or positive, it's the response that matters.

I believe as a people, a community, and as a nation, we are in serious trouble.

There are no jobs, businesses are failing, seniors took a hit, and our children are lost.

Taxes are rising and the cost of living is going up. If you don't think so, tell me how good you've got it.

We are in debt up to our chins, and soon we will suffocate.

The president's health plan will cripple our doctors, clinics and hospitals and seniors will take another hit.

If you can afford health insurance I'm happy for you; if you can't I hope you can afford the fine. I've said before nothing is free and this administration has proved it.

Let's start changing things right now.

Vote, no matter how you vote, just vote.

Start writing your representatives; if you can't afford a stamp, e-mail them or call on your cute little cell phone. I'm sure it's handy.

If you are sitting at home waiting for the next government handout you had better pack a lunch; that is if you have a home and lunch.

Start checking on your friends and neighbors, they may be in more trouble than you think.

Do not believe everything you see, hear or read; check it our.

Even some of your friends have an agenda. Please let's change now.

Clifton Siemens