The Curry Coastal Pilot

Support for 'Lions In Sight'


The Brookings-Harbor Lions send a heart felt "Thank You" to the Brookings-Harbor community for your support of our "Lions In Sight" Food Drive on Saturday, Jan. 30.

The Community Food Share weighed your donations and it totaled 2,110 pounds of food. You also donated $312 in cash.

Thank you for supporting our community when there is a need.

Areta Schock


Get to know Forest Service


A Forest Service- Winchuck Watershed council meeting will be held at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 10, at the Winchuck Fire Hall.

The meeting will be a "get-to-know the Forest Service" and to learn "what's happening" on forest lands in the Winchuck River Basin. In addition to getting to know the District Ranger Alan Vandiver and his staff, topics to be discussed include fisheries, timber, recreation, sudden oak death (SOD) and roads. Harry Hoogesteger, South Coast Watershed Coordinator, will also give an update on current watershed restoration projects in the basin.

Bill Hauer

Winchuck Volunteers


New BHHS grant program


Community 101 is a new grant program at Brookings-Harbor High School.

Those who are encouraged to participate are students in freshman Health, Talent Search and Rotary Interact club members. This is an awesome way for our students to learn about and give to their community.

There are about 20 students, so far, who are representing our school. Our mission is to identify nonprofit organizations that help needy families with shelter, food and water. Each Community 101 class has $5,000 to distribute to nonprofits in their community. The main focus of this group is to help fund and support organizations.

The students of Community 101 will also be volunteering in our community, reading grant proposals, conducting site reviews, and holding fundraisers. Community 101 aligns with graduation requirements and provides leadership opportunities.

The entire $5,000 allocation goes to the community, and frequently businesses or individual donors sponsor a classroom by providing the $5,000 or making an addition to it. Students may also use this program for the basis for their senior project, but as part of the program, students must volunteer two to five hours per month at community nonprofits, bringing them much closer to community issues.

For information, call me at 541-469-2108, ext. 239.

Gerry Livingston


Homeless for 15 years


I've been homeless from Key West, Fla. to Delaware, to Seattle to Yuma, Ariz., and most states in between .

I've been traveling homeless in my motor homes, camper vans, truck campers, motorcycles, bicycles, and a lot of hitchhiking which I like best because of less stress.

I've gotten to know hundreds of people, mostly homeless and a lot not. I'm writing this because of a letter to the editor about homeless that came out in the Pilot Wednesday, Jan. 27, because the homeless need a voice, too.

There are hundreds of reasons people end up homeless, some because of their own fault, some because of others, some because of laws, some because of nature. Everybody andndash; no matter how rich, smart or strong you are andndash; needs help from other people. Some people are more reluctant to seek or ask for help for different reasons; they are still just people who need help from each other like everyone else.

I don't feel sorry for the homeless. I try to help them and anyone else I can, just like Jesus; he didn't try to help just the blessed, he tried to help everybody. Most of the time when you see someone on a corner with a sign it's because they have tried everything they know to make it on their own and have given up. The few dollars they get helps them barely make it through the day, but what they really need is a friend that will listen to their needs and help them find resources to get them met, such as a doctor, dry warm place to stay, food and honest income. Most are willing to work but limited to what they can do. They don't need much. They have learned to live with so little for so long. They get by to survive.

I love Brookings/Harbor. I've been coming here 15 years. Some of the best people and climate I've seen in all the states. If I ever was to settle down, it would be Brookings/Harbor.

No two people are alike in their thinking, actions, wants or needs; the community and churches have abundant resources to lend a hand to the few homeless if they would just take the time to find out what they truly need.

Joel Ellis, homeless

Brookings Harbor

Great sons, great soldiers!


I am reading this article ("Blown Up," Pilot, Jan. 30) in Bakersfield, California, withtears in my eyes.

Just when I think all young people are selfish and spoiled, I am reminded that there are caring and extremely brave young men out there.

My thanks to not only these men but to their parents too, as they raised such remarkable sons!

Karen O'Rear