Charles Kocher, Pilot staff writer

No facts to support editorial


The Curry Coastal Pilot editorial, Jan. 9, 2010, "Looking past

knee-jerk reaction to tax measures," was full of "opinions." No

supporting sources or data.

Pilot: "Oregon's per capita tax burden is among the lowest in the

nation. ..." According to the Tax Foundation, Oregon ranks 26th.

Pilot: "Past voter decisions forced this crisis." Decades of

excessive spending in every Oregon biennium budget for the last thirty

years; expansion of entitlement programs; hiring thousands of state

employees in a down economy; obscene public employee benefit packages

and the Mother Lode, Oregon Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)

caused the crisis.

Adopted 2009-2011 Oregon Budget:

Bar charts on Page 3 of the adopted budget highlight 30 consecutive

years of spending increases and, most recently, an enormous injection

of "funny money" that may (if ever) be paid back by future generations.

Additional graphics on Page 27 show the increase in State full-time

employees. 2005-07 (47,850); 2007-09 (49, 570); 2009-11 Adopted

(51,100). These numbers exclude city and county public employees.

Oregon Public Employees' Benefit Board Summary Plan Description:

Page 4 explains that monthly premiums are fully paid by taxpayers

for medical, dental and basic life insurance coverage of full-time

employees and that employees need only work half time in order to


The Mother Lode: Total 2007 investments, $65 billion. Oregon

taxpayers by law must guarantee PERS members an investment return of 8

percent on nearly all $65 billion. Investment losses in 2008 totaled

$17 billion. Beginning 2011, Oregon budget must include funds to shore

up the PERS portfolio that dwarf Measures 66 and 67 combined. According

to The Oregonian: "Statewide, it's at least a $1 billion problem in the

next biennium. After that, it gets worse."

Thomas C. Huxley


Adopt a high school athlete


The Brookings-Harbor High School junior class would like to

encourage the community to get on board with our new program called

Adopt A Player.

In order for our local sports athletes to succeed in their

endeavors, it is essential that they have a strong and committed

support system. So, the junior class is asking you to "become a fan"

and adopt a wrestling or basketball athlete. It costs nothing to adopt

a player. This is a community service project sponsored by the junior


Those who sign up will receive a pamphlet describing his or her adopted player, and suggestions on being a great fan.

We suggest things like attending as many of your player's games or

meets as possible, bringing them a healthy snack or sports drink,

wearing your player's number to games, or simply cheering for them in

the stands. Whatever you choose to do to support your player, your

encouragement makes a difference.

To adopt a player, visit our booth at any basketball game or wrestling meet. For more information call: 541-469-7443 ext. 288.

Liz Lindley, Junior Class secretary, Brookings-Harbor High School

Global warning alarm is a fraud


A Jan. 16 letter (Pilot) proposed a scheme that claimed it didn't

return to the 1960s but at the same time described commune living.

Back to the earth sounds precious but communes either turned into

cults or dissolved due to a desire for personal freedom, or adulthood.

They didn't go away because they were great to live in. Now, the

rationalization for this retread concept is a lack of oil.

Nonsense, governments from local to federal just don't want to

develop known oils reserves for political reasons. We now know that

global warming alarm is a fraud to make us more subservient to

government and to get a few buddies rich(er): It is global fakery.

Another reason includes not poking holes in sacred mother earth. What

bunk! We have oil, natural gas, water power, wave power, nuclear,

ground heat and coal, yes, coal in abundance.

Destination Resorts in the United States generate tourism from the

entire world andndash; just because Congress and the present executive branch

wants to give away our monetary future again, for political reasons

(beyond any rational thought) doesn't mean everyone in the world is

that stupid.

Look at Bandon and the terrific development for good in that tourist

town. The planned development (yes, development is not a bad word) just

south of Gold Beach is a professionally developed corporation-designed

resort that will be the pride of the South Coast on land that is

basically marginal geography today. Who will support your new lifestyle?

Doug Bewall

Gold Beach

Troopers needed in other places


State troopers need to patrol other areas besides Harbor.

My wife and I recently moved to Gold Beach from Harbor. We still

commute to Brookings/Harbor and back to Gold Beach daily. During our

commute we are constantly tailgated and unsafely passed by other

commuters who find a need to drive much faster than the posted limit.

We are always very disappointed in our local state troopers to find

two, sometimes three, sitting in Harbor. We have even noticed them park

next to each other chatting for more than an hour (I timed this on

several occasions).

We do not need this many troopers in Brookings/Harbor. Brookings

Police Department does fine in the city limits and the sheriffs can

assist OSP (Oregon State Police) in Harbor if needed.

So please OSP, patrol where you're needed, not where it's easy and financially beneficial for you.

Harold Bailey

Gold Beach

Will not seek re-election


March 9, 2010, is the deadline to file as a candidate for Curry County commissioner.

I will not be seeking re-election this year for that position.

Although there are many good reasons to continue to serve, there are

just as many good reasons to not run again. After much thought, I have

chosen not to run again.

The truth is, I came into office with the intention of serving only

one term. However, I quickly realizedthat the county had major

challenges in the near future. So, at one point, I thought that staying

in office for another term would be the best decision for the county

and for myself. But after much soul searching and discussion with my

husband, David, I no longer feel that is the case. So, for my health,

our family and our business, the one term will be it.

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as Curry County commissioner.

I am grateful for the many kind comments and all the support that I have received over the years.

I will continue to work hard for the county in the various

capacities that I serve in to ensure the well being of the county until

the end of my term.

Having made this decision, my sincere hope now is that qualified

citizens of this county will "step up to the plate," as I did four

years ago, and run for county commissioner, with a clear understanding

of what that means. "Qualified" is a self-determining choice for those

good citizens who have the interest, desire and abilities to serve.

Many varied factors can make a good county commissioner, but the one

constant factor is the person who is "invested in" and cares about our

communities and the future of Curry County.

So for a humbling, but rich and rewarding, experience, consider serving your county as county commissioner.

Georgia Yee Nowlin

Curry County commissioner

Tax measures punish voters


So many questions, so little time and space.

Why do we have a special election, a 91-page Voters' Pamphlet and

thousands or millions of dollars in advertising, to vote on two

measures that punish citizens no matter how you vote?

Is Constitution Way a make-work project, a C.I.A. secret project or

just another boondoggle? Where do we weigh trucks while we build a

weigh station? Are load limits suspended? Does a law forbidding cell

phone use while driving, make those who did it in 2009 less stupid? If

there are exceptions, or warnings, is the law stupid?

Why are we doing road work in the winter, on the roads tourists never use?

Are we going to have a playground at the port, or is the 5 acres going to be an empty parking lot for the empty buildings?

I said nothing is free. Was I wrong?

Once we give it to the government, public employees act like it's free.

Once again our veterans have stepped up; are we going to wait a year before we create a plan for the fireworks?

Perhaps by this time next year, fireworks will be outlawed because they

cause Global Warming, pollution and they destroy fish and polar bears.

Predictions, like tossing a coin, are 50/50 propositions. Heads, there

will be inflation and more poor folk. Tails, the dollar will have less

value, and the job market will not improve.

Heads, we will get health care reform and seniors will get the shaft.


Clifton Siemens


Use accuracy and honesty


If Sue Moro (Letters, Jan. 13, 2010) wants to grind on aboutthe evils

Measures 66 and 67, fine. This is, after all, a democracy, and the

Letters to the Editor feature of the Pilot serve as a community forum

of sorts.

But she should at least get her facts straight. I hesitate to call folks ignorant, just poorly informed.

First:The legislature is NOT using tax money to sponsor ads supporting

passage of the measures. "Don't you love the way they (the Legislature)

spend your money."Prove it, Ms. Moro. Newsflash.The Legislature is

prohibited from doing this sort of thing.

Second:The Legislature did not "send to the taxpayers these measures."

The Legislature passed these tax measures into law to adequately fund

vital public services. The business community was involved in the

legislative process but walked out when they did not get their

way,and then supported efforts to refer the tax issues to the

voters.Maybe you signed that petition, Ms. Moro.

So, let's have a spirited debate.Let's feel okay to petition our

government to redress grievances. But, in the least, let's do it with a

modicum of accuracy and honesty.

Barbara Eells

Gold Beach

Vote 'No' on tax measures 66, 67


I'm sure they are all fine people but you have to wonder what on earth

the Democrats who want a "Yes" vote on (Measure) 66 and (Measure) 67

are thinking.

How do I know they're Democrats? I recognize names and the others are blind-obedience followers.

Government will always try to get more money out of us and they come up

with ideas they say will not affect 95 percent of us. Do you know that

75 percent of our taxes are paid by 5 percent of the population? The

top wage earner will not be outsmarted by the government. Here's what

will happen:

andbull;Move to a different state or country;

andbull;Raise prices to cover the tax and you pay anyway.

If the state did what private business did in tough times, we wouldn't

need a new tax andndash; trim down the workforce by one-third. What a concept!

We keep prices in line; local business can stay in Oregon, plus

government gets smaller.

Vote "No" on 66 and 67.

I wonder where all the hundreds of thousands of dollars came from to run the huge ad campaign for 66 and 67?

Teri Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Making holiday a little brighter


The Brookings-Harbor community pulled together to make the Christmas

season a little brighter for many families by participating in the

Community Giving Tree program.

Oregon Coast Community Action coordinates the yearly program with the

Elks Lodge, local financial institutions, and businesses, but it takes

the entire community to make the program a success.

The Giving Trees were provided by and located at Chase Bank, Chetco

Federal Credit Union, Chetco Pharmacy and Gifts, Evergreen Federal,

Sterling Savings Bank, Shop Smart, Umpqua Bank, US Bank and the

Presbyterian Church.

Kerr Ace Hardware, Laureate Sigma Beta, and The Red Hats sponsored

entire families. Wild Rivers Community Foundation, and others unknown

to me, donated very generously to the program. Julie and Randy Garcia

provided space for the many gifts that were collected. Thanks also to

the many, many individuals who picked tags from the Giving Trees.

Thank you to volunteer Maggie Camacho. Thanks also to the Curry Coastal Pilot for the nice articles about our program.

This year, by pooling our efforts, 378 children received gifts. It is

so wonderful to see the community come together to help those in need,

especially with the country's current financial difficulties. All of us

at Community Action want everyone to know that their help was greatly

needed and deeply appreciated.

Cindy Davis, Susie Brown, Kim Jones, Liberty Grubb, Oregon Coast Community Action


Measures will cause damage


It was with a mixture of surprise and disappointment that I read your editorial supporting tax Measures 66 and 67.

It is strange how Scott Graves and I can attend the same meeting with

our Senator and Representative and come away with different

conclusions. It is obvious that you did not believe what our

representatives told us. I believe that these measures will greatly

damage the business climate in this state.

One of the worst features is that one of these measures taxes gross

income instead of net income, which means a business can lose money but

still have to pay income taxes. To support such a feature is very

puzzling to me. Also, the money received goes into the general fund,

not for any specific entity like education, etc., so the politicians

can spend it any way they choose.

I have no pony in this race and have no job to worry about. But I fear

for the workers of this state should these measures pass. It is time to

cut spending, not raise taxes. State workers just got a raise, while

the income of some of us have been frozen. State government is

expanding while the economy is shrinking. Something is wrong in

Mudville and these taxes just encourage our government to keep spending

and taxing.

Frankly, I'm fed up and I hope enough others are that they will ignore your advice.

Myron Whiting


Vote 'No' on all new taxes


Well, here we go again.

The bureaucrats in Salem and their special interest folks lobbying for

education, law enforcement, health care, and whatever "other services"

is, are blaming the mean ol' corporations for not paying their fair


Now like most small business owners, we incorporated to protect

ourselves from losing our house to the unscrupulous "slip and fall"

visitor and their dirt-bag lawyer. (Trust me, they're out there.) Along

with the yearly filing fee we also pay plenty in corporate and personal

income tax, not to mention every fee known to man that any state and

local government can come up with.

These new tax increases will be passed on to the consumer, whether it's

the small business owner or the big store at Fifth and Highway 101 here

in Brookings. That's how it works, period.

You probably make more than me, and I'm not taking the loss again and

neither are the stockholders of the big guys. That's one reason prices

keep going up year after year. Lobbyists and politicians have been

using this class warfare tactic to deceive the voter into thinking

someone else is paying the tax, when nothing could be further from the


You will pay this tax!

Until next time when they bring it up again, cut spending and government waste and vote "No" on all new taxes.

Randy Keith


New taxes will make it worse


Measures 66 and 67 will hurt everyone who produces goods and services

and those who depend on those producers for their livelihoods.

Measure 66: Under current tax rates an individual who has taxable

income in the amount of $ 10,000 would have a tax liability of $683;

$25,000 taxable income would be $ 2,033 tax and $125,000 would be $

15,537 tax. The person with taxable income of $125,000 is still just

one person and will use the same amount of "essential services" as the

person who has taxable income of $10,000 as they each only use "one

person's" worth of essential services.

The Big Difference andndash; one of them will be paying $683 for those services

while the other pays $15,537 for the same services. So you can see the

"rich" person ALREADY pays their "fair share" and more. So that

argument by the proponents does not hold water.

Due to space constraints on letters, I cannot go into Measure 67 much

except to say that when costs go up for a business something else has

to go andndash; many times that means laying off employees. Reality is that

Oregon has enough money in their "Other Funds" account which the

legislature has the authority to allocate to the "General Fund" which

pays for the "essential services." The Legislature has the authority to

do this; they just have to have the guts as well.

Raising taxes in a recession will only further deepen the recession. Vote "No" on 66 and 67.

Lyn Boniface

Pistol River

Killing most valuable asset


After reading all the pros and cons about Measures 66 and 67, I started thinking.

I saw some new statistics on the International Planned Parenthood

Federation's record killing of babies for 2008 and 2009 on the

Internet. Surgical abortion killed 363,089. Medical abortion killed

90,035. That total is 453,124.

Now forgetting about the immorality and horrific act of the killing of

babies through abortion, think of this. Why not change the system? Now

take the $336.7 million dollars in 2009 the federal government gave to

Planned Parenthood to kill babies and do this. Pay for the medical care

for women to carry their babies to full term, not kill them. Develop a

giant list of parents who want to adopt babies. Make it easy and

inexpensive for the adoption. These new parents will have the child

they would love to have. Over the next 18 years or more they will spend

lots of money raising this child. They will spend money on medical

care, dental care, food, clothing, furniture, baby supplies, toys,

transportation, and many other consumer goods I can't think of. This

would make our economy grow stronger.

After the children are 18, and sometimes before, these children and

young adults and then adults will be productive citizens. They will end

up in every kind of employment America has available and they will pay


In the infinite ignorance of our government we are killing the most

valuable asset America has andndash; its people. More people in business, in

the work place, producing, making America stronger and yes, paying lots

and lots of taxes. Yes, Oregon would also enjoy the increase in revenue

derived from increase in taxes.

I do not vote for new taxes and will not vote for new taxes until our

politicians are responsible for their spending of our tax dollars.

For now, vote "No" on Measures 66 and 67.

Gerald Karrle


Must denounce bigoted view


This week, Haiti suffered an unimaginable tragedy.

Tens of thousands of people are dead, millions are homeless in a land that has suffered enough already.

Pat Robertson said that the Haitians brought this on themselves by

making a deal with the devil hundreds of years ago.This is the same

man of the cloth who blamed the victims of Hurricane Katrina and 9/11

on some kind of transgression against his god. Every pulpit in this

county must thunder, with condemnation, of Robertson's insanity or

those congregations that share his beliefs.

Rush Limbaugh said that the response to the tragedy in Haiti by the

United States was a transparent political ploy by President Obama to

curry favor with black voters. Then he told his listeners not to

contribute to Haitian relief efforts because they don't really need the


Every conservative in Curry County must denounce this bigoted

politicization of this unprecedented tragedy.Or, if not, we can only

assume they share this psychopathic belief.

Thomas Seither

Gold Beach