The Curry Coastal Pilot

Thank you for the help


On Dec. 31, we had a flue fire that spread to our roof.

If it weren't for the fast and extremely competent work of the Brookings and Harbor Fire Departments, we could have had a very large loss to our home. They protected our furniture and belongings because of their expertise. Our State Farm Agent, Daryn Farmer, was immediately on the scene to make sure we were taken care of and all our needs were met.

We appreciate and feel very fortunate to have such a great fire department and agent. Also, a special "thank you" to James Watson, Dennis Russell, Rock Island, and Tommy Serna of West Coast Empire Construction for their assistance. We are very fortunate to have these people in our community.

Tom and Nancy Owens


Get money, then hide


Any green movement removed from civil rights is doomed from the get-go; in fact, the get-go is the reality of the situation: Get money, go hide andndash; it's the American dream of democracy in economics.

Did you know that all of the properties bought by nature conservation groups have been bought cheap before the groups got there, and the price has been adjusted by 2,000 percent to reflect the "true value" of that property and to expose insider information that profiteers off of altruism. It's nothing new how it operates; it's just a new topic of obsession.

Did you know that Nike and the wine industry deployed money in politics that make sure the economy that they are supposed to support locally, in fact, is subordinated to their Oregonized idealism, which is easy to do when your income is national or worldwide and not local responsibility. Their only local responsibility is to make sure Oregon fits their corporate image. Thank goodness they rescued Oregon!

Did you know that most land that "they" (conservation groups) find threatened by development has really been like it is, under absolutely no threat for a very long time, and 95 percent of it would remain that way had "they" not found it. Imaginary possibilities blown out of proportions solve nothing but emotional obsessions, for money only.

Here's my beef: There is a term Oregon should consider; it's called "genius loci," that means the locals have ingeniously developed lives and mannerism that suit that place. In order to respect this regional approach to life, one must be quiet and listen and learn, and do not jump to conclusion, it takes time, and time is the thing that keeps everything from happening all at once. If your baggage contains a lot of "theories" of how you would do it, shut up and you do it your own way without whining. Without action of proven results, "theories" abound, but words do not make work happen magically.

Glen Thompson


Adventure? Help animals


Are you looking for a new adventure, to meet new people, have fun and be such a help to our blessed little animals that are so grateful to you?

If you are like me, I have such a soft place in my heart for all the animals, that if I worked close to them, I surely would bring them all home. I know you are out there! Not to worry, you can help in other ways, and one way is to help in the fundraising committee for the South Coast Humane Society.This way we are helping to provide the medical care to those who come to the Humane Society ill, abused, or injured, or so we can give them everything they need by raising money from the community to help in so many ways.

Last year was amazing and we helped so many because of our caring and the generosity of our community, and having a fundraising committee. But there are so many more to be helped. It is a volunteering position that does not require you to be at a certain place, a certain time, every week. We have meetings to plan new events but it still gives you free time also.

We are having a meeting Jan. 13, at 2 p.m., at the library, (405 Alder St., in Brookings). Please consider being a part of a bunch of people who all are working for the same cause, helping our animals. If you are unable to make the meeting on the 13th, but still want to be a part of this amazing group, just call the shelter, 541- 412-0325, and ask for Audrey. Not only will we humans be welcome you, but all the animals will have such a grateful heart for all of your efforts.Our furry friends ... we rescue their lives ... they rescue are hearts.

Thank you and hope to see you there.

Bev Duncan


Vote 'No' on everything


Resolutions are hard to keep, so I made a list of things I know I can do.

I will vote "No" on every piece of legislation that comes out of Salem.

If something good ever comes along, I will vote "Yes."

I will not vote for any incumbent and will not vote a second term for anyone who does not reach sainthood in their first terms.

I will vote "No" if our president is nominated for the "Peoples Choice" award.

He does not deserve an Oscar as he does not act like a president. So I will vote "No."

I would have voted "No" on the (Nobel) Peace prize, but no one asked me.

I will not support any pay raises or additional benefits for public employees. I might when every American who wants a job has a job and every child has a future.

I will write down your license plate number if you leave a child or an animal in your car.

I will go nowhere I feel I or anyone else is not welcome.

I will smile even if you are not able.

I will buy nothing I don't need, and pay no more than I feel is reasonable.

I will support all the groups I now support, and will continue until I run out of money or they no longer are effective.

End of day one and still on track.

Happy New Year.

Clifton Siemens


Time to follow Constitution


A denomination we belonged to in the Midwest had one guide for any action that was taken andndash; the Bible.

If a proposal was made and the leaders weren't entirely sure it was biblical, the question was asked, "Where is it written?" A search was made and if God's Word prohibited it, the proposal was rejected.

Likewise, the behavior of the pastor, other leaders, and church members was expected to honor God. If anyone broke a commandment, he/she was warned by another member, then several, and if the behavior continued, then the entire congregation. If there was still no repentance, the person was removed from the fellowship. Strict? Yes, but not stifling, and certainly biblical.

Congress would do well to follow the Constitution as rigidly; all members and the president promised to do so when they were sworn in to office. There is nothing even remotely according to the Constitution about the government managing healthcare, taking over the automobile industry and banks, bailing out failing institutions or much of anything else they've been doing for too many years but snowballing unbelievably this past year. They are too power hungry, arrogant, and self-cantered to ask themselves, "where is it written?"

The American people must take action and force these people out of office, impeach the worst offenders with the hope that others will change their ways, and absolutely insist Congress follow the Constitution.

Doris Roepke

Brookings Assisting a family in need


Curry County is a wonderful place.

Recently, when a family with a medically fragile child needed help, many people and service organizations from the community stepped up to lend support.

We would like to publicly thank the Brookings-Harbor Lions Club, Community Action and the Trinity Lutheran Church for their generous donations of money.In addition, we would like to acknowledge the staff at Kalmiopsis Elementary School and to others who passed around the hat to help raise money to assist this family through a difficult time.

Shawna Freeman,

Curry County Department of Human Services

Steve Baker,

Director of Special Education, Brookings

Anne Goodwin,

South Coast Education Service District

Getting help to the homeless


On Nov. 16, H.E.A.R.T. (Homeless Empowerment and Resources for Transition) gave out emergency cold weather supplies to the homeless at the Oregon Community Action office in Harbor.

Donations of sleeping bags, tarps, backpacks, rain gear, long underwear, jackets, blankets, sweaters, sweatshirts, toiletries, socks, gloves, hats, scarfs, and pants were eagerly scooped up by about 12 homeless folks at that time.

Subsequently, in response to urgent requests, supplies have been given to about 12 more homeless people. As sleeping bags and blankets were urgently needed and were not available at local organizations, the Brookings- Harbor Chapter of the Lions Club in partnership with Fred Meyer donated three sleeping bags rated for 30 degrees. Additionally, the Wild Rivers Motor lodge donated 23 very nice bedspreads.

One kind couple recently donated McDonald's coupons which provided meals to five homeless people, three of whom were working in our area and two of whom spoke little English.

Thank you to all of you who so generously donated to the homeless. I know that some of you gave more than you could afford to. A special thanks to Dori Blodgett for loaning tables, the Red Hat Ladies for rounding up toiletries and women's gloves; CC's Clothes for Cancer for donating women's jackets and long underwear; Cindy, Suzie, and Kim of Oregon Community Action for hosting H.E.A.R.T.'s disbursement; and John Gasparovic, Gina Early, Judy Sparks, Sheila and Karen (last names withheld due to humility) for volunteering their time transportation and storage space.

Our most heartfelt thanks,

Mary Rowe, M.S.W.