The Curry Coastal Pilot

Looking back on the news events of 2009, it's easy to make a wish list for the new year. We wish for:

andbull;No more cases of H1N1 (swine flu).

andbull;An end to local layoffs and furlough days, and a better economy at the local, state and national level.

andbull;Permanent eradication of Sudden Oak Death.

andbull;Additional funding for county government, law enforcement and our public schools.

andbull;Lots of wind for the annual Southern Oregon Kite Festival.

andbull;Larger audiences for local theater, music and art events.

andbull;Continued efforts by the Trash Dogs to keep our wilderness clean. Better yet, no more illegal dumping.

andbull;The successful construction and opening of the new community college campus at Lone Ranch.

andbull;The completion of the new intersection at Constitution Way and Highway 101.

andbull;Liberal regulations for local fishing seasons and the annual Slam'n Salmon Derby.

andbull;The Port of Brookings Harbor to overcome its many challenges and become the successful tourist destination it was meant to be.

andbull;No major earthquakes or tsunamis andndash; or minor ones, either.

andbull;The continued safety of U.S. soldiers serving overseas.

andbull;A U.S. Health Care Reform bill that really helps the majority.

andbull;All dog owners to pick up after their pets.

andbull;Permanent beach access to the north jetty of the Chetco River via Seacliff Terraces.

andbull;No more people stuck on Bear Camp Road east of Agness.

andbull;Another great crab season next winter.

andbull;More positive news to report in the Curry Coastal Pilot.

Happy New Year!