The Curry Coastal Pilot

President taking anti-U.S. missions


I was just thinking about all those spineless goobers who still want to blame President Bush for our problems one year after Obama took over.

Even "old Barack" is still doing it! You know, one year after President Bush was in office, where was he geographically?

While Americans were fighting overseas against terrorists, President Bush was on a quiet trip (secret) to a combat zone to support our military.

One year after becoming commander-in-chief, while Americans are still fighting those same idiots, Barack went on his own mission. To Hawaii! His second vacation in one year!

I'm sure when the holidays are over, good ol' Barack will go off into the sunset on Air Force One on another anti-America butt-kissing mission. Wanna bet?

Jeff McMoran


So much to be grateful for


As we are saying goodbye to 2009, there is so much to be grateful for.

Yes, there have been a lot of hard times and bad luck has fallen on many.As we look ahead with a heart full of hope for the new year of 2010, we still have so many to thank and to be thankful for in 2009.

I am wanting to thank Scott Graves and the Pilot itself, for all the articles that have been printed to receive public awareness.Thank you for printing the letters to the editor,and other articlesaboutmy deepest love and concern, which is ourfour-legged, furry friends.Not only about the South Coast Humane Society here in Brookings, but for all the animal organizations that are trying to help them all.You have done so much for the little ones and all of you are bright stars that shine so brightly in this community.

I love to see the adoption page in Saturday's paper, to see all the ones that got a forever, loving home, thanks to you and for your support. For 2010, I know will be another great year and there are so many more animalsto help, but with the support of so many, wecertainly can try, for those little furry souls that needs our help so much. I am so proud to say thatthere are so many caring, wonderful peoplehere to hearthe pleas for help from our wonderful little doggies and cats.

I wishall of you and yours a very special new year thatis filled with hope, love, joy and a kind heart to be shared with all.

Thank you and Happy New Year.

Bev Duncan


Thank you for helping family


To CFCU and the community of Coos/Curry county: I would like to send my utmost appreciation for all who have donated to the wish list and my family, for Christmas.

I am really grateful for all you have done to help give my kids a Christmas to remember. You give the word community a new meaning andndash; Family andndash; and I really feel like a part of it.

Thank you again for all you have done!


Cozzitorto Family


Measures 66, 67: Read fine print!


On December 30 the Pilot published a letter I wrote opposing taxation and on that very day I received in the mail, the "Voter's Pamphlet" from Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown regarding the January 26 special election.

This 52-page booklet has a nice explanatory letter from Ms.Brown regarding Oregon's wonderful referendum system, which allows thevoters the final word on legislative tax increases.

The pamphlet gives the particulars on both measure 66 and 67 and it gives printed arguments in favor of and in opposition to each measure.It should be noted that there are 34 pages of "in favor of" and only 13 pages of "nay" arguments on measure 66 while there were 23 pages in favor of and 10 against measure 67. The usual suspects are supporting 66 and 67: The League of Women voters, AARP, Planned Parenthood, the Democrat party, and other groups feeding at the public trough.

There are four pages devoted todescribing the "whereas" and "wherefores" of measure 66 which should be a dead giveaway that it was written by a group of attorneys.

Beware the fine print!

Martin Sullivan


Stay positive in a negative world


Barring all the negativity and sadness there is in our world, I'd like to inject my two cents worth into the minds of other locals.

This is a beautiful, magnificent world.Especially here! Look at the beauty among us! In my heart I feel that this world has many millions of years left to shine. I refuse to believe that it's almost over.

In my line of work I see so much of the aforementioned negativity and sadness. I try to give a smile, lend an ear, give a piece of my heart even. Anyone who's been involved in customer service knows the complexities. Life is better smiling, laughing, remaining upbeat. But there are those who wish to bring us down. Even though we don't want to fall, it happens. And after it happens it makes us sad.

And even though I'm no tree-huggin-hippy, I wish to spread love and joy for this new year. I will do my best to stay positive amidst the negativity and hope that you will all do the same.

God Bless!

Happy 2010!

Meri Cuthbertson