The Curry Coastal Pilot

Public opinion in Washington?


Mr. Smith, where are you!?

James Fournier


Brookings is a special place


A sprinkle of rain in the dark of the night.A walk in the park where the walkways are lit, leading to a wonderland of beauty, fun and fantasy.

How fortunate we are to have so may of our business leaders, and neighbors,sponsoring an area of Christmas lights and spirit. Thank you one and all.

I didn't feel the sprinkles.I loved watching Santa's give and take with the little ones. I enjoyed watching the families walking along taking in all of the scenes.One mother pointed out the two little figures throwing snowballs and hitting its mark.I loved the wolf.I loved the swan.I just loved it all.

The flag is awesome. The creche is beautiful. The Capella adds serenity in its finished beauty.

Yes, Brookings is a special place as are the folks who dwell within.

Merry Christmas to All.

Jean Sullivan


Here's love for the new year


Part two of the holidays.

I am looking at two weeks till Christmas and it has been a long ride andndash; waiting for the holiday to come and go. The agony we share (you know who you are) at missing the kids who won't call or spend time with you andndash; the pain that hurts MORE during the holidays. The pain of those whom we have lost andndash; that special someone andndash; I feel that pain with you as well.

Here is a hug we need. Here is compassion andndash; that no one else gets andndash; Here is a shared strength andndash; that will get us through the rest of the year.

And the LOVE that will get us through the next year.

Here's to you for hanging tough and to not forget that I am with you all the way andndash; friend. We will get there together.

Speedy Ede Viale


Vote 'yes' on both measures


This January Oregonians will be voting in a special election on Measures 66 and 67.

Vote yes on both these measures!

A yes vote on these measures will require big corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share.Right now, two-thirds of corporations doing business in Oregon pay just $10 a year in income taxes.The $10 corporate minimum income tax hasn't been changed since 1931, but Measures 66 and 67 will increase this tax to a more fair amount of $150.

Under these measures, the marginal tax rate for families will increase only for households making over $250,000 per year, which means that most of us in the rural counties of Oregon won't pay a cent more in state income tax.

Measures 66 and 67 will protect middle class families and vital services like education and healthcare.Why should we continue to make do with less, so that big business can have more?

The deadline to register to vote in this election is January 5, so, if you're not already registered, stop by the Post Office or City Hall to pick up a voter registration form, and remember to vote by January 26.

A yes vote on Measures 66 and 67 is a vote for fairness in Oregon!

Linda Bozack


A big mistake letting Chuck go


I want to comment on the letters I read honoring Chuck from the mission.

I do know Chuck and his wife. They are the most Godly people I know. I just met him this year but I have heard others tell of what he has helped God do here. To lose him, the mission board will be at a loss to get someone as good and compassionate as he is.

I love this town but you made a big mistake letting Chuck go. But God is truly leading him onward and upward and I am with him on it, for Gods will WILL be done.

Way to go, Chuck. He needs all of our support right now in his new endeavor. Let's support him.


Gwen Smith


Merry Christmas to one and all


I tried, so very hard I tried.

Political correctness is difficult. I was able to maintain my decorum for seven seconds, then I raised my voice and said "Merry Christmas."

The nice person I addressed wished me a "happy holiday; she needed her job, and her employer is P.C. I smiled; been there, done that. After the first time I quit, not everyone can do that. Principles won't buy bread. A pope in the fourth century deemed December 25 Christmas.

I've never hung with a pope, but we always do Christmas on the 25th. In our home we decorate a tree, provide gifts for the children, have a special breakfast and sometimes a big dinner. I should say, we did this in the past. The spirit of Christmas is waning.

There are so many who can't and some who don't. I wish I could do something for those who can't.

We donate what we can and remember those who serve us. Not enough I fear, for those of you, including us, who now know $28.80 of your Social Security check has been redirected, I'm sorry. There are over 50 million of us. How about $1,440,000,000 next year?

Remember those who serve and those who serve themselves.

Merry Christmas and Good night.

Clifton Siemens


Put good news on front page


Please put yourselves in the position of a potential new resident of Brookings.

You stop at the handiest place in town to pick up a newspaper to read about this great city. As you read the headlines showing on the front page of Saturday (Dec. 12) you turn to your spouse and say are you sure we want to stop here. It looks as though we may be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Really couldn't the first three headlines have been on page 2 or 3? Let's see if we can find something more upbeat on the front page like how the crabbing is going, etc.

Harold Thiesen


A lesson in grammar


There seems to be a growing trend for journalists (and others) to use the word "lead" as a past tense for "lead."

Now, it's true that the past tense for "read" is "read," because "red" is a color. But the past tense of "lead" is "led," because "lead" is a heavy metal.

Got that? I sure hope so, because I'd hate to have to repeat it.

C.L. Grove


Delivering caps for kids


On Dec. 14, Caps for Kids delivered 441 items to Family Services of Curry County.

There were 427 caps, three baby blankets, eight scarfs, and three pairs of mittens. There were several angels who have made more than 50 items: Diana Daniels, Marilyn Cohn, Betty Barker, Yvette Mistachetti and Vivian Eisner.

This was our 18th year serving Curry County. If you would like to join us for 2010, I have patterns and yarn. Call 541-247-2589.

Lavonne Morrell

Gold Beach

Family blessed by Giving Tree


I want to thank Oregon Coast Community Action (ORCCA), and the community, for these gifts donated through the Giving Tree program. I know that my girls will love them.

The day that ORCCA told me I could pick up the gifts was a stressful day at work. I was researching Co2 emission as well as the effects on our forests. I also had people in the office that were less than pleasant. I won't bore you with the details. Let's just say it was a hard day to keep faith in humanity as a whole.

Then ORCCA called and said I could pick up the donated presents. I wasn't expecting much. I was just glad I could give my girls something new for Christmas. ORCCA told me that a group wanted to sponsor me but I wasn't sure what that meant. Apparently, it meant that we were blessed this year because when I got to the ORCCA building I was overwhelmed. The generosity expressed by the community and ORCCA threw me in to such joy that I could not drive until I stopped crying. To feel such compassion gives me renewed hope for the human race. I know that's a big leap in reasoning; it is how I feel.

I know that my family and I don't "need" new toys and clothes, but I'm delighted to know that I can give my girls what they deserve for Christmas. This is such a blessing. I'm not embarrassed in receiving help through programs like Giving Tree and Food Stamps. I'm relieved that I've the opportunity to learn the skills that I neglected when I was younger. I'm one of many who are taking advantage of these programs to better ourselves and to provide for our children.

I hope to spread your generosity and kindness to my children and to everyone they meet as they grow.

Erica Sandefur


Vote and help Kalmiopsis win


Would you like to help U.S. Cellular give $100,000 to Kalmiopsis Elementary School? This money could provide much-needed upgrades in computers to improve our curriculum.

If the answer is "Yes,"' you can help make it happen by letting US Cellular know your wishes. It is very easy. Simply go into any US Cellular store, pick up a voting card and follow the instructions on the card. You must be at least 18 years of age to vote and you may vote only once. Each person voting must have an e-mail address. If you share an e-mail address with someone else, it is easy to get one of your own for free through Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail.

Be sure to vote for Kalmiopsis Elementary even if your children attend a different school because as a community we must focus on one school at a time to stand a chance of winning.

Ten lucky schools are going to receive $100,000. Well, actually luck won't have anything to do with it. The 10 schools will have the most people (staff, parents and community members) who vote for their school online. Let's refuse to allow busy schedules or complacency to keep us from voting or from asking family and friends to vote. We can receive the money, at no cost but a few minutes of our time.

The contest ends Jan. 15, 2010, so hurry and cast your vote today. Say yes for the students at Kalmiopsis Elementary.

Glenda Wilber,

intervention coordinator

Kalmiopsis Elementary


Horses and the disabled


The volunteers and riders of Over The Rainbow wish to thank the individuals and businesses whose donations have made it possible to continue the program in 2009.

Over The Rainbow provides horseback riding experiences to both children and adults with disabilities throughout Curry County. The horses are transported regularly to Gold Beach, Brookings and Bandon, so that all those eligible have access to the program.

The program also wishes to thank the Coquille Tribal Community Fund, The Juan Young Trust, The Autzen Foundation, and The West Family Foundation for their generous support. Contributions from these foundations are dependent upon Over The Rainbow demonstrating local fund raising activities.

Currently the fall fundraising campaign is under way. All donations are tax-deductible.

For more information contact Mary Margaret Smith at 541-348-2382.

Thanks for your continued support.

Alice Pfand, secretary

Over The Rainbow

Port Orford

Dealing with Fourth of July


In a recent article, there was mention of fireworks show to be dropped in 2010 by the Vietnam Veterans of America, chapter 757.

I do hope things work out for our community.

The city has failed, many times in the past years, to deal with the Fourth of July. Solution: The city takes our fireworks, restricts beachfront park to sparklers only, and says we're going green.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Jerry Hartzell