The Curry Coastal Pilot

Dreading the holidays?


The holidays andndash; To most, the holidays have a traditional meaning andndash; The spiritual ritual of families and friends around a table.

This letter is not for you. This letter is to those who DREAD another holiday with a family in your life. Whether it be from a horrible argument or fight from long ago, maybe it was from a loss and they can't come home. This is to those who are so sad because it is another holiday without them and it just hurts so bad.

Listen to me andndash; You are not alone.

I decided to put my energies into helping someone andndash; putting my heart into something andndash; so that it may not take the pain away, or it may not bring them back andndash; but at least someone is getting my heart, someone is feeling my love.

Hang tough andndash; you will get through another holiday.

Your friend, Speedy.

Ede Viale


Function on a higher level


The first Thanksgiving was a time of cooperation between the Native Americans and the Pilgrims.

Times were hard, but by working together, both sides were able to function on a higher level. This lesson is vital to living in these difficult times.

I have had a very difficult financial crisis for several years in my own life, and have had to depend entirely on win-win agreements for my very survival. I am now almost out of the abyss.

If you fear for your financial future, look around to see who has what you need, and what you are willing to share so everyone can function on a higher level.

Karen Holmes


Great joy and happiness


Thanksgiving: Worth more than anything that anyone has ever given to you.

He has already given more than all! First He began your existence before your parents came together. He created you for His own pleasure. Why? Because to have one,and only one,exactly like you in existence brought Him "Great Joy and Happiness"! Are you still giving Him that today?

With all the things we are able to enjoy in life, both great and small. Where does all the time go? While driving, walking, standing or sitting. Maybe eating and drinking or smiling and laughing. On myspace, facebook or texting and tweeting,or any other type of new tech thing. Before sleeping or after waking, during work or hard at play. On Saturdays or Sundays or any other day. Then there's Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and many other High Holy days of your choosing.

In all the minutes of the hours, within the days that make up the weeks of the months, that make up the years of your life. How often or how seldom (to some, if ever or maybe never) do you take a few ticks of just one of those minutes to turn to the Creator of your existence and say "Thank You" or "I Love You"? Even done silently, I can assure you, your words will be heard! Think of how much your earthly parents love to hear those words!

As for your Creator, all I can say is "Great Joy and Happiness"!

John William Myers

Smith River, Calif.

A fix to Bear Camp danger


A simple solution!

If anyone from U.S. Forest Service is reading this, what do you think of this idea: To stop any further instances of motorists being trapped on Bear Camp Road, how about blocking it off?

As an example, the McKenzie Pass in the Eugene-Springfield area is not only officially closed every fall when the snow begins to fall, it's actually blocked off every fall and reopened in the spring. This simple measure could save lives.

Noreen Foster


Pooches in need of blankets


Pennies for Pooches is asking for washable blankets for (more than) 20 dogs at the Curry County Animal Shelter.

The simple pleasure of being warm means a great deal to these homeless dogs. The existing bedding is shredded from use and age; while the dog stalls are concrete block and chilly. The dogs relish something warm to cuddle up to in the winter. So warm up the cockles of your hearts and donate funds or blankets to Pennies for Pooches. Dog bowls would also be greatly appreciated.

All donations, either funds or items, are tax deductible. Please contact Cynthia Nichols at 541-425-0506.

Denise Gardner,

Wild River Shepherds


Help locally, then globally


In response to Glenda Barclay's letter (Pilot, Nov 14): Ms. Barclay, I don't know if a dentist will respond, but I would like to.

I also do not have insurance, much like many. In a former marriage I was a victim of abuse and have suffered from many dental problems as a result. I, too, have looked for a dentist who would take payments, but there are none to be found.

I could accept that fact, however, there is one thing that upsets me most in regard to medical professionals: As a Christian for over half my life, I have seen thousands of doctors and other medical personnel take mission trips to under-privileged countries to attend to the needy. It saddens me that my fellow Christian brothers and sisters step over the needyand underprivileged right here on their doorsteps to get to where they're going.

Christ said to "go into all the world," but, He sent them first to where they lived (Jerusalem, Judea, then Samaria, then to the end of the earth." Acts 1:8)

To the Christian medical professionals: Please stop worrying about your insuranceand worry about the things you took an oath about. There are many people hurting right here in your own backyard.

Although the dental van is a blessing, there is no one out there to help people with dentures or caps or implants, etc. There must be someone who wants to make a difference. Don't think that Mr. Obama is going to help us; we need to be like the New Testament believers who came alongside of each other and helped those who were in need.

Deborah Lavendusky

Gold Beach