The Curry Coastal Pilot

Inept ODOTwasting our cash


Here we go again!

ODOT botched the design of the road at Constitution Way, in part because nobody communicated with anybody else about what kind of vehicles were going to be using it nor did the design engineers verify, verify, then verify again. Interestingly enough, laypeople, people who use the road regularly, could see that large trucks couldn't negotiate the turns. As we all know, work stopped so a redesign could be made to correct the problem. Eventually work began, but then, lo and behold, it stopped. Guess what? The new design is wrong, too! Now that the winter rains are here, probably nothing much will be done until next spring. Good grief!

Did the same people do the redesign as did the first plan that was wrong? If so, they should be fired as of yesterday and fined. If someone else did, then maybe the entire DOT ought to be canned and turn the project over to some really sharp high school students with the money then going to the schools that always seem to be in financial need.

I was very amused at a headline that appeared after the project was stopped the first time; it stated that ODOT would pay $50,000 or some such sum to correct things, making it sound like it was their money. Nope, that's OUR money they are wasting. And wasting. And, well, you get the idea!

Doris Roepke


Doing our best to help others


Once again our community comes through for the needs of our hungry neighbors.

On a daily basis we hear "I never thought I would need to be here." Well, things are hard out there, folks, and we are doing our best to fill the need, but we are constantly coming up short of food.

However, Tuesday, a wonderful gentleman came to the door and all he asked of us was to help carry over 100 pounds of food. He did not give his name, just left us with huge smiles on our faces.

Thank you, sir, whoever you are, and others that came after him that day.

Anyone else out there who wants to help, you will find us ready and willing to carry whatever you bring us.

The holidays are upon us and we wish not one person will go hungry, but please remember the needs of our people have no season.

Thank you so much, good people of Brookings, for your support and generosity.

Maureen Kee, volunteer Brookings Food Share

Helping Curry Youth Summit


The Southern Oregon Coast Youth Leaders (SOCYL) thank all of the people in our community who made it possible for us to host the recent Curry County Youth Summit.

Nearly 300 students from the South Coast had the opportunity to address key issues affecting young people right here in Curry County. The summit was the debut for our 2009-2010 campaign, "Transform The Norm." We want to encourage youth to defy the "norm" of believing that "everyone is doing it" and to change public and peer perceptions about drug and alcohol abuse in Curry County.

A special thanks to our presenters: John Woodland (South Coast Educational School District), Wendy Lang and Mona Chandler (Curry County Juvenile Department and Court Appointed Special Advocates - CASA), Perry Kishaba and his On Applebee Pond puppeteers (Riley Creek Elementary School), Samantha McSharry (Pacific High School and SOCYL Alumni), Megan Higgins (Gold Beach Volleyball), Bronwyn Greathead (Curry County Commission on Children and Families - CCCCF), Mathew Neilson (Assistant Director, North Bend Library), Courtney Lakey and Rebekah Wagner (Pacific High School Honor Society), Gold Beach High School Leadership students, and Brookings-Harbor High School Positive Behavior Support group. On behalf of Curry County students, we would like to thank the Curry County Drug Free Communities Coalition, sponsored by CCCCF, for supporting this vital project. Thank you to Pacific High School and 2CJ (Port Orford/Langlois) School District for accommodating our daylong event.

Thank you to the many sponsors/volunteers who came forward to make this event a huge success.

Also, special thanks to our bus drivers, cooks and teachers who contributed their time and services to make this possible. Together, we will "Transform the Norm!"

Sarah Miller, Meredith Horel, Eli Bruce, Jessica Gardner, Megan Ziemer

Brookings-Harbor High School SOCYL members

Emblem Club on the move


In September, two officers of Brookings Emblem Club 265 traveled by train to Valley Forge, Penn.

President Sharon Westbury and Fifth Trustee Michelle Harris attended the Supreme Emblem Convention. They went through 21 states. During the convention were many workshops and great learning experiences. They came back to the club with lots of work ahead in November.

State President Tim Glass will be visiting our area. So we are looking forward to working with our community this year.

Michelle Harris


Coming to the aid of a stranger


I'm writing this to thank the men who came to the aid of my friend and myself on Nov. 4, when my car battery died at the port.

One man knew right away what the problem was and another man had jumper cables. They got the car started right away.

We thank you both so much for taking the time and consideration to help us.

You have helped to restore my faith that there are still good people that will take the time to help a stranger.

Thank you.

Carolyn Cross


The facts about Muslim intents


I sincerely believe Dana Clark, (Pilot, Nov. 18,) has a few facts wrong.

The letter states that what makes Muslims so radical is "years of Western interference, American soldiers occupying Muslim lands and more than 60 years of unflinching support for Israel's barbaric treatment of the Palestinians. ..."

When the U.N. gave the dispossessed Jews permission to inhabit that land and set up the State of Israel, the Jews allowed the existing inhabitants to remain if they wished, and treated them almost as citizens. However the Muslims were determined to drive the Jews out and therefore would not allow the existing inhabitants the opportunity to settle in neighboring Muslim nations, such as Lebanon or Syria. They were using these inhabitants as pawns in a power struggle, forcing them into squalid refugee camps.

The barbaric treatment was not from the Israelis, but on the part of the Muslims, who have, to this day, vowed to destroy Israel. As far as American soldiers occupying Muslim lands: That did not come about until Saddam Hussein sought to take over the sovereign country of Kuwait. In addition, America under President Reagan supplied Muslim Afghan patriots with small surface-to-air missiles to force the Russians out of their country.

America has not engaged in acts of terror against Muslims, as they have in the Khobar Towers, USS Cole and the Trade Center, twice, among many others.

Warren Roepke


Barriers in our community


There is a big, solid fence along Oceanview Drive at Driftwood Pointe Estates.

It is high enough to block the view of anyone driving or walking by or to prevent anyone from saying hello across it. There is a locked iron gate. It has lots for sale (for $216,000-$699,000 if you have any spare change, but no one lives inside that compound. Since when did we start building fences first?

How many gated communities is Brookings going to allow before we realize we are selling out our sense of shared community? As an Oregonian for the last 40 years I would like to express my displeasure with gated communities. I have seen what it does to neighborhoods and communities, and how it sets us apart when gated communities replace neighborhoods. Neighborhoods have kids and families, gated communities announce their social status. (What is the point of the "e" in "Pointe," and what makes a lot an "estate").

As we put up barriers that announce our fears and our elitism, we draw ever more separation among social classes. Civil society is based on class interaction. Further separation into "us" and "them," the "haves" and "have-nots," does not bode well for a shared future and a healthy community. Will we all work together for the success of our community or will we wall ourselves off to enjoy what is ours alone?

Who knows how long it will be before anyone lives inside that enclosure, but meanwhile no one else can enjoy the view. Thanks. I think I get the "pointe."

Barbara Hilyer


History of the Palestinians


Please note the following:

andbull;The Koran orders Muslims to spread Islam to the whole world. All must accept Islam, pay tribute to Islam or be put to the sword;

andbull;The first crusade was not by Europeans, but by the Caliph who succeeded Mohammed. He marched his troops through Spain and Italy, all the way to Germany to spread the faith of Islam, until Charles Martell and his Frankish knights stopped him and drove him out of Europe;

andbull;The Palestinians were the creation of the Arabs. In the war of independence of Israel, Israel's government told all resident Palestinians to stay in their homes and keep their lands. The Arabs, however, advised them to flee their homes and told this uneducated rabble that the Jews were going to kill all of their women and children;

andbull;The Arabs then used these stateless people as guerrilla troops, sending them in to destroy Israelite settlements wiping out everyone including women and children;

andbull;The stateless Palestinians tried to settle among their own people in Syria. The Syrian army killed thousands of Palestinians, kicking them out of their country;

andbull;The Palestinians then tried to settle in Jordan, and the Jordanian army again killed thousands, throwing them out;

andbull;They then settled in Israel and Israel seven times has offered them their own state, if they would only acknowledge Israel's right to exist and quit attacking Israel;

andbull;To date the Palestinians have still refused to acknowledge Israel's right to exist and continues to attack Israelite homes and cities.

This is history and is easily checked. The Palestinians are a lawless rabble and if we had them on our border doing to us what they have done to the Israelis, we would be screaming for our army to be sent down to annihilate them.

Dominic Petrucelli


Promote high school plays


Last weekend we attended the Bruin Players' production of "Smiles and Cries" at Brookings-Harbor High School (BHHS).

We were impressed by the solid performances of inexperienced actors tackling thought-provoking, deceptively difficult material, ably guided by director Art Dingle.

Disappointing: Small turnout.Worse: only six school district employees attended all weekend.No mention of the show on the school's activity board.We saw one submitted article in the Pilot, but no features or interviews.In fact, in all the years we've followed BHHS drama, we don't recall seeing any full-page spreads or special articles for any show, despite many invitations. Compared with other programs and events, the Bruin Players have been ignored for years, by both the school and this newspaper.

This is a shame.Why is the BHHS theatre program the "poor relation" of school activities?It teaches all the teamwork lessons learned in sports. It is firmly rooted in academics (literature, public speaking, history andndash; anybody see Romeo and Juliet last spring?) and looks really good on a college resume.The students miss no school to participate (unlike other team activities.The) program costs the district nothing beyond Mr. Dingle's stipend.Shows are obviously produced on the thinnest of shoestrings.

Some might think, "It's just a high school play. It won't be any good."But we have seen some remarkably good,cheapentertainment at that school. And like students who participate in other activities, though they may have much to learn, these kids are working their hearts out and deserve the support of their community.

Chuck and Victoria Weller


Support local food drive


Every year the Brookings Elks Lodge 1934 sponsors the making of Christmas food basketsto be delivered to families needing assistance from Smith River to Gold Beach.

Each year the numbers have gotten larger, and last year, with the help of the Calvin E. Murphy Detachment 578 Marine Corps League, Brookings-Harbor Red Shirts, Vietnam Veterans of American 757, Community Helpers Inc. Food Share Program,Smith River Rancheria, Lucky Seven and all the local people who made donations, we delivered over 400food baskets,and from ToysFor Tots, toys to 760 children.

This year, again, we are having the food drive at our local markets.We will be at Grocery Outlet, Shop Smart, Fred Meyer and Ray's FoodPlace onSaturday, Nov. 21and Dec. 5, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.The above named organizations will be helping to receivefood items andcash donations to help pay for theperishable itemsand turkeys.All of these itemsmay be dropped off at any of these locations.They may also be dropped of at the Elks Lodgeany time between now and Dec. 15.

This yearwe areneedingitemsto make aholiday dinner: boxes of stuffing, canned vegetables and yams, cranberry sauce, gravy mix, frozen pumpkin pies.After Dec 5, we will also be taking celery, potatoes and onions at the lodge. For information call 541-469-2169

We sincerely thank everyone for helping.

Glenda Pearson and Ed Wait, co-chairs

Brookings Elks Christmas Basket Program

Different view of Rep. DeFazio


I'm afraid I have a different opinion of our U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio than does Brookings Mayor Larry Anderson in his letter of appreciation to DeFazio published in the Saturday, Nov. 7 Pilot, thanking DeFazio for securing money through legislation to build the Brookings Emergency Operating Center.

In my opinion, what we have is gangster government and Representative DeFazio is just one of the gangsters responsible for the current disastrous financial crisis our country is in.Mayor Anderson makes it sound like we should count our blessings that Rep. DeFazio managed to secure funding for the Brookings Emergency Operating Center.Excuse me people, but it was our money to begin with.Our government confiscates large sums of our money and, after we grovel, snivel and beg them, they throw us a tiny bone of our own money and we are supposed to bow down and lick their boots for the kind and generous act they have performed on our behalf.

In addition, Peter DeFazio just voted for Nancy Pelosi's Health Care debacle, the 2000-plus page disaster that will drive another nail in the coffin of what was once our great country.

Peter DeFazio has been in office way to long and although I know there are problems with term limits, he is the poster child for the reason to resurrect them. Don't think I am singing praises for Republicans. They are just as corrupt, and I believe that we should not vote for an incumbent whether it be a Republican or Democrat in the 2010 election for congress.That is the only way we can get their attention and take this country back.

What we need is a new political party called "We The People."

Ralph Martin


Learn more about TEA


As our nation becomes more divided regarding the direction in which we are headed, the Pilot's choice of letters to the editor is a reasonable view of both liberal and conservative thought.

And, to its credit, admitted an error (Pilot, Nov. 14) in the use of a term for those of us who subscribe to the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) initiative. In case you or your readers have missed the Brookings edition of "TEA," go to where we have news about current legislation, a ton of contributions from our readers, links to popular sites and elected officials, and some fun stuff.

Clyde Burke


Earning points for pooches


The Curry County Animal Shelter is now signed up for Fred Meyer Rewards.

Points will allow the Shelter and Pennies for Pooches to purchase dog treats, laundry soap and other needed items. If you just don't earn enough points in a quarter to earn Rewards rebates or you just want to bring a bit of holiday joy to our homeless dogs, please use the Shelter's phone number when you check out. That number is 541-247-2514.

There are some great dogs at the Shelter waiting to be adopted into loving homes. These dogs include a cute, energetic Dachshund, a fun-loving Labrador and several athletic pit bull mixes. Your new best friend awaits you!

Judy Shafer

Wild River Shepherds