The Curry Coastal Pilot

Vulgar word in letter to editor


I strongly object to your and a letter writer's use of a vulgar sexual slang word to describe T.E.A. Party people (Pilot, Nov 11).

It is absolutely inappropriate to use this insulting epithet.It is used only by those desiring to truly denigrate T.E.A. Party proponents (rather than address the actual issues) and by ignorant sycophants.

I was unaware the Pilot both allowed and itself used such language.That you find such characterizations within good taste bounds is troubling. That being said, I charge both the Pilot and the letter writer, J. Walberg, to either apologize for and retract the vulgar label or to prove your published depiction of T.E.A. Party proponents is true.That is in accordance with the Pilot's stated policy to "not publish irresponsible or unverifiable characterizations ..."

For the unaware, the T.E.A. in T.E.A. Party stands for Taxed Enough Already. T.E.A. Partiers believe exactly that: we're fed up with ever-expanding government, large and rapidly growing debt, and increases in taxes. We also believe in the Constitution and expect our elected representatives to support and uphold it and the principles upon which our nation was founded. We believe it's time to stand-up and have this message heard.We're neither for nor against Democrats or Republicans.We are against anyone who is driving this country further into debt through run-amok government expansion and trampling on the Constitution and our Founding Principles that made and continue to make this Country great.

Are those maligning T.E.A. Party people really against these things?

Dianne Daniels

Gold Beach

Editor's note: The Pilot was unaware that the name "Tea bagger" could be used as a derogatory sexual term. We appreciate it being brought to our attention and we will refrain from using that term in the future.

A little flag waving


It was cold and rainy as I drove through Brookings on Veterans Day morning butthe weather was not enough to stop those severalyoung peoplewho completed their mission of plantingour beautifulAmerican flags along Highway 101 andndash; all the way fromthe northend of town,across the bridge to Harbor and then all the way backagain on the other side of the highway.

A big job well done by some neat kids, their parents,and their supporters.We salute you!

Karl and Joanne Johnson


For the love of human lives


As a board member of the Crescent City Pregnancy Care Center, I have witnessed the hard work and dedication of the staff and volunteers.They do it for the love of human life; the mothers and the unborn children.

I would like to add here that the Pregnancy Care Center does not perform, recommend, or refer for abortions.They are strictly for life.Anyone can come to the Center who is looking for help, regardless of their economic situation.

Since the opening of the facility at Washington and Northcrest, 2,641 clients have visited, which is an increase from the former location. The new building and location are inviting and professional.

Currently, the PCC offers pregnancy tests, prenatal and parenting education, and post abortion healing classes.We also intend to offer a 24/7 dads' class, sexual integrity class, and the life of faith class for 9-12 year olds.Assistance with items such as diapers, formula, baby clothes, shoes, cribs, strollers, etc., ... are also offered.

The Pregnancy Care Center is a community service organization designed to help those in need.We invite anyone who has a heart for the unborn, and their mothers to stop by and see what we are all about.Should anyone be interested in being a volunteer, counselor, etc., ... we welcome them.

Toni Jaeger, board member

Pregnancy Care Center

Crescent City

Selling American citizens a clunker


The Obama "Cash for Clunkers" program borrowed money from China to buy Japanese cars in order to save Detroit.

This is just nuts!

Our government spent $2.88 billion in money we didn't have in order to smash 690,114 cars, according to the Department of Transportation. Cars topping the list of new cars leaving showroom floors were cars produced primarily by manufacturers headquartered in Japan and South Korea.

The top 10 selling vehicles in the program were models by Toyota, Honda, Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota, Honda and Ford. Not one in the top 10 selling vehicles was a General Motors vehicle even though they were bailed out with billions of taxpayers' dollars.

This clunker program filled the coffers of foreign car producers so they can come on even stronger against U.S. producers in the next round of competition.

Our government is now, supposedly, investigating claims that many newly purchased vehicles get the same or worse gas mileage than the clunkers traded in.

Judith A. Anderson


Going to local plays, concerts


We enjoyed going to local plays and concerts for many years.

When the Pelican Players had their plays in the old bank building in the shopping center, opening night featured punch and goodies, plus wine, if paid for. When the concerts were given in the Redwood Theater there were cookies, and wine, if paid for, during intermission plus Flora Pacifica raffled off the stage decorations. Also, parking and lighting were better at both places. The Pelican Players theater feels crowded, and the acoustics aren't all that good either. Food and drink aren't allowed at the Assembly of God Church, and, again, the acoustics aren't great.

Somehow, things don't seem so community-oriented, and as much fun as before.

We did attend the recent free concert given by the Travis Air Force Base brass group, and it was wonderful. It was on a Friday night, and we were surprised to see hardly any young people there. One would have expected the band director to have his brass section there in force. It seems odd that the younger people don't attend.

It is hard to get out at night, pay for tickets, find a parking space, and be able to understand the speakers. So, it's just easier to stay safely at home and save the money without the risk of car accident, and getting home again so late at night, especially in the winter. Having tickets available for individual plays/concerts, rather than season tickets, helps also.

It's a difficult problem. We miss the orchestra concerts and ballet performances we enjoyed in Salt Lake City, and do appreciate the efforts of local musicians and actors. We're older now, however, and it's easier just to stay home.

I can't walk very well, so the Art Walk is out, also. We have so many talented folks here, it's a shame that they aren't better supported.

Good luck in your efforts to do so!

Patricia Graves


Please God, help our politicians


By now you're all aware of the Fort Hood massacre.

I hope everyone in the Democratic la-la land enjoys their last few years of freedom.

I have a picture in my mind of a Christian Army major standing up on his desk in a crowded military auditorium pulling out his laser-sighted pistols and screaming. "God is love, long live Jesus," then kills 13 and wounds 30. Do you think Geraldo Rivera would be making excuses for him like he is for Nidal Hasan?

Even though Nidal was born in Virginia and went to public schools, joined the Army, earned his fellowship as a psychiatrist, he still couldn't pay back the country that treated him with unlimited respect. How do these Islamic terrorists get so radical? Before shooting he shouts Allahu Akbar, which is straight from the Al Qaeda playbook meaning God is great! Does his God not understand English?

We need to know what's in the Koran that makes so many Muslims get so radical? Why are we not seeing good Muslim leaders standing up and denouncing these leaders? Imans across this country should at least stand up and be counted; instead their silence is deafening.

It takes the London Telegraph paper to disclose what Nidal's beliefs are and who he associated with; yes, our military and FBI were aware of it all!

I'm not a regular churchgoer, but this must be said, Please God help our politicians gain the intellect to guide our country out of debt into a future of smaller government and freedom of choice.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Do not abandon your pets


This is concerning the police log in the paper (Pilot, Nov. 11).

It stated someone had tied up two doggies at a bench at Azalea Park and the police found them at 5:24 a.m., with a note on them, saying they could not afford to keep or feed the doggies.I want to thank the police who came to their rescue. I know hard times are here for everyone, especially including the animals and pets.

The thing I do not understand is that there are safe havens you can take your pet and know they are being taken care of and not alone, and hungry.Surrender them to the humane society, to the shelters where there are loving and caring people there to help all the animals who enter. Just like kids, you can take them to a safe haven where they will be taken care of; this goes the same with animals.Believe me they have feelings too.Do not just abandon your pets!

Please remember to spay and neuter your pets; that is the caring and loving thing to do.Take care of your pets, they take care of us. Our furry friends: We rescue their live: they rescue our hearts. Thank you!

Beverly Duncan


Best article in a long time


I have just concluded reading the best "article" I've seen in the Pilot (Nov. 4) for a long time .

It's titled "A call to loving arms" by James Anderson. Mr. Anderson wrote with intelligence and a fine understanding of the English language. He knows the structure of writing and the art of putting words together to make a point. I hope you will encourage him to contribute more. If he has a fault it is in the selection of a heading for his article. The inclusion of "Loving Arms" is a good hook but a disappointment for those expecting a hot romance.

I just read another article that had nothing to do with the article Mr. Anderson wrote but it reported what a Brookings man said to a psychiatrist in a mental institution as they passed in the hall. Doctor: I'm surprised to see you here. Are you coming or going? Brookings man: If I knew that Doc, I wouldn't be here.

Elmo Williams


Face it folks, we are broke


Pilot, Nov. 4: Subject of editorial was timely, letters were good and the forum was right on point.

Nothing is free, I repeat, nothing is free. Social Security recipients will not receive a cost of living adjustment in 2010. You will get an increase in Medicare and your part "D," and maybe, just maybe, you will get $250 from your very wealthy Congress.

Our government says the cost of living did not increase this year. Which year is that? This year is not over, but of course, the government has its own year, probably July 2008 to June 2009, who knows? Now maybe I'm not as thrifty as I think I am, but my cost of living has gone up. Taxes, fees, utilities, waste removal and gas are higher than they were when I started my year. Start your year whenever you want, mine started Jan. 1, 2009. Food may not cost more, but, if the box or can is smaller and the price is the same, it might make you wonder.

I will vote for a law enforcement bond when it is offered, with the following conditions: Every officer writes 10 traffic tickets every day; those who drive here on their lunch hour and vandalize, shoplift and steal are prosecuted.

We are broke folks, the $3 million Curry County has been waiting 18 years for ain't coming. Hamburger $4.99 a pound, wow!

Clifton Siemens


Hooray for Coast Guard


The men and women serving at Chetco River Lifeboat Station deserve a huge applause.

For the second year in a row they chose to clean up around the Fishermen's Memorial and the retired U.S.C.G. 44-foot lifeboat at the Port of Brookings Harbor. It was perfectly fitting to have a Veteran's Day Service at 11 a.m. on Nov. 11. Many of the names on the bricks circling the compass were veterans of the U.S. Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force.

Please make a point of thanking the Coast Guard men and women for all they do and please take time to visit the compass.

Kathy Lindley Hall


Helping the homeless


I want to thank the caring people who took the time and made the effort to donate their precious used belongings and new items to the homeless on Oct. 22, in front of Grocery Outlet and the Brookings Post Office.

Donations included: Two new tarps, many brightly colored, handmade neck scarfs, socks, gloves, toiletries, two backpacks with wheels, two rain jackets, long underwear, various clothing items and a few blankets and sleeping bags.

During these financially challenging times, it was especially generous of people to give to the less fortunate. And, indeed, during the two years I have been advocating for the homeless, such concern and generosity have always been characteristic of our community members.

If you know of any homeless folks including: people who are "on the street," staying with others, or staying in state parks or national forests, please let them know of HEART's (Homeless Empowerment and Resources for Transition) disbursement of supplies on Monday, Nov. 16, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., at Oregon Community Action, 97829 Shopping Center Ave., Suite F, in Harbor.

If you have new or used and clean long underwear, rain gear, sleeping bags, tarps or large plastic tubs to store these in, we are greatly in need of these! We are greatly in need of these! We are also much in need of volunteers to help with this disbursement. Please call 541-661-8158 to arrange to volunteer or for donations to get to the homeless.

Our most heartfelt thanks.

Mary Rowe, M.S.W.

founder of Homeless Empowerment and Resources for Transition (HEART)

Free dental care for seniors?


I have read in your paper that Brookings-Harbor (Curry County) offers free dental care for children.

What a wonderful thing to do! I am someone's child and an orphan. Granted, I'm 75 years old, and need dental. care desperately.

Is there a dentist here that offers dental care at special prices for us senior citizens?

Over the years, I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars on dental procedures. I was covered by insurance at that time.

Now, however, there are no dental plans that I am aware of that will take payments. So far, Medicare does not offer dental care. My crowns and caps are slowly falling off andndash; three in the last month andndash; and I'm sure more will be following.

Thanks goodness I haven;t had much pain, aspirin seems to help, but ( is) not too good on the stomach.

Would some dentist out there please respond to let me know if there is help for me. It would be much appreciated.

Glenda Barclay